VIDEO: This must be the worst 'Family Feud' answer ever

Rylan was asked to name something that was obviously designed by men because it’s uncomfortable but sexy — his response stunned the host.

  • Aussie twins who share a boyfriend named World's Most Identical Twins

    Identical Perth twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque won the tittle after they fascinated the producers of a Japanese television prank show who discovered them on YouTube and invited them to participate.

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  • The mystery of the black boots behind this little girl

    A mysterious black pair of boots (pictured left, circled right) that appear to be materialising behind the little girl in this photograph has sparked speculation about a samurai ghost online.

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  • Full House Reboot: Will Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Appear on Fuller House?

    Is this going to be a “How rude!” or a “You got it, dude!” situation? Fans are still reeling from John Stamos’ late night announcement on Jimmy Kimmel Live that Full House would be returning in a new Netflix reboot cleverly called Fuller House.  PHOTOS

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  • Dancer left 'unable to smile' after she was glassed in the face

    Chloe Knapton, from Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, had to have surgery after a man shattered her car window with a bottle, causing the broken glass to become embedded in her neck. Ms Knapton's family has now released shocking photos which show the extent of the young woman's injuries.

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  • Ashton Kutcher's Diaper Changing Tables Complaint May Lead to Bill

    Ashton Kutcher is all about changing... be it diapers or public restroom policies. The 37-year-old is among those who've inspired New York State Senator Brad Hoylman to sponsor a bill that would require both women's and men's public restrooms to have diaper changing stations. Back in March, Kutcher complained about the gender stereotyping in parenting on Facebook. "There are NEVER diaper changing stations in men's public restrooms,"

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  • Vancouver is unhappiest city in Canada: study

    Vancouver may have milder weather and picturesque mountains, and Toronto a wider range of higher-paying jobs, but people in smaller cities across Canada are happier, a new study suggests. The report, released through Statistics Canada, shows people in cities such as Saguenay and Trois-Rivieres, Que., St. John’s, Nfld. and Sudbury, Ont. have some of the highest life satisfaction levels in Canada, while Toronto and Vancouver are among the lowest. While the study doesn’t offer an explanation as to why small-city Canada is more content, experts believe it’s the closer connection to and support from their communities.

  • Cirque du Soleil founder sells company, refuses to pass it to his children

    The force behind Cirque du Soleil's nearly 31-year run as a world-renowned Canadian success story is selling the famed circus even though his seven-year-old daughter has dreams of one day becoming a clown. "I truly don't believe in second-generation entrepreneurship," Guy Laliberte told a news conference on Monday after announcing the sale to a U.S. private equity firm. Laliberte, 55, has five children between the ages of seven and 18, but said that having them take over the Cirque was never really an option.

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  • Student Dies After Diet Pills She Bought Online "Burned Her Up From Within"

    Eloise Parry, 21, was taken to Royal Shrewsbury hospital on 12 April after taking four times the recommended dose of highly toxic “slimming tablets”. “The drug was in her system, there was no anti-dote, two tablets was a lethal dose – and she had taken eight,” her mother, Fiona, said in a statement yesterday.

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  • Tuktoyaktuk store owner's novel approach to shoplifters

    Like many grocery stores, the Northern Store in Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T., had a chronic problem with theft. But that problem is now a thing of the past, says store manager Kevin Murphy. His secret? Accentuate the positive. Murphy estimates he caught

  • Utah woman gets maximum sentence in deaths of 6 newborns whose bodies were found in garage

    Family members of a Utah woman sentenced to the maximum penalty Monday for killing six of her newborn babies said they were shocked at the grisly crimes from the woman they knew as a loving mother. Judge Darold McDade sentenced Huntsman on Monday to up to life in prison in what prosecutors called indifferent and callous actions committed because she was too addicted to methamphetamine to care for more children during the decade when the babies were killed and stored in her garage. Police said she concealed her pregnancies, gave birth at home, and choked and strangled the children with her hands just minutes after they were born.

