VIDEO: Guilty pit bull can’t hide shame over chewed shoe

A man in Argentina came home to find his insole chewed up, and when he confronted his two dogs it wasn’t hard to see who the culprit was!

  • 'Why do we have 4 car seats?': Saskatoon man uses family pictures, sarcasm to respond to federal tax review

    It looks like Devin Dubois is headed back to his family photo albums for the second year in a row to provide evidence for a federal tax review. In 2014, during a tax review, the Canada Revenue Agency asked Dubois for a wide range of information— including proof that he and his wife were Canadian citizens.

  • Boy in the background suffers bovine brutality while reporter interviews friend

    A television news camera caught him being tossed about between two cows who had had just about enough of his grandstanding - and now the internet is going wild.. As his friend answers the TV interviewers questions, the boy walks into frame and smacks one of the cows on its hind quarters, then begins throwing elbows. Finally, a woman steps in and frees him from his cow cage, while his friend stays stone faced and focused on his interview.

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  • What would Jackie Robinson think about Colin Kaepernick’s protest?

    There are no simple answers in the Colin Kaepernick debate. Wrapped inside of Kaepernick’s protest — a refusal to stand for the National Anthem because he believes this country oppresses blacks and other minorities — is decades of sports context that has pushed its way to the surface. You shouldn’t think about Kaepernick without thinking about Tommie Smith and John Carlos raising their fists on the Olympic podium or about Muhammad Ali’s defiant stance against war or Jackie Robinson’s segregation-challenging journey to the big leagues.

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  • Search under way as EgyptAir flight disappears

    NBC's Kelly Cobiella is in London with the latest on the EgyptAir flight which disappeared from radar over the Mediterranean.

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  • Free At Last: Stricken Animals Finally Rescued From ‘World’s Worst Zoo’ In Gaza (13 photos)

    Members of the international animal welfare charity, Four Paws, embarked on a mission to rescue the survivors of a zoo in Khan Yunis, Gaza, left in horrific conditions. The selfless efforts from Four Paws means that the  ‘the worst zoo in the world’ is now effectively closed after it was damaged in the Israeli attacks on Gaza. Among the appalling conditions were mummified carcasses of animals that were put on displayed in cages to keep the numbers up. The charity saved 15 animals including one tiger, a porcupine, five monkeys and an emu, which are now all being taken abroad for a ‘better life’. 

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  • Mother, 4-year-old daughter killed in 2-car crash in Markham

    A mother and her four-year old child are dead following a two-car crash in Markham on Monday morning.

  • Chicago Story: Trump sends GOP donors spinning

    Ron Gidwitz, Dan Webb and William Kunkler are veteran Republicans — and friends — from Chicago's political money circuit. Gidwitz is hosting fundraisers for Donald Trump. Webb wrote a big check for Hillary Clinton.

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  • 'Hoping he didn't shoot me': Armed fugitive surprises home owner with pump action shotgun in hand

    Matt Root from Brisbane says Ben Goring held a gun to his head after he came home to discover the allegedly dangerous fugitive wearing his clothes and drinking his beer in his home. “I was really just hoping he didn’t shoot me,” Mr Root said. Matt Root says Ben Andrew Goring had a pump action shotgun hidden in a guitar case in his home.

  • Women bare breasts for gender equality on GoTopless Day

    GoTopless Day is celebrated annually on the Sunday closest to Women's Equality Day, marking the day American women earned the right to vote. A few dozen women, and some men, went topless Sunday afternoon as they walked down Broadway in New York City. The event in New York City was one of several planned for cities across the globe.

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  • Hungover customer brings heaps of business to struggling Alberta fish and chip shop

    Up until a few days ago, business was "absolutely terrible" at John McMillan's little fish and chips shop in Lethbridge, Alta. "I had a few drinks the night before and I was feeling like some grease," Colin Ross told the Calgary Eyeopener on Friday.

  • Here are the secret ingredients to 7 famous recipes

    Why are McDonald's fries so addictive and what makes KFC's chicken finger lickin' good?

