VIDEO: Woman kills suspected serial killer

A police officer says he thinks a West Virginia woman 'saved lives' by shooting a man who attacked her in her home.

  • Kitchener women say they were stopped by police for cycling topless

    Three Kitchener, Ont., sisters are planning to file a formal complaint after they say they were stopped by a police officer for cycling topless. Tameera, Nadia and Alysha Mohamed took off their shirts while riding their bikes in downtown Kitchener on Friday evening because of the heat.

  • Baby’s first words shock his parents

    A child’s first words are always a heart-warming moment for any parent. And thankfully, the camera was rolling to capture this baby’s adorable first complete sentence and his dad’s shocked reaction. YouTube user Ted Moskalenko from Cherry Hill, New Jersey

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  • Samsung's Big Plan To Dominate The iPhone 7

    The only other indication that Samsung might be working on something remotely foldable comes from a single-line quote from an unnamed Samsung official, reported by Business Korea. Not only is the source unnamed, but also they talk about “the industry”, rather than Samsung. Samsung is actively working on a foldable and rollable display. Usually when a company is developing new innovative tech, it will direct inquiring journalists to its research in the field or previous announcements (Samsung proudly announced its work on emded package-on-package memory before it’s rumoured inclusion in the next Galaxy Note).

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  • Doctors Found 20 Lice in Woman’s Eye - Simply Unpleasant

    Now these are just lice in the eyelids, nada (Picture: Wikipedia/ KostaMumcuoglu)We all had lice as kids - it was itchy and entails using horrible smelling shampoos and the dredded lice comb.What this poor Chinese woman suffered from was a whole different

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  • Taxpayers not footing the bill for Kanye West's Pan Am performance: organizers

    Taxpayers aren't footing the bill for Kanye West's headlining performance at the Pan Am Games closing ceremony, organizers said Monday. Pan Am Games CEO Saad Rafi said performance fees for West and the two other artists — Canadian howler Serena Ryder and Miami pop-rapper Pitbull — were covered by the concert promotion company Live Nation, which sponsored the Games. "That was part of the relationship with Live Nation, that we weren't paying performance fees to artists that they would secure," he told The Canadian Press.

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  • Toronto Kijiji apartment rental scam leaves woman without 2 months rent

    A Toronto woman says she was scammed out of $1,500 worth of rent this weekend by a man pretending to be a doctor, and that she's since found out the culprit has done this to others as well. Tika Simone says she used Kijiji to find the apartment in a private duplex near Jarvis Street and Gerrard Street East in downtown Toronto and negotiated with a man who called himself Dr. Zaki.  Simone said the man claimed to be a doctor at nearby St. Michael's Hospital and an owner of several rental properties. Simone agreed to rent the studio apartment for $750 per month, with everything included, which she admits seemed like "a steal." In her eagerness to score the apartment, Simone agreed to pay Dr. Zaki the first- and last-month's rent up front, in cash, and didn't sign an application form.

  • Getting a Job at Google Ain’t Easy - Check Out These Interview Questions

    How do you answer these questions? (Picture: Rex)Job interviews are never easy at the best of times but it seems Google doesn’t just ask you the usual questions but really make you think out of the box.It seems that for a job at the all-knowing tech giant

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  • Is Canada heading into recession? | Toronto Star

    Will Canada be deep in recession when we vote in the federal election this fall? Since the post-2008 Great Recession, Stephen Harper’s primary focus on energy (oil/gas) economic action strategies have painted our economic flexibilities into a corner. Interest rates are now .05 per cent. We are on the precipice of falling financially/economically into quicksand recessionary territory. Would we be so constrained now with lowest possible oil/gas commodity prices?

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  • Labrador doctor facing allegations of sexual misconduct

    A medical doctor in Labrador West is facing allegations of misconduct, and must be chaperoned when treating female patients while an investigation into his behaviour is carried out. Two patients, Cayla Misurka and Arlene Johnson, are speaking publicly about what they say were were unsolicited sexual advances and inappropriate comments by Dr. Adekunle Williams Owolabi. Misurka alleges that Owolabi is unfit to be a doctor.

