VIDEO: Thug attempts to stab police officer

British police attempt arrest and end up in a violent confrontation with man armed with a long knife.

  • Woman Finds 15-Foot Python Harassing Her Saint Bernard

    Residents of Warren County, Missouri, finally know why small animals have been disappearing and dogs have been barking at odd times in the night. The likely culprit -- a monstrous 14-foot-7-inch Burmese Python weighing in at 160 pounds -- was found by local resident Pauline Horstdaniel in her yard, local station KTVI reports. "I was terrified," Horstdaniel recalled to KTVI. A call to a local snake expert proved fruitless, as he offered to catch the python -- but only when he got back into town days later.

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  • Toronto rapper Redway reportedly among 3 dead in Highway 427 crash

    Toronto rapper Redway was reportedly among the three people killed in a fiery crash on Highway 427 early Saturday morning. The incident happened around 4 a.m. on the Highway 427 northbound ramp to the westbound Highway 401 when a Honda Accord struck the right side of the guardrail, according to the OPP. Police have not released the age or gender of those deceased but Sgt. Kerry Schmidt with Toronto OPP confirmed the incident involved a male driver.

  • Harper headed to Rideau Hall, expected to trigger election campaign

    Stephen Harper has an appointment at Rideau Hall Sunday morning, where he's expected to trigger an 11-week election campaign in advance of an Oct. 19 vote. An advisory from the Prime Minister's Office says Harper is scheduled to meet with Governor General David Johnston at 10 a.m. ET. If Harper indeed asks Johnston to dissolve Parliament, it would touch off a rare summer campaign that promises to stretch nearly three months — the longest in more than a century.

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  • Nicole Richie's Pranks on Lionel

    On Thursday's Jimmy Kimmel Live Nicole Richie shared some of the best pranks she's pulled off on her father over the years. Lionel Richie's daughter said she once secretly moved a giant bee hive into his backyard without his knowledge. She also admitted to having one of her friends call in the middle of the night and pretend to be a cop that had arrested her. Fortunately her dad has a good sense of humor and thought the pranks were funny.

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  • Student Poses With Law Lecturer In 1995, He Goes Onto Much Greater Things

    College reunions can always be an awkward affair, as you’re forced to begrudgingly discuss your post university successes and failings with your old classmates. Yes, that’s Barack Obama – and he previously worked as a law lecturer at the University of Chicago before going on to become one of the most powerful men in the world.

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  • Naked Man Arrested After Being Caught Having Sex With A BUSH

    A pensioner has been arrested after his neighbour caught him having sex with a BUSH in his garden. Frisky Wallace Berg, 81, was found completely naked in the garden at his home in Stratford, Connecticut, at the time of the alleged incident. The neighbour then felt he had to say something and went up to Berg right in the middle of his business.

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  • Earth Will Only Have 12 Hours To Prepare For Massive Solar Storm

    In a new government document, the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills has laid out its Space Weather Preparedness Strategy, outlining the risks of unsettled space weather as well as what it plans to do about them. The document explains that the worst case scenario is a ‘coronal mass ejection’ - huge eruptions on the sun which cause parts of its corona to detach. The worst case scenario is based on the Carrington event of 1859, which caused solar-flare related x-rays and radiation storms.

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  • Hitchhiking robot on cross-country trip in US meets its demise on streets of Philadelphia

    A hitchhiking robot that captured the hearts of fans worldwide met its demise in the U.S. The Canadian researchers who created hitchBOT as a social experiment told The Associated Press that someone in Philadelphia damaged the robot beyond repair on Saturday, ending its first American tour after about two weeks. The kid-size robot set out to travel cross-country after successfully hitchhiking across Canada in 26 days last year and parts of Europe.

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  • The Not-So-Super Food: Kale Eaters Issued A Warning

    Lauren, who runs I.AM.YOU.Studio in New York, warns that Kale can make you bloated, slow down your metabolism and even cause kidney stones. Lauren also points out that Kale is a high oxalate food, which some experts suggest plays a part in the formation of kidney stones.