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  • Malia Obama Could Have Easily Stolen These Shoes From Her Mom's Closet

    Coming back from vacation can be slightly less than thrilling, but a great way to ease back into reality? With a cute yet comfy posttrip outfit, much like the ones Michelle and Malia Obama wore when returning from Martha's Vineyard. The stylish mother-daughter duo both opted to rock breezy shirtdresses — an Everlane dress for Malia — pairing them with the perfect travel shoe: Converse sneakers. Their footwear choice further proved how versatile Converse can be — and made us wonder if Malia borrowed those high-tops from Michelle's growing collection. Scroll through to see their travel ensembles in full, then shop these classic kicks for yourself.

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  • Knocking on door of suspected drunk driver violated rights, court rules

    A police officer who knocked on the door of a suspected drunk driver six years ago violated the man's charter rights, so he must be found "not guilty," Saskatchewan's highest court says. The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal recently ruled on the case of John Scott Rogers, who was acquitted of impaired driving at provincial court but was later ordered to stand trial again. A provincial court judge initially said knocking on someone's door while looking for evidence can be considered an unconstitutional search, violating charter-protected privacy rights, so the evidence had to be thrown out.

  • WATCH: The man behind the 'greatest dunk ever' shocked a couple of NBA legends with a jaw-dropping showcase

    Dunk sorceror Jordan Kilganon is back. Kilganon is a 23-year-old professional dunker from Ontario, Canada. He hit the big-time during this year’s NBA All-Star weekend when he dunked in jeans. He got that invite on the back of landing his “Lost and Found” dunk in 2015, which is more commonly known as the greatest dunk ever: Now another video has popped up showing Kilganon perhaps not-so-randomly picked from the audience at NBA House by host and NBA legend Gary Payton. Helping out with proceedings was three-time NBA All Star Glen Rice – and neither could have predicted what happened next:

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  • Mom who died saving son kept him above water until rescue

    A mother was enjoying a family boat trip across Lake Powell when she heard a scream and splash. Chelsey Russell, a 35-year-old mother of two from Lakewood, Colorado, jumped in to rescue her son. Officials with Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, which encompasses the 186-mile-long lake along the Utah-Arizona border, said the boy was in stable condition and flown to a hospital about 200 miles away in Flagstaff, Arizona, as a precaution.

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  • You Won’t Believe Lotto Winner’s Shocking List Of Rules For Boyfriend’s Ibiza Holiday

    Lottery winner Jane Park likes to keep her man on a tight leash - including when he’s away with the lads in Ibiza. The 20-year-old has posted a list of “Ibiza rules” for boyfriend Connor George on Facebook, under the heading ‘Psycho Jane at it again’. Jane has even designed a special t-shirt for her boyfriend of two months to wear, which includes a lovely picture of them together, as well as one of Jane looking menacing.

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  • Russian tennis chief says Maria Sharapova may never play again

    The tennis star tested positive for a banned drug at the Australian Open in January.

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  • US swimmer Lochte's legal troubles mount in Brazil

    Brazilian police charged American swimmer Ryan Lochte on Thursday with filing a false robbery report over an incident during the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. A police statement said Lochte would be informed in the United States so he could decide whether to introduce a defence in Brazil. The indictment will also be sent to the International Olympic Committee's ethics commission, it said.

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  • Hailey Baldwin Looks Like She's Wearing a Simple Swimsuit — Until You Spot This Little Detail

    Sadly, the Summer — along with its beach, pool, and sun-filled days — is coming to a close. But while many are making the most out of their favorite swimsuits, celebrities are still breaking out brand-new options. Take Hailey Baldwin, for instance, who 'grammed a pic of a green one-piece while celebrating her pal Kylie Jenner's 19th birthday. At first glance, the sleek, high-cut Zigilane design looks pretty sexy — in a simple way. But a quick look at the side and you'll spot a few statement-making cutouts, taking Hailey's beachside look to the next level. Take another look at the It model's suit ahead, then shop some similar options before Fall rolls on in.

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  • Demanding Dog Really Wants a Biscuit

    Cooper, the young shih tzu in this video, has discovered that pressing a button results in the word ‘biscuit’ being said out loud in a way humans can understand. Cooper has also figured out that this usually means treats for him. As a result, he presses the button very enthusiastically. Credit: YouTube/Cooper The Shih Tzu