Remembering Leonard Nimoy

Star Trek's Mr Spock dies at 83

Politicians, celebrities, astronauts and ordinary people have been paying tribute to the much-loved actor.

  • Shatner Can't Attend Nimoy Funeral

    William Shatner sent out a series of Tweets on Saturday expressing his grief over the loss of one his "dearest friends," Leonard Nimoy. Sadly, due to a prior commitment that poses a scheduling conflict, Shatner is unable to attend Nimoy's funeral on Sunday. Leonard's funeral is tomorrow.

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  • Why Justin Trudeau is suddenly the underdog

    Suddenly, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is the underdog. My evidence for this is slim, but I figured we might as well try to beat the rush here. Soon, you’ll be reading no end of “Justin Trudeau: toast?” headlines. There’s a mood in the land. And it’s

  • The Most Spectacular Photo (and GIF!) of Saturn Ever Taken

    NASA's Cassini spacecraft captured this view as it approached Saturn in early 2011. In November 2014, the spacecraft caught another spectacular moment, this on Saturn's largest moon, Titan, using a visual and infrared mapping spectrometer. The glowing orange you see here is called a sunglint, also known as a specular reflection, coming off Titan's massive sea Kraken Mare. It was captured during Cassini's flyby on Aug. 21, 2014.

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  • Sharon Osbourne, Melissa Rivers React to Kelly Osbourne Quitting Fashion Police

    In her corner! Sharon Osbourne applauded her daughter Kelly Osbourne for quitting the E! style series Fashion Police on Friday, Feb. 27, amid controversy with her co-star Giuliana Rancic. Melissa Rivers, a producer on the show, also reacted via WhoSay. "Kelly Osbourne is a friend and has been a wonderful part of the Fashion Police family.

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  • Two dead, one wounded in shooting at east-end Toronto McDonald's

    Police say two men are dead and a third injured after an altercation in an east-end Toronto McDonald's escalated and "multiple" shots were fired early Saturday. Det.-Sgt. Terry Browne says an armed security guard, who was apparently in the restaurant to buy food, discharged his weapon following a "significant physical altercation" with two men. Browne says the altercation took place somewhere near the food counter and there were between 15 and 20 customers and staff in the McDonald's at the time of the incident.

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  • 'Toxic Environment' At Emwazi's University

    A former student at Mohammed Emwazi's London university has told Sky News it allowed a toxic environment of radical Islam, where holy war was glorified behind closed doors. The University of Westminster has insisted it condemns the promotion of radicalisation and is trying to stop it, after Emwazi was unmasked as the Islamic State militant "Jihadi John".

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  • Elephant On The Menu For Mugabe's Birthday

    Thousands of people have flocked to a lavish birthday party for Zimbabwe's controversial president Robert Mugabe, with two elephants slaughtered for the feast. Assisted by his wife Grace, Mugabe threw 91 balloons into the air. The first elephant was shot on Thursday and was cut up and passed to party organisers, according to reports in the LA Times and other media.

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  • Surrey neighbourhood ruined by abandoned homes, residents say

    If this was White Rock, if this was Morgan Creek, right in Surrey, they wouldn't tolerate this for a second. Surrey bylaw manager Jas Rehal said all the city can do is ensure the property isn't a safety hazard.

  • You Won't Believe These 28 Stars Were Once Abercrombie Models

    There are some stars whose old modeling campaigns we just can't get over. They've been pretty much imprinted in our minds, and despite the newer, modern ads fighting to take their place, we love the vintage appeal of photos taken years ago. That's

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  • Walmart checking all gift cards after Bridgewater mix-up

    A Nova Scotia teenager's complaint about being charged tax on a gift card has prompted Walmart Canada to review all gift cards sold across the country. 15-year-old Kate Mosher, of Robinson's Corner, got "worked up" when she was charged $7.50 HST on a $50 Kobo e-book gift card she bought Feb. 22. "Tax should never be charged on a gift card," said Alex Roberton, director of corporate affairs at Walmart.

  • Eye of the beholder: In rare photo, some see dress as black and blue, others as gold and white

    Friends and co-workers worldwide are debating the true hues of a royal blue dress with black lace that, to many an eye, transforms in one photograph into gold and white. "This photo provides the best test I've ever seen for how the process of colour correction works in the brain,'" said Daniel Hardiman-McCartney, the clinical adviser to Britain's College of Optometrists.

