How you can help with relief efforts in Nepal

The federal government says it will match donations as Canadian Red Cross sets up a special fund, and charities like CARE and UNICEF fundraise.

  • New car deposit almost lost by Calgary couple

    A Calgary couple is sharing their buyer beware story after almost losing a deposit they put on a new car. Sonia Ambrosio and her husband went to Sunridge Nissan one weekend to replace the fob for their 13-year-old car.

  • Bruce's First Wife Speaks Out

    Chrystie Scott, Bruce Jenner's college sweetheart and first wife, watched his Diane Sawyer special on Friday night, along with nearly 17 million other Americans. In an exclusive interview with Access Hollywood's Stephanie Bauer (the day after the "20/20" episode aired), she explained that she is "so relieved" the world finally knows this "big, big, big dark secret" that she had been guarding, and that she no longer has to cover for her ex-husband. Chrystie revealed to Access that the broadcast of the two-hour interview was a family affair.

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  • London schoolgirls who joined ISIS tweet of new 'jihadi bride' lives

    London schoolgirl Amira Abase, 15, has tweeted from inside the Islamic State for the first time, bragging about a western-style takeaway dinner of including fried chicken, chips, pizza and kebab.

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  • Gang violence in Surrey, B.C. needs intervention from province: Moe Sihota

    A recent spate of shootings in Surrey, B.C. — 23 with one fatality within six weeks — is raising questions about what the role of the province should be in putting an end to gang violence. "The politicians have allowed this to go on for far too long by blaming the victim and putting the onus on the families and shrugging their own responsibilities," former BC NDP cabinet minister Moe Sihota told The Early Edition's Rick Cluff. Last week, police organized a forum on gang violence, with B.C. Liberal MLA and former police officer Amrik Virk in attendance.

  • Man pops huge cyst using a needle, pliers and a screwdriver

    This gruesome video shows how a man popped a huge cyst in his arm with a needle, screwdriver and a pair of pliers. The man, known only as Jason, from Vancouver, uploaded the clip to YouTube after his wife filmed the stomach-churning moment.

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  • Vancouver Canucks: We are not too old, say Sedins

    Vancouver Canucks captain Henrik Sedin says he and his brother are not too old to form the core of the team next year. Henrik and other players were on hand to offer their final thoughts on the season and the first-round playoff loss to the Calgary Flames on Monday morning in Vancouver. Henrik said he thought the team surprised a lot of people by making the playoffs in what was supposed to be a rebuilding year.

  • Bali Nine pair to be shot after the stroke of midnight on Wednesday

    Australians Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran will be executed just after the stroke of midnight on Wednesday (3am AEST), it has been confirmed. The date - April 29 - became official when a local funeral director in Cilacap, the nearest port to Nusakambangan, or Death Island, was instructed to inscribe the names of those to be shot by firing squad and the date of their deaths.

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  • Obese woman loses 8st after she was too fat to fit in a plane seat

    Sharon Smith, 43, from Halesowen, West Midlands, was a bulky size 26 when she went on the business trip in December 2012 and struggled to fit in the plane seat. 'I had been travelling out there for ten years but luckily I had always managed to upgrade or have no one in the seat next to me.

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  • 'Tell me everything': Robert Downey, Jr., cheers up fan who’s had a bad day

    Last week, we shared the story of how Chris Pratt helped raise $92,000 for a 12-year-old boy with brain cancer, just by tweeting his story and retweeting his supporters. Aiden’s mother took a photo of the injury and posted it on Twitter, asking Iron Man star Downey, Jr., if he could spare a moment or two to cheer up her son. Soon Aiden and Downey, Jr., were chatting over Twitter, the exchange making Aiden’s day.

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  • Yes! Winnipeg says no to agency leader Bill Morrissey

    Winnipeg's biggest professional booster has been fired for insubordination — two months before he was to retire. Bill Morrissey was fired on Friday from Yes! Winnipeg, an arm of Economic Development Winnipeg (EDW). Morrissey, who was named leader of the agency in July 2010, said he's shocked by the move, adding he was told the decision was due to disparaging remarks he allegedly made about EDW to a third party.

