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  • Wait, Did Meghan Markle Already Have Her Baby? Here's Why Fans Are Speculating

    Let's dig into these rumors, shall we?

  • Lori Loughlin's husband, Mossimo Giannulli, admitted pretending to go to USC in resurfaced interview

    The Target designer reportedly sent his parents fake report cards and tuition invoices.

  • What now? Penguins face crucial offseason after flameout

    Jim Rutherford's question was rhetorical. The answer - whenever the Pittsburgh Penguins general manager arrives at - will determine how the franchise emerges from the rubble of a first-round playoff sweep at the hands of the New York Islanders. ''Are guys too content with where they're at in their careers because they've won a couple of Stanley Cups?'' Rutherford wondered aloud Thursday as his team packed up for its longest offseason in 13 years.

  • Newfoundland Loves Spending Time Outdoors With His Friend

    This is our most adorable and famous Newfoundland named Samson. Sierra and Samson are an incredible duo who love to spend time together a lot since Sierra was a little girl. It is evident that Sierra and her gentle giant Sebastien have an extraordinary bond. Over the years, the little girl has taught her big dog how to play hide and seek, and it is the sweetest thing ever! They do everything together they play games, they celebrate each others birthdays, Sierra loves giving baths to Samson and in return Samson always keeps an eye on her when she is near the pool. We know that Samson is a huge dog but, we know that his heart is, even more, bigger, and he shows that to Sierra every day. Just take a look at this video and see how much fun they have together and how much they love each other. Are those happy tears in your eyes? Sierra and Samson do everything together. Now that Summer is getting closer, and they are spending time outside getting sun and playing fetch. Watch Samson as he keeps hopping onto the lounge chair with Sierra, seemingly unaware of his size or Sierra’s personal space! It looks like another happy day for Sierra and Samson. I think this video might take the crown for cutest video on the Internet right now! What could be any cuter than a kid getting some serious fun time with his best four-legged friend who is the most incredible duo ever? We can genuinely say that these are the videos that make us believe even more than the bond between a dog and a kid is the strongest. What we like the most about Samson is that he acts like a baby. To give an illustration to that here is a video of Samson jumping into Sierra’s lap because he is scared of car rides. What a big baby! He then spots a crow outside the car which only causes him to become more nervous. While mom is concerned about Samson's 150 pounds hurting Sierra, the little girl is only concerned with comforting Samson and getting mom to drive so that he's no longer frightened by the crow. The whole car scene causes the dog to flatten his ears, whimper, and run and hide. He is afraid to sit in his own seat, so he clings to this little girl and takes half of her seat.

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    Republican Running Senate Russia Probe Passed FBI Info To White House: Mueller

    Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R-N

  • Game of Thrones ' Jason Momoa Shaved His Trademark Beard and Fans Are in a Frenzy

    "Jason Momoa has shaved his beard off this is the worst easter ever."