VIDEO: News anchors can't believe this shark's size

'I am never going back in the water,' one says, jaw hanging open after watching this great white breach the waves. His co-anchor agrees.

  • Pregnant French tourist reaches out to Internet to find Australian lover

    A French woman has reached out to the Internet in hopes of finding the man she shared a night with on holiday in Australia – and who, she claims, is the father of her unborn child.

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  • Fruit flies and how to get rid of them in your home

    "They are a very strong flier, and they are designed every which way to find their way into your kitchen," said Mat Neale, senior pest management technician with Solutions Pest Control. Neale says do-it-yourself remedies can help provide temporary reprieve from fruit flies, so long as you're vigilant about maintaining and cleaning them. Fruit flies will be able to find their way in, but will have more trouble getting back out.

  • Homeowner Shot, Dog Killed After Police Respond To The Wrong House

    A man was shot by police when they responded to the wrong house in an incident that also saw the homeowner’s pet dog killed. Police in Dekalb County, Georgia, USA, received a call about a suspicious person and rushed to what they thought was the house in question. One of the police officers was also shot in the thigh and is said to be in a critical condition, while the homeowner’s condition is not known.

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  • Five teams have called Blackhawks about trading for Patrick Kane: Report

    The investigation into what happened inside Patrick Kane’s Hamburg, N.Y. home on Aug. 2 continues, but the specter of rape charges hasn’t stopped NHL teams from contacting the Chicago Blackhawks and expressing interest in acquiring the star forward.

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  • Australian Spear Fisherman Discovers Bizarre Sea Battle Between Fish And Snake

    Rick Trippe is no stranger to finding strange things on his sea adventures off the coast of Darwin, but even by his standards this was a whopper. It is believed the animals he captured on camera were the elegant sea snake and a stonefish. The pair were locked in a death match when Trippe found them, while he was diving on a World War II wreck in Darwin Harbour.

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  • Meet Xenia Deli: Bieber's Babe

    If you've seen Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean?" music video, you've seen the gorgeous face of Xenia Deli. The 25-year-old model from Moldova sat down with Access Hollywood and dished about her "amazing" experience filming with The Biebs. "When I came to that audition I actually didn't know for who we were shooting," Xenia told Access, adding that landing the job was "amazing.

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  • Ontario's new road rules start today: What you need to know

    Ontario drivers face some changes on the road starting today that include a stiffer set of penalties for distracted driving, and new rules to help protect cyclists and tow truck drivers. "Since 2009, more than 500 people have died in collisions in OPP-controlled roads, in which driver inattention was a causal factor," said Sgt. Dave Rektor of Ontario Provincial Police.

  • This Theory Will Completely Change How You See 'The Dark Knight'

    As of late, videos are going around painting all our favorite protagonists, Daniel LaRusso from "Karate Kid" and Harry Potter, as villains. The theory basically lays out how Gotham was a pretty crummy place before the Joker. According to this theory, all the Joker's "chaos" in "The Dark Knight" was just a well-executed plan to rid the city of criminals and corruption, which it kind of did.

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  • Toronto mayor vows to hold Trump tower owner accountable for unstable antenna

    Toronto Mayor John Tory has vowed to get to the bottom of what's happening at the top of the Trump International Hotel and Tower Toronto. A large swath of Toronto's financial district remained closed Tuesday morning due to an unstable antenna on top of the building. The luxury hotel and condo — built in 2012 — is named after real estate mogul and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who owns the hotel management company.

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  • #1 Reason Not To Buy A New Computer

    Find out the real reason behind slow computers!

  • More layoffs for the oilpatch

    Tue, Sep 1 : Plumetting oil prices are being blamed for more layoffs in the oil industry. Global’s Gary Bobrovitz reports.

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  • Minecraft billionaire complains about being rich

    Markus Persson bemoaned the loneliness, isolation and lack of motivation that large wealth can create.

  • 'Under The Dome' Canceled

    CBS is done with the "Dome."

