VIDEO: The 50 best Super Bowl commercials so far

This year’s batch of amazing ads features a different look at everyone from Serena Williams to the late Marilyn Monroe.

  • Regina family's dream vacation in Cuba turns to 'nightmare'

    Members of a Regina family say their dream vacation in Cuba "turned into a nightmare". "Everything was great for the first few days," Kelly Morrison said in a news release. On the morning of Jan. 30, Morrison opened their hotel room safe and found her wedding rings and money was nowhere to be found.

  • Free Real Estate Event in NYC Feb. 2-6!

    Join us for Than Merrill's, the star of A&E's 'Flip this House', free 2 hour training event in the New York City area. Register before seats are gone!

  • This Is Seriously Bad News For Salmon-Lovers

    The parasite problem is only the start of it...

  • Indonesian 'Tree Man' Dies Aged 42 After Years Of Battling Rare Illness

    A Indonesian man who was dubbed ‘Tree Man’ due to the warts covering his body has died after a long battle with the incurable condition causing the growths. Dede Koswara, 42, suffered from an extremely rare disease known as Lewandowsky-Lutz dysplasia - responsible for causing huge scaly warts resembling tree bark to cover his body. Dede’s battle with the condition was so severe that the warts are believed to have weighed more than 13lbs.

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  • Louisville announces post-season ban for men's basketball

    The president of Louisville announced a one-year post-season ban Friday for the Cardinals men's basketball team amid ongoing investigations into a sex scandal, a decision that stunned coach Rick Pitino. President James Ramsey said at a news conference that an investigation revealed violations did occur when the school reviewed allegations by an escort that a former Louisville staffer paid her and other dancers to strip and have sex with recruits and players. Ramsey said the ban is for all post-season tournaments, including the NCAA and the Atlantic Coast Conference tournaments.

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  • This Man Falling Asleep At Work Resulted In An Epic Photoshop Battle

    If you’ve ever wanted to sneak in an afternoon nap while you’re at work, you might want to avoid doing it where anyone will spot you.

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  • Some refugees turning down housing options in Ottawa, centre says

    A lack of affordable housing and desires to be settled close to other refugees and mosques are complicating the search for permanent homes for incoming families, according to Carl Nicholson, executive director of the Catholic Centre for Immigrants. Only half of the more than 600 government sponsored refugees who have arrived in Ottawa since Dec. 31 have found homes.

  • 2 planes crash in mid-air, plunge into ocean off LA

    Two small planes collided in midair Friday and plunged into the ocean off of Los Angeles harbour. The planes collided at around 3:30 p.m. and apparently went into the water about two miles outside the harbour entrance, U.S. Coast Guard and other officials said. "They found both a partial tail number and then a second tail number," Los Angeles County lifeguard Capt. Ken Haskett said.

    The Canadian Press
  • Michelle Schroth dropped by family doctor over walk-in clinic visits

    Schroth took a photo of the letter and uploaded it to social media. In a letter, the physician wrote he decided to drop Schroth as a patient after his office received copies of walk-in clinic visits. "One of the conditions of my taking over your care as your family doctor was that you try if at all possible to avoid using other clinics and keep your medical care at our office," the doctor wrote.

  • Mother and Infant Son Die From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning As Dad Shovels Out Car

    ​​Their deaths were the result of a tragic accident that could happen to anyone. 

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  • Forget Everything You Know About Folding Clothes And Do This Instead

    You'll save so much more time, and who doesn't love that?

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  • 11-year-old boy convicted of killing 8-year-old girl

    WATE-TV ( ) reports that Jefferson County Juvenile Court judge Dennis "Will" Roach II this week found the boy guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced him to state custody until he turns 19. The boy is currently in detention and being evaluated as to where he should be placed, said Rob Johnson, a spokesman for the Department of Children's Services.

    The Canadian Press
  • This Insane Fact About Store-Bought Eggs Is Going Viral

    How did we not know this gross truth? ​

  • Anger grows over Vancouver's vacant homes

    Thu, Feb 4: There's simmering anger over the number of multi-million dollar homes in Metro Vancouver that are just sitting empty. Some of them are even slowly rotting. Nadia Stewart looks at the consequences of this growing reality.

    Global News
  • Larry Bird: Not 'many 7-footers walking around at the age of 75'

    The NBA legend is among many former players now staring down old age, as the league attempts to support its retirees.

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  • No one submits verified claim for $63 million lotto jackpot

    Luck may have run out for the winner of a California Lottery jackpot: The person has apparently let $63 million slip away. Nobody showed up at a state lottery office by 5 p.m. Thursday with the ticket or submitted a verified claim for the prize, lottery spokesman Alex Traverso said. A lawsuit filed Wednesday in Los Angeles seeks to have a judge declare a winner.

    The Canadian Press
  • Protester Hits MP In Face With Pink Sex Toy

    Steven Joyce, 52, was holding a press conference in Waitangi when a woman yelled: “That’s for raping our sovereignty”. The minister had been speaking with reporters about Prime Minister John Key’s decision not to attend Friday’s event for Waitangi Day, which marks the signing of a treaty between New Zealand’s settlers and the Maori people.

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  • 13 Mistakes Not to Make If You Ever Want to Sell Your Home (13 photos)

    If you plan to sell your home someday (and most people do), it's important to always consider the long-term consequences of short-term design decisions. Remember, when it comes to resale value, timeless trumps trendy every time. So, before you install a state-of-the-art sports court, invest in a luxury hot tub, or convert your garage into extra living space, keep in mind the following complaints home buyers often express about certain home enhancements. | By Jill Lawrence-O'Hara,

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  • Edmonton's 'second-hand' housing market heats up

    Business is booming for an Edmonton company which gives properties destined for the wrecking ball a second chance. Using hydraulic jacks and a complicated series of dollies and cranes, Nomad Building Movers will painstakingly lift old homes, barns or buildings from their original foundations and relocate them, intact, to a new property. "In Edmonton, we buy used houses and then we find buyers in the rural areas, and move them out and set them up on a new foundation," said owner Tim Willcox during a Friday morning interview on Edmonton AM.

  • Police try to calm Chinatown fears ahead of Lunar New Year

    "This is a one-off, this is not something that's happening in Chinatown and Kensington Market on a regular basis," Greenaway told the news conference. "The Chinatown community is still safe for visitors, residents and businesses alike," added Tony Yu, chair of the Chinatown Business Association.

  • Questions abound after dead hoarder found buried in debris

    Investigators are trying to figure out how a man wound up dead and buried in hoarded debris inside his Downtown Eastside room. Vancouver police, firefighters, and paramedics were called to the third floor of the four-storey building at 651 E Hastings St. late Wednesday night after reports of an unpleasant smell. Battalion Chief Terry Nikolai with Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services said officials suspected someone had died inside one of the rooms, but it had to be confirmed.