Get the latest scores as NHL teams battle for the Cup

Follow along with tonight's match-ups: Ottawa vs. Montreal, N.Y. Islanders vs. Washington, Chicago vs. Nashville, and Calgary vs. Vancouver.

  • Ottawa's Mark Stone makes impact in Game 2 despite wrist injury

    Ottawa's Mark Stone battled through a wrist injury and set up both of Ottawa's goals Friday night. Stone got the primary assist on Ottawa's two goals in Game 2 of their first-round playoff series agianst the Canadiens, but Montreal won 3-2 in overtime. "We've been a 'never-say-die' team for the last three months," said Stone, who was instrumental in Ottawa's late push for playoff hockey.

    The Canadian Press 54 mins ago
  • Taylor Swift Has a Secret Twin and She's a Japanese McDonald's Model: Watch the Commercial Here!

    She's loving it! At least, this McDonald's model may be, because the Internet has taken notice that she's Taylor Swift's secret twin. The model in question appears in an already popular, resurfaced Japanese commercial from the fast-food chain (uploaded

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  • Paula Stiles identified as mother of three killed in Sherwood Park

    The mother of three who was killed in her Sherwood Park home on Wednesday was "absolutely devoted to her daughters," a family friend told CBC News. "Paula Stiles was the most generous person I have ever met," Edmonton author Todd Babiak said in a statement. Neighbours on a quiet cul-de-sac in Sherwood Park where the body was found say Stiles and her husband separated last year and had three young daughters aged 6 to 13.

  • Dollarama calls cops on grandmother who brought dog inside

    It was only after she found the glue and was headed to the checkout that she noticed a police officer in the store — then two more. Dollarama told CBC News that its customer service department has not received a formal complaint about the matter.

  • Mission fire kills 1 woman, 2 children escape with hands 'zip-tied'

    A woman died and two children were taken to hospital after what is being considered a suspicious fire ripped through their mobile home in Mission, B.C., in the early hours of Friday morning. Neighbours at the Green Acres Park on Shook Road were woken up by sirens to find one home ablaze and police and fire services in attendance. Two other neighbours (who also asked to remain anonymous) say they saw two girls, aged approximately nine and 11, run out of the fiery trailer "with their hands zip-tied", before being taken away by ambulance.

  • 9 Things You Didn't Know Coca-Cola Could Do (10 photos)

    Sugary drinks aren't allowed in all households these days, but even the most health-conscious of folks can find a few reasons to keep a can of Coke around the house. Did you know Coke could help you do the dishes? How about cleaning your laundry with

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  • Aircraft carrier 'amazingly intact' after 64 years under the Pacific

    After languishing at the bottom of the Pacific for a staggering 64 years, an aircraft carrier from the Second World War has been discovered 'amazingly intact'. The USS Independence is resting 800m underwater off California's Farallon Islands with its hull and deck very well preserved and clearly visible. There also appears to be a plane in the hangar bay of the vessel, scientists with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said on Thursday.

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  • Patrick Kane scores as Blackhawks have too many men on ice (Video)

    That circled Chicago Blackhawks player is Patrick Kane coming off the bench for a line change. Seconds later he did this:  But the first goal of these playoffs for the Blackhawks star shouldn’t have counted, as Chicago muffed a line change and should

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  • Zayn Malik Surfaces at Asian Awards 2015 With Shaved Head After One Direction Departure

    Zayn Malik surfaced at the Asian Awards 2015 on Friday, April 17, making his first public appearance since exiting One Direction. The former boy bander, 22, looked happy and handsome at the annual awards show, held at London's Grosvenor House Hotel. The British singer had a rough few months before his abrupt departure from One Direction on March 25.

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  • New home loan war as HSBC offers five-year deal under 2% 

    The mortgage market has reached a ‘watershed’ moment with the launch of the first five-year fixed rate below 2 per cent. The battle between lenders has intensified in recent months, plunging home loan rates to their lowest in history.

