VIDEO: Amazing tennis trick shots from Hamburg

Check out these impressive tennis trick shots, performed all over the city of Hamburg by these skillful and imaginative tennis fans.

  • Deaths of two First Nation teens could be 'foul play,' RCMP say

    Autopsies will be conducted Wednesday on two teenagers from the Whitefish Lake First Nation whose bodies were discovered earlier this week within hours and a few kilometres of each other. RCMP have given out little information about the case. "It is too early to determine if (the deaths) are as a result of foul play or are directly linked, but investigators are considering these possibilities given the circumstances," High Prairie RCMP said in a news release.

  • Amar'e Stoudemire was so much more than his highlights

    History will not view the newly retired Amar’e Stoudemire as one of the best players of his era, but he is sure to go down as one of the memorable. It’s to Stoudemire’s credit that all those incredible moments seem more like the punctuation to his fantastic NBA career than they do the substance. At one time, the knock on Stoudemire was that he would be too inconsistent to make a major pro impact.

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  • Ness Lake Bible camp in Prince George under fire for stance on homosexuality

    A popular camp and conference centre in Prince George, B.C., is losing support from leading organizations because of its stance on homosexuality. Every year, hundreds of children and youth between the ages of six and 18 attend the camps offered at Ness Lake, which are marketed as a place to learn about God while enjoying outdoor activities from canoeing to ziplining. Julianna Ferguson, 17, attended Ness Lake as a camper for years.

  • N. Korea warns US of 'terrifying price' over nuke tensions

    North Korea warned the United States on Tuesday that it will pay a "terrifying price" if the Korean Peninsula sinks into deeper tensions, stepping up its rhetoric hours after U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry blasted Pyongyang for its nuclear program. Kerry told a regional security conference being hosted by Laos that North Korea's pursuit of nuclear weapons — when the world is trying to rid itself of them — is "very provocative and deeply concerning." He urged the country to follow the lead of Iran, which hammered out a deal to end its nuclear program in return for the lifting of sanctions.

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  • 24 Fall Casseroles That Will Give You All The Cozy Feelings (50 photos)

    When the temperatures drop, let these dishes of bubbling goodness warm you up. From Delish

  • Brewer AB InBev seeks to nail SABMiller bid with sweetened offer

    BRUSSELS/LONDON (Reuters) - Anheuser-Busch InBev raised its $100 billion-plus bid for rival brewer SABMiller on Tuesday in an attempt to quash investor dissent over an offer made less attractive by a post Brexit vote fall in the pound. SABMiller said its chairman spoke with his AB InBevcounterpart on Friday about that offer in the light of exchange rate volatility and market movements, but there was no talk or agreement on the terms of the revised offer of 45 pounds a share, up from 44 pounds in October. The change comes after a number of activist investors, such as Elliott Capital Advisors and TCI Fund Management, bought stakes in SABMiller and several shareholders voiced concerns at least week's annual general meeting that the cash deal was less attractive for most investors than before and was below a share-and-cash alternative.

  • Edmonton woman wins $21M Lotto 6/49

    Bogumila Mroczkowski bought her winning Lotto 6/49 quick pick ticket at a Shoppers Drug Mart while out on a milk run in April. It was a snap decision for Mroczkowski, who says she doesn't often buy lottery tickets. ​Mroczkowski, 58, was given a cheque for $20,997,902.50 in St. Albert on Tuesday morning.

  • Hell on Wheels' Anson Mount tips cowboy hat to Calgary cuisine and hospitality

    After five seasons of filming in and around Calgary, the TV show Hell on Wheels has come to an end. "I'm from a small town in Tennessee and I really do appreciate an ease of life and a hospitality that goes with that, and Calgary has that in spades," said Anson Mount. Before officially signing off from Hell on Wheels, Mount wrote a thank you letter to Calgary on his Facebook page.

  • Canadian premier 'not satisfied' with Husky spill response

    Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall said on Wednesday he was not satisfied with Husky Energy Inc's emergency response to an oil spill into a river that supplies drinking water, and said the western Canadian province needed to consider ways to avoid a recurrence. The spill of 1,572 barrels of oil from a Husky pipeline into the North Saskatchewan River started late on July 20, but flows were not shut down until the following morning, the company said on Tuesday. Asked whether Saskatchewan should take steps to prevent future spills, such as requiring pipelines to be doubled up near rivers, Wall suggested he was open to considering them.

