House votes today on extension for mission against ISIS

The Tories want the military's work to continue for up to a year, while the NDP says there's no evidence ISIS is a domestic threat.

  • Five-year-old girl recognises missing dog in a dog meat stall 

    This is a nightmare moment for any dog owner: recognising their missing pets served in a roast shop. The unidentified girl is reported to be living in the countryside of northern Vietnam. Devastated: The little girl, who is believed to be living in northern Vietnam, finds her beloved pet 'Flower' already cooked outside a dog meat stall.

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  • Jenny McCarthy Compares The View to the Titanic: It "Might Go Down" in a Year

    Jenny McCarthy and her husband, Donnie Wahlberg, stopped by Howard Stern's SiriusXM show on Monday, March 30, and dished about the comedienne's short-lived gig on Barbara Walters' long-running ABC show, which is down a host — again — following Rosie O'Donnell's recent departure. "They might try one more year and then I think the Titanic might go down," McCarthy, 42, quipped of The View, which has had a revolving door of panelists in its 18 seasons on the air. McCarthy's hubby, New Kids on the Block singer Wahlberg, then spoke up on his wife's behalf, telling Stern that View producers actually broached the idea of her returning to the show.

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  • Moment pro-surfer jumps overboard as major wave hits his boat

    Mark Healey, 33, was at big wave surfing spot Mavericks in California. When Healey saw the wave coming he turned to his friends and said he was jumping. They held on to the railing instead.

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  • Robin Williams' wife, children head to court in fight over late comedian's personal belongings

    Attorneys for Robin Williams' wife and children are headed to court in their battle over the late comedian's estate. The attorneys are scheduled to appear before a San Francisco probate judge on Monday, as they argue over who should get clothes and other personal items the actor kept at one his Northern California homes. In papers filed in December, Williams' wife, Susan, says some of the late actor's personal items were taken without her permission.

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  • Stray dogs show up at funeral for woman who used to feed them

    A funeral for a woman in Mexico took an unexpected turn when a number of stray dogs unexpectedly showed up to pay their respects. Animal lover Margarita Suarez of Merida, Yucatan, passed away earlier this month after battling illness. During her life she was known for her kindness to all kinds of animals and every morning she would feed the stray dogs and cats that would show up at her home.

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  • Richard Atwell's spyware allegations vindicated by privacy commissioner

    A report from B.C.'s information and privacy commissioner finds that Saanich Mayor Richard Atwell had legitimate concerns about the extent of the data collected by spyware on his office computer at city hall. Atwell claimed earlier this year that the software was being used to to spy on him by recording his keystrokes and taking screen shots. While Privacy Commissioner Elizabeth Denham's report doesn't deal directly with Atwell's allegations, she found that the security software installed by city staff collected far more information than allowed under the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act.

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  • Knox's ex-beau after acquittal: Felt like I was kidnapped for 7 years, treated like a killer

    Amanda Knox's former Italian boyfriend said Monday he needs to heal wounds inside his heart and soul, now that he and the American have been definitively acquitted of her British roommate's 2007 murder in the Italian town where all three were then students. Raffaele Sollecito, 31, made his first public comments since the judicial saga ended Friday night when Italy's top criminal court overturned the two defendants' 2014 convictions. "I feel today like someone who was kidnapped, who after seven years and five months has returned to freedom," Sollecito said, referring to the time since Meredith Kercher was found fatally stabbed in her bedroom of the Perugia house she shared with Knox and other roommates.

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  • Maple Leafs sign 11-year-old Garrett Gamble to one-day contract, they finally win

    On Saturday, the Toronto Maple Leafs signed their youngest player yet: 11-year-old Garrett Gamble. The team signed the “top-flight prospect” and mega-Leafs fan from Duck Lake, Saskatchewan, for just one day — as the puck-dropper for their game against the Ottawa Senators. Maple Leafs president Brendan Shanahan signed off on the special deal.

  • Amy Childs shows off killer curves as she joins Gemma Collins

    Former TOWIE star Amy, 24, looked incredible in a form-fitting black mini dress which showed off her slim figure.

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  • Michigan State police to revelers: 'Guys, what's with the bagels?'

