Conservatives could ban niqab for public servants

Stephen Harper says his governement would consider legislation to ban public servants from wearing face coverings.

  • Here's how much sex you should be having as you get older

    Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus, the sexual dysfunction specialist and clinical director of The Medical Center For Female Sexuality, reveals how much sex is good for a marriage and how sex changes over the years.  Produced by Sam Rega and Joe Avella. Camera by Jason Gaines. Follow BI Video: On Facebook 

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  • KFC Says ‘Sorry’ To Customer Whose Gravy Pot Told Her To F*** Off

    The one thing that could make a date at KFC worse than being on a date at KFC is your order telling you to f*** off - but that’s exactly what happened to Emma Sneesby.  

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  • Police Officer Comforting A Baby After Car Crash Will Melt Your Heart

    Deputy Ric Lindley, from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, holds the baby tight, walking her away from the carnage that she just experienced. After the picture was posted on the sheriff’s office Facebook page, it soon went viral, with commenters praising the actions of the officer. Kim Roper Brummett wrote: “Thank you deputy.

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  • Some workplaces catching Jays fever, letting employees watch first playoff games

    Workplaces across Canada are acknowledging that some of their employees have come down with serious cases of Blue Jays fever and are finding ways to provide on-the-job relief. Tactics range from setting up TVs or webstreams in common spaces, showing flexibility for individual time-off requests, and in one extreme case, turning thousands of head office workers loose to cheer on Canada's only major league baseball team as it begins its playoff run. Canadian Tire Corp. announced it would be closing corporate offices in Toronto and Calgary on Friday, giving roughly 5,000 employees the chance to take in the 12:45 p.m. ET game between the Jays and the Texas Rangers.

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  • Glass Walkway 3,540 Feet Above The Ground Cracks Under The Feet Of Tourists

    This is the terrifying moment that a glass walkway suspended 3,540 feet in the air cracked under the feet of tourists. Posting on Chinese social media site Weibo, tourist Lee Dong Hai wrote: ‘I was almost at the end and suddenly I heard a sound.

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  • This Design Technique Will Make Any Home Look More Expensive (6 photos)

    Custom details can make the simplest of rooms more elegant. One especially easy and wallet-friendly custom upgrade is applied molding, sometimes called "picture boxing." This technique involves measuring and mounting molding directly to the walls, often in square or rectangular forms. The end result is at once simple and luxurious. Applied molding is a go-to trick for Scott McGillivray, host of Income Property on HGTV and real estate expert. He frequently uses the technique both on his show and in his own investment properties. "It's a perception of higher class," Scott says. Contemporary applied molding is, "a play off of traditional Victorian ideas, of grand chateaus that have expensive molding. That was a lot of work; the boards were hand-hewn or routered to fit the exact spaces." Thanks to developments with mass-produced fiberboard molding, that same historically classy look can be replicated for a reasonable price. Scott recommends getting adventurous with applied molding, as there really are no rules when it comes to customizing. Consider using molding above your bed, where a headboard might go, or paint molding a contrasting color from the wall to make certain spaces pop. Whatever you decide, the best part about applied molding is that most people can do it. Anyone with "basic carpentry skills" can perfect the technique when they follow Scott's six steps below.

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  • Boy found guilty of pushing fellow high school student to death under bus

    Provincial court Judge Peter Ross dismissed the defence's assertion that the accused was acting like a typical boy his age and was engaged in ordinary horseplay at the time, saying the young man should have known his actions could have deadly consequences. The young boy was accused of using two hands to shove 18-year-old Christopher Chafe down an embankment outside Sydney Academy last winter. Defence lawyer James Snow said Chafe's grisly death was the result of "momentary inadvertence," not reckless behaviour.

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  • Miranda More \'Inspired\' Than Ever

    Miranda Lambert is feeling more "inspired" than ever. Just days after her ex-husband, Blake Shelton, said he's "loving" life post-split, Miranda has revealed she too is doing well. "A little more than 10 years ago I had gotten off 'Nashville Star' – which was what I did instead of college – and I was living in Nashville and I made my first record.

