Toronto boy with cancer wants people to hug each other

As Sebastian Yanquelevech has brain surgery today for the second time, he wants people to replicate how his family have gotten through their struggles.

  • To Explain Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight, ‘Rogue Pilot’ Seems Likeliest Theory

    The retired chief pilot of Malaysia Airlines is torn between logic and loyalty to an old friend. Nik Huzlan, 56, was one of the first captains to fly the 12-year-old Boeing 777 that disappeared over the Indian Ocean a year ago this Sunday.

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  • Harrison Ford’s Son Ben Gives ‘OK’ Status Update After Plane Crash

    Harrison Ford’s Son Ben Gives ‘OK’ Status Update After Plane Crash Harrison Ford's son Ben took to Twitter to share an update on his dad's condition!

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  • Kendall Jenner Did the Unthinkable: She Smiled on the Runway at Paris Fashion Week!

    Changing the game! Helping to launch Paris Fashion Week, Kendall Jenner hit the H&M runway in the City of Light on Wednesday, March 4, and for once, she donned the one accessory you're never fully dressed without: a smile! PHOTOS: Kendall's best runway

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  • IS 'bulldozes' Iraq ancient site

    Islamic State (IS) militants have begun bulldozing the ruins of the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud, Iraqi government officials say. The ministry of tourism says IS used heavy machinery to destroy the site - one of the most celebrated jewels of Iraq's archaeological heritage. Nimrud, which was founded in the 13th Century BC, lies about 30km (18 miles) south-east of Mosul. Last week, IS released a video apparently showing militants with sledgehammers destroying historic artefacts in a museum in Mosul.

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  • Woman assaulted in north Edmonton, second attack in 24 hrs

    Twenty-four hours after warning the public about a sexual assault in a north-side Edmonton neighbourhood, police issued a second bulletin about another attack. Edmonton police said Wednesday night’s assault happened in the parking lot outside an apartment building. Staff Sgt. Shawna Grimes with the EPS sexual assault section said police have not linked the two incidents but are investigating that possibility.

  • A grocery chain no one talks about is becoming Whole Foods' biggest threat

    (Associated Press) Kroger's strategy is helping it buck trends in the industry. Kroger is also expected to surpass Whole Foods Market within two years and become the nation's top seller of organic and natural food, according to a recent report by JPMorgan Chase. Much like Costco and Aldi, Kroger mainly offers private-label products, keeping prices low.

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  • Windsor library woman fired by employer,says lawyer for U.S. webcam sex provider

    The woman who made raunchy sex shows for an online audience in public places, believed to include public libraries in Windsor, Ont., has been fired by her employer. Lawyer Lawrence Walters of Walters Law Group in Longwood, Fla., says the woman was a contract model for website Police say they are confident some of the videos were shot at Windsor library branches, and that the woman would cover up when people walked past.

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  • Former Dalhousie students pitch it big on Dragons’ Den with innovative alcohol bottles

    Two-and-a-half years ago, then Dalhousie University student and hopeful entrepreneur Daniel Bartek could only dream of pitching his product idea on CBC’s hit show Dragons’ Den. Last April, that dream became reality when Bartek, along with his co-founders Cam McDonald and Bobby Besant, got the chance to pitch their new company, Sage Mixology, which sells uniquely bottled alcohol that separates booze from juice so customers can enjoy a fresh cocktail from the comfort of their own homes. “It was a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Bartek said Thursday, less than a week before the episode goes to air. “At the end of the day I think we held our ground really well,” Bartek recalled.

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  • 28 Million-Year-Old Fossil Human Jaw Of The 'First Human' Found In Ethiopia

    A team of scientists has discovered a rare human jaw fossil in Ethiopia, which is believed to date back to 2.8 million years ago. The fossil is believed to belong to the oldest identified member of the human family, Homo habilis, and a predecessor of the modern-day Homo sapiens. According to the scientists, the newly discovered artefact is a key link that could solve the puzzle of evolutionary gap that exists between the apelike human ancestors and the modern human. The latest fossil, called LD 350-1, is the biggest milestone achieved in the fossil discovery after a fossil dating back to 2.3 million years was found.

