VIDEO: Things people used to believe about women

Many of us know women were often called 'hysterical' for expressing emotions, but they were also told cycling too much would cause 'bicycle face.'

  • Women Who Urinated In Front Of Praying Muslim Family Are Spared Jail

    Two women who urinated in front of a Muslim family while they prayed in a park have walked free from court. Natalie Richardson, 32, and Claire Farrell, 36, who were drunk at the time, shouted racist abuse and pulled down their underwear and squatted within metres of the Syrian family, which included two children aged eight and ten. Another six children were in the company of the two drunken women on a Sunday afternoon in Central Park, Plymouth on August 16.

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  • After Tim Hortons threatens closure, mayor says 'no quick fix' to boil orders

    After growing frustrated with the number of boil orders in the western Newfoundland community of Steady Brook, the owner of a local Tim Hortons says the restaurant may be forced to close. Tim Hortons says it is losing business because frequent boil water orders are forcing the shop to close for hours — and sometimes even days — at a time.

  • Trudeau's handshake scrutinized by international media

    The UK Daily Mail psychoanalyzed Justin Trudeau's handshake during his visit to see the Queen and Prime Minister David Cameron.

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  • 'Slick' $62K banking scam stopped by CIBC staff in LaSalle, Ont.

    An Ontario woman was briefly bilked out of $62,000 last week before fast-acting bank staff realized she had been scammed, reversed the transfer and called police. Police in LaSalle, Ont., a town just west of Windsor, say an elderly woman fell victim to a phone scam that looked and sounded legitimate. Harbinder Gill said the woman received a call from what appeared to be a CIBC phone number and spoke to two men.

  • Man dies after car shot at more than 10 times near Finch and Highway 27

    A man is dead following a shooting in Toronto early Monday morning after he was initially driven to a closed hospital in a bullet-riddled car. Emergency Medical Services were called to the shuttered Humber River Hospital at 5:30 a.m. after a woman mistakenly drove the victim there in a car struck by more than 10 bullets, a staff sergeant at 31st division said. Paramedics then rushed him to the new Humber River Hospital on Wilson Avenue with life-threatening injuries sustained from multiple gunshot wounds, police said.

  • Target Shoppers Waiting in Line Unable to Leave for Restroom

    Black Friday got off to an early start at Target, with many stores opening their doors on Thanksgiving night, November 26, or in the early hours of Friday morning. This Target store in Braintree, Massachusetts, was scheduled to open at 1 a.m. on Friday, November 27, but shoppers began lining up about eight hours earlier. According to the uploader, Zaine Jack, Target security arrived at the store at around 8 p.m. and notified all shoppers that they would lose their spot in the line if they left to go to the restroom. “Apparently I’m going to lose my spot if I go and let my lizard leak,” said Jack. Credit: YouTube/ZJ Motovlogs

  • How Holly Holm's upset win over Ronda Rousey has affected her teammates

    Holm's JacksonWink teammates are feeding off the new women's bantanweight champ, even if they haven't seen her since the big win.

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  • Email to Clinton: Canadian foreign affairs types really hated the Harper Tories

    A U.S. official expressed amazement at how deeply detested Canada's Conservative government was by some employees of the Foreign Affairs Department. It was contained in a message where a U.S. official described how his colleagues across the border pleaded for his help lobbying the Canadian government not to cut a program for Haiti. The U.S. special co-ordinator for Haiti said Canadians were worried about budget cuts that would have slashed down an operation from 11 employees to four, for a country that was ostensibly a major Canadian foreign policy priority.

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  • Man ‘Killed Dad And Stabbed Mum For Not Including Him In Takeaway’

    Ronald Pritchett is said by police to have flew into a furious rage when they didn’t buy anything for him from the fast food restaurant. The couple’s eldest son, Percival Pritchett, Jr, said of the incident: “Nobody expects this type of thing to happen to their family.

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  • Yodel Delivery Driver Saved Customer's Mobile Number Then Flirted With Her By Text

    A Yodel delivery driver saved a female customer’s mobile phone number and then used it to send her flirty text messages. Alena Faulkner, 24, from Crawley, West Sussex, was appalled by the behaviour of the driver, who had delivered her a set of drawers in two separate visits. It was only the second time she has used delivery service Yodel, after ordering some storage units from eBay.

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  • Canadian comedian explains why all Muslims aren’t terrorists with Justin Bieber analogy

    Comedian Susan Kent has a strong message to those Canadians who are attacking fellow citizens for being Muslim. 

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  • The Top Children’s Toys For Christmas 2015 You Need To Buy Now (12 photos)

    Looking at the annual “Dream Toys” list released by the Toy Retailers Association, we’ve rounded up the products that you’ll want to snap up before they’re no longer available.

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  • Lou Gehrig's disease a "death sentence" for Liberal MP, says former staffer

    Ottawa-area Liberal MP Mauril Belanger says he has been diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, and has dropped out of race to become the new Speaker of the House of Commons. Belanger made the diagnosis public in a statement on Monday. "Last Friday, I met with highly respected Ottawa neurologist, Dr. Pierre Bourque," Belanger wrote to his colleagues.

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  • Adorable Labradoodle Beams After Being Found Lost At The Bottom Of A Well

    The look on Lily the labradoodle’s face says it all as the adorable dog was discovered by rescuers after she fell down a well. A search went all throughout the night and hope was starting to fade - until Lily was found at the bottom of a well. When rescuers looked down the well and found her, Lily seemed deliriously happy that she had been found at last.

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  • Heat pump myths busted

    Two recent stories about heat pumps on drew lots of online comments and revealed some confusion about the units. Ted White teaches engineering technology at the New Brunswick Community College and knows a lot about heat pumps. White read those comments and came up with six heat pump myths that needed to be busted.

  • Baby Falls Asleep Waiting For Santa But Mr Claus Isn't Fazed

    The excitement of Christmas just proved to be too much for this adorable baby, who was so tired at queuing up to meet Santa Claus that he fell asleep on him. Zeke Walters had been patiently waiting with his parents, Donnie and Kelli, to meet Father Christmas for the first time but he was snoozing by the time they actually met. The photo understandably went viral and dad Donnie praised the actions of Santa at the Eastland Mall in Evansville, Indiana.

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  • Woman in a wheelchair says she was denied Transit Windsor service on stroller-filled bus

    Last week, the Windsor woman said she was told she couldn't get on a bus because the designated wheelchair spots were taken up by passengers with strollers. "It'd be different if there were two wheelchairs in the spot," LaCount said. This was the second time LaCount's been denied access to a Windsor bus because there was no room for her wheelchair. She's contacted Transit Windsor, the mayor's office and called 3-1-1.

  • How much does private school cost in Canada, and is it worth it?

    For $300, anyone can start a for-profit school in Ontario, so knowing who your money is going to is key.

  • Watch: Tiger Becomes Friends With Goat He Was Supposed To EAT

    An unlikely friendship has developed between a tiger and a goat that was served up to him for his lunchtime meal. Amur the tiger, housed at the Primorsky Safari Park in Russia, did not seem to be interested in devouring Timur the goat when it was introduced to its enclosure. Instead, the pair seemed to buddy up, with Timur following around his fearsome new friend everywhere he went.

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  • Syrian refugee coordinator's $1.8K-a-day pay irks union and opposition

    Michel Dorais, who was Canada's deputy minister of immigration from 1998 to 2004, will be paid $110,000 for the three-month job of heading the city's committee to welcome thousands of Syrian and Iraqi refugees. Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre was federal immigration minister from 2002 to 2003. In a document presented to city council, Dorais's salary is justified as including vacation pay and compensation for not taking part in a pension plan.