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Richard, who moves through life uninspired, soon finds out his 'walk-in' closet is actually a 'Walken' closet ‒ and he's in for a lecture.

  • A Stanford professor says eliminating 2 phrases from your vocabulary can make you more successful

    The way you speak not only affects how others perceive you; it also has the potential to shape...

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  • Twin brothers identified as victims of an after hours accident at Calgary bobsled track

    Twin brothers have been identified as the two young men who died during an after-hours visit to a Calgary luge-bobsled track early Saturday. Jordan and Evan Caldwell, who were 17, were killed and six other male teens were injured while using a personal sled/toboggan to go down the bobsled track at Canada Olympic Park and hit a large gate used to separate the luge and bobsled tracks. Life is precious, life is fragile, and we must redeem the time we're given," said Jason, Shauna and Katie Caldwell.

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  • Regina family's dream vacation in Cuba turns to 'nightmare'

    Members of a Regina family say their dream vacation in Cuba "turned into a nightmare". "Everything was great for the first few days," Kelly Morrison said in a news release. On the morning of Jan. 30, Morrison opened their hotel room safe and found her wedding rings and money were nowhere to be found.

  • Security fears heighten after Germany finds ISIS fighters disguised as refugees

    Fri, Feb 5: German security officials admit they have discovered ISIS fighters pretending to be refugees and then slipping into Europe. Tom Clark looks at whether Canada has the same concerns.

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  • Demi Moore joins the fun at daughter Tallulah Willis’ birthday party

    When Tallulah Willis celebrated her 22nd birthday, not only did she do it in style but she also made it a family affair. The Bandits actress shared a fun snap of her and Demi embracing. The birthday girl and her guests enjoyed a fun karaoke session, where Tallulah performed a rendition of Britney Spears' "Baby One More Time" while everyone cheered her on.

  • Thousands more Syrians rush toward Turkey to flee fighting

    Turkey, an ally of the Syrian opposition, promised humanitarian help for the displaced civilians, including food and shelter, but it did not say whether it would let them cross into the country, already burdened with hundreds of thousands of refugees. "The attacks and bombings by the Russian planes and the Syrian regime have left our brothers with nowhere else to go," Turkish Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu said in a televised speech. The U.N. estimated that nearly 40,000 newly displaced people have massed in recent days in several border areas of northern Syria, including about 20,000 near the Bab al-Salam border crossing.

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  • ‘You greedy b***ards, enough is enough!’ Angry Liverpool fans stage walkout protest

    There was widespread disillusionment at Anfield this afternoon.
  • Cause of Toronto police officer's death confirmed as drowning

    Darius Garda's death has been confirmed as drowning, Toronto police say. Garda's body was pulled from Lake Ontario near Polson Pier on Thursday, not far from the scene of a fatal shooting he was involved in nearly six years ago. Garda had most recently been working out of 51 Division, officers told CBC News.

  • Cooper: How Harper reshaped Canada

    The first cuts at a post mortem of the Stephen Harper years have taken the form of journalists’ biographies. Most deal with his years in office, but some begin when Harper’s interest in politics first awakened. Nearly all are critical in the sense that the authors disapprove of Harper and all his works. John Ibbitson is an exception. His biography begins earlier than the others and seeks to understand the person who led the country for nearly a decade. His book is critical in the sense of being analytical, not deprecatory. Ibbitson admires Harper, not grudgingly, but for his ability to fulfil his agenda. Harper succeeded in the sense that “more people think like conservatives today” than did

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  • How You Flirt, According To Your Zodiac Sign

    Whatever your flirting style is, knowing what your zodiac sign has to say about your style can help you find the best way to get your flirt on (and which of the other signs are the most responsive to your kind of flirting). Libras, Capricorns and other Aries are the best signs for you to hookup with, but for long-term relationships go for a Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius or Aquarius, since Scorpios will find your flirting style too in-your-face. If you want a more lasting relationship, go for a Capricorn, Libra or Gemini. If you’re looking for someone to be in a relationship with, you need to find a Libra, Aries or Aquarius.