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  • Stolen No. 44 NASCAR race car found in suburban Atlanta

    The No. 44 race car returned to its NASCAR shop in North Carolina on Saturday after it was recovered along a remote road in suburban Atlanta, apparently abandoned by the thieves who stole it from a hotel parking lot. While the discovery didn't occur in nearly enough time for Team XTREME to compete in this weekend's race at Atlanta Motor Speedway, it was a huge boost for the small-budget operation in its bid to make the next event at Las Vegas. ''There was no damage whatsoever,'' team owner John Cohen told The Associated Press.

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  • Many turned away as hundreds line up for funeral of Toronto boy who froze to death

    Hundreds of mourners filled a Toronto church to capacity, spilling out onto the streets for Saturday's funeral of three-year-old Elijah Marsh, whose tragic death earlier this month touched the hearts of Canadians across the country. Elijah died after he wandered out of his grandmother's apartment building on Feb. 19 in the middle of a frigid night wearing just a diaper, shirt and boots. Some lined up for hours to pay their respects to the Marsh family at the St. Matthew's United Church, many of whom did not know the family personally but who were deeply affected by Elijah's death.

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  • Online campaign nets $20,000 for Quebec woman told to remove hijab in court

    A crowdfunding campaign in support of a Quebec woman who was refused her day in court because she was wearing a hijab has raised more than $20,000 in its first day. Two Vancouver residents launched the campaign on Friday to help Rania El-Alloul buy a car. It's in response to a judge's refusal to hear her case against the Quebec automotive insurance board, which had seized her vehicle.

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  • Warren Buffett says Berkshire has 'right person' as heir

    By Luciana Lopez and Jonathan Stempel NEW YORK (Reuters) - Warren Buffett, the billionaire chief executive of Berkshire Hathaway Inc, told investors on Saturday that the company had found his successor, and the company's vice chairman, Charlie Munger, identified two Berkshire executives as candidates. In Berkshire's annual report to shareholders, Greg Abel, the head of Berkshire's energy companies, and Ajit Jain, a top insurance executive, were said by Munger to be "proven performers who would probably be under-described as 'world-class.'" "'World-leading' would be the description I would choose," Munger said in a letter to Berkshire shareholders. "In some important ways, each is a better business executive than Buffett." Buffett's son, Howard, would become non-executive chairman after the departure of his father, who is also Berkshire's chairman.

  • Frozen Ocean: This "Slurpee" Wave in Nantucket Is Amazing

    In so many ways this crazy deep freeze has been like bad joke — frozen Niagara Falls? Really? And now there’s a new phenomenon to gasp at: the Slurpee wave! Surfer and photographer Jonathan Nimerfroh captured this amazing picture of slushy waves in Nantucket

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  • Google Attacks Apple Saying Company Is Irresponsible For Expensive Products

    Sundar Pichai, Google's head of product has recently "attacked" a philoshpy revolving around expensive products including those of Apple. In an interview with Forbes, the Google executive shared his thoughts about Apple CEO Tim Cook's take on the Android line. Like Steve Jobs, Apple's top honcho also took a jab at Android's rib cage. In Pichai's interview, he discussed the differences between Google's Android mobile operating system to Apple's iOS product.

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  • 23 Wedding Dress Pictures You'll Regret Not Taking

    If you're like most of the brides we know, searching for the perfect dress was (or is) time-consuming, wonderful, and just a tad stressful. Since you're only going to be wearing it once, make the most of your big day by taking all kinds of photos. While

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  • Eugenie Bouchard withdraws from another tournament, this one in Monterrey, Mexico

    The tournament has yet to announce it. This time, it's a small event in Monterrey, Mexico, where she was scheduled to be the No. 2 seed. The only official announcements made by the tournament Friday were the allocation of the wild cards to local players, and the injury withdrawal of Jelena Jankovic.

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  • Gunman kills 7, commits suicide in house-to-house rampage; mother's death may have set him off

    A man who authorities say may have been unhinged by the death of his ailing mother killed seven people and then took his own life in a house-to-house shooting rampage that wiped out a swath of this tiny town in the Missouri Ozarks. Joseph Jesse Aldridge, 36, carried out the killings with a .45-calibre handgun Thursday night or early Friday at four homes in Tyrone, the no-stoplight community of about 50 people where he lived with his mother, the Missouri State Highway Patrol said. Joseph Aldridge was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound before dawn in a running pickup truck on the middle of a highway 15 or 20 miles away.

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