VIDEO: The best Super Bowl commercials so far

'Let's do this. I've got minds to twist and values to warp,' Steven Tyler says in a buzzy Skittles spot that's sure to make you laugh.

  • Decorated soldier ordered out of Winnipeg shopping mall

    WINNIPEG — Dozens of people have staged a protest at Winnipeg’s Portage Place shopping mall over the expulsion on the weekend of a decorated soldier and respected elder. Joseph Meconse said he and a friend sat down to tea in the mall’s food court on Saturday when a security guard approached him and told him he had half an hour before he would have to leave. Meconse said he then went to get a plate of food and as he was eating, the guard returned and told him he had to leave immediately. Meconse, 74, joined the military at the age of 20 and served for a decade at posts in Germany and Cyprus. When he eventually came home to work as a corrections officer, it was as a decorated soldier with a chest

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  • Regina family's dream vacation in Cuba turns to 'nightmare'

    Members of a Regina family say their dream vacation in Cuba "turned into a nightmare". "Everything was great for the first few days," Kelly Morrison said in a news release. On the morning of Jan. 30, Morrison opened their hotel room safe and found her wedding rings and money were nowhere to be found.

  • Calgary police find 'astronomical' stash of stolen goods, cash

    Calgary police have hit the mother lode of stolen goods, finding $1.5 million worth of merchandise in homes and in southeast storage facilities, police said Thursday. "It is one of the largest seizures that we have had in the City of Calgary as far as stolen property," Calgary police Insp. Nancy Farmer explained.

  • Anger grows over Vancouver's vacant homes

    Thu, Feb 4: There's simmering anger over the number of multi-million dollar homes in Metro Vancouver that are just sitting empty. Some of them are even slowly rotting. Nadia Stewart looks at the consequences of this growing reality.

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  • Apology issued to decorated war veteran kicked out of Winnipeg shopping mall

    A Winnipeg shopping mall has issued an apology to a decorated Manitoba war veteran and aboriginal elder who was told to get out last weekend. Joseph Meconse, 74, said he and a friend sat down to tea in Portage Place’s food court on Saturday when a security guard approached him and told him he had half an hour before he would have to leave.

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  • The One Thing Stylish Italian Women Never Wear

    We regularly profess our love for French women's effortlessly cool style, but make no mistake: We're equally captivated with the signature looks of other cultures as well. Case in point: Italian women, who have long been known for their particular brand of sophisticated style.  So what sets Italian women apart from others? Veteran supermodel Mariacarla Boscono spoke to about the one thing they all have in common: an affinity for getting dressed up and an avoidance of all things casual. "You would never see anyone go to a restaurant in Milan wearing a jumpsuit!" Boscono told "We have a history; we love to dress up and be well-groomed … I grew up with a saying: 'It doesn’t

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  • Demi Moore joins the fun at daughter Tallulah Willis’ birthday party

    When Tallulah Willis celebrated her 22nd birthday, not only did she do it in style but she also made it a family affair. The Bandits actress shared a fun snap of her and Demi embracing. The birthday girl and her guests enjoyed a fun karaoke session, where Tallulah performed a rendition of Britney Spears' "Baby One More Time" while everyone cheered her on.

  • Tortured Italian student died 'slow death': Egypt official

    The body of an Italian graduate student who disappeared last month has been found with multiple stab wounds, cigarette burns and other signs of torture and a "slow death" on a roadside on the outskirts of Cairo, an Egyptian prosecutor said Thursday. Giulio Regeni, a 28-year-old Cambridge University PhD candidate who had been researching labour rights in Egypt, went missing on Jan. 25, the fifth anniversary of the popular uprising that toppled longtime autocrat Hosni Mubarak. An Italian government delegation cut short a visit to Cairo and Italy summoned the Egyptian ambassador in Rome, calling for a full investigation with participation by Italian experts.

