VIDEO: Woman kills suspected serial killer

A police officer says he thinks a West Virginia woman 'saved lives' by shooting a man who attacked her in her home.

  • LeSean McCoy -- 'Shady' On the Strip ... Hot Chicks Swarm (PHOTOS)

    LeSean McCoy will not be denied access to smoking hot chicks -- even though the Buffalo Bills are crapping on his "females only" party -- he found…

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  • Kitchener women say they were stopped by police for cycling topless

    Three Kitchener, Ont., sisters are planning to file a formal complaint after they say they were stopped by a police officer for cycling topless. Tameera, Nadia and Alysha Mohamed took off their shirts while riding their bikes in downtown Kitchener on Friday evening because of the heat.

  • Sandra Bland's Arrest Was So Messed Up, Even Fox News Sees It

    Something unusual happened on Comedy Central’s "The Nightly Show" on Thursday: Host Larry Wilmore found himself agreeing with Fox News about Sandra Bland’s arrest. Wilmore first lamented CNN’s coverage of Sandra Bland, a 28-year-old black woman from the Chicago area who was found dead on July 13 in a Waller County, Texas, jail cell three days after being arrested. Wilmore noted that CNN effectively blamed Bland for escalating the incident leading up to her arrest. Then, Wilmore turned to Fox News, which he expected to be even worse.

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  • 'The Bachelorette' Couple's Plans

    "The Bachelorette's" latest season introduced Kaitlyn Bristowe to the man she is planning to marry. On Monday night, on "After the Final Rose," Kaitlyn and her new fiance, Shawn Booth, told Chris Harrison about their plans for the future.

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  • Two new driving laws coming, one with $490 fine

    Mon, Jul 27: Two new little known driving laws will soon come into effect in Ontario. Cindy Pom received a visual demonstration from police.

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  • Troy Tulowitzki sent to Blue Jays in shocking trade

    Troy Tulowitzki is getting his wish. Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal was first to report the deal. Based on what's been reported thus far, the return for the Rockies is veteran shortstop Jose Reyes, young fireballer Miguel Castro, top pitching prospect Jeff Hoffman and one more unnamed prospects.

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  • Judge says she did not involuntarily commit gunman who attacked Louisiana movie theatre

    The gunman responsible for last week's deadly attack in a Louisiana movie theatre was delivered by deputies to hospital for a mental evaluation in 2008 after his family said he was a danger to himself and others. Funerals were held Monday in Louisiana for Jillian Johnson and Mayci Marie Breaux, the two women killed when Houser opened fire in a theatre in the city of Lafayette. Houser's case underscores the concerns raised in the aftermath of other mass shootings involving suspects with mental health issues — and the gaps in the system meant to "red-flag" people ill-suited to own or carry a firearm.

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  • Wage War on Weeds with 7 Unbeatable Tools (7 photos)

    No matter how much time, effort, and care you put into your lawn and garden, one thing is for certain: There will be weeds. Crabgrass, dandelions, and invasive species compete with your plants for nutrients and aren't always the prettiest addition to

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  • Kanye West’s ‘mic drop’ at the Pan Am Games leaves Twitter buzzing

    Performers typically drop the microphone before leaving the stage, but then again, Kanye West is far from your typical performer. After weeks or vitriol and petitions aimed at preventing Kanye from performing at the Pan Am Games closing ceremony, it appears

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  • London couple the latest targets of online ridicule and shaming

    Kyle O’Neill, 26, and Gabrielle Penney, 20, of London pleaded guilty last week to four counts of animal cruelty after they locked their Chihuahua mix puppy in a bathroom and took off on a two-week holiday at the beginning of January. The dog was discovered after their landlord received noise complaints and called the London Humane Society. After acquiring a search warrant, workers from the humane society were able to access the apartment on Jan. 6 and rescue the puppy.