  • Charlie White and Tanith Belbin tie the knot

    White and partner Meryl Davis captured the gold medal in 2014 and silver in 2010. "Having been friends for so many years before we started dating, I had a really good idea the kind of guy Charlie was and the kind of companion he would be," Belbin said.

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  • Google executive Dan Fredinburg among hundreds dead from Nepal earthquake

    Dan Fredinburg, a Google executive who described himself as an adventurer, was among the hundreds who died in a massive earthquake that struck Nepal on Saturday. Google confirmed his death. Lawrence You, the company's director of privacy, posted online that Fredinburg was in Nepal with three other Google employees climbing Mount Everest.

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  • Student with cerebral palsy surprised with prom queen nod by London, Ont., high school

    When it came to nominating their prom queen this year, graduating students at John Paul II Catholic Secondary School in London, Ont., stacked the vote in favour of one special student. Of the 250 votes, 230 were for 17-year-old Samantha Sands. “Social butterfly” Sands has cerebral palsy.

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  • Before and after pictures of the Nepal earthquake

    Here are before and after photos of Kathmandu and Bharatpur's most well-known landmarks. Hundreds of ancient temples and monuments dating from the 17th century were destroyed by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake. (-- How you can help and donate to relief efforts)

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  • 9 Insanely Easy 1-Hour Backyard Projects (10 photos)

    Taking time to work on creative projects can be a challenge, especially if you have other obligations. But each one of these simple outdoor DIYs takes only 60 minutes—and gives (at least) a full season of enjoyment! | By,

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  • Surviving the ‘unsurvivable’ plane crash: Tom Wilson woke up soaked in fuel. He was on fire

    Tom Wilson was dozing during a short flight to a remote work site in the mountains north of Vancouver when he awoke with a start. “It was over so quick, nobody even had a chance to scream,” Wilson says, recalling the November 2008 crash that claimed the lives of everyone else on board. Five of the Albertan’s friends and co-workers died, as did the pilot and a sub-contractor en route to the same hydroelectric construction project near the head of Toba Inlet, northwest of Vancouver. Wilson, a 35-year-old business supervisor on the project, awoke still strapped in his seat, soaked in aviation fuel.

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  • Progress Eagle: The plane of tomorrow -

    (CNN)Designer and aviation enthusiast Oscar Vinals is slightly addicted to crafting concept planes. Last year, he came up with the design for the AWWA Sky Whale, a futuristic aircraft that he said would revolutionize green air travel and carry an astonishing 755 passengers. With his newest design, the AWWA-QG Progress Eagle, he imagines the future of travel as a triple-decker aircraft with zero carbon emissions. Rather than relying on traditional fossil fuels, the plane (which he envisions taking to the skies in 2030) would rely on six hydrogen engines to lift the plane off the ground.

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  • Mystery solved? Easter Island 'hats' were rolled up ramps

    Experts at the University of Oregon believe it would have been relatively easy for the Rapa Nui people to place the distinctive pukao 'hats' on the head of the Easter Island statues (pictured) 700 years ago.

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  • Strangers rally behind Ontario teacher denied leave to take dad, 90, to WWII event

    An Ontario teacher who has been denied unpaid leave to accompany his 90-year-old veteran father to a Second World War ceremony in Europe is drawing support from hundreds of strangers. An online petition condemning the Avon Maitland District School Board's decision had obtained more than 1,600 signatures as of early Monday afternoon. The petition says Rick Boon, a teacher for the board, was denied permission to take his father, Art Boon, to an event commemorating the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Holland, after accompanying him to other ceremonies in previous years.

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  • Did Mindy Kaling Just Find the Most Flattering Swimsuit Ever?

    First we read Mindy Kaling's hilarious caption, as one does: "#nofilter needed for my new @marahoffman one piece which literally looks good on EVERYONE." Then we took in the swimsuit. "Wait a second," we thought to ourselves.

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