VIDEO: Smokestack demolition goes horribly wrong

A demolition worker survived after a 113-year-old smokestack fell on him while it was being taken down in Alabama.

  • Watch: Black Friday Shoppers Brawl On Floor As Thanksgiving Sale Turns Ugly

    Black Friday has become as synonymous for bargains as brawling, with customers resorting to spatting over sale items.

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  • Carers Accused Of Having Sex Outside McDonald’s - With Disabled Charge In Car

    Nikki Hollingworth, 26, and Daniel German, 32, are accused of doing the deed outside the fast food chain in Thurmaston, Leicestershire, while their charge sat in the back of the car in her wheelchair. “Shocked” customer Kasia Stepien was heading to her car with her meal when she spotted German with his trousers down to his knees, pressed against Hollingworth. Prosecutor Francis Lloyd added: “Initially Miss Stepien thought they were having a cuddle but when she drove past saw they were having sexual intercourse.

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  • Alexander Keith's beer bottle may be seized from Halifax diver

    If Jon Crouse wants ​​to taste his 125-year-old ale, he'd better do it soon. The Nova Scotia government hopes to analyze the beer bottle, which could be deemed a heritage object. Crouse was scuba diving in Halifax this week when he discovered the beer bottle.

  • France's National Front leader calls Canada's refugee plan 'madness'

    Marine Le Pen, the controversial leader of France's far-right National Front, is scoffing at Canada's plan to welcome 25,000 Syrian refugees with open arms, calling it "madness."

  • ‘Fearless’ goat meant for lunch forces tiger into friendship

    It can be hard sometimes to make friends. When you’re alone and fenced off from the world 99 per cent of the time, that feat is all that much harder.

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  • Philadelphia traffic stop turns chaotic as state trooper is shot and school bus burns

    A 17-year-old who was in a car stopped for an expired car registration sticker traded gunfire with police during a Tuesday morning highway chase that ended with a fiery crash involving a school bus and a trooper with a gunshot wound, police said. Trooper Patrick R. Casey suffered a "flesh wound" to his shoulder, state police Capt. James Raykovitz said. Trooper Patrick R. Casey, providing backup, pursued the car, at one point getting in front of it to try to force a stop, authorities said.

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  • Blake Griffin alley-oops in a 26-footer, jaws with Denver's coach, no big deal

    Denver coach Michael Malone didn't just save his ire for the Clipper All-Star, either.

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  • The best Black Friday deals in Canada (10 photos)

    The shopping bonanza is in full effect.  On Nov. 27, outlets across the country will be offering exclusive deals, slashing prices on everything from boots to perfume, all in promotion of Black Friday. While this Friday/weekend is set to be full of craze, many retailers have already beefed up their deals ahead of time. So, whether you’re an early bird shopper or prefer to experience it day of, we’ve done some scouting to help you plan accordingly. Here are some of the best Black Friday deals that you can take part in here in Canada. 

  • Ontario businessman sponsoring 50 Syrian families;rallies town to welcome them

    Jim Estill says he's spending at least $1.5 million to privately sponsor the families and help them settle in the southern Ontario city of Guelph. Estill's efforts illustrate the complexities of Canada's private refugee sponsorship program, under which sponsors commit to meeting all of a newcomer's needs for the first few months of their time in Canada. The wheels of Canada's refugee system do not always turn quickly, particularly when newcomers are being brought to the country by private sponsors rather than via a government-run program.

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  • Paranoid Pensioner Buries Life Savings Underground; Cash Gets Eaten By Worms

    A pensioner who didn’t trust his local bank to look after his life savings chose to bury the money in the ground - only for most of it to be eaten by worms. Poor Wu Chen, 67, stashed the cash in a carrier bag five years ago, feeling sure it would be safe. Mr Chen didn’t tell anyone when he squirreled away the 35,000 RMB (£3,627) in a plastic bag, placing it in a hole in Deyang, in south-west China’s Sichuan Province.

