VIDEO: Guy shatters glass table with sword

Big swords and glass patio tables don't mix as this man learns the hard way when he demonstrates the absolute wrong way to slice a watermelon.

  • Bizarre Sea Creature With Fur And Beak Discovered Washed Up On Beach

    A mysterious sea creature found washed up on a beach that has a bird-like beak and fur on its tail has got the scientific community baffled. The unidentified animal was discovered dead on the shore of Sakhalin Island - situated along the far east of Russia. It had been ripped apart with its bones showing and has similarities to a dolphin - yet it is estimated to be twice the size of a human being.

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  • Eugenie Bouchard gets violation for wearing black sports bra

    Eugenie Bouchard basically followed the Wimbledon dress code on Tuesday. She wore a white dress over a white sports bra and stood in white tennis shoes. But the 21-year-old Canadian also wore a black sports bra underneath the white sports bra, and there

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  • Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck say they've decided to divorce after 10 years of marriage

    After weeks of public speculation about their relationship, the couple announced Tuesday they plan to end their 10-year marriage with a divorce. "We go forward with love and friendship for one another and a commitment to co-parenting our children," Garner and Affleck said in a joint statement. Affleck will continue to live on the couple's property in a separate house, and they will co-parent their children Violet, Seraphina and Samuel, according to a person familiar with the situation who was not authorized to speak publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

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  • Vaughan café shooting: Police release clearest image of suspect so far

    Police have released a new video and images that give the clearest picture to date of the suspect in a Vaughan, Ont., café shooting. The suspect is described as male, black, six-feet with a muscular build. The suspect is considered armed and dangerous.

  • Holly Madison On Why She Wrote Her Tell-All Book

    Holly Madison talks about her new book, “Down the Rabbit Hole,” and how she hopes her daughter will read it someday. Plus, Holly talks about her life after the mansion.

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  • A close shave for Graham DeLaet to grab an Open Championship spot

    From Fear the Beard to Shear the Beard. Graham DeLaet can attest to this adage. “I was playing some bad golf this year, so I kind of just needed a change,” DeLaet told the Hartford Courant last weekend about this new look.

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  • Quake Alert: Los Angeles Expecting ‘Big One’ as Helium Leaks From Faultline

    Geologists from UC Santa Barbara have found helium leaking from the Newport-Inglewood fault in central Los Angeles increasing the potential damage of an earthquake on the mega city. An earthquake registering 8 on the Richter scale will produce major damage to buildings, transport and energy infrastructure…not pretty stuff.

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  • Canada’s best-paid celebrity isn’t Drake or Justin Bieber

    Drake, the child-star-turned-rapper who grossed $39.5 million U.S. in 2014-2015, was the second Canadian on the list. “Drake goes 0 to 100 real quick this year, joining the Celebrity 100 for the first time thanks mostly to his earnings on the road,” the magazine said.

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  • Judge says no bail for Journey drummer who is charged with rape after domestic violence arrest

    Journey drummer Deen Castronovo will remain in an Oregon jail on rape and other felony charges after prosecutors said he repeatedly violated a court order by calling and texting the victim with messages that included suicide threats and apologies. Prosecutors told a Marion County judge Tuesday that the 50-year-old musician contacted the woman after his arrest in Salem on June 14, when he was accused of misdemeanour assault and menacing. Marion County Judge Audrey Broyles declined to set bail after prosecutors said Castronovo texted the woman 122 times and called her 35 times and presents a threat to the woman if he's released.

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  • Palestinian hunger striker to be released; Several Israelis injured in attacks

    A Palestinian held by Israel for the past year is ending a 55-day hunger strike and in exchange will be released in two weeks, his wife and an advocacy group for prisoners said Monday. Meanwhile, in the West Bank, a Palestinian woman stabbed a female Israeli paramilitary police officer in the neck and seriously injured her, police said. Rights groups have warned that Khader Adnan, 36, a senior activist in the militant Islamic Jihad group, is near death.

