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  • Travis Scott Is Very Here for Kylie Jenner Posing in a Completely See-Through Dress

    Cheating rumors? What cheating rumors?

  • A growing list of companies from FedEx to BMW are warning about the world economy

    Executives at FedEx, BMW and UBS are describing bleak macroeconomic conditions around the world.

  • Julia Roberts Nails What Could Be Saddest Part Of College Admissions Scandal

    That's the Oscar-winner's take on the scheme, in which dozens of people,including "Full House" actress Lori Loughlin and "Desperate Housewives" starFelicity Huffman, are charged

  • Man sacked, deported from UAE for "celebrating' New Zealand mosque shooting

    A company in the United Arab Emirates said an employee was fired and deported after he allegedly celebrated the mass killing of Muslims in New Zealand last week. Australian Brenton Tarrant, 28, a suspected white supremacist who was living in New Zealand, was charged with murder on Saturday. "Over the weekend, a Transguard employee made inflammatory comments on his personal Facebook account celebrating the deplorable mosque attack in Christchurch, New Zealand," security company Transguard said in a statement on Tuesday.

  • Town & Country

    See All the Best Photos of Prince Charles and Camilla's Royal Tour of the Caribbean

    During the trip, the royal couple will make a historic visit to Cuba. From Town & Country

  • Meghan Markle Has Been 'Confiding in' Priyanka Chopra About Her Adjustment to Royal Life

    The two are far closer than they may seem publicly.

  • This frightening Goth contestant is really a past 'Idol' winner in disguise

    When 20-year-old Goth girl Lady Mapo -- who got her stage name from her dead cat, natch -- stomped into the American Idol audition room Monday rocking her clunky platform boots, head-to-toe Hot Topic couture, double lip rings, corpse-blue lipstick, and a scowl, and practically trailing clove smoke behind her, she seemed on a mission to bring Idol to the dark side. (She also kind of resembled RuPaul's Drag Race alumnus Adore Delano, who competed on Idol Season 7 as Danny Noriega, but I digress.) “Last year was boring -- too American,” Lady Mapo drawled monotonically in her deep Daria voice. The judges looked scared. Personally, I was hoping she’d do a scary-good cover of a Siouxsie or Sisters of Mercy deep cut. Instead, Mapo surprisingly cued up “Rainbow Connection” -- the warm ‘n’ fuzzy Muppets ballad that last season’s winner, Maddie Poppe, sang at her adorable audition and reprised with the actual Kermit the Frog on the finale. I got ready for Mapo to “make the song her own” with a death-metal Cookie Monster voice. But then she dramatically ripped off her black Bettie Page wig… and lo and behold, it was the actual Maddie Poppe! Maddie actually made a spookily convincing Goth. The judges never saw it coming (I sure didn’t!), and they seemed greatly amused -- and probably a bit relieved -- to find out it was the Season 16 golden girl under all that sooty black eye makeup. I just wish they’d put Lady Mapo through to Hollywood. She looked like she belonged there already. Don't forget to check out Yahoo Play - our new interactive app where you can cash in your points and get tons of cool stuff! Download it now in the app store. Read more from Yahoo Entertainment: Why ‘Idol’ winner Maddie Poppe wishes she could get a ‘do-over’ of her duet with boyfriend Caleb Lee Hutchinson: ‘I was so awkward’ 'American Idol' singer Wade Cota shares shocking tale of abuse survival: 'My biological father was the devil' David Archuleta opens up about his post-'American Idol' PTSD Follow Lyndsey on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon, Spotify. Want daily pop culture news delivered to your inbox? Sign up here for Yahoo Entertainment & Lifestyle's newsletter.