  • 'I thought I was dead': Whitbourne boaters share harrowing tale of colliding with humpback

    A beautiful day on the waters of Trinity Bay turned into a near-death experience for a Whitbourne man after a small boat collided with a humpback whale Monday morning. Tony's son, Roger Morgan, was at the controls, enjoying the first day of his holidays, while son-in-law Terry Rose sat at his side. A whale unexpectedly surfaced in their path, resulting in a violent collision that brought the boat to a crashing halt, sending the 79-year-old Tony Morgan overboard and into the water.

  • Canada Post's flat rate alcohol delivery fee said to be 'not fair'

    Not everyone is toasting the delivery deal struck between Canada Post  and the LCBO this week. Canada Post announced it would give the LCBO a flat rate delivery charge of $12 to ship alcohol through the mail to its customers. Some small business owners rely on Canada Post, too, and they don't get the same discounted prices, not by a long shot.

  • Renamed St. John's pharmacy can't shake notorious past after moving location

    A St. John's pharmacy that was in the news for all the wrong reasons years ago is again facing complaints after moving to a new location this summer. Officials with City Centre Pharmacy say the complaints are nonsense and the drug store is being harassed by people who don't like seeing methadone patients. One of its pharmacists, Ann Marie Burke, went to prison for drug trafficking.

  • Electric Photographs Of Abandoned Art-Deco Power Plant

    Kelenfold plant in Budapest was built in 1914, merging industrialism with art deco architecture. "The control room will not be destroyed, nor will it be restored, and you can see that nature is slowly taking it back. The art deco glass ceiling sweeps over the control room of Kelenfold power station, in an image that could come straight out of a computer game.

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  • Syrian hair stylist tries to build new career in Moncton

    When 23-year-old Siwar Jneid came to Moncton in February, he brought with him eight years of experience as a hair stylist and an eagerness to practise his passion in his new country. What he didn't have was a certificate that allowed him to cut and style hair in the province or a command of the language. Since being in Moncton, he's spent the majority of his time learning English, taking language courses at the multicultural association for 15 hours a week.

  • Calgary photographer captures faces of Alberta's economic woes

    Mon, Jul 25: A Calgary photographer is documenting Alberta's economic downturn through his own lens. Mike Heywood isn't out to gain sympathy, but to give Canadians a better idea of what Alberta is going through. Reid Fiest has the story.

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  • Fort McMurray fire chief Darby Allen addresses 'coward' accusation

    Fort McMurray fire Chief Darby Allen calls recent criticism of his team's handling of the wildfires in May an unwelcome distraction from the rebuilding that needs to be done. One suggested it "was cowardly" to evacuate the emergency headquarters in Fort McMurray — relocating to Anzac and Lac La Biche.  CBC agreed not to reveal identitiesof the firefighters to protect their jobs. The firefighters also said the evacuation was called too late.

  • Apollo Astronaut Study Reveals Greater Heart Risk for Deep-Space Travelers

    NASA astronauts on the Apollo missions to the moon, flown in the 1960s and 1970s, are the only humans to have flown beyond the protective magnetic shielding of Earth — and a new study shows that exposure to deep-space radiation may have taken a toll on their hearts. The research compared Apollo astronauts' fates with those of unflown astronauts — who never made it into space — and those who lingered in low-Earth orbit, and found an increased level of death from cardiovascular problems in the deep-space adventurers. The International Space Station is scheduled to be decommissioned in 2024, and nations (and private companies like SpaceX) are turning their sights to the moon and Mars, said Michael Delp, a researcher at Florida State University and lead author of the new study.
  • iPhone 7 rumors and news leaks

    Rumors have long been spreading about Apple's iPhone 7, a device we will see later this year. A September 9 pre-order date has been leaked, and the device will likely launch the week of September 12. Here's everything you need to know.

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  • Movie studio turning long-rejected Hollywood scripts into novels, movies

    One movie studio is ignoring the appraisals of other companies and is taking the old adage “one man’s trash, is another man’s treasure” to heart.

  • New real estate tax harming foreigners working in B.C., says American buyer

    Mac Kerman picked the wrong month to buy a condo. An animator by trade, Kerman has been living and working in Vancouver for two years. Earlier this month, Kerman signed the paperwork for the purchase of a two-bedroom condo in Mount Pleasant and put down a down payment.