Get the latest scores as NHL teams battle for the Cup

Follow along with tonight's match-ups: Tampa Bay vs. Montreal, Minnesota vs. Chicago, and Calgary vs. Anaheim.

  • Canadiens' Prust alleges ref Brad Watson insulted him in Game 2 against Lightning

    Brandon Prust is no stranger to heated altercations. Prust was at the centre of controversy after Tampa Bay's 6-2 walloping of Montreal in Game 2 on Sunday. The Canadiens forward alleges referee Brad Watson insulted him repeatedly in the game's first period after he took a roughing penalty.

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  • ‘Throwaway ticketing,’ the controversial, money-saving trick that airlines don’t want you to know about

    Scott Keyes is an expert when it comes to getting the best possible price for airline tickets. The reporter for Think Progress and author of the e-books “How To Fly For Free” and “How To Find Cheap Flights" is so good at it that he has planned a world trip that will take him more than 20,000 miles to 13 countries, all for free. When Business Insider spoke with Keyes, he said one of his favorite hacks for getting cheap flights was taking advantage of "throwaway tickets," something that many fliers have never even heard of before.

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  • Officials: 2 men who fired at security guard outside Muhammad cartoon contest shot, killed

    Two armed men who opened fire on a security officer outside of a contest for cartoon depictions of the Prophet Muhammad have been killed, authorities in the Dallas suburb of Garland said Sunday night. The City of Garland said in a statement posted on its Facebook page Sunday night that two men drove up to the Curtis Culwell Center and began shooting at a security officer. The security officer's injuries were not life-threatening, the city said.

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  • Wynne’s green scheme could deal massive blow to Ontario and Canada

    Ontario’s Green Energy Act offered so-called “feed-in rates” almost four times existing electricity rates for wind and more than 10 times for solar power. Like bees to honey, wind and solar companies rushed in.

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  • This guy cashed in his frequent flyer miles for a $18,000 suite on a Singapore Airlines flight — here's what it was like

    First class can be plenty luxurious, but it's nothing like Singapore Airline's iconic Suites Class. Travel blogger Derek Low recently cashed in his frequent flyer miles to purchase an $18,125.30 round-trip ticket in Suites Class, and thankfully he took lots of gorgeous photos of his journey.

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  • Prince Charles, Pippa Visit Baby

    The royal baby has met her aunt and grandparents! According to a Kensington Palace spokesperson, Prince William's father, Prince Charles, and wife Camilla, along with Duchess Kate's sister, Pippa Middleton, visited the little princess on Sunday. (Getty

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  • The 1-Step Hack That Makes an Ikea Cabinet Unrecognizable (4 photos)

    Interior designer Victoria Solomon of Victoria Elizabeth Design had a mission: to add a media cabinet to her small NYC apartment that would add extra storage while hiding the ugly wires under her TV. In her dreams, she envisioned a 140-inch built-in-looking

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  • Winnipeg Filipinos call Pacquiao-Mayweather fight one big letdown

    Winnipeg's Filipino community is recovering after welterweight star Manny Pacquiao lost to Floyd Mayweather in boxing's richest fight ever over the weekend. Mayweather defeated "The Filipino Slugger" in 12 rounds in a unanimous decision at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Saturday night. In Winnipeg, many Mayweather fans watched the fight at sports bars and pubs, while many Manny supporters took in the megabout at the Philippine-Canadian Centre of Manitoba and Canad Inns locations.

  • Parents threaten to pull kids out of school in protest of new sex-ed curriculum

    A group of Ontario parents is threatening to pull their kids out of school this week, in protest of the province's new sex-education curriculum. A Facebook group called "Parents & Students on strike: one week no school" is encouraging parents who oppose the 2015 sex-ed curriculum to keep their kids at home. The group also offers a letter template for parents to give to their children's respective schools, which states the curriculum contains "age-inappropriate" content that does not align with the "principles and beliefs" of families.