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  • Chicago Blackhawks deal Brandon Saad to Blue Jackets in trade shocker

    The Chicago Blackhawks did what they said they wouldn’t do and got rid of pending restricted free agent forward Brandon Saad. Guess this means the Blackhawks thought Saad was going to get hit with a high-priced offer sheet and wouldn’t be able to match it.

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  • Woman Rents Out Her Home On Airbnb, Gets Turned Into A Brothel

    A woman who rented out her home using accommodation-sharing site AIrbnb was shocked to discover that it had been turned into a makeshift brothel.The unnamed Australian woman was a regular AIrbnb user and hadn’t suffered any problems with people using

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  • 6 Mistakes Homeowners Make Every Summer (7 photos)

    Dreams of the summer season tend to focus on long, lazy days spent reading the latest bestsellers, napping in the rope hammock, or watching white clouds drift across a blue sky. But if you’re a homeowner, you know that summer isn’t always a day at the

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  • World Sexism update: Police Arrest Wife For Not Ironing

    To have police officers arrest your wife for not doing your shirts is not only horribly sexist but also should be a divorce-able offence. Dulce Requena Garcia, 21,  was taken to the nearby police station in Tampico, Mexico where she was fined the equivalent of £16, and as she did not have the ready cash she was locked up for 12 hours instead. The guilty husband and truck driver, Edgar Ivan Perez Alvarado, complained that when he got home after work he wanted a change of clothes to go out with friends, his wife refused to iron them.

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  • Here's what happens when a pit bull fights a porcupine

    A New York lawyer, dairy farmer and farm lover has documented the after-effects of one of the most gruesome animal battles one could imagine: pit bull vs. porcupine. Lorraine Lewandrowski, who tweets under the moniker @NYFarmer, posted updates Tuesday morning from her sister’s veterinary office, as she treated a pit bull for dozens of quill piercings after the fight. The quills narrowly missed the pit bull’s eyes, Lewandowski said, but the dog had a lot in its mouth as well, as far down as its throat.

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  • Seniors going bankrupt in soaring numbers

    Judy Southon never imagined it would come to this. "I was scared and shocked," says Southon, who lives in Toronto. According to the federal Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, 10 per cent of those who declared bankruptcy in 2014 were aged 65 and older.  That's a whopping 20.5 per cent increase from 2010.

  • Topless crusader surprised to hear eight-year-old girl told to cover up at pool

    Linda Meyer loves talking about her breasts — although, at 54, she thought she'd be done talking about them a long time ago. Then she heard about an Ontario girl who was told to cover her bare top while swimming in a wading pool this month. In Guelph, Ont., where nearly 25 years ago Gwen Jacob strolled through the streets to win the right to walk topless, eight-year-old Marlee McLean's attempt to frolick in the water topless, just like her three step-brothers, made headlines across Canada.

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  • Stench of Leafs’ season affecting ability to trade away players

    The damage of this past Maple Leafs season lingers and cannot be easily undone. The market for Phil Kessel was thin and only marginally active. The market for Tyler Bozak, Kessel’s centre of choice, was non-existent. The Leafs did not receive a single phone call inquiring about Bozak’s availability.

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  • Watch: New York Cop Gets Down For Gay Pride Parade Dance, Becomes Instant Star

    This New York police officer has become something of an overnight star for his dance session at the Gay Pride Parade yesterday. The cop was on duty along the parade route when he caught the eye of one of the members of the Big Apple Softball League. Paige Ponzeka, who was marching with the group and filmed the video, said that the cop ignored the dancer at first - but then clearly got swept away in the moment.

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  • Meet the Transgender YouTube Star We Can't Stop Watching

    Instagram users know what a distraction the app can be. One minute you're going through your friend's feed, the next you find yourself ogling images of a total stranger or an Internet celebrity. That's how I discovered Gigi Gorgeous. I first became

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