• Victoria Beckham's 40th Birthday and Her 9 Poshest Looks

    Edward Barsamian It's hard to write about the women you love, but today, the 40th birthday of noted designer and former pop star and music sensation Victoria Beckham, is certainly an occasion worth noting. As she prepares to celebrate in low-key fashion with friends and family tonight in Los…

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    • Kate Middleton Looks on While Prince William Stands Dangerously Close to a 328-Foot Cliff

      If Kate Middleton has been nearly overshadowed by the uncannily photogenic Prince George during this tour of New Zealand and Australia, then Prince William has been basically forgotten completely.

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      • Pregnant Woman Dies After Horrifying Medical Mixup

        As far as medical mix-ups go, it's a horrifying one. In October 2011, a 32-year-old woman underwent an operation at Queen's Hospital outside of London; Maria De Jesus was suffering from appendicitis and needed to have her appendix removed. Instead, her r

        • This Might Be the Most Awesome 13-Year-Old Girl on the Planet

          Allow us to introduce Ashol-Pan, a 13-year-old eagle huntress in Mongolia, and perhaps the world’s only female apprentice falconer. Inhabitants of the Altai mountain range on the west side of th

          • 10 Natural Cough Remedies

            The next time you have an annoying cough, take your grandmother's advice and try one of these natural remedies.

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            • Girl driving while texting hits cyclist: “I just don’t care”

              Texting while driving is so totally wrong. But according to 21-year-old Kimberly Davis, it’s totally not her fault. Davis, who according to phone records was texting with seven different people while driving her vehicle through Koroit, Australia, slammed into a … Continue reading →

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              • CNN’s flight instructor fired for sartorial failings; but Mitchell Casado doesn’t make Canada’s wall of shame

                A Canadian flight simulator instructor who made frequent appearances on CNN during its extensive Flight 370 coverage has been fired from his job for dressing unprofessionally and, according to the company's owner, making Canadians "look very bad all over the … Continue reading →

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                • The Valerie Harper Cancer Confusion Explained

                  Fans of "Rhoda" and "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" rejoiced Wednesday when Valerie Harper announced that she was "cancer-free" in Closer magazine. Unfortunately, the excitement was short-lived.

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                  • McDonald's foreign workers call it 'slavery'

                    Foreign workers recruited from Belize are accusing McDonald’s Canada of treating them like ‘slaves,' by effectively forcing them to share an expensive apartment – then deducting almost half their take-home pay as rent.

                    • Manjit Panghali's daughter awarded more than $600K in damages

                      A BC Supreme Court judge has awarded more than $600,000 to the daughter of murdered Surrey teacher Manjit Panghali.

                      • 10 Quirky Cat Breeds

                        From breeds that look like they’ve stepped off the pages of National Geographic to those that are known to exhibit behaviors of an entirely different species, some cats are in a wonderfully wacky league of their own.

                        • 4 Tricks to Fall Asleep Faster

                          Tossing and turning when all you want is to snooze? Here's how to shut off your mind fast.

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                          • What Credit Cards Should I Avoid?

                            When it comes to determining which credit card to get, a good place to start is to eliminate those you should avoid, based on how you use credit cards.

                            • George Brett and Lorde finally meet

                              He inspired her to write her biggest hit (so far). But they had never met, until her concert in Vegas on Tuesday

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                              • Putin says trust lost in ties with U.S. before Ukraine crisis

                                President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that trust between Russia and the United States had been damaged before the crisis in Ukraine, but that he wanted to restore their cooperation. "To a certain extent trust has been lost, but we do not think we are to blame," Putin said in a televised…

                                • Why is Mark Pavelich selling his 'Miracle on Ice' gold medal?

                                  Beginning next week, a unique piece of sports memorabilia will hit the auction block. Mark Pavelich, a forward on the 1980 “Miracle on Ice” U.S. hockey team, is selling his gold medal via Heritage Auctions.

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                                  • Home price slowdown leaves millions underwater

                                    A rebound in home prices has slowed in recent months, so has the recovery process for those still submerged with negative equity.

                                    • Big Flush II: Teen cited for urinating in city water; Portland to drain 38 million gallons

                                      PORTLAND, Ore. - Portland officials are once again preparing to flush millions of gallons of treated water because someone urinated in a city reservoir. Water Bureau Administrator David Shaff said 38 million gallons will be discarded after a 19-year-old was videotaped in the act Wednesday. Three…

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                                      • Halifax Water bill for $9K shocks small business

                                        The Halifax Water Commission says a mail-out telling customers about the city’s stormwater surcharge “may not have been the best idea,” now that the shock of staggering high bills is settling in.

                                        • 12 Ways He Shows You that You're the One

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