VIDEO: See the best ads from this year's Super Bowl

Check out what aired last night, from Janelle Monae's throwback Pepsi spot to Drake's 'Hotline Bling' 'additions' ad for T Mobile.

  • Woman Keeps McDonald’s Happy Meal Untouched For Six Years – And This Is The Shocking Result

    A mum claims to have conducted an experiment where she kept a McDonald’s Happy Meal for SIX years – just to see if it would decompose. 

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  • Calgary bobsled-track crash survivors have long road ahead

    Hettinga suffered severe trauma to his head and face — including the loss of an eye — and has a long road ahead, according to Pastor Quinn Davis in his sermon at the Rocky Mountain Calvary Church. In his Sunday sermon, Davis said Hettinga has already undergone several surgeries and has more ahead. Davis said he visited the teen on Sunday morning, and though he can't speak Hettinga squeezed his hand and gave him a thumbs-up gesture.

  • Your ability to read this message reveals something incredible about the mind

    Can you read the message below? The above passage, written in a combination of letters...

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  • Jian Ghomeshi sex assault trial continues its 5th day at old city hall

    Mon, Feb 8: The third alleged victim in the case against the former broadcaster is on the stand, which the judge ruled that she cannot be identified. Christina Stevens reports.

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  • Watch: Man Left To Die Inside Tomb Is Discovered Alive By Shocked Family

    This is the dramatic moment a man who had been thrown down a tomb and left to die was discovered ALIVE by a grieving family. The man, only known by his initials VSFM, had apparently been attacked and thrown down the tomb in Caju Cemetery in Brazil. Firemen who rushed to the scene opened up the tomb to find the 33-year-old alive but severely injured.

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  • Leather Walls, Mirrored Boudoir and a Fur Vault for $84.5M (29 photos)

    Madonna, here’s your second chance. The home of developer Keith Rubenstein and his wife, Inga, on Manhattan’s Upper East Side has just hit the market at $84.5 million, as first reported by the Wall Street Journal. They bought the century-old townhouse in 2007 for $35 million, reportedly beating out a much lower bid by Madonna. Renowned for their “over-the-top parties,” according to Architectural Digest, they even installed a ventilated smoking room for their European friends. The adjacent bathroom has mirrors cracked by bullets (edgy!) — reminiscent of the controversial party the real estate mogul threw in an abandoned warehouse last Halloween. (That party’s death-inflected theme, “Macabre Suite,” had “Bronx is burning” overtones and included a sculpture made of bullet-riddled cars. It publicized his business’s upcoming residential/retail complex in the South Bronx.) The home’s more unusual amenities also include red Hermes leather walls in the billiard room, a fur vault, a mirrored boudoir with reflective soaking tub, and a plunge pool next to a sauna. The couple told the Wall Street Journal and Architectural Digest that they spent years renovating the townhouse. Our slideshow includes photos from the current listing plus a few from the previous listing for before-and-after comparison, as well as pictures of a couple of sites that inspired some of its designs (a St. Petersburg palace, for instance, and the Oak Bar at the Plaza in New York). More on Yahoo Real Estate: • PETA Wants ‘Silence of the Lambs’ House for an ‘Empathy Museum’ (64 photos) • Aging Playboy Mansion Asks $200M; Some Call It a ‘Teardown’ (68 photos) • Developer Bet on Billionaires’ Hunger, and Won: The Story Behind ‘L.A.’s Most Extreme Home’ (46 photos)

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  • Customer Gets Her Just Desserts After Ranting About Michelin Restaurant On TripAdvisor

    The TripAdvisor user wrote a scathing review of Glynn Purnell’s restaurant in Birmingham – saying it was "immoral [for it] to charge such prices for food". “Maybe the chef should watch Masterchef The Professionals for a few lessons to see how food should be served and give some decent portions of wonderful food not just the content of a decent starter over 6 courses. “In regards to Masterchef, Glynn is well celebrated and well received in the public scene.

