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  • Pelosi describes Trump's 'very serious meltdown' during White House meeting on Syria

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi walked out of a meeting with Donald Trump about the crisis in Syria Wednesday after she said the president had had a “very serious meltdown” and insulted her in front of other congressional leaders.

  • Meghan Markle and Prince Harry issue an Instagram apology after a mistake

    The previous post on their Sussex Royal account was deleted.

  • 31 arrested, 300 charges in multi-provincial sex-trafficking operation based in Ontario

    Thirty-one people, including a central "kingpin," have been arrested and more than 300 charges laid in a major investigation into a human trafficking and organized crime ring that operated around Canada. At a news conference on Wednesday in Aurora, Ont., York Regional Police said they uncovered a network of criminals who used fraud to help fund a widespread trafficking operation.The year-long investigation, called Project Convalesce, involved extensive time and effort by four police services from Ontario and one from Quebec, reporters were told.York Regional Police Insp. Thai Truong said the project began when two female victims of trafficking contacted them last year about a suspected pimp, Jonathan Nyangwila. Truong said the women, who were from Quebec but based in Ontario, had tried to escape from Nyangwila. "I know they were extremely terrified to call police."In the subsequent investigation, police uncovered a "large criminal network," said Truong, who described Nyangwila as the "kingpin" at the top of a complicated hierarchy. The 28-year-old from Markham, Ont., is now facing more than 30 charges relating to human trafficking, firearms possession, harassment and fraud. Underbosses and strikersPolice said they discovered a criminal organization, which Truong said has no name police are aware of, that was involved in a variety of criminal activities, including fraud and drug trafficking. "Organized frauds are occurring across the country. The profit from the frauds that the organization is making is fuelling the human trafficking," said Truong. Police said the organization was structured with Nyangwila at the top, delegating to several figureheads, including three of his brothers. Underneath the figureheads was a group of underbosses, followed by several strikers - men paid to carry out high-risk frauds in banks and stores. Many people working under Nyangwila "had their own stable of girls," said Truong. "For the first time we're actually seeing girls being traded within and controlled by other individuals for the benefit of the organization." Of the 300-plus charges laid against the 31 suspects, about 100 relate directly to human trafficking. Truong also noted that Nyangwila was arrested in July, but was able to continue controlling and directing the people working under him while in custody. Victims assaulted, controlled, police sayUltimately, police identified 12 confirmed victims as well as 33 other women who police believe are in the sex trade and were associated with the group over the last year."We're hoping they reach out to us," said Truong of the 33 women.  Truong also said the majority of the women came from Quebec and were recruited there, but had been moved to Ontario and then west to other provinces.He said women had been recruited from both inside and outside the sex trade, and controlled in "every way imaginable." The confirmed victims range in age from 20 to mid-30s."They may smile at you, they may not appear to be controlled or victimized," said Truong."That is not true. We have seen the horrific things that are happening to these women."  York police Deputy Chief Brian Bigras said: "These victims endured violent assaults, sexual assaults and other degrading circumstances as they were controlled by these violent criminals."Investigation remains activeTruong told reporters the investigation remains ongoing, with police still seeking several suspects. York police also said they continue to urge human trafficking victims to seek assistance."We urge anyone looking for a way out of that lifestyle" to contact police, said Bigras. The five police services involved in Project Convalesce are: * York Regional Police. * Ontario Provincial Police. * Toronto Police Service.  * Peel Regional Police. * The Quebec integrated human trafficking task force.The Quebec task force is led by Montreal police and includes representatives from the RCMP, the Sûreté du Québec, and police forces in Quebec City, Laval, Gatineau and Longueuil.

  • Kate Middleton Playfully Trolled Prince William's Dancing During Their Tour of Pakistan

    More specifically, his refusal to dance.

  • Green Leader Elizabeth May predicts minority government, warns against majority

