Conservatives could ban niqab for public servants

Stephen Harper says his governement would consider legislation to ban public servants from wearing face coverings.

  • Here's how much sex you should be having as you get older

    Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus, the sexual dysfunction specialist and clinical director of The Medical Center For Female Sexuality, reveals how much sex is good for a marriage and how sex changes over the years.  Produced by Sam Rega and Joe Avella. Camera by Jason Gaines. Follow BI Video: On Facebook 

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  • Unlike Ryan Tannehill, Tom Brady rewards teammates who pick him off in practice

    A story this week alleged Miami's Ryan Tannehill made cutting comments to practice squad players.

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  • Andrew Ference gives up 'C' for Oilers; four alternate captains announced

    The speculation can end in Edmonton now: Andrew Ference will no longer be the captain of the Oilers.

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  • Stephen Harper announces new parental benefits

    Wed, Oct 7: Conservative leader Stephen Harper announces that a newly re-elected conservative government will implement several benefits for new parents.

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  • KFC Says ‘Sorry’ To Customer Whose Gravy Pot Told Her To F*** Off

    The one thing that could make a date at KFC worse than being on a date at KFC is your order telling you to f*** off - but that’s exactly what happened to Emma Sneesby.  

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  • Glass Walkway 3,540 Feet Above The Ground Cracks Under The Feet Of Tourists

    This is the terrifying moment that a glass walkway suspended 3,540 feet in the air cracked under the feet of tourists. Posting on Chinese social media site Weibo, tourist Lee Dong Hai wrote: ‘I was almost at the end and suddenly I heard a sound.

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  • Police Officer Comforting A Baby After Car Crash Will Melt Your Heart

    Deputy Ric Lindley, from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, holds the baby tight, walking her away from the carnage that she just experienced. After the picture was posted on the sheriff’s office Facebook page, it soon went viral, with commenters praising the actions of the officer. Kim Roper Brummett wrote: “Thank you deputy.

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  • This email rant just cost a male Girls in Tech employee his job

    John DeMartini, the director of corporate sponsorships at Girls in Tech has left the organisation after sending a sexist email rant to a potential sponsor when she declined an invitation to sponsor an event, Re/code reports. Girls in Tech, a non-profit organisation that aims to boost the visibility of women in the industry, was looking for sponsors for an event called "Lady Pitch Night." DeMartini emailed Mindjet CMO Amy Millard to see if she was interested. But Millard took issue with the use of "Lady" in the event's name. "'Lady' Pitch Night?? Seriously?! Nope, not sponsoring in this lifetime," she told him over email. Seemingly embarrassed, DeMartini responded to Millard — and another female

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  • Turcotte said he killed his children to spite his wife, nurse testifies at trial

    SAINT-JEROME, Que. - Guy Turcotte said he killed his two children to spite his wife, a nurse testified at his first-degree murder trial Tuesday. "He said he wanted to make her angry and that the way to do so was to take away from her what was most precious to her," Chantal Duhamel told the court. Duhamel said Turcotte told her he did not want his children, Olivier, 5, and Anne-Sophie, 3, to suffer from his separation from Isabelle Gaston and that is why he killed them in February 2009.

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  • Wall St. slips as oil rally fades, earnings worries mount

    Crude oil prices seesawed after government data showing a large U.S. crude inventory build surprised traders the morning after an industry group had reported a draw. U.S. stocks opened up strongly, turned negative for a while as oil prices slipped before eking out a small gain in afternoon trading. "There is no real conviction in either direction in the market," said Joseph Benanti, managing director, sales and trading of Rosenblatt Securities in New York.

  • Strict English Teacher Demands Handwriting So Neat It Looks Like It's Printed

    These letters may look like they’ve been printed out using the latest fancy font.

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  • Sneaky Cubs fan changes Pittsburgh sign to 'Lets Go Cubs'

    Cubs fans in Pittsburgh pull off a slick prank before the NL wild-card game at PNC Park

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  • 'The Voice': Christina Returns!

    It's official -- those red spinning chairs are about to get rowdy, dirrty and unruly again and we can't wait!

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  • Ronda Rousey's younger sister stars as Rousey in top-notch UFC 193 promo

    The video details how Rousey and Holm got into combat sports growing up.

  • Notorious Mexican Female Assassin Is Turned Over To The Police By Her Boyfriend

    An infamous Mexican assassin has been arrested after her boyfriend turned her in. Melissa Margarita Calderon Ojeda, 30, known as “La China”, is said to be the head of a 300-strong gang and is believed to be behind 150 murders in the past ten years.

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  • Watch: Fire Ants Form Rafts Out Of Other Ants To Escape South Carolina Floods

    As South Carolina suffers biblical rainfall and historical flooding, a tale of incredible survival has been uncovered - from a colony of insects. Fire ants have been spotted escaping the deluge that has hit the U.S. state by forming rafts out of THEMSELVES.

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  • Watch the moment 12 co-workers learn they’re millionaires after winning lottery

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to find out that you’ve just won the lottery? 12 co-workers from the Ontario-based vehicle evaluation business Black Books recently learned that they had became multi-millionaires, the CBC reports.

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  • This Design Technique Will Make Any Home Look More Expensive (6 photos)

    Custom details can make the simplest of rooms more elegant. One especially easy and wallet-friendly custom upgrade is applied molding, sometimes called "picture boxing." This technique involves measuring and mounting molding directly to the walls, often in square or rectangular forms. The end result is at once simple and luxurious. Applied molding is a go-to trick for Scott McGillivray, host of Income Property on HGTV and real estate expert. He frequently uses the technique both on his show and in his own investment properties. "It's a perception of higher class," Scott says. Contemporary applied molding is, "a play off of traditional Victorian ideas, of grand chateaus that have expensive molding. That was a lot of work; the boards were hand-hewn or routered to fit the exact spaces." Thanks to developments with mass-produced fiberboard molding, that same historically classy look can be replicated for a reasonable price. Scott recommends getting adventurous with applied molding, as there really are no rules when it comes to customizing. Consider using molding above your bed, where a headboard might go, or paint molding a contrasting color from the wall to make certain spaces pop. Whatever you decide, the best part about applied molding is that most people can do it. Anyone with "basic carpentry skills" can perfect the technique when they follow Scott's six steps below.

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  • Sask. Muslims unhappy niqab an issue in federal election

    People from Saskatchewan's Muslim community are not happy the niqab has become a divisive issue in the federal election. Conservative leader Stephen Harper has said that women should not be allowed to cover their faces during citizenship ceremonies. As Harper prepares to visit Saskatoon for a campaign rally on Tuesday, the issue of the niqab ban has become a hot-button issue locally, especially with local Muslims.

  • Why iPhone owners only sometimes see accept/decline buttons when receiving calls

    iPhone owners: Have you ever noticed sometimes when you receive a call you have an option to swipe to answer, while other times you're given "accept" and "decline" buttons?  We realized we'd seen both variations before, but didn't know why sometimes we saw one and not the other. We set out to find the answer ourselves.  First, I had my colleague Jillian, who has an iPhone, call me.  Slider! We wanted to see if it would make a difference if the person calling you was in your contacts, so I had another colleague, Steven, who also has an iPhone but isn't in my contacts, give me a ring.  Negative. Did it make a difference if someone with a non-iPhone was the caller? Our editor Matt checked. Nope!

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