VIDEO: The best April Fools' Day jokes in all of history

Back in 1957, in the first prank ever aired on TV, BBC convinced people that pasta grows on trees -- and it actually worked.

  • Temporary foreign workers prepare to leave the country

    Thousands of temporary foreign workers will see their permits expire on Wednesday, and they'll have to leave the country. In 2011, the federal government changed the rules — giving temporary foreign workers in low-skilled jobs the option to apply to become permanent residents or leave the country after their permits expire. Mary-Ann Salilican moved to Canada from the Philippines six years and six months ago, and she hoped to live out her life here.

  • Jobless 29-year-old has fifteenth child by ten different mothers

    A jobless man said to have fathered 15 children with 10 different women has revealed he has another baby on the way. It is estimated Keith MacDonald's growing brood will end up costing taxpayers more than £2million in benefits.

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  • Gran poisons family with hot chocolate that went off 25 YEARS ago

    The woman, named as Mrs. Rosetta, 77, from the Vicenza, in northeastern Italy, is believed to have bought the sachets in the late 80s, before making them into chocolate earlier this month.

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  • Katie Holmes Stuns in a Sexy Cutout Dress on the Red Carpet: See the Photos!

    Leaving her black clothes at home in favor of something with a bright pop of color, Katie Holmes hit the red carpet of the NYC premiere of her new film, Woman in Gold, on Monday, March 30, wearing a dreamy (and super-sexy!) fuchsia ensemble. See more red carpet photos of Katie. Holmes, 36, who, as Us Weekly exclusively revealed, has been secretly dating Jamie Foxx since late 2013, looked utterly romantic in the embellished Zac Posen dress, complete with an open back and two cutouts at her waistline.

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  • Three killed after car is flattened by more than 20 tonnes of glass

    Eyewitnesses say that the lorry, which was carrying 20 tonnes of architectural glass, braked suddenly at a red light on the Zhufeng highway last Saturday before the cargo flooded out from two sides. The silver sedan was completely flattened and its five passengers were buried under the mountain of shattered glass, according to People's Daily Online. Tragic: Three people were killed after a truckload of architectural glass fell on top of their car. The three passengers sitting closest to the truck died instantly while two others - including the driver - were taken to hospital to be treated for non-life threatening injuries.

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  • TTC investigating after Union Station brawl video surfaces

    Toronto's public transit authority has launched an investigation after an ugly incident where two TTC special constables were filmed fighting with two men at Union Station. The six-minute long video, which was posted on both YouTube earlier this month and started spreading quickly online Tuesday night, purportedly shows an incident from the evening Jan. 29, 2015, as the downtown subway station fills up with fans leaving a Toronto Maple Leafs game. Two men, who were later arrested by police, struggle with a pair of TTC special constables and a fare collector as crowds look on.

  • LeBron James has so few friends that only his kids will play video games with him

    Assured of his status as the East’s second seed and rightfully confident in his Cleveland Cavaliers’ ability to wipe the floor with the Eastern Conference come playoff time, LeBron James has now taken to destroying his kids at video games. Possibly playing as himself on a Cavalier off-day, James gave his sons LeBron Jr. and Bryce fair warning prior to their time with the controller, while letting daughter Zhuri and wife Savannah off the hook. The welcome respite came toward the end of another rather event-filled day for James, who disclosed on Monday evening that, shock horror, he doesn’t consider himself to be great friends the whole of the NBA.

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  • Are these mystery radio bursts messages from ALIENS?

    Known as Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs), just 10 have been discovered - and astronomers have no idea what they are. In 2007 a radio burst was picked up by astronomer Duncan Lorimer and his team. The origin of the signal could be colliding neutron stars or possibly an alien message.

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  • Drew Miller takes skate to face in horrifying scene (Photo)

    Detroit forward Drew Miller, who wears a visor, took a skate from Ottawa’s Mark Stone. The photo of Miller (s/t @redwingsmemes) is above. According to Khan, Miller rushed into the dressing room immediately.

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  • More human trafficking charges laid after 16-year-old forced into sex work

    Toronto police laid more human trafficking charges against a trio accused of forcing teenage girls into the sex trade at downtown hotels on Tuesday after a second young woman came forward. Police said the 16-year-old victim said she was picked up

  • Journals found in abandoned briefcase reveal affair of 60s businessman

    An extraordinary collection of photographs and mementos chronicling the affair of a German businessman and his secretary in the late 1960s and 1970s has gone on show in New York. The memorabilia was discovered in a briefcase three decades after the affair took place, abandoned in a German apartment and later sold at auction.

