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    Scary Mommy

    Ohio ‘Karen’ Argues Over Wearing A Mask At Planet Fitness

    She wants to exercise, dammit, and she wants to do so on her terms.

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    Trump erroneously says 1918 Spanish Flu 'probably ended' WWII, which happened two decades later

    "The closest thing is in 1917, they say, the great pandemic. It certainly was a terrible thing where they lost anywhere from 50 to 100 million people, probably ended the Second World War," Trump said. "All the soldiers were sick. That was a terrible situation."

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    Canadian Sportcaster Dan O'Toole Returns to TV After Claiming His Infant Daughter Was 'Taken'

    Last month, Canadian sports anchor Dan O'Toole claimed his 1-month-old daughter Oakland was missing before being eventually found safe

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    Yahoo Life

    'This is an ominous wake-up call': More than 97,000 kids test positive for coronavirus over 2-week period, study shows

    “We’ve kind of avoided that in the past because children are less severely affected,” one expert says. “But we’re learning that children can be infected and they will shed the virus.” 

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    Man raising money to pay mom's rent left speechless by stranger outside Target: 'Excuse me?'

    The young man, named Kevin, was standing outside a Nashville Target store playing violin with a sign reading “Need to help my mom with rent, God bless,” on Aug. 9.

  • Yahoo News

    Kerala plane crash: Pictures depict the horrific turn of events

    The Air India Express flight from Dubai with 190 on board overshot the tabletop runway at Kozhikode airport on Friday night while landing in heavy rains and fell into a valley 35 feet below and broke into two, killing at least 18 people.(Text - PTI, Photo courtesy - Getty Images)

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    People are just realizing that both of Rita Ora's parents are white, and now she's being accused of 'blackfishing'

    The 29-year-old British singer is Albanian, but has repeatedly worn Black hairstyles, like cornrows and box braids.