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Richard, who moves through life uninspired, soon finds out his 'walk-in' closet is actually a 'Walken' closet ‒ and he's in for a lecture.

  • Broncos D dominates Panthers in 24-10 Super Bowl win

    If this was the final game of his magnificent career, what a Super way to go out for Peyton Manning. Adding that ring to his five MVP awards, Manning certainly can be satisfied and comfortable in retirement should Sunday's 24-10 victory over the Carolina Panthers be his finale. Emulating his Broncos boss, John Elway, the 39-year-old Manning can ride off with the Lombardi Trophy after leading Denver to its third NFL title, first since 1999 — when Elway was the quarterback.

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  • A Stanford professor says eliminating 2 phrases from your vocabulary can make you more successful

    The way you speak not only affects how others perceive you; it also has the potential to shape...

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  • Donald Trump dismisses audience after getting booed at the debate

    Real-estate mogul Donald Trump confronted a Republican debate audience that repeatedly booed him...

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  • Check out these glamorous mother-daughter duos... (9 photos)

    Star kids and their super glamorous mommies are always in the news for their sparkly appearances at promotional events, awards functions, celebrations, parties and what have you! Here’s a look at some of our famous mother-daughter duos who never fail to impress.

  • Calgary bobsled victims' family shares about loss of twins

    Jason and Shauna Caldwell and their daughter Katie said in a statement Sunday that faith was a critical part of the boys' lives. "Both Jordan and Evan had a deep walk with God. Prayer, Bible reading, and living their faith out in practical ways was what made these boys so special," the family said.

  • To the Mom Who Wasn’t Sure if Her Son With Special Needs Should Attend Our Party

    In case anyone hasn’t told you this lately, you are a wonderful mom, and he is going to be OK. So much more than OK — he’s fabulous and so are you!

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  • This is the biggest mistake you're making with your laundry

    You might not actually know how to do laundry. No, wait, hear me out. The conventional method of...

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  • Regina family's dream vacation in Cuba turns to 'nightmare'

    Members of a Regina family say their dream vacation in Cuba "turned into a nightmare". "Everything was great for the first few days," Kelly Morrison said in a news release. On the morning of Jan. 30, Morrison opened their hotel room safe and found her wedding rings and money were nowhere to be found.

  • Michael Moore Hospitalized for Pneumonia: 'Let's Just Say Things Didn't Look Good'

    Outspoken filmmaker Michael Moore is recovering from a days-long stay in the ICU after being diagnosed with pneumonia, even though "things didn't look good" soon after he was admitted. Moore revealed his health struggles, which led to the cancellation of multiple planned public appearances, in a pair of Facebook updates published Friday. "Between running all over the place lately promoting my new movie ... plus going to Flint to help the people of my hometown, plus jumping in to support Senator Sanders, plus doing a dozen other things – well, I read somewhere you can't burn it at both ends, and if u do, it's best not to do so in the winter nor anywhere near a place full of toxic water!" wrote Moore, 61.

  • Family devastated by loss of twin sons in bobsleigh incident

    Sun, Feb 7: A Calgary couple say they are grieving the loss of their twin, 17-year-old sons. Jason and Shauna Caldwell say their boys, Jordan and Evan, "were bright lights to all who knew them." The boys were killed, and six other teens were injured when an after-hours visit to a bobsled track ended in tragedy. Police say the boys hopped on a plastic toboggan and went for a ride on the high speed run, but crashed into a gate on the way down. Lisa MacGregor reports.

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  • 'Hot' Super Bowl 50 ref Clete Blakeman has Twitter on fire

    Clete Blakeman, a former backup QB at Nebraska, has lots of new fans.

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  • Here's what Elon Musk said when I told him I spent $2 a day on food like he did as a teen

    Inspired by teenage Elon Musk, I spent $2 a day on food for the month of January. Long before the...

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  • How You Flirt, According To Your Zodiac Sign

    Whatever your flirting style is, knowing what your zodiac sign has to say about your style can help you find the best way to get your flirt on (and which of the other signs are the most responsive to your kind of flirting). Libras, Capricorns and other Aries are the best signs for you to hookup with, but for long-term relationships go for a Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius or Aquarius, since Scorpios will find your flirting style too in-your-face. If you want a more lasting relationship, go for a Capricorn, Libra or Gemini. If you’re looking for someone to be in a relationship with, you need to find a Libra, Aries or Aquarius.

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  • 11-year-old boy convicted of killing 8-year-old girl

    WATE-TV ( ) reports that Jefferson County Juvenile Court judge Dennis "Will" Roach II this week found the boy guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced him to state custody until he turns 19. The boy is currently in detention and being evaluated as to where he should be placed, said Rob Johnson, a spokesman for the Department of Children's Services.

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  • Teenager shot, killed at Mississauga lounge remembered as kind boy, talented athlete

    "I was so sad. I was shaken," the boy's father Mohamed Farah Qambi Adan said, describing the moment he learned of Sharmarke's death. Adan described Sharmarke as a nice boy, a good listener, a talented basketball player and member of the Mississauga Monarchs team. Abdifatah Warsame, director of community development and outreach at the Centre for Youth, an after-school program of which Shamarke was a member, appealed for any witnesses to come forward.

  • Study Finds Horrifying Link Between Scented Candles and Health Problems

    Fall and Winter home decor wouldn't be complete without scented candles. Trust us, we love them as much as the next person (we even tested all the best pumpkin spice candles!), but recently discovered information has us seriously considering tossing them all out. Woman's Day and The Daily Mail have published results from multiple studies that link scented candles to major health risks — as serious as lung damage and birth defects. What's even worse is that candles aren't the only culprits; scented aerosols, gels, and plug-ins are among "an array of hazardous substances which may cause lung damage and tumors, interfere with our hormones, and cause such lifelong problems as asthma," The Daily Mail

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  • Blast Which Sucked Man Out Of Plane Was A Bomb

    An explosion which tore a hole in a passenger plane was caused by a bomb designed to kill everyone on board, the Somalian government has confirmed.

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  • The One Thing Stylish Italian Women Never Wear

    We regularly profess our love for French women's effortlessly cool style, but make no mistake: We're equally captivated with the signature looks of other cultures as well. Case in point: Italian women, who have long been known for their particular brand of sophisticated style.  So what sets Italian women apart from others? Veteran supermodel Mariacarla Boscono spoke to about the one thing they all have in common: an affinity for getting dressed up and an avoidance of all things casual. "You would never see anyone go to a restaurant in Milan wearing a jumpsuit!" Boscono told "We have a history; we love to dress up and be well-groomed … I grew up with a saying: 'It doesn’t

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  • Why You Should Never Buy Bagged Greens

    It’s hard to beat the convenience of prewashed, prepackaged greens. But considering the number of reports of deadly diseases lurking amid the leaves, the product’s possible environmental toll, and the fact that you’re supposed to wash them anyway, you should probably grab that whole head of lettuce instead.

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