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    Paulina Porizkova, 56, poses 'full frontal nude' on cover of 'Vogue'

    The Czech supermodel turned 56 on April 9.

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    Gaetz Attended Champagne-Fueled Sex Parties With Other GOP Officials, Two Women Tell CNN

    Reuters/Erin ScottIf a party host requires you to hand over your cellphone before entering in order to stop anyone from documenting what’s about to take place, it’s not usually a sign of an imminent wholesome evening. But, according to women who say they frequently partied with Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) over the past two years, that was just part of the normal routine.Two women have spoken out about their experiences of the parties, which they say were typically packed with Republican officials. Speaking to CNN, they described evenings fueled by Champagne, drugs, and sex—sometimes followed by digital payments being wired to them the morning after.Gaetz Paid Accused Sex Trafficker, Who Then Venmo’d TeenCNN reports the anonymous women said Gaetz was a familiar face at the parties. One of them described him as behaving like a “frat type of party boy” at the soirees—and claimed to have seen him popping mystery pills more than once. The women said some of the events were raging house parties inside gated communities, while others took place in quieter settings, such as private hotel suites at the end of boozy political conferences.“No one ever wants to stop partying, stop drinking, once you’ve had a few glasses of Champagne in you,” said one of the women. They also claim that cocaine and ecstasy were routinely on offer at the events.The disclosures from the women will heighten scrutiny on Gaetz, who is facing a Justice Department probe into allegations of sex-trafficking and prostitution—including a claim that Gaetz had a sexual relationship with a woman that began when she was 17 years old. Federal investigators are looking at allegations that Gaetz might have used digital payments to reward some of the women in his orbit.One of the woman who spoke to CNN said she never received money directly from Gaetz, but did say she was sent money—sometimes in return for sex—from the congressman’s friend, accused sex-trafficker Joel Greenberg. The Daily Beast reported last week that, in 2018, Gaetz sent $900 to Greenberg, who then sent three young women various sums of cash that amounted in total to $900 via the Venmo app.That money was described as being for “Tuition” and “School.”Matt Gaetz Is Only the Latest in a Long Line of Unrepentant Creeps Both of the women partially defended Gaetz, telling CNN that they never saw anyone at the parties who appeared to be underage, and both also said they haven’t spoken to federal investigators. However, The New York Times reported Tuesday that Greenberg has been cooperating with the feds to discuss the congressman’s conduct.Gaetz has denied ever paying for sex, and has accused the media of trying to cast a bad light on his financial generosity with women. “Providing for flights and hotel rooms for people that you’re dating who are of legal age is not a crime,” the congressman told Fox News last month. According to CNN, Gaetz didn’t respond to the claims from the two women, but complained about the network’s use of anonymous sources.Gaetz has not been charged with a crime.Read more at The Daily Beast.Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

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    The girl at the center of the Matt Gaetz investigation also reportedly went on his scrutinized Bahamas trip

    If Joel Greenberg, the former tax collector for Florida's Seminole County, has been helping federal investigators determine whether Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) had sex with a 17-year-old girl and paid for sex with cash and gifts — as reported Tuesday night by The New York Times and The Washington Post — that's probably bad news for Gaetz. But the feds have also been trying to get testimony from the former 17-year-old, who appears to tie together several of the Gaetz threads, Politico reports. The woman, who Politico isn't identifying because she may be the victim of a sex crime, not only had a sexual relationship with Greenberg and possibly Gaetz between May and November 2017, according to federal authorities. She also went on a September 2018 trip to the Bahamas with Gaetz, hand surgeon and Gaetz donor Jason Pirozzolo, GOP state legislator Halsey Beshears, and four other young women, Politico reports. Greenberg was not invited on that trip, three people told Politico, "because of a conflict with Pirozzolo's girlfriend." The unidentified woman had turned 18 a few months before the Bahamas trip, and nobody in their party engaged in prostitution, one of the other women told Politico. But, she and others sources added, three of the women on Beshears' private jets looked so young, U.S. Customs briefly stopped and questioned them when they landed in Florida. Gaetz, who flew commercial to the Bahamas, has denied having sex with a 17-year-old or paying for sex. The woman could testify if that's true — her age at the time is a crucial detail in the federal investigation — along with giving the feds other information on the Bahamas trip. Three Gaetz friends told Politico the congressman has said he waited until the woman was 18 to have sex with her. If Gaetz and his friends traded drugs or cash for sex, that could be a crime in itself, regardless of whether the sex was with underage girls, Politico says. Federal investigators executed a search warrant this winter and seized Gaetz's phone and the phone of a former girlfriend, Politico reports. Beshears abruptly resigned as Florida's top business regulator in January, Pirozzolo has told clients his office is closed "due to a family emergency," and before reportedly flipping on Gaetz, Greenberg in July 2020 tried to get him to ask then-President Donald Trump for a pardon, Politico reports. More stories from theweek.comTrump finally jumps the sharkSylvester Stallone clarifies he hasn't become a member of Mar-a-LagoWhy Trump's insistent dominance of the Republican Party could be a real 'gift' to Biden

