VIDEO: Why you should never leave a dog in a hot car

Sitting in a hot car even for just a few minutes is dangerous, as this woman discovers, and can cause heat stroke and multi-organ failure in pets.

  • Woman, 40, Jailed For Having Sex With Boy, 12, Having His Child

    The mum-of-four was sentenced at the Victorian County Court (Picture: Google)An Australian woman has been jailed for six years for having sex with a 12-year-old boy and bearing his child.The 40-year-old Melbourne mother - who cannot be named - was sentenced

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  • Skeleton With ‘Alien’ Skull Discovered In Russia

    UFO watchers are in a tizz over the discovery of an ancient skeleton with an elongated skull that resembles an ALIEN. The humanoid skeleton was unearthed from a site known as Russia’s Stonehenge and it is being heralded as proof that aliens visited Earth thousands of years ago. Researcher Maria Makurova told Russian news agency TASS: “We have found a well preserved skeleton.

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  • Tough times strike Saudi Arabia's millionaires

    Turmoil in the Middle East, an unimpressive international stock market debut and tumbling oil prices will hit the wealth of Saudi Arabia's richest in years to come, according to a new report from WealthInsight. Over the next five years, more Saudis will become U.S. dollar-millionaires, but the rate of increase will slow to 12.4 percent, less than half the steep 25 percent rate seen between 2010 and 2015, said the research firm. This means that by 2020, around 55,245 Saudis will be high-net-worth individuals, with over $1 million in net assets, excluding their primary residence.

  • Ontario woman accidentally wins Casino jackpot while reaching for a Pepsi

    For Shirley Lima, the thrill of victory had never tasted so sweet. “I’m still in shock,” Lima told the Whig-Standard of her $33, 858 haul at the OLG Casino Thousand Islands. The grandmother of 12 had been going to the OLG Casino since it opened and last week, she decided to play the slots on seniors day.

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  • 'Shark Tank' investor Robert Herjavec shares 6 business lessons he learned from waiting tables

    "Mark Cuban and I always argue about this," Herjavec says. Herjavec writes in his 2010 book, "Driven," that after he graduated college he lacked direction. Herjavec lists six business lessons he learned from having to deal with people every night as a waiter.

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  • Adrian Liu and Derrick Ng, disqualified Pan Am badminton players, lose major sponsor over clerical error

    A major sponsor of Adrian Liu and Derrick Ng pulled out because the Vancouver duo lost major points they needed to qualify for the Olympics Games. Ng says he and Liu can't afford the $40,000 bill to compete in nearly 18 other tournaments to make up the qualifying points, so they've started a crowdfunding campaign online. "It was pretty devastating to hear our sponsor was pulling our funding," said Ng.

  • Kanye West’s ‘mic drop’ at the Pan Am Games leaves Twitter buzzing

    Performers typically drop the microphone before leaving the stage, but then again, Kanye West is far from your typical performer. After weeks or vitriol and petitions aimed at preventing Kanye from performing at the Pan Am Games closing ceremony, it appears

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  • Baby to inherit millions if proven progeny of murdered West Vancouver man

    A Chinese woman trying to prove her baby daughter has sole claim to the fortune of a murdered West Vancouver millionaire has won her bid for a paternity test. A new British Columbia law says the child stands to inherit everything if the results match. The B.C. Supreme Court has ordered DNA testing on the remains of Gang Yuan, whose body was found chopped into more than 100 pieces.

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  • London couple the latest targets of online ridicule and shaming

    Kyle O’Neill, 26, and Gabrielle Penney, 20, of London pleaded guilty last week to four counts of animal cruelty after they locked their Chihuahua mix puppy in a bathroom and took off on a two-week holiday at the beginning of January. The dog was discovered after their landlord received noise complaints and called the London Humane Society. After acquiring a search warrant, workers from the humane society were able to access the apartment on Jan. 6 and rescue the puppy.

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  • Subway restaurant workers find children unattended in hot van

    Employees of a Subway restaurant in Winnipeg say they were shocked to see two children left unattended inside a van on a hot day. The temperature was 29 C when the children were spotted inside a van that was parked outside the Subway on Notre Dame Avenue around 2 p.m. Monday. Roger Dorion, who works at the restaurant, said he saw a child sleeping in a car seat and a young boy sitting inside the van, which had its windows open.

  • Two new driving laws coming, one with $490 fine

    Mon, Jul 27: Two new little known driving laws will soon come into effect in Ontario. Cindy Pom received a visual demonstration from police.

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  • Wage War on Weeds with 7 Unbeatable Tools (7 photos)

    No matter how much time, effort, and care you put into your lawn and garden, one thing is for certain: There will be weeds. Crabgrass, dandelions, and invasive species compete with your plants for nutrients and aren't always the prettiest addition to

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  • Fake Apple iPhone Factory In China With Hundreds Of Workers Shut Down

    A factory that made fake Apple iPhones has been raided in China. Nine people were arrested in the raid, but it is believe that the factory had hundreds of workers. The factory was run by a husband and wife, according to police, and its staff repackaged second-hand smartphone parts then sold them off as new iPhones for export.

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  • 'The Bachelorette' Couple's Plans

    "The Bachelorette's" latest season introduced Kaitlyn Bristowe to the man she is planning to marry. On Monday night, on "After the Final Rose," Kaitlyn and her new fiance, Shawn Booth, told Chris Harrison about their plans for the future.

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  • The $153,000 Selfie: Don’t Try To Get a Photo With A Rattlesnake, Kids

    Todd Fassler, who says he owned a pet rattlesnake for a year before setting it free, pulled a different snake from the bush for a quick snake selfie in early July. The whole ordeal left him with a total hospital bill of $153,161.25 (that’s around £98,500) and not even a decent selfie to show for it.

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  • Meet The Sleek New Plane Of The Future

    The Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands along with KLM has been looking into aircraft design as part of its AHEAD programme. As well as changing the design, AHEAD’s engineers have come up with a new type of jet engine.

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  • Primark Breastfeeding Row Mum Charged With Perverting The Course Of Justice

    A woman who claimed that a Primark security guard physically removed her child from her while breastfeeding in the shop has been charged with perverting the course of justice. Caroline Starmer made national headlines when she alleged that the security guard at the Humberstone Gate branch of the clothing giant forced her nine-month-old daughter from her during her feed. A Primark spokesman reaffirmed their commitment to breastfeeding mothers after Starmer was charged.

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  • Getting a Job at Google Ain’t Easy - Check Out These Interview Questions

    How do you answer these questions? (Picture: Rex)Job interviews are never easy at the best of times but it seems Google doesn’t just ask you the usual questions but really make you think out of the box.It seems that for a job at the all-knowing tech giant

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  • Cord-cutting grows as more people flee traditional TV, report says

    "This is a time of significant transformational change in the traditional TV service market here in Canada," says report co-author and International Data Corporation (IDC) analyst Emily Taylor. Taylor says many defectors will be lured away by streaming services which, over time, have become more user friendly.

  • Doctors Found 20 Lice in Woman’s Eye - Simply Unpleasant

    Now these are just lice in the eyelids, nada (Picture: Wikipedia/ KostaMumcuoglu)We all had lice as kids - it was itchy and entails using horrible smelling shampoos and the dredded lice comb.What this poor Chinese woman suffered from was a whole different

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