Everyone attacks Trudeau as campaign's final week begins

Harper warns a Liberal government will hike taxes, while Mulcair says the NDP is the only credible choice to beat the Tories.

  • #PassengerShaming Pictures Show The (Very) Disgusting Side Of Air Travel

    It used to be such a glamorous job - but these disgusting photographs show that life as a flight attendant isn’t always as classy as the movies make out. Images posted to the “Passenger Shaming” Facebook and Instagram pages show how many selfish travellers don’t really get flight etiquette. The hashtag was inspired by former flight attendant Shawn Kathleen’s Instagram account Passenger Shaming.

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  • Woman Shames Thousands Of Men Who Sent Her Violently Graphic Messages By Posting Them On Instagram

    A woman who has suffered years of abuse from men who sent her violent and graphic messages has decided to turn the tables - by posting the messages on her Instagram page.

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  • Cherry unhappy with how Blue Jays' AL Division Series is playing out

    Don Cherry thinks Major League Baseball may have an agenda against the Toronto Blue Jays. The popular hockey commentator isn't pleased with how the American League Division Series has played out so far — Toronto is down 2-0 to the Texas Rangers in the best-of-five set — and he noted a few reasons why on his Coach's Corner segment Saturday night. Nobody will say it," Cherry said before specifically pointing out the fact that Roger Centre's retractable roof remained closed for Game 1 despite fair Toronto weather and making note of home plate umpire Vic Carapazza's controversial strike zone during Game 2.

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  • 26 scientific ways your childhood influences your success as an adult

    A lot of what goes on when we're kids can affect how we behave as adults. Of course, no one can say for sure how to ensure that a happy child will be a successful adult. Nevertheless, psychological research has highlighted several childhood experiences that could have a resounding influence on our adult lives. Here's some of what we know about how your childhood influences your success as an adult: 

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  • Paramedic Rushes To Crash Scene In Her Wedding Dress Minutes After Getting Married

    A new bride who just happened to be a paramedic rushed to a crash scene in her wedding dress - just minutes after she got married. Sarah Ray had just got married in Clarksville, Tennessee, when she got a call telling her that her grandparents and father had just been in a car crash. Without hesitation, Sarah made her way to the scene of the crash to make sure everyone was OK - and her proud mum, Marcy Martin, captured the site of her daughter in her wedding gown at the side of the road.

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  • CCTV Footage Shows British DJ Being Savagely Beaten At Ibiza Apartment Block

    Shocking CCTV footage shows the moment a British DJ was savagely beaten at his Ibiza apartment block by a man who was later let go by police. Terrified Kenny McSween was pounced on in the lobby and subjected to the sickening 20-minute assault at 6:50 a.m. on September 20.

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  • The fascinating life of Nikola Tesla, the man who electrified our world and fell in love with a pigeon

    Without Nikola Tesla, many of the conveniences of modern life wouldn't be possible. The Serbian-American engineer and physicist had over 300 patents worldwide, and his inventions helped pave the way for alternating current (AC), electric motors, radios, fluorescent lights, lasers, and remote control, among many other things. But he was also highly eccentric — from his bizarre sleeping and eating habits to his love of pigeons. Here's a glimpse into the fabulous life of one of history's most fascinating geniuses.

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  • Real Life Rapunzel Hasn’t Cut Her Hair For 35 YEARS

    Going to the hairdressers can sometimes be a chore but one woman doesn’t bother to get her hair cut at all - in fact, she hasn’t bothered in 35 YEARS. Gu Meiying, 59, has been growing her hair since she was 24-years-old and it has now grown to a staggering 2.52 metres in length.

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  • NHL Three Stars: Domi, Larkin remind everyone there are other rookies in the league

    NHL Three Stars: Domi, Larkin remind everyone there are other rookies in the league

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  • How to Double Your Money Every 4 Years

    In a recent study, a group of University professors show how 539 individual investors were able to consistently double their money every 3.5 years.