    VICTORIA - Green Leader Elizabeth May says it appears Canadians are about to elect a minority government, which could make the environment the biggest winner.Minority Parliaments force parties to work together and the Greens can play leading roles in implementing environmental policies that fight climate change, she said Wednesday."The point is right now we're looking at a minority Parliament," May said. "What you want is members of Parliament who know how to co-operate across party lines and deliver good results. A minority Parliament gives us the opportunity to actually deliver on what is needed."The Greens held two seats when the election was called and are hoping for a breakthrough on Oct. 21 that has eluded them in previous votes."I don't want to count chickens before they're hatched," May said. "You really do have to wait to see what happens."Practically as she was speaking, the Green candidate in a close-fought Edmonton riding quit the race and endorsed his New Democrat opponent, indicating the challenge even active Greens have figuring out how best to fit into an electoral system where split votes make results unpredictable.But the Green leader warned against electing a majority Liberal or Conservative government, saying neither party is truly committed to climate action."If you are not careful with your vote you could wake up with a majority Justin Trudeau government," May said. "I would regard a Trudeau majority just as bad as a Harper majority because neither one of them is committed to the climate action that is urgently required."(May did not clarify if she mistakenly referred to former prime minister Stephen Harper instead of current Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer.)She said she's willing to talk to all parties in the event of a minority situation, but described New Democrat, Conservative and Liberal environmental policies as road maps for failure."I've also said very clearly we could provide support no support on a confidence vote to any party or combination of parties that failed to take the required action on the climate crisis," May said.She said the Greens' "Mission: Possible" climate plan includes halting the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project and cutting Canada's greenhouse-gas emissions by 60 per cent below 2005 levels over the next decade. The Greens also promised to plant 10 billion trees over the next 30 years to reduce carbon and recover vast areas of land devastated by wildfires across Canada.May said the Greens will push its environmental agenda in a minority Parliament."If you vote Conservative you've got the pedal to the metal to get to disaster faster," she said. "If you vote Liberal you get to disaster a little slower. If you vote NDP you get to disaster a little slower."However, in the riding of Edmonton Strathcona, it is the Greens who are facing disaster after candidate Michael Kalmanovitch announced Wednesday he was stopping his campaign and throwing his support behind NDP candidate Heather McPherson."I ran this campaign with the goal of winning the Edmonton Strathcona riding, but based on polling projections, it has become clear that success is unlikely under our first-past-the-post system," Kalmanovitch said in a statement Wednesday. "My goal has never been personal political power. My goal has always been policy change."That is why I am ending my campaign effective today, and calling on supporters to consider voting strategically for the candidate and party with the next-best climate action plan. I believe that candidate is Heather McPherson of the NDP."The Greens confirmed Kalmanovitch's departure in a terse release and said they would not comment further on the matter.The NDP's Linda Duncan has been the MP for Edmonton Strathcona since 2008 but didn't run for re-election. The riding is expected to be the site of a close race among the NDP, Conservatives and Liberals.This report by The Canadian Press was first published Oct. 16, 2019.Dirk Meissner, The Canadian Press

  • Trevor Noah Exposes Eric and Don Jr.’s Hunter Biden Nepotism Hypocrisy

    Comedy CentralWith Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings in the news, Trevor Noah turned his attention to the issue of nepotism Wednesday night. “The truth is, your name could be a big reason that you get a leg up in life,” The Daily Show host began. “With that said,” he added, “you can’t deny, it’s not a good look that a Ukrainian company hired Hunter Biden just months after Joe Biden became the Obama administration’s point man on Ukraine. Because it looks very much like he got this business because of his father’s position.” “And I understand why a lot of people would complain about that,” he continued. “What I don’t understand is why these people are complaining about that.” With that, he cut to a clip of Donald Trump Jr. accusing Hunter Biden of trading on his name and Eric Trump arguing that he and his brother are exempt from criticism because they do not sit on any corporate boards. “First of all, I’m not surprised nobody has put Beavis and Forehead on any corporate boards,” Noah said. “I don’t even think they’re allowed on diving boards.” But more importantly, the host said, “If there was ever an example of people who got opportunities because of their names, it’s these two.” For instance, if Donald Trump Jr. was not Donald Trump’s son, Noah asked why anyone would be paying him $50,000 to make a speech. “To share his expertise on bad beards?”  Jimmy Kimmel Goes Off on Lara Trump: A ‘Heartless Imbecile With Lip Injections’“Also, if Trump’s sons are actually concerned, like truly concerned, about children of politicians doing business overseas,” Noah added, “then can someone please explain to me why they have been doing this?” He then allowed various news reports to lay out the details of continued foreign projects currently being carried out by Eric and Don Jr. on behalf of the Trump Organization. “Yeah, that’s right, even with their dad in office, the Trumps are still growing their business in places like India, Philippines, Indonesia, Uruguay,” Noah said. “They’re all over the world. It’s like The Amazing Race with no running and no chins.” But “at least Donald and Eric are one step removed from the Trump presidency,” Noah said before turning his attention to Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, who have official roles in the White House and yet still have entanglements with businesses that benefit from foreign money. “Now let’s be clear,” Noah concluded. “I’m not defending Hunter Biden. I don’t know him. I don’t know about his business. I’m just saying that the last people who should be talking about the blurred lines of family names and political influence are the people currently running their home office from the White House.” Trevor Noah Roasts Joe Biden Over Bad Debate Answer on Son HunterRead more at The Daily Beast.Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast hereGet our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

  • Kelly Ripa Shares a Makeup-Free Selfie as She Enjoys Some Me-Time at the Hair Salon

    Kelly Ripa Shares a Makeup-Free Selfie at Hair Salon: 'Blondish'