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  • City investigates after girl, 3, attacked by Great Dane

    The girl, Maryam, underwent surgery at the Stollery Children's Hospital in Edmonton. "It's actually the worst thing that happened to me in my whole life, devastated to see my only child in this way," said father Ahmed Abdelwahab. Abdelwahab said his wife took their daughter and other children from their south side neighbourhood to a nearby park in Mill Woods.

  • Killer hornets making a beeline for the UK after six dead in France

    The Asian hornet is thought to have travelled to France on Chinese pot plants in 2004 and has since colonised huge swathes of the French countryside.

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  • Manitoba woman describes what it's like to be related to a killer

    Maureen Morrish told Information Radio's Marcy Markusa about how her life changed forever when her brother Randy killed a man in Winnipeg. Morrish remembers that she was 20 years old when she got a phone call from her other brother, telling her that Randy was in the news and that he had committed a murder. "He claimed that he murdered the fellow because he felt that the fellow was the devil, and that there were certain signs he had received that indicated that the devil had told him to kill this fellow," Morrish recalled.

  • Nick Loeb Defends His Lawsuit Against Sofia Vergara: "I Have Always Dreamed of Being a Father"

    Nick Loeb stands by the lawsuit he filed against his ex-girlfriend Sofia Vergara. In a statement to Us Weekly, Loeb tells Us he’s always dreamed of being a father and is committed to ultimately bringing their two embryos to life.

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  • Dustin Byfuglien sucker punches Corey Perry after goal (Video)

    Dustin Byfuglien totally learned from his crosscheck to the back of the head of J.T. Miller that he will never try to create any blunt force trauma to the noggin of an unsuspecting player ever again. Check out this sucker punch of Corey Perry after the Anaheim forward put the Ducks up 2-1 in Monday’s Game 3 against Winnipeg.

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  • Canadian man charged after chain-reaction crash in Wyoming

    A Quebec man has been arrested on a charge of aggravated vehicular homicide following a massive chain-reaction crash on a highway in southeast Wyoming. Trucks and cars piled into one another Monday in dense fog on Interstate 80, resulting in a fiery crash that killed one person and sent up a column of thick black smoke. The pileup occurred around 8 a.m., after two commercial trucks collided, causing one to jackknife in both westbound lanes, Wyoming Highway Patrol Sgt. David Wagener said.

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  • Vancouver Canucks vs. Calgary Flames fan fight caught on video

    The video shows several men wearing Canucks and Flames jerseys involved in a scuffle outside a washroom after the game ended. Shaine Kumar, a witness who posted the video online, claims it all started when a group of Flames fans began taunting Canucks fans while waiting in line for the men's washroom in the upper bowl area of the arena.

  • Boston Marathon bombings - Two years later (24 photos)

    The weather was cold and damp but the atmosphere festive at Monday's running of the Boston Marathon, two years after pressure-cooker bombs exploded at the finish line and shattered one of sports' most cherished events. "Boston Strong" — the phrase that became the city's defiant rally cry in the days and months after the attack — was everywhere along the route, which winds through seven Massachusetts communities and Boston. In just two years, the city of Boston has transformed following the tragic bombings of 2013.

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  • 19 Stunning Wedding Dresses From Around the World

    A wedding is such a personal occasion, and no two brides are exactly alike, but we all obsess over our own dress shape, veil length, and shoe height just the same. And since women on every continent embrace the traditions of their families and cultures,

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  • 'Shark Tank' investor Lori Greiner shares the best advice she's ever received

    On her path to more than 400 inventions and 120 patents, she tells Business Insider that she constantly reminded herself of the advice that both her father and her husband gave: "Don't let business get personal. At the start of her career, Greiner writes in her book "Invent It, Sell It, Bank It!," she had a meeting with a patent lawyer who didn't take her seriously, but she quickly found a way to keep him from impeding her progress. It was the mid-'90s and Greiner had just paid $5,000 to file her first patent for an earring organizer.

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