VIDEO: 'Never in my life have I seen anything like this'

Two men fishing on a river spotted two kittens, which may have been abandoned, swimming toward their boat and rescued them.

  • ‘Alien Corpse’ Discovered Near Nuclear Power Plant

    Conspiracy theorists are in a bit of a flutter after the discovery of what the believe is an alien corpse near a nuclear power plant. The odd discovery of the apparent body with a “mysterious skull” in Russia has got UFO hunters excited at what could be evidence of life on other planets.

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  • Travelodge Guest Finds Hidden CAMERA In Her Shower Connected to Janitor’s Cupboard

    A female guest staying at a budget hotel was horrified to discover a hidden camera inside her shower cubicle. Harmony Hachey was staying at the Oxford Wheatley branch of Travelodge when she decided to take a shower and noticed something behind the vent. Describing the moment she realised she was being filmed, Harmony said: “I was absolutely disgusted.

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  • Pregnant Tourist Who Claimed To Be Searching For One Night Stand Dad Was A Hoax

    Natalie Amyot made an impassioned plea to find the man she slept with just once at a party while in Australia and her story was soon shared by millions who wanted to help. Andy Sellar, who owns Sunny Coast Social Media, appears in the follow-up video declaring that the whole thing was his idea and that Amyot was just an actress.

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  • Cindy Crawford Speaks About ‘Malicious’ Unretouched Photo Of Herself For The First Time

    The image from a Marie Claire photoshoot went viral when it was released earlier this year as it showed the model looking less-than-perfect. With wrinkles and sagging skin around her stomach, the mum-of-two - used to looking perfectly flawless in magazines and billboards - was shown in a non-flattering light. Women the world over declared that the picture was a positive thing, showing the natural flaws of a beautiful woman in their truest light.

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  • Edwin Encarnacion’s hitting streak ends, but impressive second half continues

    While the streak itself is over Encarnacion is putting together one of the best stretches in club history.

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  • Teenager Fakes Being Pregnant With Triplets For 10 Months

    A teenage girl has been caught out after she faked being pregnant with triplets - for one month longer than a full term. The unnamed 16-year-old from Wyandotte, Michigan, faked her pregnancy for 10 months, with her family only growing suspicious once nine months were up and no babies were born. Boyfriend Jorden Wyrabkiewicz said that he went out of his way to prepare for parenthood.

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  • Baby bobcats make surprise visit to Calgary home

    Katherine Reiffenstein says she had some surprise house guests practically knock on her door last Friday. "I saw the mother and one kitten, and all of a sudden kittens just started popping up," Reiffenstein said. Reiffenstein says she has spoken to Calgary police about it.

  • Fruit flies and how to get rid of them in your home

    "They are a very strong flier, and they are designed every which way to find their way into your kitchen," said Mat Neale, senior pest management technician with Solutions Pest Control. Neale says do-it-yourself remedies can help provide temporary reprieve from fruit flies, so long as you're vigilant about maintaining and cleaning them. Fruit flies will be able to find their way in, but will have more trouble getting back out.

  • Man Doused With Acid After Screening Of NWA Movie Straight Outta Compton

    A man was horrifically doused with acid outside a cinema after a screening of NWA movie Straight Outta Compton. The 27-year-old was leaving the Cineworld complex in Crawley, West Sussex, in the early hours of Sunday when the sickening attack took place. Police said the incident took place after the movie which centres on hip hop group NWA had ended.

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  • Kylie Jenner's New Hair

    Kylie Jenner has debuted yet another new look!

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  • Mrs. Universe won't back down on Harper criticism

    Ashley Burnham brushes off the backlash, and says she's going to continue to use her new position to fight for First Nations rights.

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  • China showing off huge trove of new military gear at parade; missiles to be closely watched

    When China rolls out its latest armaments Thursday for a lavish parade commemorating the defeat of Japan in World War II, defence experts and foreign armies will be watching closely for any revelations about new military capabilities. Fueled by booming defence spending, the People's Liberation Army is expected to showcase breakthroughs in missile technology and military aircraft that reflect its increasing focus on projecting force beyond its borders, especially adjacent seas where it competes with neighbours for territory and resources. China says more than 80 per cent of the gear is being shown in public for the first time.

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  • The Most Expensive-Looking Ikea Hack We've Ever Seen (4 photos)

    Custom built-ins are one of those design elements that can step your home up from nice to magazine worthy. Unfortunately, their high style is usually matched by their price. Given this reality, you can imagine our excitement when we stumbled upon this custom built-ins hack from The Makerista. With tasteful crown molding and a sliding library ladder, this sleek built-in has all the tell-tale signs of a big-budget project, except for the steep price tag; it's made up of three Ikea Billy bookcases ranging from $40 to $60 a piece, some add-on trim, and the handiwork of a carpenter! How mind-blowingly resourceful is that? Check out a few of the awe-inspiring pictures from the project here, and head to The Makerista for the full tutorial. Want even more inspiration? Check out our favorite Ikea hacks here.

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  • Former CFL player Phillips charged with killing cellmate in California prison

    Former CFL star Lawrence Phillips has been charged with murder in the death of his cellmate at a Central California prison. Phillips is suspected of killing 37-year-old Damion Soward at Kern Valley State Prison in April. Soward is the cousin of former USC and Toronto Argonauts receiver R. Jay Soward.

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  • A Four-Year-Old Girl’s Best Friend...An 80-Pound Doberman Pincher

    For this four year-old girl, instead of a little kitten - her playmate is a large doberman, a breed best known as aggressive guard dogs.

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  • Neverending Pus Flows From This Man's Leg

    Luis dropped his motorcycle on his leg, hurting it but not injuring it enough to warrant any medical attention. About four months passed before he decided to visit a doctor in his home of Peru. Since his accident, pus had been building up beneath the abrasion on his leg and when his doctor went to work on his leg, an unimaginable amount of puss and blood came flowing from his leg. It wasn’t a sight for the faint-hearted! Credit: YouTube/gordoxxtreme

  • 'DWTS' Cast Revealed!

    The entire cast of "Dancing with the Stars" has been revealed and it includes an R&B legend, a former "Real Housewives" star and a Backstreet Boy.

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  • Mark Cuban -- I REJECT Your 'Hoverboard' -- And What's My Player Doing There? (PHOTO)

    Mark Cuban isn't messing around ... he's on the warpath against anyone who dares sell a "hoverboard," and it could be one of his basketball players is about to learn a hard lesson on the subject of crossing his boss. The subtext is great ... Mark just partnered with the guy who owns the patent to the device and has said he's planning on suing everyone who markets a knockoff. Soibatian apparently thought he could win Mark over by posing with JaVale McGee ... who just signed as center for the Dallas Mavericks -- THE TEAM MARK OWNS!

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  • Topless Women in Times Square

    Recently I attended a Broadway show in the Times Square area and was taken aback by the throngs milling around on the pedestrian plaza taking endless selfies with half-naked women. While I am not a prude and don’t begrudge New York its tourist trade, it became an effort to get where I was going. Some might argue that sex is a part of the Times Square mystique and that the women are legally within their rights (which they are), but isn’t it possible for Times Square to still be the “crossroads of the world” without such distractions?

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