• Two Canadian Brothers And An Eagle Star In The Greatest Selfie Of 2015

    In the selfie, the beautiful bird has a big grin on its face, probably because the two men had just rescued it from a trap. Michael and Neil Fletcher, from Chelmsford, Ontario, were out hunting grouse last week when they found the eagle stuck in the device. On Facebook, Michael wrote alongside the stunning image: “Bald eagle we set free from a trap.

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  • U.S. Marines thankful for 'overwhelming firepower' and tweet a video to prove it

    ISIS videos might be scary, but they've got nothing on the U.S. Marines. In a tweet Thursday, the Marines wished their followers a happy Thanksgiving with their own note of thanks: "We're thankful for overwhelming firepower." Then they posted a short video to show just what they meant: Tanks, fighter jets, and guns a'blaring. Backed with a heavy metal soundtrack, the 22-second clip features 14 explosions from rockets and bombs, and dozens of rounds of gunfire as the video cuts quickly between scenes of the U.S. military in action. "Wherever today finds you, happy Thanksgiving," the Marines tweeted.

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  • Tim Hortons drive-thru road rage leads to fine

    As the dirty old Integra tried to nudge its way into the drive-thru lineup in front of him, Christopher Smith did what any Tim Hortons customer might: Lowered his window to tell the driver he was in line first. "This case is somewhat unusual in that Ms. David is charged as the registered owner of the vehicle involved in two related road rage incidents," Judicial Justice Brenda Edwards noted in her decision.

  • Dark Matter 'Hairs' May Surround Earth

    Earth may sport a thick coat of superlong dark matter "hairs," a new study suggests. "A stream can be much larger than the solar system itself, and there are many different streams crisscrossing our galactic neighborhood," study author Gary Prézeau, of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, said in a statement. Prézeau performed computer simulations that looked at what happens when such streams go through Earth and other planets in the solar system.

  • Fed to take up 'too big to fail' emergency lending curb

    The Federal Reserve Board will consider on Monday a proposal to curb its emergency lending powers, a change demanded by Congress after the central bank's controversial decision to aid AIG , Citigroup and others in 2008. A proposed rule, to be considered by the Fed's Washington-based board in an open meeting, would require that any future emergency lending be only "broad-based" to address larger financial market problems, and not tailored to specific firms. The 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform law instructed the Fed to curtail emergency loans to individual banks and prohibited it from lending to companies considered insolvent.

  • Town Comes Under Fire For Being Politically Incorrect And Proud

    A town sheriff has been criticised for a sign outside his office, which welcomes visitors and boasts about being politically incorrect. It’s in Harris County, Georgia, where the message was added to the original town sign on Tuesday. The sign reads: “WARNING: Harris County is politically incorrect.

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  • Adorable Labradoodle Beams After Being Found Lost At The Bottom Of A Well

    The look on Lily the labradoodle’s face says it all as the adorable dog was discovered by rescuers after she fell down a well. A search went all throughout the night and hope was starting to fade - until Lily was found at the bottom of a well. When rescuers looked down the well and found her, Lily seemed deliriously happy that she had been found at last.

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  • 'World's sexiest robot' causes a frenzy at Beijing tech conference

    The World Robot Conference in Beijing was reportedly taken by storm this week when the latest iteration of Geminoid F – an almost terrifyingly-realistic robot woman – made an appearance during the show. Known to many as "the world's sexiest robot," the rubber-skinned android can speak, sing, and even act according to China's state-run news service. "The gel will become saggy after one or two years and has to be replaced as a result," said Sun Yuting, a Chinese student working for Ishiguro lab, to a reporter at the conference.

  • Strangest Celebrity Sleeping Habits (7 photos)

    Just when we thought sleeping with one leg out of the duvet was slightly odd, we’ve learnt about some of the strangest celebrity sleeping habits - and suddenly, we feel a lot better. From using tin foil to block out the light to sleeping facing the north, SleepyPeople.com have compiled a list of the most unusual things celebrities do as they head to the land of nod. BRB, off to buy ourselves an egg-shaped pod. (Sleepy People sourced their information from here, here and here).

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  • Jordan Subban

    Sun, Nov 29: The Subban brothers are the modern day version of the Sutters; at least they hope to be. Shanel Pratap has the story.

