Kenney tweets about refugee's 'unaccented English'

After deleting the post, the Tory candidate says he 'found it remarkable' that someone who came to Canada a year ago 'sounds like he grew up' here.

  • Here's how much sex you should be having as you get older

    Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus, the sexual dysfunction specialist and clinical director of The Medical Center For Female Sexuality, reveals how much sex is good for a marriage and how sex changes over the years.  Produced by Sam Rega and Joe Avella. Camera by Jason Gaines. Follow BI Video: On Facebook 

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  • Student’s Appeal To Find ‘Hot Guy’ She Kissed Backfires When His GIRLFRIEND Replies

    A pretty student who thought she had met the man of her dreams was shocked when his girlfriend responded to a Facebook appeal to find him - and DUMPED him online. Pippa McKinney admitted she felt “gutted” after she found out the “hot guy” she shared a few kisses with on a birthday night out in Manchester turned out to have a girlfriend already.

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  • Disgusted Diner Shows What KFC's Ricebox Meal Actually Looks Like

    Can you tell which one is the advert and what was actually served up to a KFC customer?

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  • Family affair - NFL players with their loved ones and children (26 photos)

    Many NFL players have some big supporters standing by their side during the rigorous season. Their biggest fans can be found in their wives, girlfriends, and children! Check out endearing photos of these tough athletes spending time with their families!

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  • Woman sexually assaulted by 3 men after abduction outside Calgary bar

    Tue, Oct 6: A woman was abducted from a bar on 35th Street southeast early Sunday morning to a home where she was sexually assaulted by three men.

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  • Pintauro: HIV From 'Oral Sex'

    After his shocking HIV-positive revelation, Danny Pintauro has shared more information on how he contracted the virus. In an interview with Us Weekly, the former "Who's the Boss?" star said he used protection with the man who he believes he got the virus from, and actually contracted the disease through oral sex. The 39-year-old also opened up about receiving support from his "Who's the Boss?" family, Tony Danza and Judith Light, ahead of his life-changing interview with Oprah where he admitted he's been HIV-positive for 12 years.

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  • Homeless Woman Lay Dead In McDonald’s For Hours While Diners Ate Beside Her

    A homeless woman lay dead in a McDonald’s restaurant in Hong Kong for hours while diners ate next to her, unaware she had passed away. The woman, in her 50s, was found at a table in the McDonald’s on Saturday morning. Many homeless people go to 24-hour restaurants for somewhere to stay in Hong Kong, with those going to McDonald’s dubbed “McRefugees”.

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  • EXCLUSIVE: Uber's enemies have hired a huge law firm to get it banned in London — here are its 5 arguments

    London is the front line of a global taxi war right now, with local drivers desperately trying to stop the rise of Uber. Black cab drivers and minicab services hate Uber, which undercuts them on price and they claim the ride-hailing app is given favourable treatment by London's transport regulator, Transport for London (TfL). Trade body the London Private Hire Car Association (LPHCA) has been putting pressure on TfL to crackdown on Uber and Business Insider has seen documents that show the LPHCA has drafted in heavyweight, "Magic Circle" law firm Clifford Chance to present a legal case to get the taxi app banned in London. Copies of evidence submitted to the Greater London Authority's Transport

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  • 'Million Dollar Listing' star real-estate broker Ryan Serhant says the worst advice he ever received was to not join the show

    Ryan Serhant was a rising star in the New York City real-estate industry when he got an offer to be a founding member of Bravo's reality series "Million Dollar Listing New York" in 2010. When we spoke with Serhant last month at the LinkedIn Next Wave party, where he was being honored as an industry leader under the age of 35, we asked him to name the worst advice he ever received as a professional. He answered without hesitation: It was to not join "Million Dollar Listing." "Which was what everybody told me — except for my boss," he said. His boss, Nest Seekers International CEO Eddie Shapiro, told him, "I will hunt you down if you dont do this and take advantage of the opportunity." Serhant's

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  • Want a Girlfriend 50+?

