• Caretaker performed sexy dance on 100-year-old with dementia

    A caretaker at an assisted living centre who police say was filmed performing a sexually provocative dance on a 100-year-old resident was doing it as a prank and trying to make the man feel good, her attorney said. Brittany Fultz, 26, pleaded not guilty to gross sexual imposition Tuesday. Investigators said the man has dementia, but Fultz's attorney said the resident could have told her to stop but didn't.

  • Amid protests, UK lawmakers debate downgrading Trump visit

    Thousands of protesters against U.S. President Donald Trump rallied outside Britain's Parliament on Monday, while lawmakers inside urged the government to rescind its offer to the president of a state visit stamped with pomp, pageantry and royal approval. In a passionate debate that's unlikely to change the British government's position, Trump was labeled a misogynist, a bigot and a "petulant child" by opposition legislators.

  • Angry shoveller chases snowplow that dumped load at end of just-cleared driveway

    A Fredericton homeowner frustrated when a plow operator dumped a load of snow at the end of his driveway succumbed to shovel rage, city officials say - chasing the loader up his suburban street, shovel swinging. "The homeowner was not happy," said Mike Walker, the city's manager of roadway operations, who told a city committee this week about the Feb. 13 incident. The plow passed by, clearing the roadway but leaving a heavy windrow as the man shovelled his driveway, Walker said in an interview Wednesday.

  • Dolphins sign Dan Marino to 1-day contract

    The Miami Dolphins have signed free agent quarterback Dan Marino. More than 17 years removed from his final NFL pass and 12 years after his enshrinement in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Marino "re-signed" with the Dolphins on Wednesday - as were five other prominent former members of the team, all inking ceremonial one-day contracts designed so they could officially retire as members of the franchise. "This organization, the team, the city, football, it all means so much to me," Marino said.

  • Got a Craving? Here's What Your Body Actually Wants You to Eat

    Ever find yourself rummaging through the fridge or kitchen cabinets for that delicious, satisfying something--except nothing seems to fill that void? Maybe you know what you're craving, but would actually have to leave the house to go and buy it (who wants to do that?), or your craving is so ambiguous that even browsing the supermarket aisles might leave you stuck. Turns out, there's more to your hankering than just hunger. "Often a food 'search' can arise when you're in need of a break from work or sitting, so by nature you get up and stir around," explains Lisa Cohn, RD, a New York City-based nutritionist. "Other times a quest can be triggered by an emotional or physical reaction that leaves us feeling frozen or out of control, and the act of searching for something to eat gives us a determination to take control." VIDEO: How to Make Banana Blueberry Overnight Oats While there are several other potential reasons for sudden cravings, including a nutrient deficiency, sleep deprivation, and low blood sugar, there are healthy and satisfying snack choices you can make to quench a craving until your next meal. Here are nine expert-approved solutions and substitutes for every kind of craving.

  • Jennifer Lopez Insists She Doesn’t Exclusively Date Younger Men

    Jennifer Lopez joined Ellen on Tuesday, where she made it pretty obvious that she’s over the narrative that she dates only younger men. Lopez was recently in a relationship with Beau Smart, who is nearly 18 years younger than her, and it’s that relationship she blames for this reputation. Lopez can say she doesn’t go after younger guys, but actions speak louder than words, and her actions in a game of “Who’d You Rather?” spoke pretty loudly.

  • B.C. Coroners Service to investigate death of 3-year-old sent home from emergency room

    Nimrat Gill's parents, Balraj and Amarinder, say they took their toddler to Abbotsford Regional Hospital on Feb. 6 after the girl showed signs of a fever. On Tuesday, the B.C. Coroners Service confirmed it will be looking into the case. It said such investigations are done any time there is an unexpected death.