VIDEO: Warthog surprises leopard and thwarts attack

Most animals would probably run in fear from a leaping leopard, but the big cat soon meets its match in this wild pig's tusks.

  • Google executive Dan Fredinburg among hundreds dead from Nepal earthquake

    Dan Fredinburg, a Google executive who described himself as an adventurer, was among the hundreds who died in a massive earthquake that struck Nepal on Saturday. Google confirmed his death. Lawrence You, the company's director of privacy, posted online that Fredinburg was in Nepal with three other Google employees climbing Mount Everest.

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  • Kris Humphries: 'Glad I Got Out'

    Many celebrities took to social media to cheer Bruce Jenner on following his transgender revelation, but Kris Humphries' reaction seemed less than supportive. The athlete – who was married to Bruce's stepdaughter, Kim Kardashian, for 72 days back in 2011

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  • Miracle of the Mengele babies: Auschwitz prisoners hid pregnancies

    Dr Josef Mengele conducted experiments at Auschwitz and sent thousands to their deaths. Anka Nathanova (pictured) lied about her pregnancy and raised her baby in the death camp.

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  • Flames come back twice to beat Canucks, move on to face Ducks

    Just as everyone predicted, Karri Ramo was the change the Calgary Flames needed to push them over the edge and into the second round. The only playoff action Ramo had seen as of late was for five minutes of garbage time of Game 2 when the game was out of hand. About two minutes after entering the game, Ramo gave up a power play goal to Radim Vrbata, extending the Canucks lead to 3-0.

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  • Couple's anger after lifetime of paying off their mortgage is wasted

    A couple who spent a lifetime paying off their mortgage have said it was a waste of time after a council scheme to sell neighbouring homes for just £1 has turned the street into a 'ghetto'. Linda and George Hunter, who raised their four children in their home in Garrick Street, Wavertree, Liverpool, became mortgage free around 15 years ago.

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  • Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky Look So in Love It Hurts

    Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky are all about sharing sweet snaps of their three children, India, Tristan, and Sasha, but what might be even cuter are the pictures of just them as a duo. Start scrolling to see Chris and Elsa's picture-perfect couple pics and then check out all the most ridiculously hot images of Chris.

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  • Who are the 10 facing execution in Indonesia? - BBC News

    Ten prisoners convicted of drug offenses in Indonesia are facing execution by firing squad. Pleas for leniency from their families and diplomats have been rejected by President Joko Widodo. In 2006, a court in Bali found him guilty of being the ringleader of the Bali Nine - a group of Australians arrested in Bali with more that 18lb (8.3kg) of heroin.

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  • Russell Crowe: 'I Didn't Get Married to Get Divorced'

    Russell Crowe sat down with Charlie Rose on CBS This Morning to talk about his latest film, The Water Diviner. When Rose asked him about the end of his 9-year-marriage to Danielle Spencer, Crowe pointed out that they weren't officially divorced, Rose asked if he was hoping to reconcile. Crowe replied, "I didn't get married to get divorced."

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  • Man who TOOK the photo that sent the internet into a frenzy speaks out

    The father of the little girl who starred in a photograph that sent the internet into a frenzy because of a mystery pair of boots has 'no idea' what the object could be.

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  • Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Break Silence On Netflix's Full House Reboot: Will They Sign On?

    You got it, dude! Though it seemed like quite a reach, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen may actually be signing on for the upcoming Full House reboot. The twins, who split the role of little Michelle Tanner in the beloved family show, acknowledged Netflix's plans for a Full House spin-off in a new interview with Women's Wear Daily. "We just found out about it today," Mary-Kate told WWD.

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  • 7 Herbs That Clean the House (8 photos)

    If you’re a cook—or just a person who likes to eat—you already know how herbs can make any dish taste better. But you may not know that herbs can also work outside the kitchen and all around the house as cleaners. Click through for 7 multitasking herbs

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  • Highway 400 closed after fatal crash on icy roads

    The crash happened north of Highway 89 near Innisfil at about 2:15 a.m. Sgt Kerry Schmidt told CP24 the northbound truck lost control on the slippery surface and "punched through" the centre wall and struck the southbound Mustang. He said the woman in the car was pronounced dead at the scene.

  • Ukrainian oligarch worth £13billion becomes Britain's richest man

    The company's artists include Green Day, Metallica and Bruno Mars - the latter of which was reportedly paid $1.25million to play at Blavatnik's daughters bat mitzvah. In February, he bought Parlophone Records, the once legendary record label, for £500 million. Parlophone has the likes of Coldplay, Tinie Tempah and Blur on its roster and Blavatnik’s purchase makes him an even stronger power in the music game.

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  • U.S. border officers could face Canadian justice for serious crimes under pact

    A U.S. border officer who commits an on-duty crime in Canada would generally face justice in an American court under a new binational agreement. The arrangement will expand the American customs presence on Canadian soil and is expected to see Canada establish similar operations in the United States. In the rail mode, for example, this could mean preclearing passengers and their luggage in Canada before travellers leave the train station, thereby avoiding a stop at the Canada-U.S. border, the federal government says.

    The Canadian Press
  • Black Widow Slut-Shamed?

    "Avengers: Age of Ultron" stars Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner have apologized after mocking Scarlett Johansson's character Black Widow. Scarlett Johansson in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ (Marvel) On Wednesday, the actors were asked by Digital Spy about

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  • Women held captive for decade in Cleveland house recount chains, manipulation in new memoir

    When Amanda Berry's toddler daughter had night terrors and started screaming and running around the room, Berry couldn't always get to her — because she was chained and couldn't move that far. Big, heavy chains were a regular part of Berry's life for years as she, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight were held captive in a Cleveland home by Ariel Castro before finally escaping in 2013. "We are free, we love life," the women said in the note to readers at the beginning of "Hope: A Memoir of Survival in Cleveland," which they wrote with journalists Mary Jordan and Kevin Sullivan.

    The Canadian Press
  • A killer's mother knows the pain facing Steven O'Shaughnessy's family

    Shirley Wourms knows the torment and pain of grieving for a son who killed his family and himself. Every time she hears about a murder-suicide on the news, Wourms has a physical and emotional reaction. This week, the quadruple homicide of Latasha Gosling and her three children in Tisdale, Sask., and the apparent suicide of the man responsible, Steven O'Shaughnessy, had the same effect.

  • Alien hunter says he can see 'a bunker, people and missiles' on Mars

    From alien coffins to fossilised lizards, conspiracy theorists believe they have found all manner of strange items in Nasa's images of Mars. Now, one alien hunter claims to have spotted what he believes to be a bunker on the red planet, with armed people peering out of its windows. Andre Gignac says he made the 'stunning discovery' in a photograph released by Nasa and taken by the Mars rover Opportunity.

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  • Contestants catch and kill endangered crocodile on Bear Grylls show

    Starved to the point of desperation after two days without food, this is the moment male contestants on Bear Grylls' new show slaughtered a protected crocodile while filming it for television. The troubling scenes, which show the contestants pouncing on the animal before driving a knife through the back of its skull, were broadcast on tonight's episode of The Island.

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  • ISIS killers hug men accused of being gay before stoning them death

    Depraved militants fighting for the Islamic State in Syria have brutally stoned two gay men to death only seconds after they were photographed embracing and 'forgiving' them. The shocking images were taken in ISIS-held territory in the province of Homs and show the two accused men being savagely executed by up to four jihadis.

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