VIDEO: The actress who was banned from Cannes for life

The high heel scandal from this year is nothing compared to the topless tirade Simone Silva sparked in 1954.

  • 'Please don't let my boys see me die': Jade begs family to keep sons away from her death bed as she nears the end

    Jade Goody has begged her family and friends not to let her two young sons witness her death, it emerged today.

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  • Fishy photo from Kim Jong Un as he visits North Korean salmon farm

    The secretive state of North Korea has long been accused of fishy goings-on but Kim Jong Un has embraced it in these latest photos. The dictator said his 'shoulders naturally shook with joy' when he visited the army-ran salmon farm on Saturday, just days after losing his temper over the 'incompetent' management of a turtle farm in Pyongyang.

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  • Rape of my childhood: Brutal abuse of Britain's most exciting pianist

    Concert pianist James Rhodes, suffered five years of brutal abuse at the hands of Peter Lee - an experience that haunted him for the rest of his life until he finally found solace in music.

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  • 4 reasons why feeding bread to ducks is stupid

    Carr said it's dangerous to feed bread to ducks for a number of reasons, but it's particularly dangerous for ducklings. Carr said when fecal material goes into the pond, it's a source of botulism bacteria that can spread among the ducks. "It can wipe out an entire waterfowl colony," Carr said.

  • Canadian vehicles recalled because of potentially deadly airbags

    An unknown number of cars, trucks and SUVs in Canada contain Takata-made airbags that can deploy with potentially lethal force and shoot shrapnel. The massive recall affects more than 53 million vehicles worldwide. The defective airbags contain a chemical that can break down and rupture in high humidity, according to U.S. regulators. “Over time, that moisture causes changes in the structure of the chemical propellant that ignites when an airbag deploys,” the U.S. department of transportation said in a press release Tuesday.

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  • What Happens When a Harvard Engineer Gets Robbed?

    He designs a smarter home security system—without contracts, installation fees or sneaky salesmen. Discover a smarter way to protect your home today.

  • SHAMED: Foreign aid fat cats who built £1.4billion empire... with YOUR tax money

    A Mail on Sunday investigation exposes the shocking truth behind all those soft-soap promises of politicians and charity chiefs to change the world with our tax billions.

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  • Donald Cerrone breaks John Makdessi's jaw to close in on lightweight title shot

    Donald Cerrone assured anyone and everyone who would listen that he wasn’t taking his UFC 187 late-replacement bout against John Makdessi lightly. If Makdessi’s broken jaw is any indication of Cerrone’s desire, then “not taking it lightly” may just be the understatement of the year. Cerrone dissected Makdessi with kicks to the legs and body for the entirety of their bout.

  • Crown recommending four-year prison sentence for ex-Quebec vice-regal Thibault

    Former Quebec lieutenant-governor Lise Thibault burst into tears Friday when a judge asked her whether she had anything to say following a prosecutor's recommendation she receive a four-year prison sentence for fraud and breach of trust. "I never thought for one second I'd be standing before you," an emotional Thibault, 76, told Quebec court Judge Carol St-Cyr. Prosecutor Marcel Guimont said the ex-Quebec vice-regal should also reimburse a total of $430,000 to the province and the federal government.

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  • Sounding the alarm on the growing dementia crisis

    Catherine Kelly says the easy part of caring for her elderly mother is remembering to give her her medication. It's her mom's confusion and her loss of memory that she finds both heartbreaking and frightening.  "Having dementia is terrifying," says

  • ISIS recruiter: 'We've already got you a husband'

    This is an edited transcript of two online conversations between Y, the undercover Daily Mail reporter posing as a 16-year-old-British Muslim girl, and F, the Islamic State fixer, whom we have called Fatima. Aisha is Fatima’s younger sister, aged 16. Y: I spoke to your friend and she said you are from London and could help me make Hijrah [travel to Islamic State]. F: There is another sister the same age as you, also from London with the same amount of cash as you, looking to make Hijrah roughly end of this month.

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  • 9 Fabulous Decor Tricks You've Never Thought Of (9 photos)

    Turns out there's more than one way to revamp your place in a pinch. One example? Easy switch-ups, like swapping out your flowers or spray-painting your frames. The other? Tricks that are totally unexpected but worth the payoff in every way. It's time

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  • Leah Remini Speaks Out Against Scientology; Faces Backlash From Church

    Leah Remini opens up about her life in the controversial scientology religion and her decision to leave it.

  • Jeremy Clarkson gets ANOTHER £1million pay out from the BBC

    Former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson was allegedly paid another £1million by the BBC despite losing his job for punching a colleague in a row about steak. The multi-millionaire presenter is said to have been given the bumper sum by BBC Worldwide as the final instalment for the sale of his company Bedder 6's share in the Top Gear franchise for a reported £15million in September 2012.

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  • 'Fuller House': Olsen Twins Out

    "Fuller House" just got a little less full. Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen will not be returning to the upcoming Netflix "Full House" spinoff. "Although Ashley and Mary-Kate will not be a part of 'Fuller House,' I know how much 'Full House' has meant to them

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  • Shih Tzu adorably begs to get a bite of carrot cake cookie 

    For one desperate dog, the lure of a carrot cake cookie proved too much, and when his owner said he couldn't eat it, the fluffy canine pulled out all the stops to win him over, doing a begging dance.

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  • St. John's families forced to vacate million-dollar dream homes

    A secluded, picturesque lane called Scout's Place in the Goulds area of St. John's has become the centre of a complex and heated dispute between home-building twin brothers, another land owner in the area and the City of St. John's. The controversy revolves around disputed ownership of a right-of-way that brothers Ian and Jed Kieley say is forcing them and their young families to vacate their unfinished million-dollar homes — possibly as early as Friday — even though they have been occupying without a permit for months. It seems the only thing the Kieleys and Malone can agree on is who to pin the blame on — the City of St. John's.

  • Why it's always a good time to buy a classic second-hand watch 

    A high-tech wristwatch revolution is underway with the launch of the Apple Watch. This index plots the price movement of 30 of the most popular collectable watches. Second-hand models from makers such as Patek Philippe, Cartier, Omega, Rolex and Tag Heuer have also more than doubled in value over the past decade.

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  • Maple Leafs prospect Donaghey on injury, Babcock and a house divided

    QUEBEC CITY— It’s been a tough season for Cody Donaghey. On Dec. 10 the Quebec Remparts defenceman was hit by Moncton Wildcats forward Will Smith and tore both his ACL and his MCL. Donaghey, who signed a three-year contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs as a free agent last summer, has been progressing well with his rehabilitation after having both his ligaments repaired.

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  • Rumsfeld 'helped Iraq get chemical weapons'

    US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld helped Saddam Hussein build up his arsenal of deadly chemical and biological weapons, it was revealed last night. As an envoy from President Reagan 19 years ago, he had a secret meeting with the Iraqi dictator and arranged enormous military assistance for his war with Iran. The CIA had already warned that Iraq was using chemical weapons almost daily.

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  • Artificial turf: Homeowners risk fine for 'year-round' grass

    There's a reason why the grass is greener on some Toronto lawns: it's not real and it can result in a costly municipal penalty. In fact, homeowners who opt for artificial turf run the risk of a $1400 fine for breaking city landscaping rules. Karen Stintz, a former city councillor for Ward 16, has a personal connection to the issue: she herself has an artificial lawn.