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  • Stephen Harper announces new parental benefits

    Wed, Oct 7: Conservative leader Stephen Harper announces that a newly re-elected conservative government will implement several benefits for new parents.

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  • Strict English Teacher Demands Handwriting So Neat It Looks Like It's Printed

    These letters may look like they’ve been printed out using the latest fancy font.

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  • Elections Canada policy allows women to wear niqabs while voting

    A woman's right to wear a niqab has been a hot topic on the hustings, but when it comes to actually casting a ballot, it hasn't been an issue for Elections Canada in eight years. Chief electoral officer Marc Mayrand clarified that policy ahead of a trio of byelections in Quebec in 2007. The prime minister argued the Elections Canada policy ran counter to that.

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  • Turcotte said he killed his children to spite his wife, nurse testifies at trial

    SAINT-JEROME, Que. - Guy Turcotte said he killed his two children to spite his wife, a nurse testified at his first-degree murder trial Tuesday. "He said he wanted to make her angry and that the way to do so was to take away from her what was most precious to her," Chantal Duhamel told the court. Duhamel said Turcotte told her he did not want his children, Olivier, 5, and Anne-Sophie, 3, to suffer from his separation from Isabelle Gaston and that is why he killed them in February 2009.

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  • Ronda Rousey's younger sister stars as Rousey in top-notch UFC 193 promo

    The video details how Rousey and Holm got into combat sports growing up.

  • Homeless Woman Lay Dead In McDonald’s For Hours While Diners Ate Beside Her

    A homeless woman lay dead in a McDonald’s restaurant in Hong Kong for hours while diners ate next to her, unaware she had passed away. The woman, in her 50s, was found at a table in the McDonald’s on Saturday morning. Many homeless people go to 24-hour restaurants for somewhere to stay in Hong Kong, with those going to McDonald’s dubbed “McRefugees”.

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  • Regina public high schools axe graduation banquet ceremonies

    Grade 12 students in the Regina Public School system are going to be without a traditional rite of passage when they graduate this year: the grad banquet. Many students spend hundreds of dollars on dresses and suits and according to the school board, the price to put on these events have ballooned. The school board sent a letter out to parents to let them know about the change.

  • Pintauro: HIV From 'Oral Sex'

    After his shocking HIV-positive revelation, Danny Pintauro has shared more information on how he contracted the virus. In an interview with Us Weekly, the former "Who's the Boss?" star said he used protection with the man who he believes he got the virus from, and actually contracted the disease through oral sex. The 39-year-old also opened up about receiving support from his "Who's the Boss?" family, Tony Danza and Judith Light, ahead of his life-changing interview with Oprah where he admitted he's been HIV-positive for 12 years.

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  • Prosecutor: Oregon college gunman killed himself inside classroom after 2 officers wounded him

    The gunman who fatally shot nine people at an Oregon community college last week killed himself in front of his victims after two police officers wounded him, authorities said Wednesday. When two plainclothes detectives spotted Christopher Harper-Mercer in the doorway of a campus building, he fired at them, and the officers quickly returned fire. It was authorities' most detailed account yet of the gunman's death.

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  • World's oldest woman says she eats bacon every day.

    The fountain of youth has been found and its name is bacon. Susannah Mushatt Jones, aka ‘Tee’ is current the world’s oldest person, according to Guinness. In a recent interview with the New York Post, Tee said she wakes up at 9:30 a.m. for a breakfast of scrambled eggs with bacon.

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  • LeBron James is back to wearing No. 6 in practice, as Miami awaits his return

    The Heat are the leaders in the clubhouse to sign LeBron this summer, after he declines his player option.

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  • Man Makes Brilliant Complaint To Tesco After Fiancee’s Chocolate Doughnuts Had No Filling In Them

    A Tesco shopper made a hilarious complaint to the store after his ‘chocolate addict’ fiancée was furious to find her chocolate doughnuts had no filling in them. Ryan Lloyd, from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, posted on the supermarket’s Facebook page after fiancée Charlene-louise Johnstone 'ruined’ his relaxing night of playing FIFA. Ryan said: ‘I see people moaning all the time, going crazy over a 5p bag?

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