VIDEO: Smokers see how they could look in the future

A makeup artist shows people how the habit could prematurely age their skin, hair and teeth, and they're shocked by the results.

  • Job Seeker Accidentally Sends Nude Selfies To HR Manager

    One job seeker who broke this rule found himself out of work before his start date after he accidentally sent the HR manager a naked selfie. The unnamed job seeker had applied for work at a company in St Charles, Chicago, last month and was later offered the job. At first they didn’t realise who the pictures were from but when the man rung the company, bosses recognised the number on caller ID and realised who had sent them the selfies.

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  • CP NewsAlert:Tom Brady beats NFL in 'Deflategate' court case; judge nullifies league's 4-game suspension

    A federal judge deflated "Deflategate" Thursday, erasing New England quarterback Tom Brady's four-game suspension for a controversy that the NFL claimed threatened football's integrity. U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell went too far in affirming punishment of the Super Bowl winning quarterback. Brady has insisted he played no role in a conspiracy to deflate footballs below the allowable limit at last season's AFC championship game.

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  • Dad's amusing exchange with a stranger about paint for his daughter's room takes the internet by storm

    “You think like turquoise or that periwinkle **** for a 3yr old?” he asks. “I think a more toned down turquoise. At this point the dad is realizing his errant-text may have gone to the right person after all, so he sends a picture of the colour he’s thinking of – which is neither periwinkle nor turquoise – and asks again for the stranger’s thoughts.

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  • Man Doused With Acid After Screening Of NWA Movie Straight Outta Compton

    A man was horrifically doused with acid outside a cinema after a screening of NWA movie Straight Outta Compton. The 27-year-old was leaving the Cineworld complex in Crawley, West Sussex, in the early hours of Sunday when the sickening attack took place. Police said the incident took place after the movie which centres on hip hop group NWA had ended.

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  • Evander Kane wins back girlfriend after LA billboard stunt (Video)

    The billboard was over 1 Oak, which TMZ says is one of the hottest places in Los Angeles.

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  • Gellar & Prinze's Anniversary Pic

    Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. – still going strong after 13 years of marriage!

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  • Brazilian MMA fighter thwarts robbery, subdues assailant with submission

    Monique Bastos' years of training Brazilian jiu-jitsu really paid off for her on Tuesday night.

  • Lost Australian sheep gets a much-needed shearing that yields 30 sweaters worth of fleece

    A lost, overgrown sheep found in Australian scrubland was shorn for perhaps the first time on Thursday, yielding 40 kilograms (89 pounds) of wool — the equivalent of 30 sweaters — and shedding almost half his body weight. Tammy Ven Dange, chief executive of the Canberra RSPCA, which rescued the merino ram dubbed Chris, said she hoped to register the 40.45 kilogram (89 pound, 3 ounce) fleece with the Guinness World Records. The most wool sheared from a sheep in a single shearing is 28.9 kilograms (63 pounds, 11 ounces) taken from a wild New Zealand merino dubbed Big Ben in January last year, the Guinness World Records website said.

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  • 2 teens arrested in connection with homicide of Vernon resident Jason Hardy

    "I just can't wrap my head around that right now," said Terri Lynne Hardy. Hardy says her brother Jason Hardy, 42, was a fun-loving man with a contagious laugh. Earlier this week, police told his family they suspected foul play.  Police haven't released details about how the victim died, but Hardy said investigators told her family that her brother was beaten to death.

  • Baby bobcats make surprise visit to Calgary home

    Katherine Reiffenstein says she had some surprise house guests practically knock on her door last Friday. "I saw the mother and one kitten, and all of a sudden kittens just started popping up," Reiffenstein said. Reiffenstein says she has spoken to Calgary police about it.

  • The Most Expensive-Looking Ikea Hack We've Ever Seen (4 photos)

    Custom built-ins are one of those design elements that can step your home up from nice to magazine worthy. Unfortunately, their high style is usually matched by their price. Given this reality, you can imagine our excitement when we stumbled upon this custom built-ins hack from The Makerista. With tasteful crown molding and a sliding library ladder, this sleek built-in has all the tell-tale signs of a big-budget project, except for the steep price tag; it's made up of three Ikea Billy bookcases ranging from $40 to $60 a piece, some add-on trim, and the handiwork of a carpenter! How mind-blowingly resourceful is that? Check out a few of the awe-inspiring pictures from the project here, and head to The Makerista for the full tutorial. Want even more inspiration? Check out our favorite Ikea hacks here.

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  • Fruit flies and how to get rid of them in your home

    "They are a very strong flier, and they are designed every which way to find their way into your kitchen," said Mat Neale, senior pest management technician with Solutions Pest Control. Neale says do-it-yourself remedies can help provide temporary reprieve from fruit flies, so long as you're vigilant about maintaining and cleaning them. Fruit flies will be able to find their way in, but will have more trouble getting back out.

  • This Seriously Wooly Sheep Needs A Trip To The Baa-rber

    A sheep with an extremely overgrown fleece has been found wandering the bush outside Canberra, Australia. 

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  • 'DWTS' Cast Revealed!

    The entire cast of "Dancing with the Stars" has been revealed and it includes an R&B legend, a former "Real Housewives" star and a Backstreet Boy.

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  • This Tiny Shetland Pony Stunned Her Owner By Giving Birth To An Even Smaller Foal

    A tiny Shetland pony has unexpectedly given birth to an even smaller foal.

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  • A Little Girl Dirtied A Restaurant's Linen Napkins... So The Owner Fined Her Family €16

    An Italian restaurant has come under fire for adding a €16 surcharge to a family’s bill after their little 20-month-old daughter dirtied linen napkins and the tablecloth during a meal. Stunned dad Alession Desidera said everything was fine, until he was presented with the cheque. Restaurant owner Giuseppe Di Natale has, however, defended the additional fee.

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  • Manitoba baby girl with rare neck growth gets help from around the world

    It was Christmas Eve and Melanie Finnimore knew something was wrong with her baby after seeing her doctor in Portage la Prairie, Man. for an ultrasound 24 weeks into her pregnancy. Within 24 hours, she was scheduled to have a fetal assessment done at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg. Occurrences of a cystic hygroma are extremely rare, Morris said, roughly one in 5,000 babies will be born with the condition.

  • CNE closes early over ‘security concerns’

    Wed, Sep 2: A fun-filled day at the Ex was cut short Tuesday when unusually large crowds at the CNE for “youth day” got out of hand. Caryn Lieberman speaks to one man who was there and witnessed the chaos.

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  • China shows military might in commemoration of Japan's WWII defeat, while unveiling troop cut

    With fighter jets roaring overhead, China's leader presided Thursday over a massive parade of tanks, missiles and troops that displayed growing military might, but also pledged to reduce the army by 300,000 troops in a bid to show that his country poses no expansionist threat. The spectacle through the heart of Beijing commemorated Japan's World War II defeat seven decades ago, with helicopters zooming across the sky in an array forming the number 70, but the event also underlined President Xi Jinping's determination to make China the pre-eminent Asian power. Xi kicked off the proceedings with a speech from atop iconic Tiananmen Gate, flanked by Chinese leaders past and present along with foreign dignitaries including Russian leader Vladimir Putin, South Korean President Park Geun-hye and U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

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  • Pregnant French tourist reaches out to Internet to find Australian lover

    A French woman has reached out to the Internet in hopes of finding the man she shared a night with on holiday in Australia – and who, she claims, is the father of her unborn child.

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