VIDEO: World's longest pizza measures more than a mile

A new world record has been set in Naples where 400 chefs took 11 hours to cook up this mammoth 1.15 mile long pizza.

  • Woman Walks Naked Through Town After Emerging From Tanning Salon

    The woman was captured on camera emerging from a tanning salon in Newquay, Cornwall, after a bronzing session, wearing nothing and carrying only a towel. Amy Martin, who snapped a picture of the woman, spotted her outside her workplace at Burger King. Ms Martin later spoke to the owner of a nearby tanning salon who said the woman had been a customer.

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  • TSX rises to a seven-month high, led by banks and energy stocks

    TORONTO (Reuters) - Canada's main stock index rose to a seven-month high on Tuesday, led by the financials and energy groups as oil rallied and Wall Street stocks moved higher. The index, which was closed for a holiday on Monday, pushed above the 14,000 threshold for the first time since October. It has rebounded more than 21 percent from its almost 3-1/2-year low of 11,531.22 in January. The rally for financials comes as banks were among the biggest gainers on Wall Street amid speculation on the possibility of a June interest rate hike from the U.S. Federal Reserve. ...

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  • Little Girl Draws Some Pretty Harsh Pictures Of Her Mum

    There’s not much more heartwarming than children excitedly showing their parents what they did at school that day - except when the results look like this.

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  • Toronto is winning, which can mean only 1 thing: Drake is chirping

    After the Raps turned the tides with a 15-point win in Game 3, Drake found his swag again.

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  • How often do newly married couples have sex?

    Tue, May 24: Jessica O’Reilly explains why some newly married couples have sex more often than others.

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  • Crowd Cheers As Traffic Warden (Finally) Issues Parking Ticket To Police Car

    If you want proof, just look at these photos of a traffic warden issuing a parking ticket… to a police car. Dozens of passers-by applauded the traffic warden when he finally put the ticket on the police vehicle’s windscreen after much hesitation. The driver of the police car was penalised for overstaying at a car park on the West Pier in the seaside town of Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

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  • Quebecer fined for truck he used to flee Fort McMurray wildifre

    Nick Van Tol, 21, and his girlfriend managed to escape the consuming wildfire. "We didn't really have any money for hotels or anything like that, so we just decided to drive back home," Van Tol said. The truck Van Tol drove, which he describes as "a big Dodge diesel 3500 ... [with a] big lift kit and tires," is illegal in Quebec.

  • Billionaire throws tantrum after being denied entry to ‘Hamilton’

    Early Twitter investor Chris Sacca denied entry after scanner finds tickets bought on StubHub are counterfeit.

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  • Prison time for first Albertan convicted under refugee protection laws

    Jennilyn Morris is the first person in Alberta to be charged and convicted under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. The single mother wanted to provide a better life for her five children in the Philippines. On April 22, 2009, Bautista arrived in Edmonton as a foreign national, sponsored by Morris.

  • Man Offers Six-Month Trip Of A Lifetime To Anyone Who Can Care For His Injured Girlfriend

    Jeremie Tronet is willing to cover the cost of flights, food, excursions and even kite surfing lessons to a person who can help out his girlfriend, who suffered an horrific accident. Tronet posted the offer on his Facebook page after his girlfriend fell three metres down a concrete ditch and and fractured her femur and hip. Zoe Schaffer-Jennett was flown to Martinique for her emergency surgery, which lasted four hours, and is now making a recovery.

