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  • Julianne Moore: I'm practically Canadian

    Julianne Moore just won an Oscar last weekend so she had a better excuse than anyone to skip the Canadian Screen Awards in Toronto this weekend. But the nominee’s honorary citizenship couldn’t keep the New Yorker away.

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  • Puck Daddy’s 2015 NHL Trade Deadline Live Blog, Hour 1

    Puck Daddy’s 2015 NHL Trade Deadline Live Blog, Hour 1

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  • Arquette Reveals Oscars Backlash

    Patricia Arquette received backlash for her Oscars acceptance speech about wage equality for women, and now the actress is responding to the haters. "There's always going to be [haters] and I think people didn't really think of what I was saying clearly and understand and look at the impact," she told Access Hollywood on Friday night at the 3rd Annual Noble Awards in Beverly Hills, Calif. "I think I was a little bit [surprised].

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  • Curt Schilling eviscerates Twitter trolls going after his daughter

    Schilling fends off sexually suggestive commenters about this daughter, then writes 1,700-word blog post.

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  • Daylight saving time starts this weekend

    Daylight saving time kicks in this weekend, costing Canadians an hour of sleep but giving many a daily dose of waking sunshine.

  • Jennifer Garner: "It's My Turn" to Work After Supporting Ben Affleck's Career

    Jennifer Garner is focusing on her career again, and told reporters at the premiere of her new movie Danny Collins, "It's my turn to work" -- read her quotes about balancing work and family with husband Ben Affleck!

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  • Toronto tunnel dug by 2 men as 'man cave', police say

    Two men in their 20s dug the large tunnel found in north Toronto as a "man cave" to hang out in, police said Monday. The tunnel, which was discovered in January but first reported by CBC News last week, was dug near York University’s Keele campus and the Rexall Centre, a major tennis venue that’s set to host part of this summer’s Pan Am Games, as well as the high-profile Rogers Cup tournament. The tunnel, which was 10.1 metres long,1.93 metres high and 86.4 centimetres wide, has been filled in. Investigators believe the men began working on the tunnel last September.

  • 8 things you need to know before claiming new family tax cut

    The version of the family tax credit announced by Prime Minister Stephen Harper last October was a tweaked version of a family income-splitting announcement he'd first made in the throes of the 2011 election campaign. - It allows the higher-income spouse or common-law partner to effectively transfer up to $50,000 of taxable income to their lower-income partner.

  • Cars burn in warehouse fire

    Building owner Barry Cudmore has checked the building every day for years. Cudmore is still searching for some vehicle owners to break the news.

  • Montreal erotic parlours flourishing despite federal anti-prostitution law

    One year after the mayor promised to crack down on erotic massage parlours, Montreal still doesn't know what it's going to do with the hundreds of establishments operating right across the city. City officials are still debating how to tackle the issue of erotic parlours, many of which are open 24/7 and illegally employ women who have sex with men in the massage rooms. Without a firm policy, community groups and massage parlour owners say the police are letting the de-facto brothels operate under a tacit agreement: don't hire minors, don't force women to do anything they don't want to do, and keep organized crime out of it. Yanik Chicoine, 37, operates two erotic massage parlours in Montreal's east-end and said police leave him alone despite the fact some of his employees sell their bodies for money inside his business.

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  • YOUTUBE ADRIFT: The world's biggest video platform risks losing its dominance

    YouTube is "complacent" about competition, one source told us.

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  • Google is breaking up its struggling social network Google+

    Google is breaking its Google+ social network...

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  • SUNshineGirl | Toronto Sun

    SUNshine Girl Cassandre is an aspiring chef who likes baking and other culinary pursuits. Cassandre, 24, loves cats, but has a particular fondness for her own, named Teddy. Cassandre’s also an avid snowboarder and video gamer. (Jack Boland

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  • What We Learned: Are NHL trade prices really 'too high'?

    But what you're doing is trading away lottery tickets for cash, and in most cases contending teams don't really need more lottery tickets. They need the cash to buy a big, shiny trophy.

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  • Anthony Mason Dead: Former New York Knicks Player Dies at 48 After Congestive Heart Failure

    Former New York Knicks player Anthony Mason died at the age of 48 on Saturday, Feb. 28 -- details

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  • Irvine Welsh’s ‘The Sex Lives of Siamese Twins’

    It is not advisable to read Irvine Welsh’s 13th book, “The Sex Lives of Siamese Twins,” and snack simultaneously. Because Welsh, known for his gleeful depictions of the depraved degenerates who populate Scotland’s seediest hollows, has turned his attention to one of his adopted homes, Miami Beach, that “sun-drenched refuge for strutting grotesques and desperate narcissists.” This is not Welsh’s first Rollerblade around Florida; “Crime” followed a coke-addled Edinburgh detective along the same bright sidewalks. Meanwhile, the 200-pound Lena ­Sorenson (her weight is “a crime against the aesthetic order in South Beach”) is the sole witness to this scene, which she captures on her phone. When she shares the footage with a local news station, Lucy is painted as a hero.

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  • Iraq launches large-scale military operation to recapture Tikrit from Islamic State group

    Backed by allied Shiite, Sunni and Iranian fighters, Iraqi security forces launched a large-scale military operation Monday to recapture Saddam Hussein's hometown from the Islamic State extremist group, a major step in a campaign to reclaim territory in northern Iraq controlled by the militants. State-run Al-Iraqiya television said that forces were attacking Tikrit from different directions, backed by artillery and airstrikes by Iraqi fighter jets. The military commander of Salahuddin region, Gen. Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi, told state TV the operation was "going on as planned," with fighting taking place outside Tikrit mainly on its eastern side. Tikrit, the provincial capital of Salauhddin province, 130 kilometres (80 miles) north of Baghdad, fell to the Islamic State group last summer, along with the country's second-largest city of Mosul and other areas in the country's Sunni heartland.

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  • Myanmar captures rare white elephant celebrated by kings and believed to bring good luck

    Myanmar's forestry department has captured a rare white elephant in the jungles of the country's western Ayeyarwaddy region, an official said Sunday. The 7-year-old female was captured Friday, six weeks after it was initially spotted in a reserve in Pathein township, forestry official Tun Tun Oo said. White elephants, which are actually albinos, have been revered for centuries in Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and other Asian nations. Myanmar already has eight white elephants in captivity, most from the Ayeyarwaddy region.

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  • First Look: Better design, camera among the things Samsung gets right in new S6 phones

    Samsung's new Galaxy smartphones improve in two major areas: design and picture quality. Samsung ramped up its camera technology in last fall's Galaxy Note 4, and the camera is even better in the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge announced Sunday. For years, Samsung phones have had removable backs made of plastic.

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  • Report: Sexual assault allegations preceded Rasheed Sulaimon's dismissal

    Mike Krzyzewski kicked the Duke guard off the team on Jan. 29 but did not specify what led to the decision.

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