Before and after: Nepal's historic landmarks in ruins

The sheer power of a 7.8-magnitude quake is captured in these harrowing shots of the city's major monuments now crumbling.

  • Final goodbyes before Indonesian firing squad -

    (CNN)The families of death row prisoners who are expected to be executed within the next 24 hours by Indonesian firing squad made their final visit to the island where they're being held. The Indonesian government has not confirmed the timing of the executions, but lawyers say the signs are pointing to the firing squad being given their orders shortly after midnight Tuesday. It's a day their families and friends hoped would never come, but it's also one that Indonesia, despite years of protest and legal appeals, has insisted has to happen. Under Indonesian law, the death penalty is carried out by a 12-man firing squad, although only three guns are loaded with live ammunition.

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  • Prince Harry will fly out of UK tonight without meeting royal baby

    A disappointed Prince Harry will tonight fly out of the UK to Australia without seeing his new niece or nephew. With the Duchess of Cambridge now overdue for the birth of her second child, the prince will not be able to meet the new royal baby until he returns to this country in mid May.

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  • $50M Lotto Max mystery deepens as BCLC tries to verify winner

    "It is unusual," said BCLC spokeswoman Laura Piva-Babcock. In the meantime, the promise of the hidden jackpot sparked a lawsuit between members of a Shoppers Drug Mart lottery pool who believe one of their group was hiding the ticket.

  • Grandma's agony over poison pen letters she's received for EIGHT years

    Kathleen Fortun, 72, who lost her hearing after a bout of meningitis as a child, has received the poison pen letters to her St Brelades, Jersey home. The cruel notes, which are typed in handwritten envelopes, started arriving in 2008, and are sent twice a year, but she says police are baffled as to who is sending them.

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  • Britain's buffest twins have trained together every day for 20 years

    Meet the two identical twins who are have become superstars of the health and fitness industry, having started training together at the age of just 15. Delroy and Trevor Thomas, 35, from east London have trained together every day for 20 years in pursuit of the most outstanding natural physiques. Architect Delroy, and civil engineer Trevor, both from Woodford Green, both took home titles at the Miami Pro World fitness championships with Delroy awarded an MP Pro card and Trevor winning an MP Elite Pro card.

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  • Woman covered in awful tattoos after letting fiancé practise on her

    When Jessica Preston, 25, from Kent met her now-fiancé Daniel, his numerous inkings were a major part of the attraction. The creations, which include two butterflies, three cornflowers and a Chinese character, were done over three years and cover most of her back.

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  • The Invincible Yard: 12 Ideas for Lazy Landscaping (13 photos)

    Some people love the backbreaking business of tending to lawn and garden. Then there’s the rest of us—who’d rather relax and let that little piece of heaven largely take care of itself. Ahead, easy ways to make your outdoor space the envy of the neighborhood

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  • Baltimore riots raise questions about police response; National Guard troops called in

    National Guard troops fanned out through the city, shield-bearing police officers blocked the streets and firefighters doused still-simmering blazes early Tuesday as a growing area of Baltimore shuddered from riots following the funeral of a black man who died in police custody. The violence that started in West Baltimore on Monday afternoon — within a mile of where Freddie Gray was arrested and placed into a police van earlier this month — had by midnight spread to East Baltimore and neighbourhoods close to downtown and near the baseball stadium. It was one of the most volatile outbreaks of violence prompted by a police-involved death since the days of protests that followed the death of Michael Brown, an unarmed black man who was shot and killed during a confrontation with a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, last summer.

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  • Bruce Willis Surprises Rumer During DWTS Rehearsal

    Rumer Willis has wowed on Dancing With the Stars but slipped last week in points. While Rumer and Val were in New York for a rehearsal, her famous father, Bruce Willis dropped by to surprise her. Interestingly, when asked if he would ever be a part of a show like Dancing with the Stars, the Die Hard star said, "I don't think so. I thought about it. I put myself in that, what you guys do. I wouldn't make it."