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  • Julianne Moore Fired From Turkey Tourism Gig for "Poor Acting"

    Julianne Moore may have won 2015's Best Actress Oscar for her stunning turn in Still Alice, but gold trophies and industry accolades don’t mean much to Turkey's tourism board. Poised to become the face of Turkey for various promotional spots and advertisements, Moore, 54, was dropped by the country's Culture and Tourism Ministry after a poor performance during a film shoot. Turkey's Hürriyet Daily News reports that execs were put off by Moore's "poor acting" in a promotional tourism film, and demanded the actress reshoot the film.

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  • Ruined historic mansion for sale in southeast Saskatchewan

    In the market for a once-proud mansion built more than 125 years ago? The auction for what once was a grand house and stables on 14 acres of land in southeast Saskatchewan is over. It was part of the community of Cannington Manor. Offers have been made to buy it, but they have not been accepted yet, according to owner Delva Rebin.

  • Trailer where Allan Schoenborn killed 3 children torn down

    The trailer where Allan Schoenborn murdered his three children in Merritt was demolished Tuesday more than seven years after the horrific deaths. Schoenborn, who fled the scene, was caught, charged and found not criminally responsible for the deaths because of mental illness. The trailer in a Merritt park isn't currently occupied and Merritt council voted to direct the owners of the now abandoned and uninhabitable structure to pull it down.

  • Grandmother’s hilarious real-estate photos go viral

    Yolie Ball and her husband are trying to sell their Florida home. When Ball’s daughter arrived to take some real-estate photos for the couple, 86-year-old Ball insisted on posing in some of them. Ball’s 15-year-old granddaughter, Makenzie Ball, found the photos so hilarious she posted them on Twitter where they went viral.

  • Five-year-old girl recognises missing dog in a dog meat stall 

    This is a nightmare moment for any dog owner: recognising their missing pets served in a roast shop. The unidentified girl is reported to be living in the countryside of northern Vietnam. Devastated: The little girl, who is believed to be living in northern Vietnam, finds her beloved pet 'Flower' already cooked outside a dog meat stall.

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  • Judge orders TV's ex-housewife of Vancouver to pay special court costs

    A former reality TV star who tried to manipulate and lie to a B.C. Supreme Court judge during her divorce proceedings has been ordered to pay special costs to her ex-husband. The decision by Justice Miriam Gropper posted online Tuesday follows several 2014 family law rulings against Jody Claman, who appeared in the now-cancelled "Real Housewives of Vancouver" series. Eran Friedlander claimed in a submission his ex-wife deserves "reproof or rebuke" for trying to mislead and deceive the court, disobeying court orders, using delay tactics and failing to disclose and dissipating assets.

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  • Air Canada Flight 624: Steve Earle carried senior Ruth Macumber from crash

    A tearful Catherine Ouellet says she can't thank enough the man she calls a hero after he carried her 80-year-old aunt away from the wreckage of Air Canada Flight 624 after it crashed just after midnight Sunday. Steve Earle reluctantly came forward Tuesday morning after his friends saw that Ouellet was using CBC to try to find him, following the crash on a runway at Halifax Stanfield International Airport. In the minutes after the crash, Ruth Macumber struggled to get down the emergency exit and away from the plane.

  • Justin Bieber Isn't Looking for a Girlfriend, Cut Out Bad Influences in Entourage

    Bieber finds himself specifically in the midst of a strategic revamping of his public image. "I'm still young," Bieber told USA Today. The pop star, who infamously had multiple run-ins with the law, made headlines with his bratty behavior and spent months in an on-again, off-again dramatic relationship with Selena Gomez, said his "fun" activities of choice and those with whom he spends his time have changed.

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  • Woman sheds EIGHT STONE to start career as a personal trainer

    Jade Delaney, 21 from Dublin, Ireland, shed an impressive eight stone after finding another reason to go to the gym other than work. After constantly being surrounded by healthy people, Jade started quizzing the trainers at the gym who agreed to help her with her weight loss. Jade Delaney was inspired to drop 8st when she worked as a cleaner in a gym and began quizzing the personal trainers who worked there.

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