VIDEO: Truck drivers slam into the same low bridge

Massachusetts police are tired of people underestimating this bridge's clearance, so they've released this funny and cringe-worthy clip.

  • Miley Makes Kimmel Blush

    Let's go ahead and just throw the idea of "leaving something to the imagination" out the window when talking about Miley Cyrus. Just ask Jimmy Kimmel. OK, well at least the "MTV Video Music Awards" host was gracious enough to accessorize with a pair of heart-shaped pasties.

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  • Doomsday Mongers Say The World Will End Next Month, But NASA Isn’t Too Convinced

    The end is nigh, and six asteroids will hit the earth on September 28 – heralding the end of modern civilization.  That’s the sensational claim being made by doomsday conspiracists, who claim that a space rock up to 2.5 miles wide will strike Puerto Rico. It’s all part of the Blood Moon prophecy, which claims that the world will be destroyed when the last of four ‘blood moons’ over the last 18 months become visible.

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  • Amanda Greene, convicted of manslaughter, gets day parole extended

    Day parole has been extended for a Nova Scotia woman convicted of the manslaughter of her ex-boyfriend. Amanda Greene lured Dillon Jewett, 18, to his death in 2010. Greene is in a new relationship, according to documents from the Parole Board of Canada.

  • U.S. Open draw: Williams sisters could meet in quarterfinals

    Serena Williams could also face Maria Sharapova in her title quest

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  • Twelve-year-old boy trips and punches hole through painting worth $1.5 million

    Moments before losing his balance, his mother likely warned him 'don’t touch anything'

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  • Thug Beats Teenage Girlfriend To A Pulp And Leaves Her For Dead

    Evil Darryl Moore, 22, is seen arguing with his 18-year-old girlfriend, Rayna Holden, in a pub beer garden in Washington, Tyne and Wear, before he chases her outside. What happens next is a violent and brutal assault that saw Moore punch, kick and stamp on petite Rayna’s body while she was unconscious. Standing at just 5ft 5in, size six Rayna was left with bruising, two broken ribs and a dislocated knee after the savage beating.

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  • Latest developments across Europe as the continent struggles to handle huge migrant surge

    Record numbers of migrants fleeing violence and poverty in countries such as Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea are trying to reach Europe this year, despite the risks of perilous sea crossings and little humanitarian assistance. BODIES FOUND IN AUSTRIA: Police say that at least 20 and possibly as many as 50 migrants were found dead in a chicken truck parked on the side of the main road from Budapest, Hungary, to Vienna.

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  • Anchor's Obsession With 'MacGyver' Leads To Hilarious, Unhinged Interview

    Richard Dean Anderson, best known for playing the titular role of MacGyver in the 1980's and early 90's, is scheduled to appear in Australia's version of Comic Con but he might be reconsidering that now. Anderson appeared on the morning show Today Thursday and was met with wild enthusiasm by the show's anchor Karl Stefanovic. Stefanovic was basically unhinged in how much he loves MacGyver. He breathlessly recounted to Anderson, "I remember the Super Bowl commercial you did, this is how much of a stalker I am, where you cut the ropes binding you to a chair using a pine tree air freshener, than you used an ordinary tube sock as the pulley for a zip line and somehow repaired the hotwire of a nonfunctional truck, you hotwired a nonfunctional truck using a paper clip, ballpoint pen, rubber band, tweezers, nail spray, and also a turkey baster. It was all kind of dreamy stuff, my man." Anderson joked, "God, I got all hot and bothered with you talking like that." Stefanovic followed, "Don't worry, so did I." When Anderson told Stefanovic that his daughter doesn't think he's cool, which made the anchor delighted for some reason, Stefanovic took his compliments to a strange new place, "[Anderson's daughter has] a great dad. I'd love you to be my dad, in kind of a weird way." Stefanovic then indulged in a fantasy where he gets to hang out with the guy after repeatedly calling him "daddy." All you have to do is watch to the end and see Richard Dean Anderson's face to know if that's going to happen.

