VIDEO: Guy shatters glass table with sword

Big swords and glass patio tables don't mix as this man learns the hard way when he demonstrates the absolute wrong way to slice a watermelon.

  • Toddler found dead as mum pushed him on park swing had been there for TWO DAYS

    A toddler who was found dead on a park swing as his mother pushed him had been there for TWO DAYS, a medical examiner has said. It was there that they found the boy’s mother, 24-year-old Romechia Simms, who is homeless and suffers from mental health problems, pushing her son. Vonteshia Simms, the child’s grandmother, said: ‘Romechia would never harm my grandson in any type of way.

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  • Mike Richards' border stop involved oxycodone: TMZ

    According to TMZ Sports, former Los Angeles Kings center Mike Richards was stopped crossing the border from the United States into Canada on June 17 and was questioned about the prescription painkiller oxycodone. It’s important to note this fact in the

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  • 11-Year-Old Schoolgirl Breaks Up With Boyfriend In The Most Epic Way

    Breaking up with someone who cheated on you is always hard but this 11-year-old schoolgirl threw some serious shade at her former boyfriend. After telling him that she gave him two warnings about his ways in the past, she then tells him to not talk to her in middle school and that she never loved him.

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  • 30th anniversary of 'Back to the Future' celebrated at Hollywood Bowl with screening, concert

    Thousands went back in time as one of the largest movie audiences ever in one place gathered to watch "Back to the Future" at the Hollywood Bowl in a celebration of the film's 30th anniversary. The Bowl was just shy of its 17,000-person capacity for the Tuesday night event marking the 1985 release of the Michael J. Fox time-travel blockbuster. As the film played on the Bowl's various screens, composer Alan Silvestri's score was performed live by the Los Angeles Philharmonic, conducted by David Newman.

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  • Alberta's Industrial Heartland welcomes NDP approach to oil and gas processing

    Alberta's NDP government has made it clear it would prefer to see less of Alberta's resources ripped and shipped, and more processed into higher value products at home. The prospect of more in-province processing is good news for the cluster of oilsands upgraders, refineries and petrochemical plants near Edmonton, said Neil Shelly, executive director of the Industrial Heartland Association. "The former government, its main mantra was not to get involved in business, just to sit back, keep taxes low and let business decide what's best for Alberta," Shelly said of the Progressive Conservatives' nearly 44-year reign.

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  • Here’s Why Amy Schumer Turned Down Hosting The Daily Show

    When Jon Stewart announced that he was leaving The Daily Show, people immediately started batting around names of potential hosts, including Chris Rock and Amy Poehler. While Poehler reportedly gave “the quickest no in history” to the job offer, Comedy Central also reached out to another Amy entirely—Amy Schumer. While Schumer has her own show on Comedy Central, the delightfully insane Inside Amy Schumer, she was still thrilled to be asked by her home network to consider stepping into Stewart’s shoes.

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  • Sacked, the pilots who let a Playboy playmate fly their plane

    TWO pilots have been sacked after allowing a Playboy playmate to fly their plane. Victoria Xipolitakis was invited into the cockpit of the Embraer jet and briefly took the controls during the one-hour flight from Buenos Aires to Rosario. The Argentinian airline learned about the incident when she posted video and photos of the event on Twitter.

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  • Robber killed in shooting with former CNN anchor's husband at Albuquerque motel

    A cross-country road trip got derailed for a former CNN anchor and her husband after a would-be robber forced his way into their motel room and a shootout ensued. Lynne Russell told reporters Wednesday that her husband, Chuck de Caro, decided to stop at a Motel 6 on Albuquerque's western edge because they were tired after a long day of travelling. "He pushed me into the room and that's when my husband came out of the shower and saw what was happening," Russell told Albuquerque station KOB-TV.

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  • As Crosby's teammate, Kessel is expected to be better version of himself

    When Mike Babcock was announced as the head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs, it was a foregone conclusion that Phil Kessel would have to change his off-season workout habits. Babcock is not the same lame duck(s) Kessel had been coached by before. Whispers of Phil Kessel returning to Toronto in July, perhaps, to work with Gary Roberts.

