VIDEO: Want to learn how to deep fry water?

A Massachusetts man has come up with a bizarre new culinary innovation, as he figures out how to deep fry water for the 'Stupid Hackathon'.

  • Woman Walks Naked Through Town After Emerging From Tanning Salon

    The woman was captured on camera emerging from a tanning salon in Newquay, Cornwall, after a bronzing session, wearing nothing and carrying only a towel. Amy Martin, who snapped a picture of the woman, spotted her outside her workplace at Burger King. Ms Martin later spoke to the owner of a nearby tanning salon who said the woman had been a customer.

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  • 'Everything that was going on was consensual': No charges after bizarre incident triggers police standoff

    Constable Brian Montague says the incident began shortly after noon Friday, May 20, when a would-be customer tried to enter the Wind Mobile store at Robson and Hamilton but found the door locked. When police arrived, Montague says the individuals inside were "uncooperative ... and didn't want to open the door and talk to officers". "The strange set of circumstances, the suspicious nature of the circumstances and what our officers were seeing triggered a pretty large police response," he said.

  • Canadian shoppers feel duped by U.S. mall's at-par promotion

    Several Canadian shoppers are crying foul, saying a U.S. mall misled them when it offered "at par" sales this past long weekend. Some of the cross-border shoppers did not like what they saw and took to social media to vent. The mall's social media team responded to some upset shoppers, adding it apologized for the confusion.

  • Man Has Melon-Sized Tumour Removed After Living With It For 24 Years

    Ian Crown’s tumour is believed to be the third largest of its kind in the world, and the 66-year-old lived with it for 24 years before finally having it removed. The lump, weighing a whopping 1.2kg, started growing in 1992 but Ian said it became “a part of him” and he learned to live with it.

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  • Canadians shamed for disrespecting iconic American landmarks

    Arrest warrants have now been issued on misdemeanor charges of violating park rules after three of the men — Justis Cooper Price-Brown, Charles Ryker Gamble and Alexey Andriyovych Lyakh — allegedly walked off the boardwalk in Yellowstone's Old Faithful District to get next to the Grand Prismatic Spring. As a result, they're now being investigated for allegedly water-skiing behind their bus on the beloved Bonneville Salt Flats. "I can't remember in the many, many, many years I've been doing this any case that has brought this much attention," says John Powell, a spokesman for the U.S. States Attorney's office in the district of Wyoming.

  • Calgary 1st city in Canada and U.S. to exhibit Body Worlds 'coupling' specimen

    Body Worlds, the touring exhibit of cadavers preserved through plastination, has visited more than 100 cities around the globe — but very few have had the courage to exhibit one of the 'coupling' specimens. Calgary's Telus Spark Science Centre is the first in Canada and the U.S. to put it out there, but they're doing it with the utmost respect to their diverse clientele. The couple, which features a woman astride a well-endowed man, are hidden behind a sliding door that only opens on weekends and after 2:30 p.m. on weekdays at Telus Spark.

  • These Brothers Are Now Sisters After Coming Out As Trans At The Same Time

    Bartender Jamie O’Herlihy, 23, and hairdressing student Chloe O'Herlihy, 20, kept their gender issues a secret from everyone for their entire lives. Just days later both brothers had come out as trans and, with the pair both planning to go under the knife for gender reassignment surgery, they are sharing their story in the hope of inspiring others to be true to themselves.

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  • Students shamed for 'appalling' Harrison Lake area campsite mess

    Piles of litter and garbage left at a campsite near Harrison Lake has cast a pall on the 2016 Elgin Park Secondary School's graduating class, says the principal. "It is unfortunate but this reflects very badly on every member of our school community, regardless of direct involvement," wrote Principal Bruce Filsinger, in a letter to parents and students, imploring them for better behaviour. Kyle Williams posted pictures in fury after he found the mess at his favourite spot north of Chilliwack.

  • How often do newly married couples have sex?

    Tue, May 24: Jessica O’Reilly explains why some newly married couples have sex more often than others.

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  • Did an artist foretell the iPhone 350 years ago? Apple’s CEO seems to think so

    In his presentation at Startup Fest, Cook mentioned he had recently visited the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. From his perspective, Cook says he noticed the man, apparently, holding something flat, rectangular and big enough to fit in a person’s palm. From a distance, Cook says, the item could certainly pass as an iPhone.