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  • Photos of a smiling Smich days after Bosma murder

    Accused killer Mark Smich was smiling at his sister’s wedding just two weeks after Tim Bosma’s murder, court heard Friday. Dellen Millard’s lawyer Nadir Sachak dramatically closed his cross examination of Smich by displaying a photo of Smich and his girlfriend Marlena Meneses hugging and smiling at his sister’s classy wedding on May 19, 2013. Smich testified earlier that he was in a state of shock and paranoia after discovering Millard fatally shot Bosma while the two were alone in Bosma’s truck. He had told court that Millard ordered Smich to help him clean up the bloody truck. “That’s you in a state of paranoia 13 days after Mr. Bosma was killed?” Sachak asked sarcastically after showing the

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  • MPP called cops on mother of autistic kid

    Melanie Palaypayon is taking a breather at her family’s Muskoka cottage to collect her thoughts after Peel Regional Police came to her door Friday morning. She says the encounter left her intimidated and shaky. The 35-year-old Mississauga mom was tired of being told by her local MPP Bob Delaney’s constituency office that he couldn’t meet with her due to scheduling conflicts. On Thursday morning, she picked up the phone and told the Liberal MPP’s staff she planned on squatting there and handing out flyers to protest against new provincial autism rules that mean her six-year-old son Xavier can no longer qualify for intensive behavioural intervention (IBI). Around 8:50 a.m. Friday morning, the cops

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  • These Brothers Are Now Sisters After Coming Out As Trans At The Same Time

    Bartender Jamie O’Herlihy, 23, and hairdressing student Chloe O'Herlihy, 20, kept their gender issues a secret from everyone for their entire lives. Just days later both brothers had come out as trans and, with the pair both planning to go under the knife for gender reassignment surgery, they are sharing their story in the hope of inspiring others to be true to themselves.

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  • Mysterious boxes found around Calgary contain money, woman's sad story

    An intriguing mystery is unfolding at transit stations, bus stops and benches around Calgary. The author is a woman who writes she escaped an abusive relationship and hoped purging the items would help her move on from her painful past and help someone else.

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  • Ultra-rare “Werewolf Cat” found in litter of kittens in South Africa

    Animal rescue workers were in for a surprise after stumbling upon this unusual kitten who resembles a mythical creature of the night. The Lykoi - also known as the “Werewolf Cat” - is a ultra-rare cat breed known for a genetic mutation featuring patchy, wild looking dark hair and a narrow bald face, giving these cats an almost canine appearance. As The Dodo reports, this particular kitten was actually part of a litter of typical looking short-haired tabby cats found in Cape Town, South Africa, by volunteers at TEARS Animal Rescue.

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  • Kendall Jenner Lured Onto The Wrong Boat By 'Random Men' In Cannes

    It has been reported that Kendall Jenner was tricked into getting onto a boat with a group of random men whilst she was in Cannes, France. The star was trying to enter a star-studded party onboard billionaire Paul Allen’s yacht when a group of European guys hoodwinked her and lured her onto their boat instead. The men are said to have taken “great amusement” in fooling Kendall but thankfully she was able to convince them to take her back to shore when she realised her mistake, with the Daily Mail claiming that she described the group as “random Eurotrash guys”.

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  • A Trucker Adopted This Adorable Stray Kitten After She Clung On To His Vehicle

    A trucker only had one choice when he saw a stray kitten holding on to the tire of his vehicle - he had to spot her.

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  • Smoke, cockpit woes signal chaotic end for EgyptAir plane

    Leaked flight data showing trouble in the cockpit and smoke in a plane lavatory are bringing into focus the chaotic final moments of EgyptAir Flight 804, including a three-minute period before contact was lost as alarms on the Airbus 320 screeched one after another. Egypt is leading a multi-nation effort to search for the plane's black boxes — the flight data and cockpit voice recorders — and other clues that could help explain its sudden plunge into the sea. The Facebook page of the chief spokesman for Egypt's military showed the first photographs of debris from the plane, shredded remains of plane seats, life jackets — one seemingly undamaged — and a scrap of cloth that might be part of a baby's purple-and-pink blanket.

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  • Syrian refugee quickly becoming Corner Brook's most popular barber

    After surviving their first winter on the west coast of Newfoundland, Mohammed Almaidani, his wife and two infant children are settled into their new home in Corner Brook, and picking up life where it left off for the refugee family. ​In his early 30s, Almaidani has 17 years experience as a barber, and it didn't take long for him to get back behind the chair in his new home town. From shedding hair off the top to straight-edge shaves, Almaidani does what you'd expect from a barber.