  • Give Pumpkins a Vintage Mercury Glass Feel With This Trick (4 photos)

    If you're looking to introduce some vintage charm to your Fall decor, you'll want to pin this genius hack for transforming glass craft store pumpkins into mercury glass masterpieces. Nicole Shariat Farb at Darby Smart shows us how to get the job done in just four easy steps!

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  • Raven's Dad Pens Open Letter 

    Raven-Symone's dad has penned an open letter in response to his daughter's recent controversy. The "Dream So Big" author explained in his public post that he has not been in charge of his daughter's career for more than a decade, and that Raven is a fully-functioning adult more than capable of cleaning up her own messes. While he did refer to Raven's statements as an "inexcusable gaffe," Christopher also came to his daughter's defense and reminded that everyone is susceptible to committing blunders.

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  • 2 arrested in country-wide human trafficking sting

    Fri, Oct 9: After a year-long investigation, Halton Regional Police have arrested and charged two people with human trafficking. Ashley Carter explains that one of the two arrested is a popular GTA real estate agent.

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  • Navy SEAL reveals 10 steps to survive a mass shooting

    What the hell is wrong with us? Seriously, what is happening to the fabric of our society? How do we explain the fact that a small fraction of a certain subset of our society—young, often socially isolated males—now find it to be a valid course of action to use a weapon to murder as many people as possible before turning the gun on themselves or perishing in a hail of police bullets? I have no idea. I have no answers. I do not think “the availability of guns” is the answer, for one, though certainly it is one part of the possible solution. I do not think that the media’s tendency, at least in the past, to pore over and report on the various personality traits and manifestos of past shooters,

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  • Canada Liberals tighten opposition to keeping Harper in power

    By Randall Palmer TORONTO (Reuters) - Canadian Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, in a tight race ahead of the Oct 19 election, said on Tuesday he would not abstain from a confidence vote that would decide whether Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper could form a minority government. With six days left before the ballot and the vote too close to call, Canada's three main parties are jockeying to lay out their positions in what looks likely to be a minority government. The center-left Liberals and New Democrat Party could topple a minority Conservative government if they vote in Parliament against Harper, seeking a rare fourth straight term in office.

  • Dead Man Wakes Up In Morgue Moments Before His Own Autopsy

    The man had been declared dead by a doctor after he was found at a bus station in Mumbai, India, and was taken to a nearby hospital. Lokmanya Tilak General Hospital’s Chief Medical Officer Dr Rohan Rohekar is reported to have earlier told staff to take the body directly to the morgue - which is against hospital policy. Senior Police Inspector Yeshudas Gorde said: “It is a serious case of negligence by the doctor.

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  • 'Lady Marmalade' 3.0 With Miley?!

    Voulez-vous coucher avec Rita, Miley, Charli and Iggy?

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  • Woman Searches For Unknown Sister After Finding Water-Damaged Note At Dad’s Grave

    A woman is desperately searching for the sister she never realised she had after discovering a water-damaged note left by her father’s grave.

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  • Terry Bradshaw blasts Jerry Jones, Greg Hardy

    The straight-talking commentator ripped into the Cowboys' owner and his new pass-rusher.

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  • Sibling separation: Stephenville quadruplets get ready for graduation

    On December 30, 1998, O'Quinn and her husband Glenn welcomed two girls, Shelby and Amber, along with two boys, Cody and Patrick, into the world. When the school bell rings at Stephenville High School it's not hard to find at least one of the quadruplets in the hallways. "Well, everyone knows us for being the quadruplets.

  • U.S. Steel flags disappear from plants minutes after court decision

    It didn't take long for a well-known U.S. Steel symbol to disappear from steel plants in Hamilton and Nanticoke on Friday. Moments after a Superior Court decision allowing the steel maker to sever ties with its Canadian counterpart, the flags were gone. Bill Ferguson, president of United Steelworkers (USW) Local 8782, says while he doesn't know who removed them, the workers were happy about it.