• Kate poses for first magazine cover: See the stunning spread

    The Duchess of Cambridge, née Kate Middleton, has posed for her first magazine cover, making debut in the pages of Vogue. Kate proved a natural in front of the camera, releasing the photographs as part of the collaboration between British Vogue and the National Portrait Gallery. The three pictures perfectly showcase Kate's flawless beauty.

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  • Kim Jong-Un Has A 'Pleasure Squad' Of Teenage Girls Who Follow Him Around The World

    Kim Jong-un has reportedly ordered a new ‘pleasure squad’ of teenage girls to serve his every whim. The North Korean leader originally stopped the practice – which has been employed in the country for decades – following the death of his father and predecessor, Kim Jong-il, in 2011. Toshimitsu Shigemura, a professor at Tokyo’s Waseda University and an authority on North Korean affairs, told The Telegraph, that at first Kim Jong-un stopped the practice because he didn’t trust the girls.

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  • NHL Three Stars: Backes, Pavelski play heroes in Game 2

    Backes made a nifty play on his OT game-winner, leaping over an Alex Steen shot and then tucking home the rebound. It’s his third of the playoffs, and gave the Blues a 4-3 win

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  • B.C. teen killer Kelly Ellard seeks day parole 18 years after Reena Virk murder

    Almost two decades since an ostracized 14-year-old was swarmed, viciously beaten and then callously drowned near a Victoria bridge, Reena Virk's most notorious killer is asking for release. Kelly Ellard was 15 years old in November 1997 when she smashed Virk's head against a tree and then held the Grade 9 student's head underwater until she stopped moving. Ellard is scheduled to attend her first day-parole hearing on Tuesday, seven years after the Supreme Court of Canada rejected an appeal of her second-degree murder conviction.

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  • Former circus lions explore new home in sanctuary (33 photos)

    Lions rescued from circuses in Colombia and Peru and airlifted to South Africa scratched their manes on trees and explored their new territory in the African bush after being released into a sanctuary north of Johannesburg Sunday. One of the 33 lions, a male known as Zeus, let out a mighty roar before stepping out of his cage into an enclosure where he will spend the coming months being monitored by a vet. The lions arrived at the Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary shortly after dawn on Sunday to end a two-day journey from South America. The lions were freed after the use of wild animals in circuses was outlawed in Peru and Colombia. It will be impossible for the lions to survive in the wild as they were bred in captivity and their circus owners mutilated many by breaking their teeth and removing their claws. Because they cannot hunt they will be fed game meat and will have water in their enclosures. (AP)  Find more news-related photo galleries on the Yahoo News Photo Tumblr!

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  • Trump backers yell foul over loss at Arizona GOP convention

    Texas Sen. Ted Cruz pulled out a strategic victory at Saturday's Arizona Republican Party convention, nailing down a large majority of delegates to the national convention amid cheating accusations from backers of businessman Donald Trump. The Cruz slate won virtually all of the 28 at-large national delegates and roughly split the 27 delegates selected by congressional district.

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  • Canadian family who lost daughter to meningitis shares story to raise awareness

    Trinity Hum, 7, was displaying flu-like symptoms. Plus she was vaccinated. By the time parents Greg and Stephanie Hum realized she’d contracted meningitis, it was too late.

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  • Toronto hangs on, takes Game 7, moves to the Eastern semifinals

    The Raptors will hit the second round of the playoffs for the first time since 2001.

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  • Brampton woman convicted of manslaughter in sister-in-law's death

    A jury found Mandeep Punia guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter in the death of her 27-year-old sister-in-law on Saturday, after acquitting the Brampton woman of second-degree murder. At Punia's first court appearance, police said Litt's husband had never been considered a suspect in her disappearance.

