• Meghan Markle wears Canadian designers at the Invictus Games opening ceremony

    The Suits star, who was supporting her boyfriend Prince Harry at the launch of his Toronto-based event, looked beautiful in a tonal palette of autumnal burgundy and plum hues. The deep coloured burgundy chiffon dress features a wrap silhouette and full-pleated skirt.

  • Palestinian leader tries to put Trump on notice with warning

    Overshadowed by last week's showdown between the U.S. and North Korea, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas issued an ominous warning in his address to the United Nations: With hopes running out for an independent Palestinian state, the Palestinian leader said he may have no choice but to seek a single, binational state with Israel. While Abbas appears to be in no hurry to disband his self-rule government, his threat raises an awkward scenario for Israel and the Trump administration that could potentially spell doom for the century-old Zionist enterprise. Abbas was a mastermind and negotiator of the historic Oslo peace accords of the 1990s - interim deals that set a five-year goal for reaching a final agreement.

  • Female students at B.C. high school told their T-shirts 'kind of suggestive'

    School officials at Dr. Charles Best Secondary School were not amused. Isabella Chu, 17, said when the time came to take her photo Thursday, the photographer said he was instructed by the vice-principal to tell the female students they had to either turn the T-shirts around, or pull them down so the image wasn't visible in the photo.

  • 'Very rare' King-of-the-Salmon fish found on Vancouver Island beach

    Ben Clinton Baker walks his dog along the Oak Bay shorelines fairly regularly. Baker said a biologist told him to take the fish home and put it on ice, in case experts want to preserve the animal for research.

  • Brandon teens credited with caring for toddler found alone in the rain

    It was the kind of birthday surprise no one expected. A group of Brandon teens celebrating a birthday came across a crying toddler who was standing in the pouring rain with no jacket or shoes Friday night. The birthday boy's mother, Christina Kinney, got a phone call when her son Cole and his friends were coming back to her house after a quick dinner at a nearby fast-food restaurant.

  • Here's what could happen if North Korea detonates a hydrogen bomb

    Should the nuclear crisis between the United States and North Korea escalate beyond hurling test missiles and insults like "madman" and "dotard," the list of possible effects is a long and frightening one. It's impossible to predict precisely the effects of a North Korean nuclear blast because so much depends on the type, size and method and elevation of the detonation, says Danny Lam, a Calgary-based defence analyst with a PhD in environmental engineering.

  • Whitehorse man's homemade 'root heater' is growing veggies faster, longer

    Chris Bartsch grew a 2.5 metre tall tomato tree last year that bore 30 fruits. "The mayor told me later, 'That was the best tomato we had ever tasted and it was the biggest tomato we had ever seen,'" said Bartsch, chuckling. "What I'm really trying to prove here is that this can be done at a reasonable cost ... but the benefits of it are huge," said 82-year-old Bartsch, who's been tinkering with the technology since last year.