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Would you live off of dried oatmeal paste? Or canned tuna? Turns out being a famous actor isn't always as glamorous as it seems!

  • Jessica Simpson's Latest Instagram Photo Poses So Many Questions

    Jessica Simpson is in love, and she doesn't care who knows it. The singer celebrated an anniversary with her husband, Eric Johnson, on Thursday by posting a sexy photo on Instagram. In the black-and-white photo, captioned, "The sexiest day of my life was 5yrs ago when Johnson came into my home #MAY21," Jessica cozies up to her man in a restaurant booth. It's unclear exactly what significance May 21 has to the couple, but Jessica's caption implies a number of things.

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  • Police: 3 children hurt as waterspout uproots bounce house, sends it airborne in South Florida

    Two of the three children tossed onto a South Florida beach from a bounce house sent flying by a waterspout have been sent home from a hospital with minor injuries, hours after the inflatable was sent airborne above palm trees and a four-lane road, police said. Authorities said the two children were sent home Monday and a third child was in stable condition and being held overnight for observation after the waterspout lifted up the bounce house from the beach. No pedestrians or vehicles were hit when that and a second, unoccupied bounce house went flying, police added.

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  • Girl sexually exploited by 13 men in Winnipeg, police say

    Thirteen men have been charged in connection to the sexual exploitation of a girl, which started when she was only 12 years old. The men, who range in age from 41-69, would give the girl cash in exchange for sexual services, police said. The incidents all occurred in Winnipeg, police said.

  • 'America's Got Talent' returns for 10th season: Here come the judges, including Howard Stern

    NEW YORK, N.Y. - "They keep telling people it's the 10th anniversary. Everyone remembers the uproar when Stern was brought aboard this family-friendly talent competition: Wasn't he a legendary "shock jock," a bad-boy superstar on SiriusXM Radio who would say anything to get a reaction? Maybe, but Stern, now 61, thought he would make an ideal judge, that his long show-biz career (wasn't he the King of All Media?) would serve him well in evaluating each act.

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  • ISIS slaughters 400 mostly women and children in Palmyra, Syria

    Islamic State militants have executed at least 400 mostly women and children in Syria's ancient city of Palmyra. It follows the killing of nearly 300 pro-government troops two days after they captured the city, now symbolised by a black ISIS flag flying above an ancient citadel.

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  • 5 Simple Steps to Renew Your Concrete Driveway (6 photos)

    In an alternative universe—in a world with neither vehicles nor inclement weather—your concrete driveway might never lose its pristine, freshly poured look. Stains and cracks, depressions and flaking are all common problems with concrete driveways, and they only get worse with time.

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  • Dear Air Canada, you’re clamping down on the wrong behaviour

    As of Monday, anyone flying out of Toronto’s Lester B. Pearson Airport with Air Canada will want to pay special attention to their baggage, emotional and otherwise. This week, the airline began issuing red tags to those passengers whose carry-on luggage conforms to the company’s size regulations. The salvo represented a new turn in the so-called Carry-on Crisis that began last fall when the airline announced it would start charging for checked bags on domestic flights.

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  • Police seek man in 'alarming' sex assault on house cleaner

    Toronto police are looking for a man they say sexually assaulted a woman who was cleaning a house in the Deepwood Crescent and Greenland Road area. During the alleged assault, he was startled by a sound and fled the scene.

  • Art Garfunkel 'created a monster' in Paul Simon, singer tells The Telegraph

    In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, the singer says he still can't understand why Simon went off to start a musical career on his own when the pair were seemingly at the height of their popularity. Nothing I would have done," Garfunkel, 73, told The Telegraph's Nigel Farndale. "How can you walk away from this lucky place on top of the world, Paul?

  • Edmonton inmate stomped to death owed $287 LRT fine

    Barry Stewart owed $287. Rather than pay the fine, he chose to spend three days in the Edmonton Remand Centre. Two days into his sentence, in the small hours of the morning, he was stomped to death by a fellow inmate, a mentally ill man he should not have shared a cell with.