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    It Turns Out COVID Vaccines Might Change Your Mammogram Results

    As millions of people are getting coronavirus vaccinations every day, concerns have arisen around more severe side effects beyond the very common fatigue, aches, and injection-site pain. Most medical concerns have been debunked, but there is a side effect emerging that could easily — and needlessly — worry anyone getting a mammogram. According to research conducted by the Cleveland Clinic, doctors are observing a sudden increase in mammograms showing swollen lymph nodes under the arm, which can be indicative of breast cancer. To be clear: This doesn’t mean that the vaccine is causing an increase in breast cancer; it is a side effect that, in this instance, is a sign of an immune response to the coronavirus vaccine, but in other cases, also happens to be a sign of potential breast cancer. Think about it like a dry cough — could be COVID-19, but it could also be your allergies acting up. Apparently, swollen lymph nodes are a common response by the body. “Swollen lymph nodes can be a response to many different vaccines, including the COVID vaccine,” board-certified gynaecologist Kelly Culwell, MD, also known as “Dr Lady Doctor,” told Refinery29. “It is a sign of your immune system kicking into gear to produce antibodies in response to the vaccine.” Lymph nodes play a vital role in your body’s ability to fight off bacteria and viruses. They trap and filter viruses, bacteria, and other causes of illness before they can infect other parts of your body. Your body has lymph nodes in multiple areas including your neck, your armpits, and your groin, which is all part of a larger immune system response — exactly what vaccines, COVID-19 and otherwise, try to elicit. According to the Mayo Clinic, swollen lymph nodes are rarely a sign that you may have cancer. “Any vaccine that produces a robust immune response may cause temporary swelling of the nodes. In my opinion, it has not been mentioned so much since we have not performed vaccines on this scale ever in history. With so many people getting vaccinated, you will hear of more effects all at once,” Nicole Williams, MD, gynaecologic surgeon and founder of The Gynaecology Institute of Chicago, told Refinery29. Because the vaccine is injected into the upper arm, the lymph nodes nearest the injection site commonly swell, but since they are the nodes closer to the breasts, it makes sense that doctors would want to check it out further. The problem is that this side effect isn’t listed on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website: The only ones listed are pain, swelling, and redness in the arm where you received the vaccine, as well as fatigue, headaches, muscle pain, chills, fever, and nausea. “As more people get vaccinated, it’s important to allay fears and avoid unnecessary testing or treatment for conditions that should quickly resolve,” said Brita Roy, MD, an internal medicine physician and director of population health for Yale Medicine. The organisation shared on its website that swollen lymph nodes, as well as skin reactions near the injection site, have only been found in those who received either the Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines — both of which use the technology called mRNA. So far, there have not been reports of these symptoms in people who have received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. According to The New York Times, Moderna’s study showed that 11.6% of patients reported swollen lymph nodes after the first dose, and 16% reported the symptom after the second dose. Pfizer-BioNTech recipients reported lower incidences, with only 0.3% of people saying they experienced swollen lymph nodes. It was a recognised side effect in large trials of both vaccines. So, should you reschedule your mammogram? Depends on who you ask. Dr Roy says that swollen lymph nodes from the vaccine have been shown to disappear within a few days, but for some people, they can feel a little tender for up to 10 days. On imaging tests, they may be visible for up to a month. She advises people to still keep their mammogram appointments rather than delay, but be aware that the radiologist could ask you to come back one month later for a reexamination should something come up on the scan. Dr Culwell says it really depends on each individual. If it is a typical annual exam, she says experts are recommending that you either go before your first dose or wait six weeks after your second injection. “However, for some people, this would not be possible,” Dr Culwell explained. “For instance, those that are being monitored closely for cancer recurrence during treatment. In those cases, informing the technician and radiologist of the recent vaccination would be important.” Dr Williams advises delaying your mammogram if possible so that you’re at least several days post-vaccination to allow for any possible swelling to go down. And if you’re still in doubt about anything? As always, talk to your doctor so that you can make the most informed decision. Like what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here?Is It Okay To Delay Your Second Vaccine Shot?So, How Long Does The COVID Vaccine Actually Last?People Are Having Period Symptoms Post Vaccine

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    A grieving daughter dropped her toy. A president gave it back.

    United States Capitol Police Officer William Evans, who died in the line of duty April 2, is lying in honor in the Capitol Rotunda.

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    After fresh Trump attacks, some signs the tide may be turning for McConnell

    Mitch McConnell may have figured out the smartest response to a Trump tantrum: Ignore it and allow increasing exhaustion with the former president to fester among Republicans who believe unity is imperative for climbing back into the congressional majority.

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    Will the Queen have to sit alone at Prince Philip's funeral?

    One option available to the monarch might be to sit with her grandson Harry.