VIDEO: If you don't think this looks smart, you're right

This guy's demolition of a silo with a sledgehammer could have gone horribly wrong, but instead he emerges relatively unscathed in a giggle-worthy clip.

  • Drunk woman filmed 'trying to leave scene' of serious Sunshine Coast crash

    FIRST ON 7: A tow truck driver has recorded an extraordinary confrontation with a young woman trying to leave the scene of a serious accident on the Sunshine Coast.

  • Teacher ‘Who Had Sex With Female Student’ Is Banned From Seeing Her Own Children

    A married teacher has been banned from seeing her own children after she allegedly had sex with one of her teenage students. Laura Garrigus, 30, is said by police to have had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old female student that went on for several months. Following her arrest, the mum-of-three resigned from her job at the Cumberland International Early College in North Carolina.

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  • Bobsled track accident scene poses PTSD risk for 1st responders

    Police, paramedics and firefighters responding to Canada Olympic Park in Calgary on the weekend discovered a gruesome situation  they couldn't have been prepared for, even with training or experience. A total of eight teenagers suffered various degrees of injury, with 17-year-old twins Jordan and Evan Caldwell, who had worked at the park, dying on the hill while attempting to toboggan down the bobsled track. "They were confronted with a grim scene," said EMS spokesman Stuart Brideaux of the 15 paramedics who arrived around 1:30 a.m. MT Saturday.

  • Your ability to read this message reveals something incredible about the mind

    Can you read the message below? The above passage, written in a combination of letters...

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  • Animal Lovers Blast Dog Owner Who Dyes Her Puppies To Look Like Pandas

    Animal lovers and welfare groups have condemned a woman who has dyed her three pet dogs to look like baby pandas. Meng Jiang caused quite a stir when she was spotted walking her adorable Chow Chow pups - named Tudou, YuMi and DouDou - through the streets of Singapore. Onlookers thought she was walking tiny pandas on a lead but it turned out she had simply used black dye around the dogs’ eyes, ears, legs and tails to create the distinctive look.

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  • Woman Keeps McDonald’s Happy Meal Untouched For Six Years – And This Is The Shocking Result

    A mum claims to have conducted an experiment where she kept a McDonald’s Happy Meal for SIX years – just to see if it would decompose. 

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  • Apple Says Controversial iPhone-Breaking ‘Error 53’ Is For Your Own Good

    Apple claims that its controversial ‘Error 53’, which disables iPhones that have been repaired by non-Apple technicians, is a security measure. Thousands of iPhone 6 users have been left fuming after the dreaded Error 53, originally thought to be a bug, rendered their handsets useless following Apple’s latest software update. The issue is related to the iPhone’s home button, which features the Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

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  • Leather Walls, Mirrored Boudoir and a Fur Vault for $84.5M (29 photos)

    Madonna, here’s your second chance. The home of developer Keith Rubenstein and his wife, Inga, on Manhattan’s Upper East Side has just hit the market at $84.5 million, as first reported by the Wall Street Journal. They bought the century-old townhouse in 2007 for $35 million, reportedly beating out a much lower bid by Madonna. Renowned for their “over-the-top parties,” according to Architectural Digest, they even installed a ventilated smoking room for their European friends. The adjacent bathroom has mirrors cracked by bullets (edgy!) — reminiscent of the controversial party the real estate mogul threw in an abandoned warehouse last Halloween. (That party’s death-inflected theme, “Macabre Suite,” had “Bronx is burning” overtones and included a sculpture made of bullet-riddled cars. It publicized his business’s upcoming residential/retail complex in the South Bronx.) The home’s more unusual amenities also include red Hermes leather walls in the billiard room, a fur vault, a mirrored boudoir with reflective soaking tub, and a plunge pool next to a sauna. The couple told the Wall Street Journal and Architectural Digest that they spent years renovating the townhouse. Our slideshow includes photos from the current listing plus a few from the previous listing for before-and-after comparison, as well as pictures of a couple of sites that inspired some of its designs (a St. Petersburg palace, for instance, and the Oak Bar at the Plaza in New York). More on Yahoo Real Estate: • PETA Wants ‘Silence of the Lambs’ House for an ‘Empathy Museum’ (64 photos) • Aging Playboy Mansion Asks $200M; Some Call It a ‘Teardown’ (68 photos) • Developer Bet on Billionaires’ Hunger, and Won: The Story Behind ‘L.A.’s Most Extreme Home’ (46 photos)

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  • No One Wanted To Play Noah In 'The Notebook' And Nicholas Sparks Can Explain Why

    'The Notebook' author Nicholas Sparks shared that Ryan Gosling didn't have much competition to play Noah in his book's film adaptation.

