• Rachel Notley takes helm of Alberta with cast of newbies, concerns from business

    Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley, fresh off dismantling a four-decade Progressive Conservative machine, said she's ready to begin work as premier-elect with a cast of newbies. The NDP caucus had four members before Tuesday's election, but that figure has now exploded to 53 in the 87-seat legislature. PC Leader Jim Prentice did not pass the budget before calling the election on April 7, saying he needed a mandate from voters to implement it.

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  • Winnipeg woman fed up with car that's been recalled 15 times

    A Winnipeg woman says her car has been recalled 15 times in the 4½ years she's owned it, and now she's calling on her dealership and the vehicle's manufacturer to replace it with something that's safe. Danielle Champagne says in addition to the 15 recalls, she's also had to deal with 15 warranty issues for her 2011 Chevrolet Cruze, which she had agreed to finance for $34,000 when she purchased it. The breaking point for Champagne came this past weekend, when the vehicle almost failed on her again.

  • Woman accused of committing an indecent act aboard aircraft returns to court

    A case involving a 25-year-old woman accused of committing an indecent act on a Toronto-to-Halifax flight is due in court today. Alicia Elizabeth Lander has pleaded not guilty to committing an indecent act, assaulting a police officer, committing an act of mischief and causing a disturbance at Halifax Stanfield International Airport on Jan. 24, 2014.

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  • Five perfectly preserved cars worth $700,000 found inside Texas barn

    A Texas car collector has made the discovery of a lifetime in the form of five classic pre-war automobiles stored for four decades in an Austin barn. Antonio Brunet, chairman and founder of Motostalgia Auctions, is now helping their owner take the cars to auction, where high estimates value the collection at more than $700,000.

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  • What could Alberta look under the NDP? A look some of the party's key promises

    The NDP have won a majority in Alberta. Leader Rachel Notley campaigned on having the wealthy pay more to fund better health care and education. — A Resource Owners’ Rights Commission to review the royalties oil companies pay to the province with any amount earned above the current rates going into savings.

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  • Food writer Josh Ozersky, known for witty, snarky writing about meat, dies in Chicago

    Food critic Josh Ozersky, whose witty and snarky writing generally focused on his obsession with all things meat, has died in Chicago. Ozersky, who was in the city for the James Beard Foundation Awards, was found dead in his room at the Conrad Chicago Hotel on Monday, according to the Cook County medical examiner's office. Ozersky was a food writer for Esquire magazine and frequent contributor to other publications including Time magazine, the Wall Street Journal and Food & Wine.

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  • Moment army captain finishes 12-mile expert field test, then collapses

    Video of the moment an army captain completes a grueling field test has ensured the determined officer is getting the appreciation she deserves. Capt. Sarah Cudd, an army veterinarian, was one of 46 candidates who last month attempted to achieve the Army’s Expert Field Medical Badge - one of the toughest decorations to earn - at Fort Dix in New Jersey.

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  • Siblings at war lose rights over sick mother's bank account

    A dentist and his sister have been stripped of the right to control their elderly mother’s finances because their mutual loathing means they cannot be trusted. The middle-aged brother and sister broke their word to look after their mother by dipping into her bank account to pay themselves around £20,000 each, court papers published yesterday said. The brother and sister from Bournemouth were the second pair of professional class siblings in two days whose right to handle the financial affairs of an elderly mother was removed by the same Court of Protection judge.

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  • This forgotten incident from the Cold War shows how Putin's air incursions could go horribly, horribly wrong

    Ever since Russia's seizure of Crimea and incursion into eastern Ukraine, a hyper-assertive Moscow has continuously tested its neighbors' tolerance of Russian military activities near their national boundaries. In Europe, where Russian planes and ships have crossed into neighboring waters or airspace dozens of times since early 2014. Russian military infringement on neighboring borders, airspace, or bodies of water tests the resolve of Moscow's geopolitical adversaries and demonstrates Russia's perceived freedom of action in what it considers to be its strategic backyard.

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  • Alberta election 2015: the rural-urban divide

    Early polls were projecting the Balkanization of Alberta, with Wildrose dominating rural areas, the NDP taking over Edmonton and the PCs holding onto their base in Calgary. As the campaign progressed, it looked more and more like a three-way race, but with the NDP making serious rural inroads and gaining in Calgary. Lethbridge, Edmonton, Calgary, Medicine Hat and Red Deer all went to the NDP, with several Calgary ridings sticking with the PCs.