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  • The 7 Room Layout Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes (8 photos)

    You begin with an empty room, then you fill it with your belongings. Does the end result welcome and delight you, or does something seem not quite right? You may own an enviable house and lovely furnishings, but the whole thing can be undermined by awkward arranging. If your living spaces aren’t all they could be, perhaps you’re committing one of these common furniture faux pas. Read on, and mend your ways! | By Debra Immergut,

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  • Chinese ‘Unicorn Woman’ Grows Gigantic Horn In Middle Of Her Head

    Liang Xiuzhen started growing something that resembled a “black mole” on her head around eight years ago, according to her son Wang Chaojun. The 87-year-old, from Guiyan village in Ziyang City, Sichuan Province, was left stunned when two years ago it gave way to a finger-sized horn-like mass. Doctors diagnosed the so-called unicorn horn as “cornu cutaneum” (cutaneous horn), a keratinous skin tumour that has the appearance of a horn.

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  • ‘Dead’ Teen Heard Screaming Inside Coffin Dies Again After Family Smash Tomb

    A family desperately smashed into a concrete tomb when they heard a teenager they thought was dead SCREAMING from inside her coffin. Neysi Perez was declared dead after collapsing at her home in Honduras but her distraught cries were heard by family members following her funeral. The grieving relatives smashed into the concrete structure before pulling open the wooden coffin - having found the glass viewing window smashed and bruises on the 16-year-old’s fingers.

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  • Woman wants Kelowna to remove its rainbow pedestrian crosswalks

    Nancy Enns says rainbow crosswalks discriminate against other "lifestyles".

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  • Justin, Selena Join Taylor Swift!

    Taylor Swift closed her five-night Los Angeles run in "Style"!

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  • Awkward: Plane Passenger Live Tweets Couple Breaking Up Next To Her

    A woman decided to share the awkwardness of a couple breaking up with each other next to her by live tweeting the whole messy affair.

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  • Neon jackfish leaves Yellowknife fisherman stumped

    It's not the Loch Ness monster, but a Yellowknife angler has ignited debate of his own after landing, and then releasing, a fluorescent green pike while fishing in Great Slave Lake. "The whole top of the fish had a different green," said Randy Straker. Straker was fishing with his friend Craig Thomas on Sunday in the lake's North Arm when he made the catch.

  • Death of Calgary boy under police investigation

    Police say hospital staff suspected the swelling and bleeding all over his body was not normal for a child his age after the boy's family brought him to the Alberta Children's Hospital on July 10. Staff Sgt. Doug Andrus says they are still talking to the family.

  • Manitoba couple fed up with Hydro after 3 metres of their land drops into river

    A Powerview-Pine Falls couple wants Manitoba Hydro to fix the riverbank on their property or buy them out after more than three metres of their shoreline dropped into the Winnipeg river this weekend. Linda Desautels and her husband Maurice have a property near a dam in Powerview-Pine Falls, about 119 kilometres north of Winnipeg. Desautels said the dam has caused massive erosion over the last 20 years, and this weekend was the tipping point.

  • Strangers Shelter Dog Left Outside Shop In The Pouring Rain

    Proving that kindness is the greatest gift, these strangers let themselves get soaked to the bone while they sheltered a dog who had been left outside in the pouring rain. The Alsatian was tied up to a post outside Marks and Spencer in Dover, Kent, when the heavens opened. The man took off his jacket to hold over the pooch, letting himself get wet while the dog finally had some shelter from the rain.

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  • Tourist’s complaint about lack of trained bears at Yellowstone park will make you lol

    Recent visitors of Yellowstone National Park were apparently disappointed when the park turned out to be much less of the circus that they were expecting. The comment card read, “Our visit was wonderful but we never saw any bears,“ the visitor wrote. One user wrote, “Tell them to try Jellystone park next time.

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  • Toronto Travel Agent charged after Global News report

    Mon, Aug 24: A Toronto travel agent has been charged under the province's Travel Industry Act amid allegations she is operating without proper registration. As Sean O'Shea reports, the charge follows a Global News story and at least 30 complaints she took money for travel that were not booked.

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