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  • Missing 2-Year-Old Girl Drowns In Alberta Subdivision

    She had been playing at a park with her siblings.

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  • Toronto Kijiji apartment rental scam leaves woman without 2 months rent

    A Toronto woman says she was scammed out of $1,500 worth of rent this weekend by a man pretending to be a doctor, and that she's since found out the culprit has done this to others as well. Tika Simone says she used Kijiji to find the apartment in a private duplex near Jarvis Street and Gerrard Street East in downtown Toronto and negotiated with a man who called himself Dr. Zaki.  Simone said the man claimed to be a doctor at nearby St. Michael's Hospital and an owner of several rental properties. Simone agreed to rent the studio apartment for $750 per month, with everything included, which she admits seemed like "a steal." In her eagerness to score the apartment, Simone agreed to pay Dr. Zaki the first- and last-month's rent up front, in cash, and didn't sign an application form.

  • The $153,000 Selfie: Don’t Try To Get a Photo With A Rattlesnake, Kids

    Todd Fassler, who says he owned a pet rattlesnake for a year before setting it free, pulled a different snake from the bush for a quick snake selfie in early July. The whole ordeal left him with a total hospital bill of $153,161.25 (that’s around £98,500) and not even a decent selfie to show for it.

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  • I am Canadian – but now not as much as I used to be

    More than a few names on Canada’s Walk of Fame were just deprived of part of their Canadian-ness because they followed their careers across a border. Section Three of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms reads: “Every citizen of Canada has the right to vote in an election of members of the House of Commons.” It follows that those of us without a right to vote feel a little less like citizens now. It’s hard to understand why the government and now the Ontario Court of Appeal felt it necessary to again disenfranchise those Canadians who happen to live beyond the country’s borders. Is Wayne Gretzky, a primary resident of Southern California, still allowed to vote in Canada?

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  • Robert Allenby's ex-caddie doesn't believe former boss' Hawaii story

    Robert Allenby's former caddie, Mick Middlemo, is speaking like a man liberated. Middlemo, who split with Allenby halfway through the first round of last week's RBC Canadian Open, said in an Australian radio interview that he doesn't believe Allenby's story of being kidnapped and robbed on the night after missing the cut at the Sony Open in Hawaii in January. No, I don’t," Middlemo said to News Corp Australia.

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  • Subway restaurant workers find children unattended in hot van

    Employees of a Subway restaurant in Winnipeg say they were shocked to see two children left unattended inside a van on a hot day. The temperature was 29 C when the children were spotted inside a van that was parked outside the Subway on Notre Dame Avenue around 2 p.m. Monday. Roger Dorion, who works at the restaurant, said he saw a child sleeping in a car seat and a young boy sitting inside the van, which had its windows open.

  • Doctors Found 20 Lice in Woman’s Eye - Simply Unpleasant

    Now these are just lice in the eyelids, nada (Picture: Wikipedia/ KostaMumcuoglu)We all had lice as kids - it was itchy and entails using horrible smelling shampoos and the dredded lice comb.What this poor Chinese woman suffered from was a whole different

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  • Getting a Job at Google Ain’t Easy - Check Out These Interview Questions

    How do you answer these questions? (Picture: Rex)Job interviews are never easy at the best of times but it seems Google doesn’t just ask you the usual questions but really make you think out of the box.It seems that for a job at the all-knowing tech giant

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  • Nick Gordon's Family Speaks Out

    Following the death of Bobbi Kristina Brown, a report claimed that boyfriend Nick Gordon was suicidal. Nick Gordon's stepfather, Jack Walker Jr., spoke to Access Hollywood's Stephanie Bauer exclusively giving an update on his grieving son. Walker also spoke about the tragic passing of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's daughter.

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  • Meet The Sleek New Plane Of The Future

    The Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands along with KLM has been looking into aircraft design as part of its AHEAD programme. As well as changing the design, AHEAD’s engineers have come up with a new type of jet engine.

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