• Soothing the nation? Trump struggles like no other president

    For Susan Bro, mother of the woman killed at a rally organized by white supremacists, the president of the United States can offer no healing words. In moments like this, of national crisis or tragedy, presidents typically shed their political skin, at least briefly. Like no other president in recent history, Trump has struggled with this part of his duties.

  • Spain investigates missing imam, mysterious explosion

    A missing imam and a house that exploded days ago became the focus Saturday of the investigation into an extremist cell responsible for two deadly attacks in Barcelona and a nearby resort, as authorities narrowed in on who radicalized a group of young men in northeastern Spain. Investigators searched the home of Abdelbaki Es Satty, an imam who in June abruptly quit working at a mosque in the town of Ripoll, the home of the Islamic radicals behind the attacks that killed 14 people and wounded over 120 in the last few days. Police were trying to determine whether Es Satty was killed in a botched bomb-making operation on Wednesday, the eve of the Barcelona bloodshed.

  • Wind fans B.C. fires, but growth of two largest blazes is limited

    Two of British Columbia's biggest wildfires haven't grown much over the past few days despite being fanned by strong winds. Kevin Skrepnek of the BC Wildfire Service says the winds arrived in the province on Friday as forecast but weren't as strong as feared. Skrepnek says the Hanceville-Riske Creek fire northwest of William's Lake was no bigger Saturday than it was Friday.

  • Winnipeg's airport evacuated as a precaution after AC malfunction

    Winnipeg's airport was evacuated just after 4:30 p.m., but officials say it was just a precaution. An announcement told passengers at the Richardson International Airport to evacuate the building just after 4:30 Saturday afternoon. "An air conditioning unit failed which created some smoke - as a result out of an overabundance of caution we evacuated just so we could assess it," said Winnipeg Airports Authority spokesperson Tyler MacAfee.

  • Sip These Teas to Soothe Your Stomach, Lose Weight, and Get Clear Skin

    Tea is a soothing drink, and it can have pretty miraculous healing properties. Did you know the teabag you choose can give you a unique result? Whether your goal is calming down, perking up, or recovering, there's a tea for that.

  • Wear solar specs or make a viewer to safely watch eclipse

    Solar glasses are a must for safe viewing of Monday's total solar eclipse, the first to span coast to U.S. coast in 99 years. There should be absolutely no peeking without eclipse glasses or other certified filters except during the two minutes or so when the moon completely blots out the sun, called totality. When totality is ending, then it's time to put them back on.

  • Radio host unleashes epic rant on Yankees fan frustrated with Aaron Judge

    New York radio host Don La Greca wasn't buying the suggestion that the Yankees should pinch hit for Aaron Judge.