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  • Score Yourself Some Savings on Steampunk Gear

    Always know the Fair Price on all your steampunk needs when you shop at Price Machine. Save on everything from clothing to footwear and more.

  • How to look fab in your fifties, by Glynis Barber

    Glynis Barber is approaching 60 but is often told that she could pass for 20 years younger. She maintains and organic diet, hasn't eaten breakfast for three years and takes vitamins daily.

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  • Puerto Vallarta tourists warned about more violence in Mexico

    The Canadian and U.S. embassies in Mexico have issued warnings for tourists and travellers in and around Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara after another outbreak of drug-gang-related violence. The warning includes reports that gas stations, banks and other buildings have been set on fire in the states of Jalisco and Colima. Municipal police in Puerto Vallarta are asking residents and visitors to remain in their homes and hotels. The Canadian Embassy in Mexico said in a bulletin that "narco-blockades" have been erected in some areas.

  • Net loss! Dragon forced to tear up tennis court hidden on giant estate

    When you’ve got a sprawling 200-acre home in the country, finding room for a tennis court doesn’t usually present too many problems. There has even been speculation that his error only came to light when eagle-eyed staff spotted the court nestled in a wood thanks to an aerial shot on Google Earth.

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  • We're a have province, but we're running out of steam

    In the second sentence of his budget speech, Finance Minister Ross Wiseman sounded a theme that by now is quite familiar to Newfoundland and Labrador. Given that Newfoundland and Labrador became a so-called have province – a designation that means, strictly, that the province no longer qualifies for equalization payments from the federal government – in 2008, it's telling that Wiseman chose to emphasize it right out of the gate.

  • Writer makes 'thin' and 'fat' dating profiles to see which men prefer

    Yvette Caster, 33, from London, created two profiles on free online dating site, OKCupid, using pictures of herself at different times of her life, where her weight has fluctuated.

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  • Woman shows off her 'tiny house' in Saskatoon

    Are you looking to downsize? A Saskatoon woman says you'd be surprised at how small of a place you can live in comfortably. Lydia Holden built a 136 square foot home in 2012 with the help of family and friends. She said she wanted a small home because

  • Bruce Jenner -- Ex-Wives By His Side (PHOTO)

    Bruce Jenner got support from 2 of his ex-wives as they watched the west coast feed of the Diane Sawyer special, but if you think Kris Jenner's absence is…

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  • Shark Warning: 65-Year-Old Woman Killed Off the Coast of Hawaii

    New warnings about great white shark sightings in places where they haven't been seen in 20 years. Now to the warning in the waters tonight, also in Hawaii. Ward of the first deadly shark attack in many years. Authorities believe a 65yearold woman snorkeling

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  • Russia is creating a $100 billion rival to the IMF

    Russian President Vladimir Putin ratified an accord Saturday to set up a $100-billion reserve fund for the so-called BRICS — the five leading emerging economies that include Russia, China, Brazil, India and South Africa. Moscow is expected to contribute $18 billion to the reserve, well behind the $41 billion China has promised to pour into the fund that was set up after an agreement signed in July 2014 in Brazil. The emerging economies also plan to form their own international bank based in Shanghai to challenge western dominance over international money markets.

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  • Shipping container housing to be stacked up in communities across Canada

    They were once rusting hulks relegated to junkyards. Now shipping containers are being repurposed into stylish homes that developers plan to roll out in housing-crunched communities across Canada. What started as a pilot project on the Downtown Eastside is expanding in the city — and the same model is set to be stacked up in aboriginal communities in British Columbia, Alberta and Nunavut.

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  • A whiff of falsehood: Cow pasture carries evidence debunking Obama KXL claim

    U.S. President Barack Obama's claims about the long-delayed Keystone XL pipeline have been raising eyebrows lately in this tiny oil-industry town in eastern Montana. The locals smell falsehood — evidence of it lies in a cow pasture just outside their town. The scent of untruth emanates from Obama's oft-repeated claim that the pipeline would simply ship Canadian oil, a statement he's made several times while talking down the project's economic benefit for Americans.

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