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  • U.S. border wall floated by Scott Walker would be logistical nightmare

    When a Republican candidate for U.S. president said over the weekend that he would be open to looking at building a wall along the Canadian border, he sparked international headlines. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, pressed twice by an interviewer, made the comment as an aside during an interchange about migration from the U.S's southern neighbour, Mexico. For starters, it would be hugely expensive to cover the 8,891 km of frontier, 40 per cent of which is water — probably on the order of $30 billion, extrapolating from the $3.2 billion cost of building just 1,040 km of border wall with Mexico.

  • First Nations risk losing funding if they fail to file financial info by midnight

    First Nations have until midnight to file their financial information or risk losing a portion of federal government funding, according to Aboriginal Affairs. Under the First Nations Financial Transparency Act, which came into effect last year, First Nations must submit their audited financial statements for the past fiscal year to the government, including salaries and expenses of chiefs and councillors. Aboriginal Affairs says there are 617 First Nations in Canada but the act only applies to 581.

  • Hero Cat Saves Toddler By Taking A Bullet To The Head - And Survives

    A woman has labelled her pet cat a hero after taking a bullet to the head, deflecting it from hitting her toddler son. Ginger moggie Opie was laying near three-year-old Daemire Sipe when a gunman’s bullet fired in through the window of the home in York, Pennsylvania.

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  • College grad puts her diploma on eBay for $50,000

    One frustrated Florida State University (FSU) graduate turned to eBay for help. Stephanie Ritter, who attended the university from 2007-2011, listed her Bachelor of Arts in Theater diploma on eBay for $50,000. In addition to offering the actual piece of paper in “mint condition,” Ritter offered the buyer a full Florida State experience, including a tour of the university and access to her college memories through Facebook.

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  • Guaranteed income supplement mixup affects 140,000 seniors

    A New Brunswick couple is sounding the alert for all seniors expecting a guaranteed income supplement, a supplement given only to the neediest of seniors by the federal government. Around 140,000 Canadians didn't have their supplement automatically renewed because of "systems changes," according to Service Canada. The affected seniors are a "small percentage" of the 1.8 million seniors who receive the monthly supplement.

  • Remembering Princess Diana (24 photos)

    A rebel princess with an empathetic heart, a mix of stubbornness and compassion – Late princess Diana had many facets to her personality. She was the most photographed woman in the 20th century.  Until a tragic car crash took her life in Paris on August 31,1997, English tabloids devoured on her life which provided endless fodder for them ever since her marriage to Prince Charles. Diana’s life story has been told and re-told a hundred times. But all those tell-alls couldn’t satiate the curiosity of the world in the 80s and 90s, the pre-social media era. The shy, young princess who got introduced to the world with her fairytale marriage with Prince Charles in 1981, soon became an instant darling of the press. Her iconic coiffure was copied by millions around the world as her life unfurled before them through photographs. The perfect picture soon began to fall apart when the world came to know about Charles’ long-term extramarital affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, whom he later married. The murky details of Diana’s broken marriage were revealed in Andrew Morton’s book – Diana, Her True Story. The book showed Diana’s life was a far cry from any fairytale;  suicide attempts, postpartum depression and eating disorders… she was just like any other vulnerable person trapped in a loveless marriage. Soon, the reports regarding her alleged affairs started making headlines, much to the embarrassment of the royal family. Following her divorce, Diana continued utilising her fame for charity works and awareness programmes. The famous ‘Ottawa Treaty’ – a bill banning the usage of anti-personnel landmines, for which she actively campaigned, came to effect after her death, and she was duly credited for her efforts in making that happen.   Diana was only 36 when that fatal car crash took her life in the wee hours in Paris 18 years back. A few days back, some photographs showed her resting place in Althorp being covered in moss, and surrounded by overgrown vegetation. But the memories of people’s princess still remain fresh in the hearts of millions even today. A pictorial tribute to the Late princess (Image credit: AP)

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  • Man knocked unconscious by punch in road rage incident

    A man from Gatineau, Que., was knocked unconscious and suffered a "serious head injury" during a road rage incident on Sunday, police say. The driver who punched the man fled the scene but police said Monday that they were able to identify him and planned to meet with him.

  • Police locate victim, 2 suspects after alleged abduction in Barrie

    Police have arrested two people who allegedly abducted a girl at gunpoint on a street in downtown Barrie, Ont., and forced her into a vehicle. Authorities say the victim is safe and the two suspects are in custody.