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  • Eye colour connected to alcoholism

    Wed, Jul 1 - Today's News Hour on Global BC Health Headlines brought to you by Pharmasave.

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  • Bizarre Sea Creature With Fur And Beak Discovered Washed Up On Beach

    A mysterious sea creature found washed up on a beach that has a bird-like beak and fur on its tail has got the scientific community baffled. The unidentified animal was discovered dead on the shore of Sakhalin Island - situated along the far east of Russia. It had been ripped apart with its bones showing and has similarities to a dolphin - yet it is estimated to be twice the size of a human being.

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  • Eugenie Bouchard gets violation for wearing black sports bra

    Eugenie Bouchard basically followed the Wimbledon dress code on Tuesday. She wore a white dress over a white sports bra and stood in white tennis shoes. But the 21-year-old Canadian also wore a black sports bra underneath the white sports bra, and there

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  • 6 Mistakes Homeowners Make Every Summer (7 photos)

    Dreams of the summer season tend to focus on long, lazy days spent reading the latest bestsellers, napping in the rope hammock, or watching white clouds drift across a blue sky. But if you’re a homeowner, you know that summer isn’t always a day at the

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  • Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck say they've decided to divorce after 10 years of marriage

    After weeks of public speculation about their relationship, the couple announced Tuesday they plan to end their 10-year marriage with a divorce. "We go forward with love and friendship for one another and a commitment to co-parenting our children," Garner and Affleck said in a joint statement. Affleck will continue to live on the couple's property in a separate house, and they will co-parent their children Violet, Seraphina and Samuel, according to a person familiar with the situation who was not authorized to speak publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

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  • Seniors debt and bankruptcies on the rise

    More Canadian seniors than ever are being forced to declare bankruptcy. Easily accessible credit, adult children returning home and a lack of planning are forcing more Canadian seniors to declare bankruptcy, says Scott Hannah with the Credit Counselling Society. A Statistics Canada report shows the number of seniors in debt aged 65 and over jumped by 40 per cent between 2012 and 2015.

  • Golf bodies jointly tell Trump he's not 'right' on immigration comments

    Macy's. They've all severed ties with 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump over remarks he made about immigration and Mexicans. Trump has responded in-kind with harsh remarks, particularly through Twitter, setting ablaze any potential future relationship with these companies. “I’ve had tremendous support from the golf world, because they all know I’m right,” Trump said to GolfWorld's Tim Rosaforte.

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  • Tiger Woods remains committed to swing changes at Greenbrier

    Unfortunately, it was a practice round ahead of this week's The Greenbrier Classic, and it doesn't count. Obviously (that's) not really saying much, but I'm looking forward to tomorrow," Woods said Wednesday. By most accounts, Woods has looked good in Florida at his home club, Medalist, as well in pro-am outings and on the range.

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  • Armed Police Storm Cafe To Arrest Burglar That Turns Out To Be A GHOST

    A cafe owner who thought he was being burgled discovered that the intruder was actually a ghost. Armed police stormed Larders Coffee House in Louth, Lincs, after owner Michael Bristow spotted someone inside on CCTV and dialled 999.

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  • This Chinese dog-eating festival's days are numbered thanks to a massive social media campaign

    Social media had a positive impact earlier this month when online activists successfully were able to curb the number of animals killed at a dog and cat meat festival in China. At the Yulin Festival in China, 10,000 dogs were killed to be eaten in 2013. The Yulin Festival went viral a few weeks ago when Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram feeds were swamped by people posting about the annual dog and cat meat festival.

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  • How Canada is perceived around the world

    Canadians are often curious about how others see them, so, for Canada Day, with the help of the International Council for Canadian Studies, CBC News reached out to the 7,000 or so academics outside Canada who teach courses about Canada. For Slovenians, Canada is bathed in a glow as rosy as the leaf upon its flag. It's not because students here are taught much about Canada.