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  • These 15 mega-yachts are worth $5.5 billion — here are the lucky men who own them

    (1000zen / Flickr) Yacht ownership has always been a beloved hobby of the well to do. But the recent phenomenon of the mega-yacht — sometimes called the superyacht — has taken it to a whole new level. With prices ranging from $200 million to a incredible

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  • Justin Bieber's Roasters Revealed

    Justin Bieber – are you sure you want to go through with this Roast? Comedy Central announced the names of celebrities and comedians who will be skewering the headline-making pop star and it's on! ranks the roasters based on how

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  • Here's Mark Zuckerberg's one tip for hiring employees

    Mark Zuckerberg speaks at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, Spain. Over the past 11 years, Mark Zuckerberg has built a $200 billion company with more than 9,000 employees everywhere from Austin to Auckland, Washington D.C. to Warsaw. Zuckerberg has revealed his one rule for hiring at the Mobile World Congress tech conference held in Barcelona, the Telegraph reports.

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  • Kristin Cavallari Calls Out NFL Player Kyle Long After He Says Olivia Munn is Hotter

    This WAG is wagging her finger no! Kristin Cavallari called out her husband's teammate Kyle Long via Twitter on Wednesday, Mar. 4, after the NFL player implied that Olivia Munn was hotter. Long, 26, hosted an informal Twitter Q&A after fans who were worried that the Chicago Bears guard and Jay Cutler's teammate would be traded to the Philadelphia Eagles.

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  • Jared Leto Goes Platinum at the Same Event Kim Kardashian Debuted Her Blonde Hair: See the Dramatic Makeover!

    Kim Kardashian may have debuted platinum blonde locks at the Balmain fashion show in Paris on Thursday, March 5, but she wasn't the only one to prove her blonde ambition that day. Just 72 hours after revealing that he chopped his long, ombre locks, Jared Leto debuted bright, white-blonde hair, too—and at the same exact event! Not that Leto—who's rocked blonde hair before, most notably during his Fight Club days—is letting on one way or the other.

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  • Ernest Azoadam's party bus death still a mystery to heartbroken family

    A B.C. family is heartbroken after a year-long coroner's investigation into Ernest Azoadam's death resulted in a page-and-a-half long report that does not explain why the 16-year-old suddenly dropped dead on a party bus in Surrey in 2013. "It has been so baffling to me to read — a one-year report, a one-and-a-half page document by the coroner is a disgrace," said Timothy Azoadam, who still does not know what killed his youngest son. The coroner's report into the death concluded he died of undetermined causes after he joined 30 friends on a party bus in Surrey on Feb. 16, 2013.

  • Quebec wants women to have lots of sex before they become eligible for in vitro

    Quebec women who want government-financed in vitro fertilization will have to sign a statement saying they have been sexually active for a long period. Health Minister Gaetan Barrette says his proposed legislation would oblige women to make the declaration in a doctor's office, although it would not have the force of law.

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  • Edward Snowden says Canadian spying has weakest oversight in Western world

    U.S. National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden says Canada has one of the "weakest oversight" frameworks for intelligence gathering in the Western world. Snowden made the comments during a teleconference discussion hosted by Canadian Journalists for Free Expression and the Ryerson School of Journalism, moderated by CBC Radio host Anna Maria Tremonti.

  • Ancient Mars Had an Ocean, Scientists Say

    After six years of planetary observations, scientists at NASA say they have found convincing new evidence that ancient Mars had an ocean. It was probably the size of the Arctic Ocean, larger than previously estimated, the researchers reported on Thursday. The body of water spread across the low-lying plain of the planet’s northern hemisphere for millions of years, they said. If confirmed, the findings would add significantly to scientists’ understanding of the planet’s history and lend new weight to the view that ancient Mars had everything needed for life to emerge.

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  • Plane Avoids Disaster as It Skids Off a Runway at La Guardia Airport

    For passengers flying into La Guardia Airport, the majestic New York City skyline cannot help but command attention. The runway can freeze fast in winter, but even in good weather, there is little room for error. On Thursday, at the height of a snowstorm, Delta Air Lines Flight 1086 touched down on Runway 13 shortly after 11 a.m., veering out of control almost instantly.

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  • Elton McDonald tells newspaper why he built the mysterious Toronto tunnel

    The architect of a mystery underground tunnel found near the Rexall Centre at York University in Toronto says it was just a fun project for him and some friends. Elton McDonald, a 22-year-old construction worker, has come forward to say he meant no harm by building the bunker discovered near the venue for the upcoming Pan-Am Games. “It was not meant as a bad thing,” McDonald told the Toronto Sun in an interview.

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