How you can help with relief efforts in Nepal

The federal government says it will match donations as Canadian Red Cross sets up a special fund, and charities like CARE and UNICEF fundraise.

  • $50M Lotto Max mystery deepens as BCLC tries to verify winner

    "It is unusual," said BCLC spokeswoman Laura Piva-Babcock. In the meantime, the promise of the hidden jackpot sparked a lawsuit between members of a Shoppers Drug Mart lottery pool who believe one of their group was hiding the ticket.

  • Man pops huge cyst using a needle, pliers and a screwdriver

    This gruesome video shows how a man popped a huge cyst in his arm with a needle, screwdriver and a pair of pliers. The man, known only as Jason, from Vancouver, uploaded the clip to YouTube after his wife filmed the stomach-churning moment.

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  • Bruce's First Wife Speaks Out

    Chrystie Scott, Bruce Jenner's college sweetheart and first wife, watched his Diane Sawyer special on Friday night, along with nearly 17 million other Americans. In an exclusive interview with Access Hollywood's Stephanie Bauer (the day after the "20/20" episode aired), she explained that she is "so relieved" the world finally knows this "big, big, big dark secret" that she had been guarding, and that she no longer has to cover for her ex-husband. Chrystie revealed to Access that the broadcast of the two-hour interview was a family affair.

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  • New car deposit almost lost by Calgary couple

    A Calgary couple is sharing their buyer beware story after almost losing a deposit they put on a new car. Sonia Ambrosio and her husband went to Sunridge Nissan one weekend to replace the fob for their 13-year-old car.

  • NHL Three Stars: Kuznetsov steps up for Caps; Johnson leads Bolts to Game 7

    The rookie forward’s goal with 7:18 left in the third period broke a 1-1 tie and helped the Capitals beat the New York Islanders 2-1 in Game 7. Johnson scored twice as the Lightning forced Game 7 Wednesday night with a 5-2 victory over the Detroit Red Wings.

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  • 7 Herbs That Clean the House (8 photos)

    If you’re a cook—or just a person who likes to eat—you already know how herbs can make any dish taste better. But you may not know that herbs can also work outside the kitchen and all around the house as cleaners. Click through for 7 multitasking herbs

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  • Diamond engagement ring lost at YVR prompts $5K reward offer

    Park said she took her 2.2 carat, custom-made diamond ring off in the lounge's women's restroom to wash her hands, but when she boarded her flight, she realized it was missing. Park believes Air Canada could have done more and says the airline must know who was in the lounge that evening, as all travellers have to scan in and out.

  • Buffalo Airways plane overweight when it crash landed at airport

    Engine failure and an overloaded plane were to blame for a crash landing of a Buffalo Airways plane at the Yellowknife airport in August 2013, according to the Transportation Safety Board. The TSB released its investigation report today. On Aug. 19, the Buffalo Airways DC-3 was loaded with 21 passengers heading to Hay River.

  • London schoolgirls who joined ISIS tweet of new 'jihadi bride' lives

    London schoolgirl Amira Abase, 15, has tweeted from inside the Islamic State for the first time, bragging about a western-style takeaway dinner of including fried chicken, chips, pizza and kebab.

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  • Behold: The Best Fashion Moments From Game of Thrones

    Lust, death, epic fashion — Game of Thrones has it all. The addictive HBO show is finally back, and while we're anxiously waiting to find out the fates of Arya, Sansa, and the rest of the Stark brood, we're equally excited for the killer style

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  • Snake coils itself around tree and climbs trunk in truly bizarre way

    A large snake showed off its unique ability to climb trees and it is both fascinating and slightly unnerving. Filmed in what is believed to be Thailand, the body of the snake, which has been identified as a reticulated python, is wrapped around the trunk of a tree. Moving quickly, the top half of the snake ascends the trunk, while the bottom half of it stays coiled lower down.

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  • Obese woman loses 8st after she was too fat to fit in a plane seat

    Sharon Smith, 43, from Halesowen, West Midlands, was a bulky size 26 when she went on the business trip in December 2012 and struggled to fit in the plane seat. 'I had been travelling out there for ten years but luckily I had always managed to upgrade or have no one in the seat next to me.

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  • Riot and looting prompt state of emergency, curfew in Baltimore amid outrage over man's death

    Rioters plunged part of Baltimore into chaos Monday, torching a pharmacy, setting police cars ablaze and throwing bricks at officers hours after thousands mourned the man who died from a severe spinal injury he suffered in police custody. The governor declared a state of emergency and called in the National Guard to restore order, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch, in her first day on the job, said she would send Justice Department officials to the city in coming days. A weeklong, daily curfew was imposed beginning Tuesday from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m., the mayor said.

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  • Progress Eagle: The plane of tomorrow -

    (CNN)Designer and aviation enthusiast Oscar Vinals is slightly addicted to crafting concept planes. Last year, he came up with the design for the AWWA Sky Whale, a futuristic aircraft that he said would revolutionize green air travel and carry an astonishing 755 passengers. With his newest design, the AWWA-QG Progress Eagle, he imagines the future of travel as a triple-decker aircraft with zero carbon emissions. Rather than relying on traditional fossil fuels, the plane (which he envisions taking to the skies in 2030) would rely on six hydrogen engines to lift the plane off the ground.

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  • Maps of Winnipeg show spread of income, ethnicity and languages

    Ed Manley, a lecturer at University College London, was toying around with Winnipeg's census information last fall and the result is series of technicolor mosaics that tell the story of our city. Each coloured dot on the map represents an individual person and the data available about them through Winnipeg's open data.

  • A tree that is older than Stonehenge is feared to be dying

    A 4,000-year-old tree thought to be Britain's oldest living organism may be dying according to its custodian. The stunning Ashbrittle Yew, in the churchyard of the parish's Church of St John the Baptist, in Somerset, has a girth of 38ft and an enormous vast canopy.

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  • Boy, 6, dies in ATV accident on Saskatchewan farm

    RCMP identified the boy who died as Blaine Sanford and said the boy was operating the ATV on Friday night when the accident happened on a farm in the Rural Municipality of Frontier, in southwest Saskatchewan. A family friend, Andrea Peters, has used the site to launch a fundraising campaign to aid the family.

  • Vacant homes crackdown

    Mon, Apr 27: Despite having a high demand for property, Vancouver has a problem with vacant homes. And as Ted Chernecki reports, the push is on to find out exactly how big the problem is.

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  • Calgary city council votes to stop opening prayer at meetings

    A decades-old tradition at Calgary City Hall has officially come to an end. The decision follows a unanimous ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada earlier this month. "Council said we have to abide by the Supreme Court ruling, so we'll no longer have an opening prayer but left it vague as to how we will open the meetings," Mayor Naheed Nenshi said.

  • Surviving the ‘unsurvivable’ plane crash: Tom Wilson woke up soaked in fuel. He was on fire

    Tom Wilson was dozing during a short flight to a remote work site in the mountains north of Vancouver when he awoke with a start. “It was over so quick, nobody even had a chance to scream,” Wilson says, recalling the November 2008 crash that claimed the lives of everyone else on board. Five of the Albertan’s friends and co-workers died, as did the pilot and a sub-contractor en route to the same hydroelectric construction project near the head of Toba Inlet, northwest of Vancouver. Wilson, a 35-year-old business supervisor on the project, awoke still strapped in his seat, soaked in aviation fuel.

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