  • 18 Slang Words That Will Make You Sound Like an Old Fart

    As a Millennial in my 20s, it's hard to believe that my generation is slowly becoming dated, especially when it comes to our slang. Everything we used to think was supercool, like playing Oregon Trail, is now seen as archaic and lame by the generation after us. Since we're not entirely sure if we'll ever get a handle on using the cool new terms like "sus" and "stan," we're going to take a trip down slang memory lane and revisit our favorites. Do you still say any of the words on this list? If so, it might make you sound old, but hopefully it stokes you up and makes you raise the roof with your homies.

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  • Worst vacation ever: Mom cries as kids sail away onboard cruise ship

    A couple who took a Caribbean cruise with their kids learned a lesson they’ll never forget last week, that ended with the cruise ship leaving port with their kids on board and the parents in shambles on the pier. Scott Thomas was on the ‘Norwegian Breakaway’ and caught the incident, from April 21, on video. “I told you they’d do that,” Thomas says in the video.

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  • Immigration phone scam annoys Saskatoon woman

    Theresa Aubin-Singh has been receiving a lot of phone calls lately, but they've been anything but social calls. When she does answer, the caller claims to be an employee of Immigration Canada. A recent caller presented himself as a counsellor and told Aubin-Singh that she was in Canada illegally.

  • Former Browns QB Johnny Manziel sends out a defiant message

    In a way, Johnny Manziel's tweet on Friday night, just before the second round of the NFL draft, rang true.

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  • The Latest: Apple will examine teen fisherman's iPhone

    The families of two missing teen fishermen have agreed to allow Apple to analyze an iPhone recovered eight months after their disappearance. The phone is the subject of a lawsuit filed by the family of Perry Cohen, who was with Austin Stephanos in the small boat that left Jupiter on July 24, then vanished. Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Gregory Keyser ordered Friday for the iPhone 6 to be shipped overnight to Apple.

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  • Montreal's Masonic Order opens its doors to the public

    It may be considered a secret society, but Montreal's Masonic Order opened its Grand Lodge on Sherbrooke Street to the public on Saturday. Montreal's Grand Lodge was officially opened in June 1929. Grand Master James Ross says the fraternity has contributed a lot to society.

  • Woman Sues Dead Husband For £5m Over Car Crash That Killed Him And Injured Her

    A mum-of-two is suing her dead husband for millions of pounds over the car crash that killed him and left her fighting for her life. Christina Vibert claims that the crash has left her unable to look after her children properly and is seeking compensation from husband Ross Graham - despite him being killed in the accident. Christina was in a coma for two months after the crash and can only now manage to walk short distances with a walking stick.

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  • Travis Browne: Media let me down during domestic abuse allegations

    Ronda Rousey's boyfriend became emotional and fought back tears on multiple occasions in discussing the claims made by his ex-wife.

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  • Passenger Plane Struck By Lightning Mid-Air While Landing At Heathrow Airport

    It was flying just below a large dark cloud at the time of the strike, which came as London was hit with wintry weather. Passenger Catherine Mayer told the Evening Standard that the strike was “sudden and loud and very bright and unmistakable for what it was”. The flight was seemingly not the only plane that was struck by lightning, with a British Airways flight also hit.

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  • Mountain Dew is back with another surreal ad — this time there's a twerking cat

    Mountain Dew's Kickstart has followed up its memorable "PuppyMonkeyBaby" Super Bowl spot with another surreal ad. This time the star isn't a menagerie of animals amalgamated into one. There are several individual animals showing off their dance moves in the latest spot: A rotund guy shaking his stuff in the garage; a fly with quick feet; a frog pelvic-thrusting; a fish head-banging ... all leading up to a fluffy ginger cat twerking on the kitchen table. Just like last time, the ad has divided opinion between viewers. Some think it's a work of genius, while others are disturbed by the flaunting feline: We first spotted the ad, which was created by BBDO New York, over at Agency Spy.

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  • Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s steering wheel came off in his hands mid-race

    Scary moment in the Talladega race on Sunday, but Dale Earnhardt Jr. handled it like a champ.

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