  • Landlord David Goodine calls renting a 'nightmare'

    Goodine alleges the tenants were two months late paying rent when he sent eviction letters. "My son had to shovel countless baby diapers out of the bathtub," said Goodine. "We cleaned out 16 great big bags of garbage. Goodine says he had to enlist his son Andrew to help clean up.

  • Former teacher not guilty of sex charges

    Mon, May 25 - A former Saskatchewan teacher has been found not guilty of the sexual exploitation of a former student. Meaghan Craig says Erin Osmond walked out of court Monday a free woman.

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  • Arnold Schwarzenegger teases Daniel Cormier about belly after his UFC title win

    Arnold Schwarzenegger knows a thing or two about what it takes to become a champion. The Hollywood legend was on hand Saturday for UFC 187 to witness one of the best fight cards in recent memory, and to congratulate the various athletes on their performances. The highlight of the night came when Schwarzenegger interrupted a backstage interview with newly minted light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier fresh off his third-round submission victory over Anthony Johnson.

  • This border post shows how Turkey's ISIS problem keeps getting worse

    Pipes, ammonium nitrate, and other bomb-making materials are being transported across Turkey's border into Syria by agents of ISIS while Turkish border guards look the other way, Jamie Dettmer of The Daily Beast reports. The relaxed border policies Turkey adopted between 2011-2014 enabled extremists who wished to travel to Syria and join the rebels in their fight against the regime of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

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  • '19 Kids' Pulled From TLC

    "19 Kids and Counting" has been yanked from TLC. "Effective immediately, TLC has pulled all episodes of 19 Kids and Counting currently from the air. The show's removal from the air comes after reports from In Touch Weekly and TMZ surfaced claiming that Josh Duggar was the subject of a police investigation for alleged child molestation of five girls which began in 2002, when he was around 14.

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  • Jonathan Toews gives Chicago hope in spite of OT loss

    ANAHEIM, Calif. – Jonathan Toews is the persona of the Chicago Blackhawks. Two goals in the final two minutes erased a 4-2 Ducks lead and sent the game to overtime, before the Blackhawks were vanquished by Matt Beleskey 45 seconds into the extra session. As he stood in the visiting locker room at Honda Center, eloquently answering queries about his team, Toews seemed strangely composed.

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  • Teacher Erin Osmond not guilty in sexual exploitation case

    Erin Osmond was accused of having a sexual relationship with a former student. Osmond was the student's teacher from February 2012 to February 2013. "When Ms. Osmond finished teaching on February 15, 2013, it was as though she and [the student] had flipped a switch in their relationship," Justice Currie said in court.

  • What Happens When a Harvard Engineer Gets Robbed?

    He designs a smarter home security system—without contracts, installation fees or sneaky salesmen. Discover a smarter way to protect your home today.

  • Former UN worker claims to have proof of dead aliens on Mars

    In his latest bizarre 'discovery', a former United Nations worker claims to have uncovered proof of aliens and bio-robots on Mars. Andre Gignac, a prolific UFO hunter, says he spotted what he believes to be a dead alien in a Nasa photograph of Mount Sharp. In his latest bizarre 'discovery', a former United Nations worker claims he has uncovered proof of aliens and bio-robots on Mars.

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  • Western governments and human rights groups outraged after Putin signs law allowing for 'undesirable' foreign organizations to be closed down

    Western governments and human-rights groups have reacted with fury after Vladimir Putin signed a new law allowing Russian prosecutors to declare foreign and international organizations “undesirable” and close them down. Local staff could face fines or prison, and foreign staff may be denied entry to Russia. Alexander Taransky, a Russian MP behind the law, said it was targeted at commercial organizations in retaliation for Western sanctions.

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  • Ontario Self-Employment Benefit shuts down in 2016 after funding cut

    The Ontario Self-Employment Benefit program provides employment insurance to prospective entrepreneurs who are either unemployed or had recently been eligible for employment insurance for 42 weeks, while providing training and mentorship for business development. Nilufer Erdebil, named one of the Ottawa Business Journal's "Forty Under 40" last year, said she never would have started her business, Spring2 Innovation Consulting, had it not been for the financial support, mentorship and networking opportunities that came with the OSEB program.