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  • Charlize Theron Adopts Daughter

    Charlize Theron is now a mom of two! The Oscar-winning actress has adopted a second child, according to People. Charlize adopted a U.S.-born African-American baby girl in July, the mag reported. PHOTOS: Celebs Who Opt To Adopt Her new daughter's name

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  • Passengers on Porter flight clash when male ultra-Orthodox Jew refuses to sit next to woman

    An uncomfortable moment between passengers aboard a New Jersey-to-Toronto flight has renewed the debate over reasonable accommodation and the balance between competing rights. Former Halifax chef Christine Flynn said a flight attendant asked if she would move when an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man refused to sit next to her aboard Porter Airlines Flight 121 on Monday.

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  • Mum Nearly Loses LEG From False Widow Spider Bite In Her Bed

    A bite from Britain’s most venomous spider nearly resulted in a mum-of-four losing her LEG when it crawled into her bed at night. Terrified Aideen Hynes had only just slipped under the covers at her home in County Down, Northern Ireland, when a false widow spider sank its fangs into her calf. The bite was instantly painful and Aideen, 34, leapt out to find the culprit - but it had already scuttled away.

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  • Ronda Rousey dedicates UFC 190 fight to late wrestling legend 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper

    “Rowdy” Roddy Piper was a huge influence on UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey. Over his lengthy career in professional wrestling, Piper trained under Rousey’s mentor, “Judo” Gene Lebell, with regularity. Years later, Rousey came along and trained with the martial arts legend as well.

  • Woman’s ad showing her face rejected by Facebook for high chance of ‘negative feedback’

    Lisa Goodman-Helfand has dealt with some hardships as a result of her scleroderma, but she wasn’t expecting rejection by Facebook for the appearance of her face to be one of them. Scleroderma, a chronic condition that causes the skin and connective tissues in the body to harden and contract, is a topic that the Chicago-area blogger is well versed in, as she has been dealing with it personally for 30 years. Goodman-Helfand writes about scleroderma as well as body image, confidence and more on her blog Comfortable In My Thick Skin.

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  • New baby one among several heirs of murdered millionaire, says family's lawyer

    It appears a baby girl possibly fathered by a murdered West Vancouver millionaire will have to share the fortune with siblings. The girl's mother, Xuan Yang, has claimed in court documents that her daughter is sole heir to the $50-million estate of Gang Yuan. Chris Johnson, the lawyer for Gang's mother and brother, said he's puzzled by the approach taken by Xuan, the man's former lover.

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  • Hit And Run Cyclist Brought To Justice

    Andrew Holland, 24, fled the scene, but was later caught when the tot’s mother Lauren Howarth posted an image taken at the scene, on social media. The court heard how “her face was covered in blood and she was taken straight to A&E”.

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  • The new look Mickey Rourke, acting legend, was spotted out and about this week with yet another drastic new look. His chiseled face, designer stubble and new ‘do make him look completely different to the actor who became a pin-up in the 80s. (Image Credit: Wenn) (11 photos)

    The new look Mickey Rourke, acting legend, was spotted out and about this week with yet another drastic new look. His chiseled face, designer stubble and new ‘do make him look completely different to the actor who became a pin-up in the 80s. (Image Credit

  • Tom Brady blasts NFL decision to uphold his suspension

    In his most defiant public address since the deflate-gate scandal broke after the AFC championship game, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady emphatically defended his innocence on Facebook. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell upheld Brady's four-game suspension on Tuesday, citing the QB's destroyed cell phone as an important factor in his decision, and the four-time Super Bowl champ threw his counterpunch on Wednesday morning, claiming he replaced a broken Samsung with an iPhone 6.

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  • Safe Sex In A Can: Design Student Invents Spray-On CONDOM

    Design student Michele Chu has come up with the spray-on condom as part of her Girlplay condom company - and it’s aimed at both men and women. Michele wants to revolutionise the condom market - and the spray-on version is the centrepiece of her designs. The student of Pratt College of Art and Design said: “I thought the condom market needed some refreshing.

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  • Cherishing the precious final hours with our beloved dog

    Heidi spent the evening lying on the family room floor in her usual frog-legged manner, surrounded by her family, flashing her goofy golden grin, her bright eyes twinkling at the sound of our voices. Just after midnight, her breathing became laboured again – much worse than earlier.

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