  • Florida woman who says she was held hostage all day uses online pizza order to get help

    A Florida woman who says her boyfriend was holding her and her children hostage sent a secret message asking for help in an online pizza order. Highlands County Investigators told WFLA-TV (http://bit.ly/1bwXJ96) a Pizza Hut in Avon Park received an online order for pizza Monday afternoon from Cheryl Treadway. Under the comments section, Treadway wrote a message asking employees to call police.

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  • Sela Ward elected president in 'Independence Day 2'

    Portraying the president of the United States in 1996’s Independence Day, Bill Pullman pilots a fighter jet straight into an interplanetary siege and delivers the rousing “We will not go quietly into the night!” speech that ultimately compels the allied human forces of earth to unite in kicking some alien butt. The veteran character actress, late of CSI: NY, whose most recent big-screen turn was as a Diane Sawyer-like TV journalist in director David Fincher’s Gone Girl, is set to join a number of cast members from the original Independence Day including Pullman, Judd Hirsch, Vivica A. Fox and Jeff Goldblum.

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  • Father captures images of his newborn 'walking, climbing and jumping'

    With most newborns, parents are lucky to get a photo with their eyes open.  snap Emilia seemingly balancing on their fingertips, tumbling off chairs and being hurled into the air - all without the use of Photoshop.

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  • 10 DIY Pick-Me-Ups for a Plain Patio (12 photos)

    Outdoor spaces extend our homes and make the time we spend outside so enjoyable in summertime. No matter how small your porch or patio, you can turn yours into an oasis—and on a budget, too. | By Jennifer Noonan, BobVila.com

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  • Woman forging doctor's prescriptions went undetected for over a year

    A 40-year-old woman working as a surgical office assistant for a well-known Winnipeg plastic surgeon is accused of forging prescriptions for Percocet between Dec. 6, 2012, and Dec. 16, 2013. Percocet is a form of oxycodone, a pill commonly trafficked on the street. According to court records, the accused was giving the fake prescriptions to her son to fill and sell. A Wal-Mart spokesperson tells CBC News the woman was eventually caught after one of its pharmacists noticed something wasn't right.

  • Family confirm body found is Jessica Newman

    Tue, May 5 : The family of a missing Calgary mother has confirmed to Global News that a body found near Balzac is Jessica Newman.

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  • Arizona officials find fake skeletons in lawn chairs while searching for bodies

    A man snorkeling in the Colorado River near the Arizona and California border was terrified — and later embarrassed — when he came across two fake skeletons sitting in lawn chairs about 40 feet underwater. The man reported the skeletons to the La Paz County Sheriff's Office on Monday, launching a hunt for what authorities believed could be real bodies. It turned out the skeletons were fake and had been strategically placed to appear as if they were sitting together, their lawn chairs bound to large rocks.

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  • Global economy - Yields, commodities whisper of reflation promise

    A positive spin on this would be that the European Central Bank's massively expanded campaign of asset-buying is working far more quickly than even optimists dared hope. "There has been a profound easing in financial conditions over the past six months - a potent dose of stimulus," said Christel Aranda-Hassel, a research analyst at Credit Suisse.

  • Celtic Explorer departs St. John's on northern cod fishery mission

    A fisheries vessel departed St. John's Tuesday with a 30-day mission to study the northern cod fishery, part of a five-year research project. The Celtic Explorer is headed to the Hamilton Bank region, which scientists believe was devastated by overfishing and where cod stocks have yet to see signs of recovery. Scientists aboard the Celtic Explorer will make their way up north, weather and ice permitting, to study the old spawning grounds for northern cod.

  • French investigators: Germanwings co-pilot tried controlled descent on previous flight

    The co-pilot of Germanwings Flight 4525 appeared to practice a controlled descent on his previous flight, two hours before he crashed the A320 jet into a mountainside in March, French air accident investigators said Wednesday. Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz set the plane into descent mode five times in a four and a half-minute period during a flight from Duesseldorf to Barcelona, then brought it back up again on a flight, the BEA investigation agency said in an interim report on the crash. Prosecutors have previously said Lubitz intentionally locked the pilot out of the cockpit and crashed the plane on its return flight from Barcelona to Duesseldorf in the French Alps on March 24, killing all 150 people on board.

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