Voter ID card errors causing 'mass confusion'

Thousands of Canadians say they've received incorrect cards that tell them to vote in the wrong location -- in some cases, hundreds of km away.

  • Couple Release A Bit TOO Much Information On Their Facebook Engagement Photo

    A woman who was so deliriously happy at getting engaged to her boyfriend didn’t check the Facebook photo before posting it - and let something MAJOR slip.

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  • TSX rally stalls as sentiment cautious; Fed in focus

    Global stocks shied away from three-week highs following unexpectedly weak economic data from Germany and Japan that added to anxiety about global economic growth. At 10:38 a.m. ET (1438 GMT), the Toronto Stock Exchange's S&P/TSX composite index rose 3.32 points, or 0.02 percent, to 13,871.67. Advancing issues outnumbered declining ones on the TSX by 120 to 114, for a 1.05-to-1 ratio on the upside.

  • Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck Living Together Amid Pregnancy Rumors: Report

    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are reportedly still living together months after their divorce. In this photo, dated March 10, 2013, Affleck and Garner are seen at an event in Los Angeles. Getty Images/Jason Merritt Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have been spotted on frequent outings together even four months after their divorce announcement and now the latest rumor surrounding the former couple is that they are still living together. An eyewitness told Entertainment Tonight that Affleck looked “protective” and “helpful” toward Garner amid pregnancy rumors. The eyewitness also said that the separated couple was living together at their California home in the Pacific Palisades. The two were

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  • Tory candidates absent from debates across country

    Tory candidates continue to be hard to reach on the campaign trails, including at riding debates, according to a media report. Some debates in Calgary’s 10 federal ridings have been cancelled or delayed because of attendance refusals or lack of attendance from Conservative candidates, Brian Lee of the Calgary Leadership Forum told the Calgary Herald. “All of the political parties have been very keen on participating except for one,” said Lee, a former Progressive Conservative MLA in Alberta, told the Herald.

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  • House Cat Goes Outside For The First Time And Makes This Face

    Well, we don’t actually have to imagine with Kiwi as his series of facial expressions tells the exact story. The orange tabby’s owner uploaded a series of pictures to photo sharing site Imgur, captioning it ‘Kiwi’s Adventure To The Outside’ - and what an adventure it was. Kiwi is a house cat no more.

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  • Woman sexually assaulted by 3 men after abduction outside Calgary bar

    Tue, Oct 6: A woman was abducted from a bar on 35th Street southeast early Sunday morning to a home where she was sexually assaulted by three men.

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  • ‘This Has Ruined Me’: Cheater Exposed On Facebook Opens Up As He Attempts To Win Girlfriend Back

    Matty Steven’s face went viral when Pippa McKinney posted a picture of the pair kissing at a club in Manchester on Facebook as she attempted to track him down. Now the 22-year-old has admitted his “drunken kiss” with Pippa, but is doing his utmost to win Emily back. It was one single drunken kiss that obviously meant more to her than it ever did to me.

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  • Shooting of Kentucky woman by husband in alleged mercy killing fuels right-to-die debate

    Virginia Chumbley was asleep when she was shot to death in her home. "I just shot my wife," Chris Chumbley told the Laurel County emergency operator. Chumbley, 50, was charged with murder, but last month, prosecutors reached a deal that would allow him to plead guilty to manslaughter.

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  • Man Divorces Wife On WhatsApp After Four Weeks Of Marriage

    The 21-year-old man used free messaging service WhatsApp to legally separate from his new wife - meaning he didn’t even have to pay anything to end their marriage. J Prameela Devi, a member of the state women’s commission adalat, told the Times of India: ‘He said she was like an apple and he had already tasted it. Islamic scholars are divided as to whether WhatsApp is actually a legal document, with some stating that the divorce should be carried out in person.

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  • Here's how much sex you should be having as you get older

    Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus, the sexual dysfunction specialist and clinical director of The Medical Center For Female Sexuality, reveals how much sex is good for a marriage and how sex changes over the years.  Produced by Sam Rega and Joe Avella. Camera by Jason Gaines. Follow BI Video: On Facebook 

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  • BlackBerry PRIV: First images of new Android-based smartphone (4 photos)

    BlackBerry has confirmed that they'll be releasing a new phone this fall, according to a placeholder page for the BlackBerry PRIV. The device was confirmed at the end of BlackBerry's fiscal quarter, for which they missed their earning expectations. Many are calling the PRIV BlackBerry's last chance, and the Waterloo-based company is combining its focus on security and privacy with a new Android operating system. These are the first images released of the phone.

