VIDEO: 5 unexpected things you can do with toothpaste

If you've ever used masking tape to put up posters on the wall or suffered from foggy glasses, you're mind is about to be blown.

  • Mayweather wins unanimous decision over Pacquiao in the richest fight ever

    The pressure of a $180 million payday never got to Floyd Mayweather Jr., even if the richest fight ever wasn't the best. Using his reach and his jab Saturday night, Mayweather frustrated Manny Pacquiao, piling up enough points to win a unanimous decision in their welterweight title bout. Mayweather remained unbeaten in 48 fights, cementing his legacy as the best of his generation.

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  • Net loss! Dragon forced to tear up tennis court hidden on giant estate

    When you’ve got a sprawling 200-acre home in the country, finding room for a tennis court doesn’t usually present too many problems. There has even been speculation that his error only came to light when eagle-eyed staff spotted the court nestled in a wood thanks to an aerial shot on Google Earth.

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  • Patrick Dempsey leaves it all behind: Role worth $10M, wife of 15 years, and now his Malibu Tin House too

    The corrugated tin house you see here is — if Patrick Dempsey gets his $14.5 million asking price — about a season and a half's worth of "Grey's Anatomy" salary. The leading man is leaving a lot behind all at once: first his marriage of 15 years, then the role that made him an American heartthrob, and now the Malibu home that his family bought in 2009. The character he'd played for a decade on "Grey's Anatomy," Dr. Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd, was just killed off last week, even though Dempsey had a year left on his contract.

  • Writer makes 'thin' and 'fat' dating profiles to see which men prefer

    Yvette Caster, 33, from London, created two profiles on free online dating site, OKCupid, using pictures of herself at different times of her life, where her weight has fluctuated.

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  • Bruce Jenner -- Ex-Wives By His Side (PHOTO)

    Bruce Jenner got support from 2 of his ex-wives as they watched the west coast feed of the Diane Sawyer special, but if you think Kris Jenner's absence is…

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  • Shipping container housing to be stacked up in communities across Canada

    They were once rusting hulks relegated to junkyards. Now shipping containers are being repurposed into stylish homes that developers plan to roll out in housing-crunched communities across Canada. What started as a pilot project on the Downtown Eastside is expanding in the city — and the same model is set to be stacked up in aboriginal communities in British Columbia, Alberta and Nunavut.

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  • Man caught driving drunk in a Camaro with kids inside, police say

    Police say an alleged drunk driver was caught doing "donuts" with a sports car in the middle of a Barrie, Ont., intersection last night, with two children inside the vehicle. A news release indicates that a police officer saw a "cloud of smoke" in the intersection of Stanley Street and Birchwood Drive, just before 7 p.m. Saturday.

  • Wal-Mart laid off 2,200 workers, then told them to avoid chocolate and alcohol

    Wal-Mart abruptly closed five stores earlier this month and laid off more than 2,200 employees in the process. The company said it closed the stores because of severe plumbing problems that, in addition to other potential upgrades, could take as long as six months to fix. Wal-Mart denies those claims.

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  • Toronto woman lives pet owner's worst nightmare

    Sat, May 2: A woman spending the night at a friend's home suddenly realized her dogs ran away. She frantically searched for hours until an unlikely reunion in the streets of downtown Toronto. Cindy Pom reports.

    Global News
  • The 1-Step Hack That Makes an Ikea Cabinet Unrecognizable (4 photos)

    Interior designer Victoria Solomon of Victoria Elizabeth Design had a mission: to add a media cabinet to her small NYC apartment that would add extra storage while hiding the ugly wires under her TV. In her dreams, she envisioned a 140-inch built-in-looking

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  • Grieving mother cat who lost her own kittens adopts three others 

    A mother cat who lost her kittens received three more thanks to a cat-rescue organization. Mikey was stricken with grief when her three, newborn kittens died as a result of being born too early.

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  • Woman shows off her 'tiny house' in Saskatoon

    Are you looking to downsize? A Saskatoon woman says you'd be surprised at how small of a place you can live in comfortably. Lydia Holden built a 136 square foot home in 2012 with the help of family and friends. She said she wanted a small home because

  • Addict and ‘drunk’ are whipped by Islamic State thugs

    This is the horrifying moment a man is thrown from a roof by ISIS thugs only to be stoned to death - for the 'crime' of being gay . The man is captured half way to earth, after he was killed by the Islamic extremists for homosexuality - forbidden under the brutal regime's strict laws.

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  • Ouch! See Britney\'s Ankle Boot

    Britney Spears wasn't so "lucky" when it came to her ankle this week. The pop star took a spill while performing in her Las Vegas residency show, "Piece of Me," on Wednesday night, and on Friday, she showed off the resulting injury on Twitter. This

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  • Bill Cosby list of accusers grows; two more allege sexual assaults

    Two more women, a writer and an actress, on Friday said comedian Bill Cosby had sexually assaulted them decades ago, bringing the list of his accusers to more than 40. Actress Lili Bernard and writer Sammie Mays made the allegations against the comedian at a news conference with prominent lawyer Gloria Allred the day before the last show of Cosby's national comedy tour in Atlanta. Cosby, best known for his role as Dr. Cliff Huxtable on the hit TV series "The Cosby Show," has never been charged over any of the allegations.

  • NATO's top commander says alliance limited in understanding Russian moves

    NATO’s commander U.S. Air Force General Philip Breedlove made a surprising admission to American lawmakers the other day. “Russian military operations in Ukraine and the region more broadly have underscored that there are critical gaps in our collection and analysis,” Breedlove told the Senate Armed Services committee. q
  • Women Turn Tables on Online Harassers

    About 24 hours after joining Tinder, Ashley Brincefield, 31, a customs inspector in Port Tobacco, Md., began getting creepy messages. Ms. Brincefield tried blocking them and reporting them to Tinder, but the harassers would just surface under a new screen name, she said. Alexandra Tweten, 27, an operations coordinator for Live Nation in Los Angeles, received abusive messages from men on OKCupid and other sites.

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  • Christian Covington lone Canadian selected in this year's NFL draft

    Christian Covington doesn't have to go far to begin his pro football career. The Rice defensive lineman went in the sixth round, No. 216 overall, to the Houston Texans in the NFL draft Saturday. "To have a team such as the Houston Texans, who are just right down the street, to be interested in this way, this is a dream come true for me," Covington told reporters during a conference call.

    The Canadian Press
  • Bobbi Kristina Brown Update: 'Dr. Phil' Staffer Fired After Leaking Nick Gordon Interview

    Dr. Phil really got to the bottom of one problem close to home. When the famed television psychologist learned that information about his exclusive interview with Bobbi Kristina Brown’s boyfriend, Nick Gordon,  had been leaked from behind the scenes, he took matters into his own hands. Dr. Phil reportedly staged an interrogation of his staff in order to find the perpetrator in his employment. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dr. Phil McGraw held a meeting with his staff to ask the person responsible for leaking the inside info to a British tabloid come forward.

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  • Vancouver marijuana dispensaries vary on rules for who can buy pot

    The affable 63-year-old owns 10 stores, making him the owner of the city's largest marijuana business chain, even though selling pot over the counter remains illegal in Canada. When asked how a customer would buy cannabis, Briere says all one needs is photo ID and proof of a medical condition that might be alleviated by pot — for example, a prescription for pain medication or a bottle of antidepressants. While Briere insists a person needs a prescription to get marijuana, the same is not true at all dispensaries.

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