Higher voter turnout for advance polls: Elections Canada

The opening day of advance polls brought out a big increase in the number of voters casting ballots ahead of Oct. 19.

  • Paramedic Rushes To Crash Scene In Her Wedding Dress Minutes After Getting Married

    A new bride who just happened to be a paramedic rushed to a crash scene in her wedding dress - just minutes after she got married. Sarah Ray had just got married in Clarksville, Tennessee, when she got a call telling her that her grandparents and father had just been in a car crash. Without hesitation, Sarah made her way to the scene of the crash to make sure everyone was OK - and her proud mum, Marcy Martin, captured the site of her daughter in her wedding gown at the side of the road.

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  • This Teacher Stripped in Front of Her Students, but It's Not What You Think

    Teachers will do just about anything to get their students' attention these days. As as result of growing up in the smartphone era, Gen Z-ers only have eight-second attention spans, so sometimes teacher (and parents) have to go to extremes. Debby Heerkens, a seventh-grade biology teacher at the Groene Hart Rijnwoude school in the Netherlands, did just that when she began a lesson about how our bodies work. To the shock of her students, she stood up on her desk and stripped off her clothes, revealing a full Spandex bodysuit that accurately illustrated every muscle and organ in the body. She then stripped again, revealing another full Spandex bodysuit that outlined where all of our bones are located.

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  • Taylor Renwick, 20, died in crash on way home for Thanksgiving

    Taylor Renwick's family is devastated after the 20 year old was killed in a head-on collision about 100 kilometres west of Winnipeg over the weekend. "Taylor loved what she loved with all her heart," Renwick's sister Danielle Lewis said. RCMP said a 27-year-old Winnipeg driver slammed into Renwick's vehicle on Highway 2 over the weekend, about two kilometres east of St. Claude, Man.

  • Blue Jays pitching strategy works in Texas win but doesn't seem that popular

    The Blue Jays are headed back to Toronto, alive and most certainly kicking after a second straight win in Texas. Backed by early Josh Donaldson, Chris Colabello and Kevin Pillar home runs, R.A. Dickey and David Price combined for 7 2/3 innings as Toronto defeated the Texas Rangers 8-4 to tie their American League Division Series at two games apiece.

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  • Give Pumpkins a Vintage Mercury Glass Feel With This Trick (4 photos)

    If you're looking to introduce some vintage charm to your Fall decor, you'll want to pin this genius hack for transforming glass craft store pumpkins into mercury glass masterpieces. Nicole Shariat Farb at Darby Smart shows us how to get the job done in just four easy steps!

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  • Dead Man Wakes Up In Morgue Moments Before His Own Autopsy

    The man had been declared dead by a doctor after he was found at a bus station in Mumbai, India, and was taken to a nearby hospital. Lokmanya Tilak General Hospital’s Chief Medical Officer Dr Rohan Rohekar is reported to have earlier told staff to take the body directly to the morgue - which is against hospital policy. Senior Police Inspector Yeshudas Gorde said: “It is a serious case of negligence by the doctor.

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  • Here's What Giving Birth Looks Like — In Two Very Different Worlds

    Around 800 women die of complications related to pregnancy and childbirth each day, the World Health Organization estimates. Although the overall maternal mortality rate has dropped nearly 50% since 1990, the miracle of life still comes with serious risk in some corners of the globe. Tanzania is one of those countries. The East African nation reports startlingly high rates of women dying during childbirth. Nearly one-fifth of all deaths among women ages 15 to 49 in Tanzania are related to pregnancy and labor, the WHO estimates. The country's maternal mortality rate of 578 deaths per 100,000 live childbirths is more than two times the global average. In Sweden, home of what's been rated one of

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  • Real Life Rapunzel Hasn’t Cut Her Hair For 35 YEARS

    Going to the hairdressers can sometimes be a chore but one woman doesn’t bother to get her hair cut at all - in fact, she hasn’t bothered in 35 YEARS. Gu Meiying, 59, has been growing her hair since she was 24-years-old and it has now grown to a staggering 2.52 metres in length.

