VIDEO: She just found out her sister is having twins

Let's just say it's a good thing somebody in the room had a camera, because her reaction to the big news was absolutely priceless.

  • ISIS burn woman alive for refusing 'extreme sex act', reveals UN

    Zainab Bangura discovered the gruesome extent of crimes against women – particularly from Iraq's Yazidi community (pictured) – after collecting information from Syria, Iraq and Jordan.

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  • The man who knew too much? The truth about the death of Hillary Clinton's close friend Vince Foster

    On a Monday night in July 1993, a 48-year-old lawyer called Vince Foster was found dead in a park near Washington DC. It was the same method of suicide used by a Marine officer in the film A Few Good Men - which Foster was known recently to have watched. In real life, Vince Foster was distraught at the prospect of being grilled about the shady affairs of Hillary Clinton. Tall and handsome, Vince Foster was one of Hillary's closest colleagues and best friends.

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  • Jennifer Lopez Gets a Major Haircut

    On red carpet after red carpet, Jennifer Lopez stuns in a barely-there gown that shows off her impeccable bod, flowing blonde waves and flawless makeup. Well, she’s said goodbye to one of those things — and it’s not her famous curves. The singer and American

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  • Jonathan Rhys Meyers Apologizes After Troubling Photos Emerge

    Vanessa Hudgens took her dog for a walk at the park in New York City on May 26. Maria Menounos checked out new summer hair color shades with Vidal Sassoon Salonist at a LA Drug Store on May 25. Sienna Miller attended the 5th Annual Celebrate Women In Film event hosted by the Independent Filmmaker Project, Calvin Klein Collection and euphoria Calvin Klein during the 68th Cannes Film Festival on May 18. Jake Gyllenhaal attended the 5th Annual Celebrate Women In Film event hosted by the Independent Filmmaker Project, Calvin Klein Collection and euphoria Calvin Klein during the 68th Cannes Film Festival on May 18.

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  • Bill Laimbeer: 'There's no question I would take LeBron James' over Michael Jordan

    First off, can we just agree that player comparisons – especially player comparisons that transcend eras – are pretty dumb? [Follow Dunks Don't Lie on Tumblr: The best slams from all of basketball] Michael Jordan retired, for the third and final time,

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  • Ronda Rousey promises 'comeuppance' after Bethe Correia's suicide joke

    Brazilian bantamweight Bethe Correia caused quite a stir Tuesday when she said that she hopes Ronda Rousey doesn’t ‘kill herself’ after their UFC 190 title tilt on Aug. 1. Many wondered if Rousey would even take the time to address the comment. Earlier today, Rousey took to social media to address Correia’s shortsighted comments.

  • 9 Mowing Mistakes Everyone Makes (10 photos)

    What's the difference between your lawn and the one next door? If the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence, it could be that you're making one of these cardinal mowing mistakes. We spoke to Greg Weekes, Product Marketing Manager at John

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  • 'Monstrous' Calgary teacher gets 5-year prison sentence for sexual relationship with student

    A Calgary teacher who had a three-year sexual relationship with a student beginning when she was 14 years old has been sentenced to five years in prison. Adam MacPhearson, 37, was the girl's Grade 8 homeroom teacher. As he sentenced the father of three, Judge Harry Van Harten detailed a "lengthy period of abuse" that began in 2011.

  • 'Man bun' trend growing in popularity in Saskatoon

    Thu, May 28 - A number of Saskatoon men are sporting a trendy look but a lot of people seem to be divided on whether they like it or not. As Meaghan Craig reports, there's more to the man bun than one might think.

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  • Canada's Miss World candidate says her family was threatened in China

    Canada’s newly crowned Miss World candidate says her family in China is being threatened for her outspokenness on religious freedom and her former country’s human-rights violations. Anastasia Lin, a 25-year-old Torontonian, said that several days after her May 16 victory in Vancouver, she starting receiving harrowing text messages from her father, explaining he had been visited by security forces and telling her she would lose his support, if she continued speaking out. “He said that the security services threatened him with turning my family into something from the Cultural Revolution,” she said, alluding to the era when the Communists would encourage family members to denounce each other. Ms. Lin said when she asked her father whether he had been threatened, he instructed her never to ask him about it again and pleaded with her to allow them a way to survive in China.

