• Tim Hortons is not the coffee king of Canada

    Tim Hortons might be thought of as ubiquitously Canadian, but an American brand has actually won the hearts and tastebuds of Canadian coffee drinkers.

  • Missing Ontario woman killed for role in love triangle, court hears

    A Toronto woman who vanished five years ago was murdered - and her remains burned - for being the odd woman out in a love triangle, court heard Monday. Crown attorney Jill Cameron laid out the prosecution's first-degree murder case against Dellen Millard, 32, of Toronto, and Mark Smich, 30, of Oakville, Ont., in the death of 23-year-old Laura Babcock, whose body has not been found. Cameron walked the jury through some of the evidence the prosecution will call, including text messages between Millard and his girlfriend.

  • The special bond Kate will share with Meghan Markle

    As Meghan Markle appears to get ready for a new life as a member of the royal family, she’ll have an experienced mentor and confidante in the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate, who was helped by Sophie, Countess of Wessex, as she negotiated her way into 'The Firm' seven years ago when she got engaged to Prince William, can now pass the favour forward. With reports that Harry, 33, recently introduced 36-year-old Meghan to the Queen over tea at Buckingham Palace, making an engagement announcement before Christmas more likely than ever, HELLO! explores the relationship between Meghan and Kate and finds they have plenty in common.

  • I Found The Best White T-Shirt In The World And It Costs Only $8

    A white T-shirt is arguably the most versatile wardrobe staple a woman can own. It serves as a blank canvas for any outfit, and though it can be dressed up in endless ways, it always adds a stroke of effortlessness. Finding the perfect one, however, is the challenge. Despite the garment’s apparent simplicity, one must take into consideration the variety of fabrics and cuts on offer (and ensure the price is right, of course). So when I stumbled across this elusive trifecta in the middle of Zara, I knew my search was over. For $8, it is without a doubt the best purchase I’ve ever made. At that price, it’s easily replaceable, but it doesn’t actually need to be. Despite (probably) hundreds of washes, it’s still intact and incredibly soft to the touch. It’s always been opaque enough to wear with just a nude bra underneath but sheer enough to wear with a black bralette for a subtle, flirty look. I’ve worn it to work, to bed, on weekends and on dates. I have it in multiple sizes for a fitted or boyfriend style. I have it in multiple colors, including several whites (just in case one is in the laundry). It’s legitimately gotten to the point where I have to limit myself to wearing it two times a week. The best part? Zara’s had it in stock for years, rotating various colors and patterns while always carrying tried-and-true white. Stock up on it yourself here.  

  • Vancouver strata lawyer preparing class action lawsuit against Airbnb

    Recently, Polina Furtula - who is on the strata council of her Yaletown condo tower - sent demand letters to Airbnb about unauthorized listings in her building. Airbnb notified the hosts of the complaints and shortly afterwards, the hosts decided to remove their listings.

  • Edmonton worker allergic to walnuts dies after inhaling particles at worksite

    An Edmonton man died of anaphylactic shock after being exposed to a walnut-based product being used for sandblasting in the same building where he was testing air quality. On Oct. 2, David and Mabel Mathews received a call that their son, Justin Mathews, 33, had been taken to the University of Alberta Hospital. When they arrived he was unresponsive, on a breathing machine and in a coma.

  • 'Somebody's going to get closure': Missing woman's dad waits for news from B.C. search

    From the other side of the country, John Simpson is watching the search of a rural north Okanagan property with trepidation. Simpson's daughter, Ashley, disappeared in April 2016 after telling her family she was hitchhiking home to Ontario from Salmon Arm. On Saturday, police discovered human remains on a property in the Silver Creek area between Salmon Arm and Vernon, but they have yet to be identified.