VIDEO: Woman kills suspected serial killer

A police officer says he thinks a West Virginia woman 'saved lives' by shooting a man who attacked her in her home.

  • Baby’s first words shock his parents

    A child’s first words are always a heart-warming moment for any parent. And thankfully, the camera was rolling to capture this baby’s adorable first complete sentence and his dad’s shocked reaction. YouTube user Ted Moskalenko from Cherry Hill, New Jersey

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  • Kanye West’s ‘mic drop’ at the Pan Am Games leaves Twitter buzzing

    Performers typically drop the microphone before leaving the stage, but then again, Kanye West is far from your typical performer. After weeks or vitriol and petitions aimed at preventing Kanye from performing at the Pan Am Games closing ceremony, it appears

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  • Doctors Found 20 Lice in Woman’s Eye - Simply Unpleasant

    Now these are just lice in the eyelids, nada (Picture: Wikipedia/ KostaMumcuoglu)We all had lice as kids - it was itchy and entails using horrible smelling shampoos and the dredded lice comb.What this poor Chinese woman suffered from was a whole different

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  • London couple the latest targets of online ridicule and shaming

    Kyle O’Neill, 26, and Gabrielle Penney, 20, of London pleaded guilty last week to four counts of animal cruelty after they locked their Chihuahua mix puppy in a bathroom and took off on a two-week holiday at the beginning of January. The dog was discovered after their landlord received noise complaints and called the London Humane Society. After acquiring a search warrant, workers from the humane society were able to access the apartment on Jan. 6 and rescue the puppy.

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  • Landscaper Jailed For Running Over Nine Baby Ducks With A Lawnmower

    A man who deliberately ran over nine baby ducks with a lawnmower has been sentenced to a year in prison. Jason Scott Falbo II, 24, from Royal Palm Beach in Florida, smiled and laughed as he killed the ducklings as they waddled to a nearby lake in May. Boyd Jentzsch and his wife and son had left food out for the ducks at their property, which is close to a lake.

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  • Antonio Brown arrives at camp in Steelers-themed Rolls-Royce (10 photos)

    LATROBE, Pa. (AP) — Antonio Brown couldn't say no. How often does Rolls-Royce ask if you would like to ride to work in a $500,000 car? So the All-Pro receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers relaxed in the back seat on Saturday while his brother Desmond carefully

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  • Getting a Job at Google Ain’t Easy - Check Out These Interview Questions

    How do you answer these questions? (Picture: Rex)Job interviews are never easy at the best of times but it seems Google doesn’t just ask you the usual questions but really make you think out of the box.It seems that for a job at the all-knowing tech giant

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  • Human Traffickers Stuff Newborn Baby In Suitcase To Smuggle It Into Hotel

    A shocking case of human trafficking has occurred in China, where a couple have been caught trying to smuggle a newborn baby into a hotel by stuffing it in a suitcase. The couple wouldn’t allow their luggage to be carried by hotel staff, who then heard noises coming from the case. “Hotel staff were suspicious because the couple appeared nervous for no particular reason when giving their details to register for a room,” said police spokesman Li Chuang.

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  • Nick Gordon's Father Speaks

    Following the death of Bobbi Kristina Brown, a report claimed that boyfriend Nick Gordon was suicidal. However, Access Hollywood has exclusively learned otherwise. Nick Gordon's dad, Jack Walker Jr., spoke to Access Hollywood's Stephanie Bauer exclusively

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  • Son Killed Elderly Dad By Lying On His Head ‘To Prove A Point’

    Kyle Webb, 44, allegedly told police that he had killed his 74-year-old dad, Franklin Webb, after the pair argued over a leaky pipe. Franklin Webb’s attempted punch saw him fall backwards and hit a kitchen chair before falling to the floor. Kyle Webb then sat there for 12 minutes to “prove a point” about his ability to control his dad.

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  • What We Learned: Why are teams waiting on Cody Franson?

    The apparent sticking point in all these Cody Franson negotiations, which have stretched on impossibly long to this point, is that Franson would like a team to sign him for more than one year. It was a soft D market this summer, no question about that, but it didn't stop some guys from getting paid.

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  • Russia Launches Three Mysterious Satellites That Could Signal ‘Space War’, Say US Analysts

    Russia could be preparing for a space war, following the launch of three mysterious satellites within 18 months, according to U.S. military analysts. The three spacecraft - which the Kremlin say are communication satellites - could be prototype weapons, say U.S military observers. As is standard, Russia notified the United Nations of the launch of three of its Rodnik communication satellites last year, but also added a fourth, unexpected craft to the list.

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  • Two new driving laws coming, one with $490 fine

    Mon, Jul 27: Two new little known driving laws will soon come into effect in Ontario. Cindy Pom received a visual demonstration from police.

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  • Barack Obama Busts Out His Dad Dancing Moves During Trip To Kenya

    The US president got down on the dancefloor at a state dinner on Saturday night in Nairobi, Kenya. Obama has not been shy about showing off his dance moves throughout his presidency, and he gave them another airing in this impromptu performance. At a dinner hosted by Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta, Obama joined his host on stage with the music group Sauti Sol.

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  • Makeup-Masterful Hijabis Who Prove Modesty Is Anything but Boring

    As much as we love braids, ponytails, and updos, sometimes we just really want to focus on the makeup. What better way to spotlight cosmetics than rounding up photos of gorgeous hijab-wearing women? If you're unfamiliar with the hijab, you should know

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  • Mega armoured vehicle made in Toronto by hand attracts the rich and powerful

    A black tank-like truck cruises downtown Toronto, prompting stunned pedestrians to whip out their smartphones to provide proof of what they've seen. What they've seen is the Conquest Knight XV. It takes about six months to build a Knight XV, and Conquest Vehicles actually machine their own parts out of stainless steel and aluminum.

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  • Lowe's Canada to expand into former Target locations | Toronto Star

    Lowe’s Canada announced Friday it will open 14 new stores in Canada, including 12 at former Target locations. “Overall, the industry seems to be in good shape,” said Sylvain Prud’homme, president of Lowe’s Canada, explaining the reasoning behind the expansion. In addition to the 12 new Target locations, Lowe’s is building a store in Ancaster and another in Mississauga from the ground up, an investment of about $50 million. Lowe’s bought the 12 former Target locations, plus Target’s distribution Centre in Milton, for approximately $147.75 million.

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  • Is Canada heading into recession? | Toronto Star

    Will Canada be deep in recession when we vote in the federal election this fall? Since the post-2008 Great Recession, Stephen Harper’s primary focus on energy (oil/gas) economic action strategies have painted our economic flexibilities into a corner. Interest rates are now .05 per cent. We are on the precipice of falling financially/economically into quicksand recessionary territory. Would we be so constrained now with lowest possible oil/gas commodity prices?

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  • Credit Suisse exec Bob Jain threw a party at his $15 million Southampton mansion, and things got weird

    The eccentricities of the art world were on full display at Jain's Southampton estate.

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  • You Don’t Look Like You Think You Do, Says Science

    According to new research from scientists at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Australia, people are so bad at picking a good likeness of their own face, strangers actually make more accurate selections. While a person looking ‘unrealistic’ in their Facebook profile picture may not present much of a problem, this could be a major issue when choosing a photo for official documents such as a passport. Photo ID is the main method of identification in many situations, most notably at border control, so choosing a photo with a poor likeness is not a good move.

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