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  • This Insane Fact About Store-Bought Eggs Is Going Viral

    How did we not know this gross truth? ​

  • Student Stunned After Finding That Mum Rented Her Bedroom To Strangers On AirBnb

    Hannah Speed, a first-year politics student at Durham University, found out her mum had put her room up for rent just five days after she headed to university. Before leaving, Hannah’s mother Pat, 56, made her tidy her bedroom and box up her things - but didn’t tell her that the room needed to be suitable for strangers. Hannah said: ‘It was only when she was FaceTiming me and sent me the Airbnb link when I realised what was going on.

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  • Here's What Happens When You Attach a GoPro to Your Dog and Leave the House

    Dog owners, this might turn you into a pile of mush. Titled "What my dog does when I leave," this YouTube video shows what happens when you attach a GoPro to your dog once you step out the door. The video has been viewed over 18 million times. Kind of the opposite of the best use of a GoPro, when someone attached it to a bottle of Fireball at a wedding and passed it around. 25 of the Cutest Puppy GIFs Ever Prepare to Fall in Love With the World's Laziest Puppy OMG, This Puppy Looks Just Like a Teddy Bear

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  • Canada-Revenue-Agency scam fools Coquitlam man, say RCMP

    Coquitlam RCMP are warning about scammers claiming to be calling from a non-emergency police line to bilk people out of their money. Police say no one who actually works for the Canada Revenue Agency or any law enforcement agency would demand money over the phone.

  • Canadian dollar to resume losing streak in months ahead: Reuters poll

    The battered Canadian dollar is expected to weaken even more, tied to the ill fortunes of depressed oil prices and the prospect of another interest rate cut, a Reuters poll showed. After plunging to its weakest in 13 years in mid-January, toC$1.4689 on Jan. 20, the Canadian dollar, known as the loonie, rebounded more than 5 percent as the central bank kept interest rates on hold and the price of oil, a major Canadian export, rebounded. "Everything is taking cues from crude prices, and nothing more strongly so than the Canadian dollar," said Adam Cole, head of G10 currency strategy at RBC Capital Markets.

  • Some refugees turning down housing options in Ottawa, centre says

    A lack of affordable housing and desires to be settled close to other refugees and mosques are complicating the search for permanent homes for incoming families, according to Carl Nicholson, executive director of the Catholic Centre for Immigrants. Only half of the more than 600 government sponsored refugees who have arrived in Ottawa since Dec. 31 have found homes.

  • Check out these glamorous mother-daughter duos... (9 photos)

    Star kids and their super glamorous mommies are always in the news for their sparkly appearances at promotional events, awards functions, celebrations, parties and what have you! Here’s a look at some of our famous mother-daughter duos who never fail to impress.

  • Angry CM Punk gets into tense exchange with reporter for Complex

    The former WWE champion is put off by questions about his reasoning for leaving pro wresting and moving to mixed martial arts.

  • Marco Muzzo gets bail after pleading guilty in Vaughan crash that killed 3 children, granddad

    Marco Muzzo was granted bail after pleading guilty today to four counts of impaired driving causing death and two counts of impaired driving causing bodily harm for causing the crash in Vaughan, Ont., that killed three young children and their grandfather. ​​Muzzo was driving an SUV that collided with a minivan carrying six members of the Neville-Lake family on Sept. 27 in Vaughan, just north of Toronto. Daniel, 9, Harrison, 5, Milly, 2, and their grandfather, 65-year-old Gary Neville, all died.

  • This Man Falling Asleep At Work Resulted In An Epic Photoshop Battle

    If you’ve ever wanted to sneak in an afternoon nap while you’re at work, you might want to avoid doing it where anyone will spot you.

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  • Microsoft Reveals Real Cost Of 'Free' Windows 10

    There really is no such thing as a free lunch...

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  • Bye Bye Barbie, Hello Hijarbie

    In the past few weeks, Barbie has evolved a lot. With her big blue eyes and flowing blonde locks, Barbie’s long been the symbol of what an attractive woman is supposed to look like. Instagrammer Haneefah Adam, 24, is on a mission to inspire young muslim girls via her Hijarbie account, which sees modestly-dressed Barbie-style dolls donning the hijab.

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