    No games. Just real women looking for a mature guy. Find the right dating site for you!

  • Notorious Mexican Female Assassin Is Turned Over To The Police By Her Boyfriend

    An infamous Mexican assassin has been arrested after her boyfriend turned her in. Melissa Margarita Calderon Ojeda, 30, known as “La China”, is said to be the head of a 300-strong gang and is believed to be behind 150 murders in the past ten years.

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  • 25 CW Costars Who Hooked Up in Real Life

    When actors spend long hours together on set — often in the middle of nowhere — it's only natural for a connection to spark. Before fans of their TV shows know it, the costars are getting cute on the red carpet and flirty at events together. While every network has stars who have dated in real life, The CW seems to be a breeding ground for romance. And its big names aren't immune to the TV costar curse; out of 14 CW couples who found love off camera, three of them are still together, and just two have a lasting marriage. Keep reading to discover the relationships that started on a CW show!

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  • Kylie Jenner's Butt Secret

    Kylie Jenner has revealed the secret behind her… behind.

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  • Enjoy Tonight – The World Is Ending Tomorrow (Again)

    “According to what the Bible is presenting it does appear that October 7 will be the day that God has spoken of: in which, the world will pass away,” said Chris McCann, the leader and founder of the group.

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  • Emaciated puppies from northern Manitoba need plasma transfusions to survive

    Manitoba Underdogs Rescue is struggling to look after four critically ill puppies and needs financial help. The four eight-week-old puppies came to the rescue group from northern Manitoba over the weekend. The puppies are infected with parvovirus.

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  • Pensioner Reduced To Tears By Stranger Paying For His Shopping After He Forgot His Wallet

    An elderly man who forgot his wallet was reduced to tears by the kind-hearted stranger who offered to pay for his shopping. Retired police sergeant Arthur Bennett only realised he had no money on him when he go to the till in the Aldi store in Morecambe, Lancashire. Touched Arthur said the stranger had “restored his faith in humanity”.

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  • Former Circus Tiger Freed After 12 Years Walks On Grass For The First Time

    This majestic former circus tiger has spent her whole life caged up, having never walked on grass – until now. 

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  • Under a Farmer’s Field: A Woolly Mammoth in Michigan

    Buried beneath a Michigan farmer’s soy field were the butchered remains of a woolly mammoth. Paleontologists think that the skull, tusks, jaws and other parts that they uncovered on Thursday were stored there by early humans in a primitive fridge more than 10,000 years ago. Last Monday James Bristle, the farmer, came across what he thought was a fence post while digging in his yard, only to discover that it was actually a rib, according to The Ann Arbor News. He contacted researchers from the University of Michigan to investigate, and together they unearthed the prehistoric beast. Daniel Fisher, a paleontologist who led the dig, said the mammoth most likely roamed the area 11,700 to 15,000 years

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  • How to Double Your Money Every Four Years

    In a recent study, a group of University professors show how 539 individual investors were able to consistently double their money every 3.5 years.

  • Calm down: rumors about McDonald’s hash browns aren’t true

    People are lashing out at McDonald's on social media for not offering hash browns as part of its...

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  • Danny Williams's anti-Conservative 'shtick' not helpful, David Wells says

    A senator from Newfoundland and Labrador says this week's attack by Danny Williams is proof that Stephen Harper and the Conservatives are on track to victory in the Oct. 19 federal election. Williams made national headlines Monday when he alleged that Harper and the Conservatives are skirting with outright racism in its bid to win re-election.

  • Tommy Chong’s comments of a racist Calgary challenged

    Tommy Chong has put his foot in his mouth again. Growing up in Calgary in the 1950s and ‘60s was like living in the racist, segregated U.S. South, the actor, comedian and perpetual stoner says. “You know my dad’s Chinese, my mother is Scottish-Irish, and we were living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, which is like living in Biloxi, Mississippi, as far as racism goes,” he said in an interview with pop culture website The A.V. Club.

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