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  • B.C. men convicted of killing six people say cells covered in feces and blood

    Cody Haevischer and Matthew Johnston say they were held in solitary confinement without adequate cause for 14 months after their arrests in April 2009. The men claim they were kept in cells smeared with feces and blood, denied visits with family, exposed to light 24 hours a day and video recorded constantly even when using the toilet. The plaintiff began to feel like he was no longer the same person," Johnston's statement of claim says.

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  • Backup QB John Franklin transfers from Florida State

    Coming out of spring practice, John Franklin sat at No. 2 on Florida State’s depth chart at quarterback. A week after the Seminoles added Everett Golson as a graduate transfer from Notre Dame, Franklin has decided to transfer. Doug Gatewood, Franklin’s high school coach, confirmed the news to the Orlando Sentinel on Friday.

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  • Lack of 'red eye' effect a tell-tale sign of eye disease in kids

    A Saskatoon father wants you to go home tonight and look at recent photos of your children. Eric Karmark is not urging sentimentality. It could be the clue that helps identify whether or not a young child has a serious eye disease.

  • Experts say teens' push against dress codes could be a sign of social change

    Students may have been rebelling against school-imposed dress codes for decades, but observers say the fact that those protests are now making national headlines suggests a fundamental shift in social attitudes. Social media has allowed students both to share their own experiences with a wider audience and read about similar occurrences from further afield. All of these topics can be tied back to dress codes according to Rebecca Raby, a sociologist in Brock University's department of Child and Youth Studies.

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  • Some people in Texas think the government is secretly planning a giant military coup to invade the state

    People are freaking out over a bizarre conspiracy theory that the US military is planning to enact martial law this summer under the guise of a Special Operations exercise called Jade Helm 15. Jade Helm is a real military exercise involving more than 1,000 Special Operation troops who are preparing to deploy overseas. Military exercises on domestic territory are pretty common.

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  • Erin Davis remembers daughter's 'large, short life' ahead of Toronto memorial

    Lauren Davis's mother, CHFI Toronto radio personality Erin Davis, prepared to celebrate the radio personality's life at a memorial Friday in Toronto — by "sifting through pictures" and "combing through memories" of her daughter, and expressing grief in an emotional entry in her public journal. "If you were to ask us even today, as we huddle together shrouded in grief, whether we'd choose to eschew this deep sadness and pain if it meant we didn't have our one and only child, we'd have to say, 'No!'," Erin wrote in Thursday's entry. Lauren Davis was on maternity leave from her role as the midday news anchor and host of Ottawa Noon on 580 CFRA at the time of her death, apparently from a "cardiac event" that remains unexplained.

  • Man found dead on driveway was convicted in 2007 dismemberment

    A man found dead in a driveway following a shooting in west Edmonton Thursday night was convicted in 2008 of being an accessory to a grisly murder and dismemberment. CBC News has confirmed that 32-year-old Jason Costouros was the man found by police at 11:30 last night in front of a home near 212th Street and 88A Avenue. Costouros was sentenced to four and a half years in prison in the death of David Wong, 23.

  • Kylie Jenner dons tight crop top and leggings after pregnancy rumors

    The 17-year-old reality TV star continued to prove those reports false, as she and her 18-year-old gal pal Pia Mia stepped out in West Hollywood on Thursday.

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  • CFL extends TV/radio/digital contract with TSN/RDS through 2021: a good move?

    The CFL's relationship with TSN and TSN parent Bell Media just got even closer, as the league announced Thursday night at its Inside The CFL event that it's extended its current TV/radio/digital broadcasting deal with TSN and RDS (also owned by Bell Media) through 2021. It's not particularly surprising that the league has opted to continue its partnership with TSN now that Bell (together with MLSE chairman Larry Tanenbaum) has bought the Toronto Argonauts, but it is interesting to see these rights awarded so far in advance of the expiry of the current deal.

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  • Indian caste system in Canada called 'a disease' worse than racism

    When Banta Singh first arrived in Vancouver in 1930 from India as an 18-year-old, one thing became quickly clear for him — discrimination existed in Canada, but not to the level it did in his native land. In India, we were poor but here I could work and afford decent groceries," he told Mehfil Magazine in an interview in 1997. "I was able to become self sufficient rather than depending on my parents. It's been over 60 years since the Indian government officially abolished the caste system upon gaining independence from Britain.