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  • Temporary visitor visa to Canada denied for daughter, 2

    A B.C. mother whose toddler is "stranded" in South Africa says bureaucrats at Citizenship and Immigration Canada are tearing her family apart. Susan Standfield said her two-year-old daughter, Meg, has been denied entry to Canada because Canadian officials in Pretoria gave her the wrong advice, leaving her husband, daughter and son stuck in limbo. "It's really painful and I wake up in the middle of the night crying, and I feel like I'm failing my kids," said Standfield.

  • Mother Punishes Son By Shaving His Head And Parading Him Around Supermarket In Tutu

    A mother of a ten-year-old boy shaved her son’s head and made him walk around a supermarket dressed in a tutu as an public punishment for his bad behaviour at school. Police were called to a Wal-Mart store in Rock Hill South Carolina early on Sunday morning where they found the boy wearing a tutu, women’s boots, a women’s undergarment and a T-shirt with “various permanent marker writing underneath,” according to their official report. Apparently, “corporal punishment” had been “ineffective” on her son, and she told police she had been attempting to “embarrass” the ten-year-old into improving his behaviour.

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  • Disgusted Diner Shows What KFC's Ricebox Meal Actually Looks Like

    Can you tell which one is the advert and what was actually served up to a KFC customer?

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  • Selena Gomez's Lupus Battle

    Selena Gomez has come forward with a personal health battle – she has lupus.

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  • Tarantula found crossing road on Ottawa residential street

    Anne Beck and her daughter Julia were driving along a residential street in the Ottawa community of Carp on Monday afternoon, returning home from a neighbourhood bakery, when Julia spotted a tarantula crossing the road. After getting out of their vehicle, they discovered it was indeed a tarantula, in this case, a rather gentle female specimen from the arid climes of Chile that was eventually returned to its owners. After getting the tarantula safely in the cooler, the pair called Little Ray's Reptile Zoo.

  • Canada should align with Russia to fight ISIS in Syria, ambassador says

    The Russian ambassador to Canada is defending his country's new combat role in the Syrian civil war and is asking Ottawa to join its coalition in the fight against ISIS. Alexander Darchiev said that Canada's participation in the U.S.-led coalition airstrikes — which began more than a year ago — has been a failed mission with few tangible results. "This undertaking, unfortunately, has proved ineffective and incapable [of stopping] ISIS, so, we truly believe that what we really need in Syria is a co-operative effort, because the terrorists do not distinguish between Russians, Americans or Canadians, they all consider us to be targets," Darchiev said in an interview with Rosemary Barton on CBC's Power & Politics.

  • Man Smuggled Dying Wife’s Dog Into Hospital In Suitcase To See Beloved Pup ‘One Last Time’

    A kindhearted husband smuggled his terminally ill wife’s beloved dog past hospital security in a suitcase so she could see her one last time. The man shared the touching tale, which happened “one year, three days and fourteen hours” ago on Reddit. “When my wife finally went back to sleep, I loaded the dog back in the suitcase, and she somewhat sheepishly obliged,” he added.

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  • Fifty years in Canada, and now I feel like a second-class citizen

    “Too broken to write,” I told my editor, after the onslaught of Conservative announcements. The niqab was condemned. Citizenship was revoked for convicted terrorists with dual citizenship. Canadians were reminded of “barbaric cultural practices,” and the federal government’s preference for mainly non-Muslim Syrian refugees was reiterated. Make no mistake: This divisive strategy is meant to prey upon fear and prejudice. Last May, I wrote that Canadian Muslims “are the low-hanging fruit in the politics of fear. Omar Khadr is exhibit A; Zunera Ishaq is exhibit B. With an October election, it won’t be surprising to see political machinations at our expense.” Yet the sheer brazenness of the Conservatives

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  • Are These The Earliest Ever Aerial Pics Of Britain? Amazing 130-Year-Old Images Revealed

    A lot can happen in 130 years, as these fascinating aerial images of London in the 1880s prove. Forget about drones and helicopters - these earliest-known aerial photos of Britain were taken more than 130 years ago from hot air balloons.

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