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  • Halifax airport investment could take off, says tourism head

    The head of the Tourism Industry Association Of Nova Scotia says the traditional family road trip is a thing of the past and the province needs to rethink its approach to attracting visitors. Glen Squires says more investment in Halifax's Stanfield Airport will go a long way in helping the province's tourism industry. "If we think about it in the context of Cape Breton, if we have those flights coming into Halifax it's reasonable to think that there are going to be more flights put on to the Sydney area plus people are going to rent cars," he said.

  • Feces, mould and salmonella found by CFIA before 2014 Country Ribbon licence suspension

    The Canadian Food Inspection Agency identified serious concerns about sanitation and the safety of chicken produced by a Newfoundland processing operation before suspending the company's licence last fall. CBC News used access to information to obtain documents that shed light on problems found by federal inspectors at the Country Ribbon facility in St. John's. The 600 pages of records show that, before the suspension, inspectors with the CFIA — the federal agency that regulates food safety — found feces on chicken parts, and mould and dried blood on equipment.

  • Man pops huge cyst using a needle, pliers and a screwdriver

    This gruesome video shows how a man popped a huge cyst in his arm with a needle, screwdriver and a pair of pliers. The man, known only as Jason, from Vancouver, uploaded the clip to YouTube after his wife filmed the stomach-churning moment.

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  • 'DWTS': Elimination Shocker

    "Dancing with the Stars" had the biggest shock of the season so far on Monday night, when a strong team was sent home. Despite impressive progress over the weeks, "Hunger Games" actress Willow Shields, and her partner, Mark Ballas, were eliminated from the competition. "It is what it is," Mark said, speaking for the pair after receiving the disappointing news (Willow, 14, was understandably emotional over their elimination).

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  • Buffalo Airways plane overweight when it crash landed at airport

    Engine failure and an overloaded plane were to blame for a crash landing of a Buffalo Airways plane at the Yellowknife airport in August 2013, according to the Transportation Safety Board. The TSB released its investigation report today. On Aug. 19, the Buffalo Airways DC-3 was loaded with 21 passengers heading to Hay River.

  • New car deposit almost lost by Calgary couple

    A Calgary couple is sharing their buyer beware story after almost losing a deposit they put on a new car. Sonia Ambrosio and her husband went to Sunridge Nissan one weekend to replace the fob for their 13-year-old car.

  • R.D. Longard Services convicted in Christopher Boyle's death

    Christopher Boyle, 39, was killed in 2013 when he touched a 600-volt electrical panel. On May 21 2013, Boyle was working on an electrical panel on his back when he reached up into the box, electrocuting himself. On Monday, Judge Anne Derrick found R.D. Longard guilty of two violations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

  • Snake coils itself around tree and climbs trunk in truly bizarre way

    A large snake showed off its unique ability to climb trees and it is both fascinating and slightly unnerving. Filmed in what is believed to be Thailand, the body of the snake, which has been identified as a reticulated python, is wrapped around the trunk of a tree. Moving quickly, the top half of the snake ascends the trunk, while the bottom half of it stays coiled lower down.

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  • Laid-off IOC janitors have mopped up 'more tears than dirt'

    In one fell swoop, the Iron Ore Company of Canada completely eliminated an entire job classification at its sprawling operations in Labrador City earlier this month, meaning some of the longest serving — and mostly female — employees with the company will lose their livelihoods on June 14.

  • London schoolgirls who joined ISIS tweet of new 'jihadi bride' lives

    London schoolgirl Amira Abase, 15, has tweeted from inside the Islamic State for the first time, bragging about a western-style takeaway dinner of including fried chicken, chips, pizza and kebab.

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  • Kris Humphries: 'Glad I Got Out'

    Many celebrities took to social media to cheer Bruce Jenner on following his transgender revelation, but Kris Humphries' reaction seemed less than supportive. The athlete – who was married to Bruce's stepdaughter, Kim Kardashian, for 72 days back in 2011

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