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  • Christy Natsis sentencing hearing for impaired driving causing death to begin today

    A sentencing hearing is expected to begin today for the woman who drove while impaired, crashed into a truck and killed a 50-year-old father of three more than 4½ years ago. Christy Natsis was convicted of impaired driving causing death and dangerous driving causing death in May this year after a highly publicized trial in Ottawa that lasted nearly three years. She was acquitted of a third charge of exceeding the legal blood alcohol limit. The level of alcohol in Natsis's blood was nearly 2½ times the legal limit the night her SUV crossed the centre line and slammed head-on into victim Bryan Casey's pickup truck on Highway 17 west of Ottawa in 2011.

  • 'Lady Marmalade' 3.0 With Miley?!

    Voulez-vous coucher avec Rita, Miley, Charli and Iggy?

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  • Navy SEAL reveals 10 steps to survive a mass shooting

    What the hell is wrong with us? Seriously, what is happening to the fabric of our society? How do we explain the fact that a small fraction of a certain subset of our society—young, often socially isolated males—now find it to be a valid course of action to use a weapon to murder as many people as possible before turning the gun on themselves or perishing in a hail of police bullets? I have no idea. I have no answers. I do not think “the availability of guns” is the answer, for one, though certainly it is one part of the possible solution. I do not think that the media’s tendency, at least in the past, to pore over and report on the various personality traits and manifestos of past shooters,

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  • The leader of al Qaeda described what ISIS needs to do, or else it'll be 'crushed in the shadows'

    Long before militants rampaged across the Middle East to seize territory and declare an Islamic "caliphate," the leader of al Qaeda had an ominous warning for the head of the terror group that's now known as ISIS. In 2005, Ayman al-Zawahiri wrote a letter of advice to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who was then the leader of al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), the predecessor of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Zawahiri was concerned that AQI, a Sunni terror group, was alienating Sunnis in Iraq by attacking Shia civilians. He advised Zarqawi to seek popular support from Sunnis in the country and slowly "develop" and "consolidate" an Islamic "emirate" until it grew to "the level of the caliphate" only after

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  • Harper's Math On Liberal Tax Hikes Doesn't Always Add Up

    OTTAWA — Conservative Leader Stephen Harper played game show host Monday to demonstrate the thousands of dollars Conservatives claim would be taken from the average family's pocket if Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau were to win power on Oct. 19. To the constant "ka-ching, ka-ching" chirp of a cash register, Nicole Ropp, a married mother of three, piled up $20 bills as Harper rhymed off a list of a purported tax increases Canadians can expect from a Liberal government. For the Ropp family, it all added up to about $8,000, according to Harper. However, Harper's list included a number of alleged tax hikes that aren't on the Liberal agenda and omitted a number of other measures aimed at giving middle

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  • Conservatives bring out former top gun as race tightens

    Sun, Oct 11: The federal election has turned into a two-way battle between the Liberals and Conservatives and on Sunday the tories brought out one of their former top guns. Mike Le Couture reports.

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  • Downtown shooting puts 3 men in hospital

    Three men are in hospital with non-life-threatening injuries following a downtown shooting, police said.

  • Teresa's Prison Shake Down

    Straight out of an episode of "Orange is the New Black," Teresa Giudice revealed that she was suspected of hiding a cell phone while in prison. Following the thank you Tweet, guards at the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut, suspected that Teresa was in possession of a phone and was physically searched by guards. On Sunday's special, Teresa's family revealed that she has taken a job in the prison's kitchen and is also leading workout classes for the inmates.

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  • Chinese Cabin Crew Forced To Lie In Overhead Lockers In Bizarre Bullying Ritual

    A Chinese airline has promised to clamp down on bullying among cabin crew after pictures of a female flight attendant lying in an overhead luggage compartment were published online. The images show the crew member from Kunming Airlines squeezed into an overhead locker in the bizarre initiation ritual. The stewardess is smiling in the images, but in several pictures has her hands over her face.

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  • More fallout for cheating website

    Adultery-promoting website, Ashley Madison, is facing more fallout from its massive data breach.

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  • Apple’s luxury watch will become obsolete: Tag Heuer CEO

    Switzerland’s luxury watch industry is making a leap from the traditional to win customers back from disruptors like Apple, TAG Heuer's CEO told CNBC.

  • Quaid arrested while trying to cross American border

    Sun, Aug 23: Police in Vermont say they have arrested Actor Randy Quaid and his wife after they tried to cross the border into the United States from Canada.

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