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  • 10 TV Shows Where The Cast Hated Each Other (10 photos)

    Things might have looked rosy on-screen, but there is a raft of famous TV shows which were a bit more tense once the cameras were packed up… Image credits: Getty/Yahoo File/WENN/PA

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  • Australian who raped German backpacker sentenced to 9 years

    Peter Van de Wetering, 48, had previously pleaded guilty to multiple charges including rape and kidnapping for the August 2013 attack of the 19-year-old woman two weeks after she arrived in Australia, a place she had long dreamed of visiting. "This offending involves an entirely ruthless pursuit of a young and innocent woman for your sexual gratification," Brisbane District Court Judge Terry Martin told Van de Wetering during the sentencing hearing. Van de Wetering picked the victim up at a bus stop in the rural town of Cottonvale after she responded to an ad seeking a nanny and farmhand.

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  • Victoria home sold for $800k back on market for $980k weeks later

    A two-bedroom James Bay house that sold for $800,000 about a month ago has just gone back on the market — this time, for $980,000.

  • Kelowna bus drivers demand new safety measures after 'absolutely awful' day of violence

    Lovell says he's "completely shocked" after the events of Friday, May 20 where one bus driver was punched repeatedly for disallowing a bike on board, another pepper-sprayed and two others verbally assaulted. Lovell and his union are calling for more protection, saying they want some sort of bus shield and a dedicated transit police force.

  • Donation scam adds to family's heartbreak over son's battle with leukemia

    "I think it's absolutely despicable that somebody, anybody, would manipulate a situation and take advantage of both the public's care and concern and the public's generosity and of our situation," said Lia Weekes. The family has been urging bone marrow donors of mixed ethnicities to come forward in the hopes of finding a match for their six-year-old son, Joshua. "Canadian Blood Services had been ...very good about communicating all of their efforts and all of the drives that were coming up to the family — and this was something that we had zero awareness of," Weekes said.

  • A new low? Marlins suing ex-season ticket holders, stadium vendors

    And one of ex-season ticket holders isn't backing down from the legal fight.

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  • Microsoft Faces Criticism After Sneaky Windows Upgrade ‘Trick’

    Microsoft said: “With the free Windows 10 upgrade offer ending on 29 July, we want to help people upgrade to the best version of Windows. "As we shared in October, Windows 10 will be offered as a ‘recommended’ update for Windows 7 and 8.1 customers whose Windows Update settings are configured to accept 'recommended’ updates.

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  • Driver accused of throwing killed pedestrians clothing in bin after fatal accident

    A truck driver has been captured on camera as he allegedly peeled a pedestrian's clothes from the bottom of his vehicle and threw them in a bin after a fatal crash in Sydney. Jo-Ann Thwaites was hit by two trucks at a pedestrian crossing at Brookvale, with detectives claiming the first driving fled the scene. Police alleged within minutes of leaving the grandmother for dead, driver Emanuel Xiberras was concealing his crime.

  • 19 Couples Who Have Already Called It Quits This Year

    We're nearly halfway through 2016, and the year has already been peppered with high-profile celebrity breakups. We've seen broken engagements, broken vows, and the splits of both long-term and newer relationships — and while we haven't quite reached 2015 breakup levels yet, we're still charting the separations of famous couples so far this year. Keep reading to see them all now, then look back at all the breakups that have shocked us the most over time.

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  • Yep, the Shirt Under a Dress Thing Is Really Happening (23 photos)

    Even 12 years after Sex and the City concluded, Sarah Jessica Parker is still turning heads with her fashion-forward sartorial choices. Last night, SJP wore a look straight from Valentino’s fall/winter 2016 runway, which paired a navy blue shirt under a transparent plastic-studded dress. This trend of wearing a shirt under a dress has been gaining momentum lately, and Sarah’s look last night solidified it. The look’s also been spotted on the runway at both Kenzo and Jacquemus’ fall/winter shows and on model Kendall Jenner. But, now that SJP’s worn it, you know it’s the real deal and the trend is here to stay. Ahead, shop our looks and see how you can get a jumpstart on the trend this summer. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest for nonstop inspiration delivered fresh to your feed, every day.

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