5 things to know about wider ISIS mission

Although the House of Commons voted to extend and expand Canada's fight against ISIS, several questions remain.

  • Jobless 29-year-old has fifteenth child by ten different mothers

    A jobless man said to have fathered 15 children with 10 different women has revealed he has another baby on the way. It is estimated Keith MacDonald's growing brood will end up costing taxpayers more than £2million in benefits.

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  • Berkshire's Buffett says Grexit 'may not be bad' for euro zone: CNBC

    Warren Buffett, the billionaire chief executive officer and chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc, said Tuesday that an exit by Greece from the euro zone could be constructive for the region. "If it turns out the Greeks leave, that may not be a bad thing for the euro," Buffett told cable television network CNBC. "If everybody learns that the rules mean something and if they come to general agreement about fiscal policy among members or something of the sort, they mean business, that could be a good thing," Buffett said.

  • Three killed after car is flattened by more than 20 tonnes of glass

    Eyewitnesses say that the lorry, which was carrying 20 tonnes of architectural glass, braked suddenly at a red light on the Zhufeng highway last Saturday before the cargo flooded out from two sides. The silver sedan was completely flattened and its five passengers were buried under the mountain of shattered glass, according to People's Daily Online. Tragic: Three people were killed after a truckload of architectural glass fell on top of their car. The three passengers sitting closest to the truck died instantly while two others - including the driver - were taken to hospital to be treated for non-life threatening injuries.

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  • Justin Bieber Isn't Looking for a Girlfriend, Cut Out Bad Influences in Entourage

    Bieber finds himself specifically in the midst of a strategic revamping of his public image. "I'm still young," Bieber told USA Today. The pop star, who infamously had multiple run-ins with the law, made headlines with his bratty behavior and spent months in an on-again, off-again dramatic relationship with Selena Gomez, said his "fun" activities of choice and those with whom he spends his time have changed.

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  • Journals found in abandoned briefcase reveal affair of 60s businessman

    An extraordinary collection of photographs and mementos chronicling the affair of a German businessman and his secretary in the late 1960s and 1970s has gone on show in New York. The memorabilia was discovered in a briefcase three decades after the affair took place, abandoned in a German apartment and later sold at auction.

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  • Susan Sarandon's Ex Jonathan Bricklin Slams Boy Toy Label, Says "I Wasn't Good Enough"

    Susan Sarandon's ex-boyfriend Jonathan Bricklin may have been 31 years her junior, but don't cast him off as a "boy toy." As Bricklin, 37, explains, his love for the 68-year-old actress ran deep, and despite their breakup, Bricklin will always have a soft spot for her. "We had a six-year relationship that's gone through ups and downs," Bricklin said. During his romance with Sarandon, Bricklin tells The Post he struggled with their age gap, and his subsequently adopted label of boy toy.

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  • Air Canada Flight 624: Steve Earle carried senior Ruth Macumber from crash

    A tearful Catherine Ouellet says she can't thank enough the man she calls a hero after he carried her 80-year-old aunt away from the wreckage of Air Canada Flight 624 after it crashed just after midnight Sunday. Steve Earle reluctantly came forward Tuesday morning after his friends saw that Ouellet was using CBC to try to find him, following the crash on a runway at Halifax Stanfield International Airport. In the minutes after the crash, Ruth Macumber struggled to get down the emergency exit and away from the plane.

  • Ex-general Rick Hillier angry at MP no-shows for ISIS vote

    Former chief of defence staff Rick Hillier took to Facebook Tuesday to blast MPs who were not present at Monday evening's vote to extend Canada's military mission against ISIS in northern Iraq and now Syria. In a posting on the social media site,

  • Woman on empty subway attacked by zombie horde in terrifying prank

    The unwitting victim, aged in her 30s, was captured on film for Brazilian hidden camera show Silvio Santos Program as the train pulls into an empty station, where it is attacked by the walking dead.

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  • Grandmother’s hilarious real-estate photos go viral

    Yolie Ball and her husband are trying to sell their Florida home. When Ball’s daughter arrived to take some real-estate photos for the couple, 86-year-old Ball insisted on posing in some of them. Ball’s 15-year-old granddaughter, Makenzie Ball, found the photos so hilarious she posted them on Twitter where they went viral.

