• Demi Lovato Talks Awkward Grammy Night in See-Through Dress With Dad as Her Date

    Prior to her stellar performance of the Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive” at the Grammy Awards, Demi Lovato walked the red carpet in a stunning, almost completely see-through dress. Lovato appeared on Ellen Wednesday, where she talked about why that dress made for an awkward evening: Her date for the night was her dad.

  • Senior Trump appointee fired after critical comments

    A senior Trump administration official was fired following criticism in a private speech of President Donald Trump's policies and his inner circle of advisers. Craig Deare, whom Trump appointed a month ago to head the National Security Council's Western Hemisphere division, was on Friday escorted out of the Executive Office Building, where he worked in Washington. A senior White House official confirmed that Deare is no longer working at the NSC and has returned to the position he previously held at the National Defence University.

  • Caretaker performed sexy dance on 100-year-old with dementia

    A caretaker at an assisted living centre who police say was filmed performing a sexually provocative dance on a 100-year-old resident was doing it as a prank and trying to make the man feel good, her attorney said. Brittany Fultz, 26, pleaded not guilty to gross sexual imposition Tuesday. Investigators said the man has dementia, but Fultz's attorney said the resident could have told her to stop but didn't.

  • Wilmer Valderrama Becomes the Highest-Winning Celeb on ‘Price Is Right’ Celebrity Charity Week

    Wilmer Valderrama was Tuesday’s guest for The Price Is Right Celebrity Charity week, where the NCIS star set a new record for most money won for charity. Valderrama walked away with over $83,000 for Voto Latino, a charity that helps encourage and register Latinos and young people to vote. Valderrama was careful not to push too hard for what he thought should be done, instead letting the contestants decide their fates, and that strategy definitely worked out for the best.

  • Kate Upton Gets a Swimsuit Lesson From Stephen Colbert

    On Tuesday, Kate Upton visited "The Late Show" to show Stephen Colbert her very revealing "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit Issue covers. Colbert noticed that she technically isn’t wearing a bathing suit in any of them.

  • Man bent on killing as many co-workers as he could at Edmonton warehouse: Crown

    A Crown prosecutor says an Edmonton man accused of murdering two co-workers and wounding others during a "stabbing spree" at a grocery warehouse in 2014 planned to kill anyone he could find. Jayme Pasieka, 32, faces 10 charges including first-degree murder and attempted murder. Prosecutor Kim Goddard told the jury that the Crown intends to prove that Pasieka, dressed all in black with a knife in each hand, randomly slashed and stabbed workers as he walked through a huge Loblaws complex on Feb. 28, 2014.

  • Angry shoveller chases snowplow that dumped load at end of just-cleared driveway

    A Fredericton homeowner frustrated when a plow operator dumped a load of snow at the end of his driveway succumbed to shovel rage, city officials say - chasing the loader up his suburban street, shovel swinging. "The homeowner was not happy," said Mike Walker, the city's manager of roadway operations, who told a city committee this week about the Feb. 13 incident. The plow passed by, clearing the roadway but leaving a heavy windrow as the man shovelled his driveway, Walker said in an interview Wednesday.