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  • Royal Feud Explodes Into Public View Again as Palace Mulls Exile of Harry and Meghan

    Chris Jackson / GettyHow would you feel if you found out your brother was planning to exile you to Africa because you were more popular than him?The relationship between Prince Harry and Prince William looked decidedly frosty as they walked separately into an Easter service at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle on Sunday. It came after the bombshell revelation that there are plots afoot to send Harry and Meghan overseas for two or three years in 2020, partly to stop the glamorous newlyweds from overshadowing William and Kate.Fresh palace spin Monday sought to suggest that Harry and Meghan “like the idea” (which is fortunate, isn’t it?), but it was hard to avoid the conclusion from observing the brothers on Sunday that an unseasonal chill had descended over the young royals.Amid rumored fears by palace staff that Meghan and Harry could be “bigger than Diana,” the brothers, who were once inseparable, appeared to be doing everything they could to keep out of each other’s way as they shuffled awkwardly into church for an Easter service.Harry was alone (Meghan, expecting her baby any day now, did not attend) but, instead of forming a trio with William and Kate, he chose to tag along with cousin Zara and her husband, Mike Tindall.At the entrance to the church, Harry held back so he did not have to go in with his brother, or sit next to him inside. Their decision to not walk into church together was no mere accident of logistics.The royals know that these big set piece church arrivals are laden with symbolism and, in previous years, it would have been unimaginable for a solo Harry not to stroll in with William and Kate to provide a clear symbol of unity among the younger generation of the Crown.But such is the distance opening up between the brothers that Harry kept away-he looked tense and preoccupied and clearly avoided making eye contact with William.What is particularly interesting about this falling out is that there no longer appears to be any attempt to hide it. In times gone by, a quintessentially British stiff upper lip would have been deployed and the two princes would have walked into church together with a game smile on their faces. Recriminations would have taken place safely behind palace walls.But for a surly Harry to stare at his shoes in public in the company of his brother is a bizarre new development, and perhaps gives credence to recent reports that Harry is becoming more outspoken in his defiance of the mores of his role. Notably, the palace is clearly not seeking to deny The Sunday Times story.Another ill-advised glug of petrol was poured on the fire by William and Kate when they posted a 93rd-birthday greeting to their grandmother on the Kensington Palace account, which appeared to deliberately exclude Meghan.William and Kate’s message on their Kensington Royal Instagram account read: “Wishing a very happy 93rd birthday to Her Majesty The Queen!"However, the picture used was from the 2016 Trooping of the Color event. It showed the Queen, Prince Philip, William, Harry, Kate, George, and Charlotte. There are plenty of pictures from last year that included Meghan that would have worked just as well.The Queen seems unlikely to have spent yesterday checking her grandchildren’s Instagrams for birthday messages. Meghan, on the other hand, tucked quietly away in Frogmore Cottage, could well have been. One can’t help wondering, therefore, who the picture was really meant for.Read more at The Daily Beast.

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  • 'Game of Thrones': Did Bran Just Hint That the White Walkers Will Win the War?

    (Spoilers ahead for the second episode of season 8 of “Game of Thrones”)We had to wait a little bit, but about 10 minutes into the second episode of this final season of “Game of Thrones” we finally saw Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead-Wright) and Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) have a one-on-one conversation. The conversation only happened because Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie) spoke on Jaime’s behalf when Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) seemed intent on murdering him. Brienne’s endorsement swayed Sansa (Sophie Turner), and that in turn swayed Dany.And so we finally got the confrontation we’d been waiting on since Jaime shoved Bran out a window at the end of the very first episode of “Game of Thrones.”Also Read: 'Game of Thrones': What Was That Song Podrick Sang?It wasn’t actually much of a confrontation, though, since Bran is different now than he was back then. As the Three-Eyed Raven, Bran is divorced from his sense of self and is all about being pragmatic now. So he’s not mad at Jaime - he wants Jaime to be able to help with the war effort against the Night King and his army of the dead.Speaking of which, Bran said something pretty weird and interesting at the end of this conversation. After Bran noted that Jaime wouldn’t be able to help if Sansa or Dany had him executed, Jaime logically asked if Bran’s pragmatic view would change after this whole nightmare ends. “What about afterwards?” Jaime asked.To which Bran replied, very cryptically: “How do you know there is an afterwards?”Also Read: 'Game of Thrones' Season 8 Episode 2: 7 Biggest Questions Answered and 17 We Have LeftIf anybody else had said that, I’d interpret that comment as meaning, like, that it’s meaningless at this moment to worry about what comes after the war when the war is literally about the survival of all living things. But coming from Bran, who theoretically knows how the war against the Night King will end, that line plays very differently. It plays like he’s warning Jaime that they should expect to fail.Of course, there’s any number of reasons why Bran would nudge Jaime like that that doesn’t involved the Night King winning the Game of Thrones. As a prophet-type character, his role in the story now - assuming humanity will win somehow - would be to push people into the positions they need to be in to make that victory happen. But he can’t tell them straight up what needs to be done, because telling someone their future would then change their future.The most likely thing going on with that line, then, is that Bran is telling Jaime what he needs to hear in that moment - that he needs to put aside all his baggage because none of it will matter if they lose and everyone dies.Also Read: 'Game of Thrones': Can Any Knight Really Make Anyone Else a Knight?The next most likely scenario is that Bran is hinting only that Jaime himself will not survive the war and so the question of what the Stark family will want to do to him after the war will be moot anyway. Like there’s an unstated “for you” at the end of his question. How do you know there is an afterwards for you?But what if that’s not what that is? What if Bran is broaching the possibility that the Night King and the army of the dead are going to win the war because he knows that they will? It’s not a possibility that I have ever really taken seriously, because why would this show end that way? And if Bran knows the Night King is going to win then why is he doing what he’s doing to help the resistance efforts?For the sake of preserving the drama in this final stretch of “Game of Thrones” episodes, we have no idea what Bran knows about how the war is going to play out, so for now we’re just going to have to settle for picking apart all the possible interpretations of this cryptic eight-word sentence.Read original story ‘Game of Thrones': Did Bran Just Hint That the White Walkers Will Win the War? At TheWrap

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