  • Germanwings Crash: The Latest Chilling Details, Airline's New Statement

    On Monday, March 30, representatives for the airline and its parent company Lufthansa released a new statement about Germanwings Flight 9525, which crashed in the French Alps on Tuesday, March 24, failing to reach its destination of Düsseldorf, Germany after leaving Barcelona, Spain. Under a header reading "Our deepest sympathies," Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr and Thomas Winkelmann, spokesman for Germanwings' executive board, wrote a statement about the tragedy. The official statement comes as further revelations about co-pilot Andreas Lubitz come to light.

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  • Charlotte Reacts To 'Dancing' Boot

    Charlotte McKinney got booted from "Dancing with the Stars" on Monday, and the elimination stung for more reasons than one. After dancing her rumba with pro partner Keo Motsepe, "DWTS" judge Bruno Tonioli told the model, "Listen my darling, you're never gonna win the Nobel Prize for quantum physics, but you are easy on the eyes," earning boos from the audience. "I do believe it was uncalled for, especially after a week like the last week that we had… and throwing that in there just didn't make sense to me," Charlotte told Access Hollywood's Liz Hernandez after the show, when asked how she felt about Bruno's remark.

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  • Think your job is bad? Read these funny stories from angry employees

    Tumblr blog Please Fire Me has stories from disgruntled fast food workers, shop assistants and teachers. They include faeces in changing rooms, sexting teens, abusive parents and greedy kids.

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  • Malaysian fish seller sentenced to death for killing 2 British medical students in Borneo

    A Malaysian court on Tuesday sentenced a fish seller to death for killing two British medical students last year on Borneo island. Prosecutor Muhamad Iskandar Ahmad said the high court found Zulkipli Abdullah, 23, guilty of stabbing to death Aidan Brunger and Neil Gareth Dalton in Sarawak state last August. The defence failed to raise any reasonable doubts in the case," Muhamad Iskandar said.

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  • Woman sheds EIGHT STONE to start career as a personal trainer

    Jade Delaney, 21 from Dublin, Ireland, shed an impressive eight stone after finding another reason to go to the gym other than work. After constantly being surrounded by healthy people, Jade started quizzing the trainers at the gym who agreed to help her with her weight loss. Jade Delaney was inspired to drop 8st when she worked as a cleaner in a gym and began quizzing the personal trainers who worked there.

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  • Five-year-old girl recognises missing dog in a dog meat stall 

    A picture of a girl crying by a roast dog she believed to be her missing pet has quickly gone viral on the internet. The five-year-old from northern Vietnam found 'Flower' in a dog meat stall.

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  • Report: Tiger Woods' plane spotted at Augusta airport

    There are very few reasons why Tiger Woods would fly to Augusta, Ga. Really, there's probably one: to play at Augusta National Golf Club. Five days later, Woods released a statement saying he would not play competitive golf again until his game was "tournament ready." Woods skipped The Honda Classic in his hometown of Jupiter, Fla., did not qualify for the WGC-Cadillac Championship and chose not to play in the Arnold Palmer Invitational, a tournament he has won eight times. The tea leaves seemed to suggest Woods felt "tournament ready" again as friend Notah Begay III told 120 Sports that the 14-time major winner was "50-50" to play in the Masters -- better than Begay's 1-in-10 characterization when Woods announced his hiatus.

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  • 10,000 year old mammoth remains unearthed by oil workers in Siberia

    The remains of a woolly mammoth that died 10,000 years ago have been unearthed in Siberia by oil workers. Two tusks, teeth and rib bones of the extinct giant mammal were discovered buried three metres down in the frozen soil around 31 miles (50km) from Nyagan in Khanty-Mansi, Russia.

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  • Ottawa man meets online classifieds buyers at police station

    An Ottawa man is asking potential buyers to meet him at the police station when selling high-priced items to strangers on classified websites, such as Kijiji and Craigslist. Vladimir Kostine said he started taking extra precautions with his expensive sale items, like his smartphone, after the charred remains of an Ancaster, Ont. man who was trying to sell his truck online were found in 2013. Kostine said he has had fewer responses to ads asking to meet at the police station — and he believes that means his extra precautions are having the desired effect.

  • Restaurant dress codes open to sexual discrimination complaints

    When server Andrea Mottu was required to wear a bikini top for a Hawaiian-themed event at the Vancouver nightclub where she worked, her boss didn’t expect her to show up in a turtleneck. Dress codes calling on serving staff to wear revealing attire have been a longstanding concern for some in the hospitality industry and drew more attention recently with the development of an Edmonton-based website, F.E.D.U.P. YEG (or Feminist Eatery Database — Undercover Project). The project, created by four University of Alberta students, aims to highlight sexism and other discrimination issues in the food services industry by collecting survey responses from restaurant customers and employees.