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  • Check out these glamorous mother-daughter duos... (9 photos)

    Star kids and their super glamorous mommies are always in the news for their sparkly appearances at promotional events, awards functions, celebrations, parties and what have you! Here’s a look at some of our famous mother-daughter duos who never fail to impress.

  • 4 things you should do if you're involved in a hit and run

    Hindsight is 20/20, but a police officer in St. John's is offering tips to ensure you won't regret doing the right thing after being involved in a crash. Geoff Higdon with the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary says it's understandable to look for the best in people, but warns if you're involved in a collision and the person involved doesn't appear to be truthful, there are things you can do to prevent being scammed.

  • Worker finds Tim Bosma's truck in airport hangar, vomits in shock, court hears

    An intern at an aviation company owned by one of Tim Bosma's accused killers testified Thursday that he vomited after realizing he had discovered the dead man's truck parked inside an airport hangar. Arthur Jennings said he was shocked when he saw the pickup truck that was "identical" to one police and media reports had said belonged to Bosma, who disappeared on May 6, 2013, after going on a test drive with two men. Jennings was doing a four-month co-op at Millardair, an aviation company owned by Dellen Millard.

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  • Bubba Watson booed at Phoenix Open's 16th hole, birdies anyway

    Watson has come under scrutiny for saying on Wednesday that he is playing in the event primarily because his sponsors are in the Phoenix area

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  • Air Passenger Gets Whole Plane To Herself - After Noone Else Turns Up

    A woman in China took a once in a lifetime trip on an empty plane -  after all the other passengers on a commercial flight failed to show up. The China Southern Airlines flight from Guangzhou had been delayed for 10 hours due to a snowstorm, with impatient passengers instead opting to fly home on other flights instead. Before take-off, a flight attendant ushered Zhang onto the plane - and informed her that she would be taking a ‘charter flight’ - allowing her to sit anywhere on the plane for the journey back to her hometown in Wuhan, the capital of central Hubei Province.

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  • Some refugees turning down housing options in Ottawa, centre says

    A lack of affordable housing and desires to be settled close to other refugees and mosques are complicating the search for permanent homes for incoming families, according to Carl Nicholson, executive director of the Catholic Centre for Immigrants. Only half of the more than 600 government sponsored refugees who have arrived in Ottawa since Dec. 31 have found homes.

  • Toronto bride wed by trailblazing NYC Fire Dept. chaplain amid fatal crane collapse

    Nesh Pillay, 25, a Toronto native, was at a Manhattan hair salon on Friday with her mother and sister getting ready for her wedding when they felt the earth shake as a construction crane collapsed outside, killing one person and injuring three others. "So I kind of went into the bathroom and put my wedding dress on and left, knowing at this point I was very late," Pillay said. Pillay was standing outside in her wedding gown in the slushy cold weather in the middle of the crane collapse scene, when Rev. Ann Kansfield of the New York City Fire Department swooped in, covered the bride in a protective firefighter jacket and escorted her to city hall where groom Aaron Vanderhoff was waiting.

  • Most Canadians disagree with Trudeau's plan to withdraw CF-18s, poll suggests

    A new poll suggests that majority of Canadians disagree with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's pledge to withdraw Canada's CF-18 fighter jets by the end of March from the U.S.-led bombing mission against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Meanwhile, 11 per cent of respondents wanted to stop Canada's involvement in the fight against ISIS altogether. The majority of Canadians disagreed with the prime minister, with 37 per cent saying the Liberal government should continue the current level of bombing and training provided by Canada, while 26 per cent wanted the levels increased.

  • CM Punk finally gets first UFC opponent with Mickey Gall's submission win

    Gall is now set to be the first person to fight the former WWE champion.

  • KFC just revealed the newest star of its polarizing Colonel Sanders ads

    KFC has hired comedian Jim Gaffigan to portray its mascot, Colonel Sanders, in television ads...

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