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  • Police officer responding to domestic dispute is fatally shot; suspect charged after manhunt

    A man suspected of fatally shooting a police officer who responded to a domestic dispute was charged with homicide Sunday. Online court records show Ray Shetler Jr. was charged with one count of criminal homicide. Police believe Shetler, 31, shot St. Clair Township Officer Lloyd Reed on Saturday night after officers were called to the dispute in New Florence.

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  • Blue Jays active early on in offseason to improve pitching depth

    With David Price's price too rich for their taste, the Blue Jays have made moves for three starters this offseason.

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  • Pierre Trudeau's desk retrieved from storage for his son to use

    Canada's new prime minister has made a lot of changes in his first month in office, but CBC News has learned Justin Trudeau has also brought a bit of history back to Parliament Hill. It revealed that former prime minister Stephen Harper's desk had been dismantled and moved to a warehouse. Sources told CBC News that Trudeau found it too big and asked for a replacement — and received one with no small measure of significance for his family.

  • Baby Falls Asleep Waiting For Santa But Mr Claus Isn't Fazed

    The excitement of Christmas just proved to be too much for this adorable baby, who was so tired at queuing up to meet Santa Claus that he fell asleep on him. Zeke Walters had been patiently waiting with his parents, Donnie and Kelli, to meet Father Christmas for the first time but he was snoozing by the time they actually met. The photo understandably went viral and dad Donnie praised the actions of Santa at the Eastland Mall in Evansville, Indiana.

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  • Brutal baboon battle erupts for throne at Toronto Zoo after matriarch dies

    After the matriarch died last year, a vicious battle erupted among the female baboons at the Toronto Zoo for her throne that endured for months, prompting a brief closure of the exhibit and providing a fascinating glimpse into the animals' behaviour. Medical records show numerous injuries among five of the six female olive baboons, from deep lacerations near their eyes to hair ripped out and tail injuries. The exhibit was closed for several days because "there were some injuries that we thought best to keep them at the back because our visiting public don't know baboon behaviour," said Maria Franke, the curator of mammals at the zoo.

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  • Thousands Sign Petition Demanding Prosecution Of Woman Who Taped Dogs Mouth Shut

    A petition that has demanded a woman be prosecuted for animal abuse after she allegedly taped a dog’s mouth shut has been signed over 33,000 times. A photo of the dog with its mouth muzzled tightly shut by duct tape was posted on the Facebook page of South Daytona resident Katie Brown. The post soon went viral as thousands reacted in shock to the “abuse” of the dog, while the South Daytona Police Department received hundreds of calls from around the world demanding they investigate.

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  • Report: Team plane incident was final straw for Quinton Coples with Jets

    A first-round pick four years ago, Coples was abruptly released this week.

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  • Funeral held for Russian tsar's descendant who died in obscurity in Australia trailer park

    Leonid Gurevich Kulikovsky, the reclusive great-grandson of Russian Tsar Alexander III, had a funeral on Monday in the northern Australian city of Darwin after living his final years in obscurity and alone with his dog in an Outback trailer park where he was known by locals as Old Nick. Kulikovsky — a 72-year-old direct descendent of the penultimate Russian tsar and a distant relative of British Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Philip — died of a suspected heart attack on Sept. 27 while walking his dog at his home in the Northern Territory town of Katherine, Darwin's honorary Russian consul Simon Andropov said. Officials from the Russian church as well as the Russian, Danish and Northern Territory governments were among the 50 people who attended the funeral at Darwin's Serbian Orthodox Church.

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  • The Horse Called Miracle Who Cheated Death With The Help Of Honey

    A horse who was on the verge of being put down has made a miraculous recovery thanks to a few dollops of the sweet stuff. One vet recommended Miracle be put to sleep after suffering the gash in her leg, but Sue wouldn’t contemplate that course of action, and found another vet who suggested putting honey on the wound twice a day.

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  • Man set to recant oath to the Queen right after citizenship ceremony

    In a letter sent to the citizenship court judge earlier this month, Dror Bar-Natan states his opposition to the oath, which he calls "repulsive," and his plan to renege on the pledge following his citizenship ceremony on Monday. The Queen is a symbol of entrenched and outdated privilege and the pledge is tantamount to a "hazing" ritual, Bar-Natan said in an interview.

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