    The centerpiece of the campus celebration after Michigan State secured an improbable Final Four bid was something you probably wouldn't expect. Hundreds of Michigan State students gathered af East Lansing's Cedar Village and began throwing bagels into the air after the seventh-seeded Spartans defeated fourth-seeded Louisville in overtime on Sunday afternoon. Video of the airborne bagels spread quickly via social media, prompting a handful of bemused tweets from authority figures.

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  • Future Shop stores lost out to fulfilled online shoppers

    Electronics stores are suffering from the rise of the pampered, fulfilled cybershopper who can now get everything online, even advice. Experts say it’s no surprise that Future Shop shut down on Saturday, closing 66 of its stores and converting the other 65 to Best Buy outlets. While online shopping is growing in popularity, bricks and mortar electronics stores always had something extra to offer — the opportunity for consumers to experience the product plus expert advice from staff who could decode those complicated gadgets.

  • As U.S. states honour everything from bugs to beans, some lawmakers say 'Enough'

    Whoopie pies, the K4s steam locomotive, the Carolina Shag and Harney silt loam share a common bond: Each is a treasured member of the eclectic and, some say, out-of-control state symbol club. When New Hampshire lawmakers this month shot down as frivolous a group of fourth-graders' effort to name the red-tailed hawk the official state raptor, the pols got pasted as insensitive bullies. Maybe, they argue, lawmakers' time would be better spent tackling things like budgets, taxes and education.

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  • Barman who has lived in UK for 50 years is branded 'illegal immigrant'

    A pub landlord has been fined £15,000 for employing an 'illegal immigrant' - despite the barman having a British mother and having lived in the UK for more than 50 years. Mike Hill, 50, had been paying 56-year old former postman Robert Jordan - a family friend over 30 years - to serve drinks and collect glasses at his Manchester pub since 2009.

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  • Fiancee of ex-NFLer Aaron Hernandez says in his murder trial she removed box at his request

    The fiancee of former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez testified in his murder trial Monday that she removed a box from their basement at his request the day after the slaying. Shayanna Jenkins testified for a second day after being called to the stand by prosecutors. Jenkins, 25, is Hernandez's high school sweetheart and the mother of his 2-year-old daughter.

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  • Twins delivered after car crash that killed mother are allowed home

    Twins born via caesarean section minutes after a car crash that killed their mother have been released from hospital. Ashton Hughes was driving home from a doctor's appointment in Spartanburg, South Carolina on January 6 when she ran into the back of a stopped SUV.

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  • Montreal's Trudeau airport security releases list of seized items

    An electric saw, a retractable billy club, a phone case in the shape of brass knuckles, pepper spray and hundreds of knives of all shapes and sizes are among the objects seized recently at Montreal's Trudeau airport. Roughly six per cent of travellers arrive at airport security with an object that’s not allowed, according to estimates by the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA). Most of the items are less exciting, like a bottle of water, said Mathieu Larocque, a spokesman for CATSA.

  • Electric cars: are they really more polluting than gas?

    Most people think if you drive an electric car, then you are helping the environment. In Nova Scotia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, electric cars generate more carbon over their lifetimes than gas-powered vehicles, Chris Kennedy, a professor of civil engineering at the University of Toronto, told CBC Radio's The Current last week.

  • Air Canada AC624 passengers speak about ordeal

    Here's what some of the 133 passengers on Air Canada flight 624 said after the plane crashed at Halifax early Sunday. - LIVE BLOG REPLAY | Air Canada crash landing in Halifax Karim Marzouk: "Heads were down. It was the force you’d expect during

  • Forget the proverb: An apple a day doesn't necessarily keep the doctor away, new study finds

    Apple eaters had more education and were less likely to smoke than apple shunners, and fewer of them were white. Apple eaters were slightly less likely to use prescription drugs, but the study lacks information on use of over-the-counter medication and alternative medicine.

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  • 'Open the goddamn door!': Desperate final pleas of Germanwings captain

    Dramatic recordings from the Germanwings flight’s black box have revealed the captain’s desperate attempts to break into the cockpit to regain control of the plane. According to transcripts published today, captain Patrick Sondheimer screamed ‘Open the goddamn door!’ as his killer co-pilot Andreas Lubitz deliberately flew the aircraft into an Alpine ravine after he had left to go to the toilet.

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