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  • Reasonable doubt means acquittal in Ghomeshi case

    “Two complainants down. One to go.” Jian Ghomeshi has not spoken to the media since his trial began, but he may think this phrase says it all in assessing how well his trial has gone so far. In the meantime, given the revelations in the first two cross-examinations, articles with headlines such as “Don’t Dismiss Ghomeshi’s Accusers over their After the Fact Behaviour” have appeared in mainstream and, especially, social media, ostensibly supporting the complainants by reminding us that real victims of sexual violence are often inconsistent in retelling their abuse, and sometimes engage in post-event conduct that seems incompatible (to some) with a prior lack of consent. We should expect more of

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  • Coca-Cola has discovered an untapped market to save the soda business

    As soda sales slow in the US, Coca-Cola is looking elsewhere for customers. One of the major...

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  • Kevin Durant works as credentialed photographer at Super Bowl 50

    The NBA superstar took on a new role Sunday — credentialed member of the media.

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  • Wildlife officials thrilled to find little brown bat cave in Banff National Park

    Wildlife officials in Banff National Park are excited by the recent discovery of a bat cave along the Icefields Parkway. Officials went looking for hibernating bats in December, concerned about their dwindling numbers. Wildlife ecologist Anne Forshner says they suspect this particular cave was used by little brown brats, also called little brown myotis.

    The Canadian Press
  • Sir Elton John Ends Eight-Year Feud With Mother Sheila

    Just last month it was reported that Sir Elton John was paying out £30,000 for his estranged mother’s hip operation, and now the singing legend has confirmed that he and his mum, Sheila, are back on good terms. Elton and Sheila famously fell out eight years ago when Sheila refused to cut her son’s ex-manager and ex-assistant out of her life, also blaming Elton’s husband, David Furnish, for turning the singer against her. A source close to Elton has now revealed that Sheila’s landmark birthday was a turning point for the pair, telling The Mirror: “Enough was enough.

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  • China Close To Creating ‘Artificial Sun’ That Could End Reliance On Fossil Fuels

    Chinese scientists have managed to create a hydrogen gas that is three times hotter than the sun. The artificial solar energy could eventually be used as an inexhaustible source of power, ending reliance on fossil fuels and solving the world energy crisis. Chinese boffins created the gas in a huge magnetic fusion reactor at the Institute of Physical Science in Hefei.

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  • We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Hutch: Giant Rabbit Named Atlas Wants A Home

    The seven-month-old bunny is being cared for by staff at a Scottish SPCA centre in Cardonald, Glasgow, after his owner could no longer look after him. Atlas is a continental giant rabbit and is the size of a dog. “Atlas is already about the size of a Westie and is still young with some growing to do,” said SPCA centre manager Anna O'Donnell.

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  • Ghomeshi emails reveal growing importance of 'digital debris' to trials

    The unearthing of 13-year-old emails in an attempt to discredit a woman accusing Jian Ghomeshi of sexual assault underscores the growing importance of "digital debris" in criminal and civil trials, experts say. The amount of electronic data, records and documents introduced in trials can be "overwhelming," said David Fraser, an Internet and privacy lawyer with McInnes Cooper. Defence lawyer Marie Henein has grilled two female complainants on their correspondence with Ghomeshi after the alleged assaults.

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  • How a Former Drug Kingpin Transformed His Body and Created a Prison Workout Phenomenon

    In 2009, Marte and nine associates were scooped up by the NYPD on the same day. Not only had one of his accomplices flipped on him, but the officers had tapped his phones and spent a year building a case against him, documenting upward of 40 cocaine sales.

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  • Melbourne men guilty of Croatia rape escape Australia's justice system with $30,000 payment to victim

    There are calls for three Melbourne men who pleaded guilty to raping a woman in Croatia to be placed on the Victoria’s Sex Offenders Register.

  • Trump Got Seriously Booed At Saturday's GOP Debate

    Photo: David Goldman/AP Photo. Donald Trump’s first debate back from his self-imposed break has a markedly different feel. While he’s still leading in the polls as of the beginning of Saturday night’s debate, the audience doesn't seem to be feeling The Donald’s style quite the way they used to. Trump has previously enjoyed going head-to-head with dynasty candidate Jeb Bush, but this time around, he's not getting the cheers he once did.

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  • To the Mom Who Wasn’t Sure if Her Son With Special Needs Should Attend Our Party

    In case anyone hasn’t told you this lately, you are a wonderful mom, and he is going to be OK. So much more than OK — he’s fabulous and so are you!

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