  • Two new driving laws coming, one with $490 fine

    Mon, Jul 27: Two new little known driving laws will soon come into effect in Ontario. Cindy Pom received a visual demonstration from police.

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  • Antonio Brown arrives at camp in Steelers-themed Rolls-Royce (10 photos)

    LATROBE, Pa. (AP) — Antonio Brown couldn't say no. How often does Rolls-Royce ask if you would like to ride to work in a $500,000 car? So the All-Pro receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers relaxed in the back seat on Saturday while his brother Desmond carefully

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  • Initial autopsy finds no clear cause of Brown's death; experts say time is an enemy in case

    Medical examiners performing an autopsy on Bobbi Kristina Brown said Monday their initial findings turned up no obvious cause of death, while experts said the months that have passed since Brown was found face-down in a bathtub are working against authorities now tasked with solving how she died. The Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office said in a statement Monday afternoon that it will likely be several weeks before it can rule on a manner and cause of death for the 22-year-old daughter of Whitney Houston. The agency said its initial autopsy turned up "no significant injuries" or "previously unknown medical conditions." It said the next step is ordering lab tests and issuing subpoenas for documents — most likely Brown's hospital records.

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  • London couple the latest targets of online ridicule and shaming

    Kyle O’Neill, 26, and Gabrielle Penney, 20, of London pleaded guilty last week to four counts of animal cruelty after they locked their Chihuahua mix puppy in a bathroom and took off on a two-week holiday at the beginning of January. The dog was discovered after their landlord received noise complaints and called the London Humane Society. After acquiring a search warrant, workers from the humane society were able to access the apartment on Jan. 6 and rescue the puppy.

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  • Human Traffickers Stuff Newborn Baby In Suitcase To Smuggle It Into Hotel

    A shocking case of human trafficking has occurred in China, where a couple have been caught trying to smuggle a newborn baby into a hotel by stuffing it in a suitcase. The couple wouldn’t allow their luggage to be carried by hotel staff, who then heard noises coming from the case. “Hotel staff were suspicious because the couple appeared nervous for no particular reason when giving their details to register for a room,” said police spokesman Li Chuang.

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  • Makeup-Masterful Hijabis Who Prove Modesty Is Anything but Boring

    As much as we love braids, ponytails, and updos, sometimes we just really want to focus on the makeup. What better way to spotlight cosmetics than rounding up photos of gorgeous hijab-wearing women? If you're unfamiliar with the hijab, you should know

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  • NHL expansion: Why Canada is always the last draft choice

    Quebec City recently completed a major public infrastructure project ahead of schedule, and under budget. The normal course of events would see its spanking new, $370-million arena occupied by an NHL team. The timing even looks to be ideal, as the league is in the midst of receiving applications for expansion franchises; two cities could advance to the next stage. What’s more, there are only two bidders – aspiring owners in Quebec and Las Vegas – for those maximum two expansion slots.

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  • Russia Launches Three Mysterious Satellites That Could Signal ‘Space War’, Say US Analysts

    Russia could be preparing for a space war, following the launch of three mysterious satellites within 18 months, according to U.S. military analysts. The three spacecraft - which the Kremlin say are communication satellites - could be prototype weapons, say U.S military observers. As is standard, Russia notified the United Nations of the launch of three of its Rodnik communication satellites last year, but also added a fourth, unexpected craft to the list.

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  • Ice T & Coco Expecting

    Ice T is going to be a father again at 57! The rapper/actor and wife Coco, 36, confirmed the baby news on Twitter. I'm pregnant!!! Yah!! Ice & I are so excited! I announced it Friday on our new talkshow which airs Aug 3rd.

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  • Barack Obama Busts Out His Dad Dancing Moves During Trip To Kenya

    The US president got down on the dancefloor at a state dinner on Saturday night in Nairobi, Kenya. Obama has not been shy about showing off his dance moves throughout his presidency, and he gave them another airing in this impromptu performance. At a dinner hosted by Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta, Obama joined his host on stage with the music group Sauti Sol.

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  • 45 Life Lessons Written by a "90-Year-Old" Woman

    People often tell Regina Brett how great she looks for her age. Turns out, she is actually 54 years old — not 90. She wrote down these life lessons the night before her 45th birthday after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Over that past decade,

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