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  • Meghan Markle Is Reportedly Threatening to Sue Over the Emotional Letter That She Wrote Her Father

    She's clearly super unhappy about him sharing it with the press.

  • Jennifer Lopez celebrates twins Max and Emme on their 11th birthday

    Jennifer Lopez posted Instagram videos in honor of her two children, Max and Emme, on their 11th birthday.

  • Bikini-Clad Jenna Jameson Reveals Her Go-To Keto Meals Now That She's 'Cracking Down' on Her Diet

    Jenna Jameson Reveals Go-To Keto Meals as She's 'Cracking Down' on Diet

  • "I don't really like him;" Lowry's friendship with DeRozan tough to describe

    TORONTO - Kyle Lowry's intention was to do his two year's time in Toronto then hightail it to another NBA team. And so he barely spoke to DeMar DeRozan during those two years.Lowry was unhappy with the Raptors. And he and DeRozan just didn't hit it off.But an unlikely friendship eventually developed, and when team president Masai Ujiri unceremoniously jettisoned DeRozan to San Antonio for Kawhi Leonard last summer, virtually no-one outside of DeRozan himself was more hurt by the move than Lowry.DeRozan made his much-anticipated return to Toronto on Friday with his San Antonio Spurs. When asked why their relationship took a turn for the better, Lowry couldn't pinpoint exactly why."I don't know, don't know. Couldn't tell you, that's why it's genuine," Lowry said."I don't really like him. That's probably why," he added with a laugh. "When you meet certain people in this world and you're brought together by basketball, you don't have a certain reason on why this or that. It just happens. It is what it is. You can talk about anything, you can watch TV, you can not talk and still be on the same page. You got family, you got kids, all types of things that all go into that. It just brings together a bond."Shortly after DeRozan touched down in Toronto on Thursday night, the two former teammates went for dinner."He paid," Lowry chuckled. "His American dollar is really strong right now so he took advantage of it."DeRozan was the proverbial good cop to Lowry's bad. They complemented each other on the court, and together built the Raptors into a perennial Eastern Conference contender."He became a heck of a basketball player, and I was the guy that just kept pushing him to get better and get better and try to push himself to the limit," Lowry said. Some day the two will reflect on what they accomplished in Toronto."Right now is just about living in the moment," Lowry said. "I want to play my game and appreciate the game that I'm playing right now. When I'm done and retired and hanging out I will look back at all the accomplishments, the types of things we did for the franchise, the turnaround, whatever it is. I'll look back at that time and say 'Oh wow, that's pretty cool.'"One day we'll retire, we'll be hanging out on the porch, drinking lemonade together one day. That's what you cherish about the friendship."Lowry looked forward to Friday night's game and the hero's welcome DeRozan, one of the most popular players in Raptors history, would no doubt receive."Over/under, two-and-half on the standing ovation, I'm going to take the over," Lowry said. "I think it's well deserved, what he's done for this city, the fans appreciate it, it should be celebrated. But for us, internally as our team, we gotta go out and win the game."Lowry needn't have worried. The crowd wasted little time welcoming DeRozan, giving him a standing during warmup. And the crowd was still standing and cheering moments after an emotional video tribute to the former Raptor.Once fondly known as "Mr. I am Toronto," DeRozan saw himself as a lifelong Raptor. And that was music to the collective ears of Raptors fans who'd watched beloved players such as Vince Carter walk out the door.Why did DeRozan connect so well with Raptors fans?"He was here since he was a kid, he committed to the city long-term, he embraced it as home," Lowry said. "He did a lot for the community. When you're here for a certain amount of time, it's kind of given that this is kind of a second home and I think that's what the city appreciated in him."Friday was DeRozan's lone regular-season visit to Toronto. He had an outstanding night against Toronto last month, recording his first career triple double: 21 points, 14 rebounds and 11 assists. The Spurs clobbered the Raptors 125-107 ending Toronto's three-game win streak. Lowry sat out that game with his nagging back injury.Lori Ewing , The Canadian Press

  • Jim Carrey Darth Mauls Donald Trump's Base With 'Star Wars' Art

    Jim Carrey sent a withering "Star Wars"-themed message to President DonaldTrump's base with his latest cartoon

  • 'Jihadi Jack' tells U.K. broadcaster he misses his mother, wants to return to Oxford

    Jack Letts, the young British-Canadian man accused of travelling to Syria to fight for ISIS, has told British broadcaster ITV News that he misses his mum, the TV show Doctor Who and the taste of English snacks. In an interview filmed in a Kurdish jail, "Jihadi Jack" as he is commonly known, also said that at the time of the 2015 Paris theatre attacks by Islamic militants, he thought the murderous rampage that killed 130 people was a "good thing.""To be honest, like I said, if I am going to start a new part of my life I don't want to start it on a lie," Letts, 23, told ITV News security editor Rohit Kachroo. "To be honest, at the time, I thought it was a good thing.He said he was living in Raqqa, Syria, at the time and was "getting bombed every five minutes by coalition jets ... literally, I've seen children burned alive." "At the time, you have this idea ... of why shouldn't it happen to them … but then I realized they had nothing to do with it."While living in Raqqa, the former hub for ISIS power in the region, Letts said that he saw murders and executions and was repulsed by them. Letts, a Muslim convert who grew up in Oxford, travelled to Syria in 2014. He told ITV News that he left Raqqa and tried to travel overland to Turkey where he intended to live out his life but was arrested by Kurdish forces and transferred to a prison in Qamishli in northern Syria, along the Turkish border.Not seeking return to CanadaLetts' father is Canadian. He told ITV News that he had a Canadian passport through his father at one point but is unsure if it is still valid. He said he is not seeking to return to Canada.  "I feel British, I am British. My dad's Canadian, if the U.K. accepted me I would go back to the U.K., it's my home, but I don't think that is going to happen," he told ITV News."I don't think I'm going to be given ... back to Britain, for example ... or some Canadian official is going to come and help me because like I said -  no one really cares." Letts said would be willing to remain in his Kurdish prison for another two years or longer so female prisoners could be sent home first.Missing EnglandWhile he misses the traditional English meat-filled pastry and episodes of Doctor Who what he wants most is to see his mother."I miss my mum. I know that sounds a bit toddler-ish," he said. "Even if I could just see my mum -  I would like just a phone call, I don't know if Britain can do that for me here, but I'd like just a phone call to my mum -  it's been two years."Letts has been accused of being a member of ISIS. It is an allegation his father John Letts disputes, pointing out that both the U.K. and Canada have yet to lay charges against him.His parents say he wanted to come home in late 2015 and their attempt to transfer him money ran afoul of Britain's anti-terror financing law. They were charged under that law in 2016; they maintain their innocence, but the case is still pending.

  • Jordyn Woods Just Broke Her Silence Following Cheating Rumors

    "It’s been real."