  • Law enforcement only part of the solution to city violence, says Mark Saunders

    Law enforcement is only one part of a larger approach needed to solve the problem of violence in the city, Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders said Monday following a spate of homicides over the weekend. "Just the enforcement part is just a factor… there's so many other factors that need to be involved to keep our city safe," Saunders said at the Spider's Web after-school drop-in centre in the Jane and Wilson area. Saunders' remarks come after four separate homicides in the city that took place in the span of just a few hours.

  • ‘Jason Bourne’ Teaser: First Look at Matt Damon’s Return

    “My God, that’s Jason Bourne.”

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  • Calgary bobsled-track crash survivors have long road ahead

    David Carr also survived, while twins Evan and Jordan Caldwell died on the track. Hettinga suffered severe trauma to his head and face — including the loss of an eye — and has a long road ahead, according to Pastor Quinn Davis in his sermon at the Rocky Mountain Calvary Church. In his Sunday sermon, Davis said Hettinga has already undergone several surgeries and has more ahead.

  • Customer Gets Her Just Desserts After Ranting About Michelin Restaurant On TripAdvisor

    The TripAdvisor user wrote a scathing review of Glynn Purnell’s restaurant in Birmingham – saying it was "immoral [for it] to charge such prices for food". “Maybe the chef should watch Masterchef The Professionals for a few lessons to see how food should be served and give some decent portions of wonderful food not just the content of a decent starter over 6 courses. “In regards to Masterchef, Glynn is well celebrated and well received in the public scene.

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  • Adult film company launching in Winnipeg

    An “ethical” porn production and distribution company is about to launch in Winnipeg. Ciné Sinclaire is a local adult film company, created by Winnipegger Kate Sinclaire. Global's Talia Ricci reports.

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  • Super Bowl champion Wade Phillips trolls Cam Newton on Twitter

    The coach has posted some good zingers on Twitter, and had one for Newton on Monday morning.

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  • Rising Sea Levels Will Leave Just The Top Of Nelson’s Column Standing Above The Waves, Says Study

    The world’s dependence on fossil fuels will cause sea levels to rise leaving just the top half of Nelson’s column poking through the waves, says a new study. Burning just half of the remaining fossil fuels will affect the planet for more than 100,000 years, scientists warn. Published in the journal, Nature Climate Change, the study says that at the current rate humans are pumping carbon into the atmosphere, the Earth may suffer irreparable damage, with sea level rises affecting a fifth of the world’s population.

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  • Sgt. Anthony Braile fired by Calgary police for high-speed chase

    Following a disciplinary hearing, Sgt. Anthony Braile was dismissed last Wednesday after admitting to nine counts of professional misconduct and was found to have committed several Police Service Regulation offences. Braile was responsible for initiating a high-speed chase that was contrary to police policy that resulted in a cab driver being seriously injured. Despite calling the incident into dispatch and telling the operator he was not following the truck, Braile chased the vehicle for 58 minutes, which is contrary to CPS policy.

  • This is the biggest mistake you're making with your laundry

    You might not actually know how to do laundry. No, wait, hear me out. The conventional method of...

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  • Coca-Cola has discovered an untapped market to save the soda business

    As soda sales slow in the US, Coca-Cola is looking elsewhere for customers. One of the major...

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  • How a Former Drug Kingpin Transformed His Body and Created a Prison Workout Phenomenon

    In 2009, Marte and nine associates were scooped up by the NYPD on the same day. Not only had one of his accomplices flipped on him, but the officers had tapped his phones and spent a year building a case against him, documenting upward of 40 cocaine sales.

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