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  • Paige Getzlaf talks 'Hockey Wives', emergency appendectomies, fighting (Puck Daddy Interview)

    Paige Getzlaf talks Hockey Wives, emergency appendectomies, fighting (Puck Daddy Interview)

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  • Police seek man who loitered naked in condo sauna | Toronto Star

    Toronto police are trying to identify a man who was spotted loitering in the women’s change room of a downtown condo twice within four months. According to police, the man first seen in August when he entered the women's change room of a condo in the Lynn Williams St. and Pirandello St. area. He loitered naked in the sauna and was also in the women’s shower wearing a “Speedo-like swimsuit.” On Oct. 20, the same man was seen loitering in the same women’s change room after entering from the pool area. In both cases, the man was confronted but fled before he could be indentified. The suspect is described as around six-feet-two-inches tall with a thin build, short brown hair and a brown beard. He

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  • $911 shipping charge on grandson's Christmas gift flabbergasts grandmother

    Alberta grandmother Margaret Barry is still frustrated after discovering Sears charged her $911 to ship a $250 item to her home. Barry, who lives near Boyle, a small town about 150 km northeast of Edmonton, was going all out on Christmas this year ordering online a $250 go-kart for her three-year-old grandson Benjamin. The next morning when Barry read the confirmation email, she was stunned.

  • Python deaths: Jean-Claude Savoie ordered to stand trial

    The former owner of a pet store and unlicensed zoo in Campbellton, N.B., has been ordered to stand trial in connection with the 2013 deaths of two young brothers killed by a python as they slept. Noah Barthe, 4, and Connor Barthe, 6, were asphyxiated by an African rock python as they slept in Savoie's apartment while on a sleepover with Savoie's son in August 2013. African rock pythons are non-venomous snakes that typically kill by constricting their victims.

  • Police warn about increase in one-punch attacks with deadly consequences

    Thu, Nov 26: Vancouver police are issuing a warning today about a disturbing increase in "one punch" attacks - when an unsuspecting victim is knocked down - often with a single punch. As Grace Ke reports, that single punch can cause life-altering injuries and even kill a person.

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  • Woman saved by Doo Doo the Clown says attack was no laughing matter

    A woman saved by Doo Doo the Clown from a vicious assault earlier this week in downtown Toronto has told her story to CBC News, and it was no laughing matter. Sonnenberg was walking near Front Street West and Bathurst Street with a friend Sunday when the assault happened. It was then that Doo Doo the Clown in his clown car came out of nowhere to save the day. Sonnenberg said she was shaken up but not traumatized by the event.

  • Girl Refused Personalised Nutella Jar Because Of Name

    Mum Heather Taylor was fuming when staff at an Australian department store told her sister that it wouldn’t be possible to add five-year-old Isis’ name to a jar. Ms Taylor said in a Facebook post: “His reasons were that her name might be interpreted in a negative context. Ms Taylor is now doing all she can to help her daughter and other little girls called Isis to reclaim their name.

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  • Mum Sentenced After Dangling Child From Window By Wrists In “Michael Jackson Moment”

    A mother has been sentenced for pulling a dangerous stunt, which mimicked a Michael Jackson moment. The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, dangled her child out of a window, shouting: “Wacko Jacko”, as a Michael Jackson song came on the radio. The mum - in her 20s - admitted exposing the tot to danger, when she appeared at Hull Magistrates Court, East Yorkshire, yesterday.

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  • Huge If True: Where exactly is Travis Hamonic going?

    But unlike a lot of rumors we know a whole hell of a lot about the ins and outs of this particular rumor: Half the who, half the where, and a lot about the return as well.

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  • Town Comes Under Fire For Being Politically Incorrect And Proud

    A town sheriff has been criticised for a sign outside his office, which welcomes visitors and boasts about being politically incorrect. It’s in Harris County, Georgia, where the message was added to the original town sign on Tuesday. The sign reads: “WARNING: Harris County is politically incorrect.

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