How Canadians can help Syrian refugees

Several charities, including the Canadian Red Cross, Care Canada, Oxfam and World Vision, are providing aid and long-term support.

  • A teenager describes what it's like on the ISIS sex slave market

    Kidnapped, beaten, sold and raped: the Islamic State group is running an international market in Iraq where Christian and Yazidi women are sold as sexual slaves, a teenager who escaped told AFP on Tuesday. Jinan, 18, a Yazidi, was captured in early 2014 and held by IS jihadists for three months before she managed to flee, she said on a visit to Paris ahead of the publication Friday of a book about her ordeal. Seized as IS fighters swept through northern regions inhabited by the Yazidi religious minority, Jinan was moved around between several locations before being bought by two men, a former policeman and an imam.

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  • Comforter Sets for Less

    See amazing deals on a wide range of comforters right here. We've got Tribeca Living, Lush Decor, Madison Park and more top names!

  • McDonald's worker gets pulled through drive-thru window by her hair and into customer’s car in Louisiana assault

    A crazed customer at a Louisiana McDonald’s pulled a drive-thru worker by her hair through the pull-up window and assaulted her, and the entire attack was recorded and shared online. The 16-year-old worker begins talking to the driver. The words exchanged between the two females is inaudible, but from the video you can see things quickly escalate, and the driver grabs the worker by her hair and pulls her through the window and into the car.

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  • Diner Leaves Bad Review Of Closed Restaurant... And Gets This X-Rated Reply

    A diner who posted a bad online review of a restaurant after she arrived to find it closed is fuming after a member of staff told her to ‘f*** off’. 

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  • WATCH: Pervert, 56, Who Tried To Meet Underage Girl Confronted By 'Paedophile Hunter' At Station

    The shouting attracted the attention of nearby police officers, who promptly arrested Lewis. Maidstone Crown Court heard that Brannigan had sent Lewis a friend request on Facebook with a photo showing a naked female from behind. Following an online conversation, Lewis then arranged to travel to London from his home in Kent.

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  • French newspaper issues apology for horribly placed ad

    No matter how well intentioned a newspaper advertisement is, its message can be totally ruined based on its placement. Le Monde, a French daily newspaper, is up for some serious scrutiny after their latest issue had a horribly placed advertisement. Twitter user Patrick Dacquin noticed the placement and shared it online.

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  • Gosselin: Bieber Can Have My 'Do

    Justin Bieber debuted a very Kate Gosselin-circa-2009 hairstyle at the VMAs on Sunday night. "I do see some resemblance to my former hairstyle — Justin's is a current take on it, yes! And it's OK, he can have it," Kate told Cosmo, with a laugh. The reality mom found Bieber's post amusing.

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  • Don't Make These 7 Bedroom Design Mistakes (7 photos)

    To catch a glimpse of a homeowner’s true design sensibility, skip past the manicured lawn, through the primped foyer, and into the bedroom. This inner sanctuary is most reflective of your personality—evoking creativity, passion, and energy through careful curation of paint, lighting, furniture, and mementos. However, a bedroom's full style potential can easily be thwarted by ill-conceived furniture arrangements, kitschy paint finishes, and obtrusive embellishments that turn your bedroom into bedlam. To ensure that you aren't sabotaging your own sense of style, click through for seven common bedroom design don’ts—and how to avoid them. | By Manasa Reddigari,

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  • ‘Daddy Call The Police’: Mugger pleads for life after attacking Champion MMA Fighter

    This is the moment that a desperate robber was left pleading for his ‘daddy’ after attempting to attack a woman – who turned out to be a martial arts champion. MMA champion Monique Bastos traps his head in-between her legs, locking his neck in a ‘lion killer choke’ until police finally showed up. Ms Bastos had been previously approached by Araujo and another man on a street in Acailandia, Western Brazil – and pounced after the men cornered women and demanded their mobile phones.

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  • Mysterious blue headed bear spotted off Highway 7

    Wed, Sep 2: A bear with a mysterious blue paint or dye on its head was spotted by the side of Highway 7 near Silvermere Lake.

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  • At a Berlin church, Muslim refugees from Iran converting to Christianity in droves

    Mohammed Ali Zonoobi bends his head as the priest pours holy water over his black hair. "Will you break away from Satan and his evil deeds?" pastor Gottfried Martens asks the Iranian refugee. Mohammed is now Martin — no longer Muslim, but Christian.

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  • 'DWTS' Cast Revealed!

    The entire cast of "Dancing with the Stars" has been revealed and it includes an R&B legend, a former "Real Housewives" star and a Backstreet Boy.

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  • Pilot dead, plane demolished in Stoney Creek plane crash

    The pilot of a small plane is dead after his plane stalled in mid-air and crashed into a soybean field near the Stoney Creek airport Friday morning. Steve Welton told CBC News that the pilot suffered "critical injuries" and has died. Investigators haven't released the pilot's name.

  • AC/DC concert to have on-site sexual assault nurse

    A new position is being added to the team of 70 physicians, nurses, paramedics and first responders will be volunteering at the AC/DC concert. A sexual assault nurse examiner will be on site to remind concert goers that consent doesn't mix with alcohol. Trena Brown is managing the Magnetic Hill concert site medical team and says the new position was added as a proactive move.

  • Indian woman who sued Uber over rape accusation ends lawsuit

    By Dan Levine SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A woman who sued Uber after accusing one of its drivers of raping her in India has voluntarily ended her lawsuit against the company, according to a court filing on Tuesday. The passenger, who reported being raped and beaten after hailing a ride with the Uber driver in Delhi last year, sued the online car service in a U.S. federal court in January, claiming the company failed to maintain basic safety procedures. Uber's Chief Executive Officer Travis Kalanick at the time called the incident "horrific" and pledged to help "bring this perpetrator to justice." However, Uber also argued in court filings that the woman sued the wrong corporate entity as the driver had a contract with Uber B.V., a Netherlands-based entity with no U.S. operations.

  • Canadian government under fire in case of drowned Syrian toddler

    By Julie Gordon VANCOUVER (Reuters) - Canada's Conservative government came under fire on Thursday after it emerged that the family of a Syrian toddler whose body washed up on a Turkish beach had wanted to emigrate to Canada, rattling Prime Minister Stephen Harper's re-election bid. The boy's aunt, Vancouver resident Tima Kurdi, said she had hoped to bring Abdullah and his family to Canada, but had first tried to sponsor another brother, currently in Germany, an application that was rejected.

  • Why losing weight as you age is brutally hard (but what you can do about it)

    Big tip: Do not use over-the-counter “weight loss” pills. “They’re all baloney”

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  • What happens when KHL team refuses to pay its players? (Puck Daddy Interview)

    Mark Dekanich isn’t your typical athlete looking for extra money. He just wants what he’s owed by Medvescak Zagreb because he says the team hasn’t paid him for services rendered.

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  • Pregnant French tourist reaches out to Internet to find Australian lover

    A French woman has reached out to the Internet in hopes of finding the man she shared a night with on holiday in Australia – and who, she claims, is the father of her unborn child.

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  • Cats Are More Independent Than Dogs And Don’t Miss Absent Owners, New Study Reveals

    A new study claims that our moggy friends don’t form the same attachment to their owners as their four legged pet counterparts and show no signs of separation anxiety when their owner leaves. This confirms the widely held belief that cats are much more aloof and independent than dogs, who see their owners as a source of safety and security. In fact, the new study, conducted by Daniel Mills, Professor of Veterinary Behavioural Medicine at the University of Lincoln, even claims that any noise a cat makes when the owner leaves home is more likely to be out of boredom or frustration.

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