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  • Philadelphia family wins back seized rare Double Eagle gold coins possibly worth $80 million

    A family was awarded the rights to 10 rare gold coins possibly worth $80 million or more on Friday after a U.S. appeals court overturned a jury verdict. U.S. Department of the Treasury officials insist the $20 Double Eagles were stolen from the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia before the 1933 series was melted down when the country went off the gold standard. Langbord's father, jeweler Israel Switt, had dealings with the Mint in the 1930s and was twice investigated over his coin holdings.

    The Canadian Press
  • Warning over deadly new children's game of 'sleeper'

    Police in Manchester have now issued a warning to parents over the game, known as 'sleeper', which officers say is potentially fatal. The child's details have not been release but a Greater Manchester Police spokesman said the child is believed to have had underlying health problems and is expected to make a full recovery.

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  • Fish that hitched cross-Pacific ride in suspected tsunami debris boat are quarantined

    The wreckage of a fishing boat that appears to be debris from the 2011 Japanese tsunami was carrying some unexpected passengers — fish from Japanese waters — when it was spotted off the Oregon coast. Fish washed up in debris can bring parasites and diseases to native species, but biologists say the latest fish pose little threat. Last month, a striped knifejaw turned up in a fisherman's crab trap off the Oregon Coast.

    The Canadian Press
  • Falling loonie has some Canadian snowbirds selling their U.S. homes

    Seated on a coffee shop patio in southern California, Saskatchewan snowbirds Irene Henderson and Randy Krauss explain to an American friend how things were during the good old days, when the loonie floated well above par. About five years ago, they were getting between $1.06 and $1.10 US for every Canadian dollar. With the Canadian dollar now well below par against its U.S. counterpart, many snowbirds are finding it increasingly hard on their finances.

  • Mila Kunis Dresses Up Her Go-To Tee and Jeans: See Her Latest Post-Baby Red Carpet Outfit!

    Slim and breezily stylish as always, Mila Kunis attended the Burberry "London in Los Angeles" event at the Griffith Observatory on Thursday, April 16. Forgoing the formal dresses that most of the ladies seemed to prefer, Kunis, 31, worked her post-baby body in a pair of tailored jeans, teamed with a semi-sheer blouse. Click here to see more photos of Mila's post-baby body.

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  • The scam that earns millions, is totally legal and no one can agree on how to stop it

    The same week that Alex Haro and Chris Hulls raised $50 million for their mobile app, Life360, the business partners got a letter. Haro and Hulls traced the company, Advanced Ground Information Systems, to a coastal home in Jupiter, Florida, with a phone number that initially went to an anonymous voicemail. In the end, a jury sided with Life360 on all counts — but not before Haro and Hulls shelled out nearly $1.5 million in legal fees.

    The Canadian Press
  • Steve Harvey Loses His Cool on ‘Family Feud’ on ‘This Week in Game Shows’

    Steve Harvey is one cool cucumber … usually. But on Family Feud, one team sent him over the edge. Also on “This Week in Game Shows,” it was “Couples Week” on The Price Is Right, where happy unions of all sorts assembled to compete for prizes. And on Let’s Make a Deal, see which costume made co-host Jonathan Magnum exclaim to Wayne Brady, “You’re gonna get sued.”

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  • Canadian Tire eyes vacated Target spaces, builds SportChek brand

    Retail giant Canadian Tire is eyeing space recently vacated by Target Canada across the country, says president and CEO Michael Medline. “I imagine a lot of Target that’s in the malls will fall back to the landlords in which case we will also be talking to the landlords at the appropriate time. Michael Kehoe, a retail specialist with Fairfield Commercial Real Estate Inc. in Calgary, said Target’s exit from Canada will give large format retailers such as Canadian Tire an unprecedented opportunity to reposition in many markets.

    Calgary Herald q
  • Weird sea creature that bites off its own tail washes up on beach

    Scientists are baffled after discovering a rare deep sea oarfish had washed up on a salt marsh in New Zealand. The serpent like specimen was found by a local man at the entrance of the Otago Harbour, in Dunedin on Thursday.

    Daily Mail q
  • Drone captures incredibly eerie footage of abandoned Italian town

    The age-old ghost town of Balestrino was captured in all its spooky wonder by a drone that circled the picturesque landscape and picked out the castle on the hill and surrounding depreciated buildings.

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