Yahoo Finance Presents: 2016 Vanity Fair Summit

The summit brings together titans of tech, politics, business, media, and the arts. Day Two highlights include Sarah Jessica Parker and Jeff Bezos.

  • ‘Today’ Show Anchors Say Goodbye to Billy Bush

    As expected, the end has come for Billy Bush on "Today." NBC announced Bush’s suspension after a video from 2005 surfaced in which he and Donald Trump speak inappropriately about women. It was widely speculated that the suspension would eventually lead to Bush being fired, and on Monday night, that speculation was proven to be correct when NBC announced Bush’s departure.

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  • Looks Like Trump May Already Be On To His Next Project

    This summer, some political observers — including filmmaker Michael Moore — suggested Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has become a marketing blitz for a new media company he wants to launch. Now the evidence is building this may be the case. The Financial Times reports Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, has approached “one of the media industry’s top dealmakers” to talk about the possibility of launching a Trump television network to capitalize on the populist movement that has sprung up around the billionaire presidential candidate. FT cited three unnamed individuals as saying Kushner — who owns the New York Observer and a real estate company — approached Aryeh Bourkoff, CEO of investment

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  • The Indians trolled Jose Bautista so hard after winning the ALCS

    The biggest loser in the American League Championship Series wasn’t the Blue Jays or the Toronto fans who watched the Cleveland Indians celebrate a trip to the World Series on their home field. Nope, the biggest loser could only be one man: Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista, who is going to have to bury his head in the sand after a week of trash-talking and complaining that is now coming back to bite him. The Indians celebrated winning the AL pennant.

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  • Presidential debate: The moment Trump v Clinton turned nasty

    Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton argued over Russia's role in the US election during their third and final presidential debate. Mr Trump also refused to say whether he would accept the election was fair if Mrs Clinton won.

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  • Landowner closes most of Mount Seymour's mountain bike trails

    For more than 20 years, mountain bikers in Metro Vancouver have flocked to the North Shore for its legendary trails. Many bikers, including pro rider and co-author of Locals' Guide to North Shore Rides, Wade Simmons, hadn't even realized the CMHC owned land on Mount Seymour. "They were a bit of an absent landowner, and I've never heard any issues in the 20, 25 years I've ridden on the Shore," said Simmons on Wednesday.

  • Man divorces new bride after he discovered how much make-up she wore

    The unidentified couple were on their honeymoon in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, when they began swimming at Al Mamzar Beach. According to Arabic newspaper Aletihad, the husband went on to discover that his bride had undergone cosmetic surgery and wore false eyelashes and coloured contact lenses.

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  • Mel Gibson: 'I've been sober for a decade'

    Mel Gibson is a changed man after maintaining his sobriety for the past 10 years. The 60-year-old actor hit headlines in 2006 when he was filmed making anti-Semitic remarks while being arrested in Malibu, California for drink driving. That incident led to him turning to Alcoholics Anonymous for help, and he’s been on the straight and narrow since then, Mel insisted in an interview with Australian television programme Sunday Night. “I am a member of (the) 12-step program and I achieved sobriety like that. I’ve got 10 years of sobriety under my belt,” he said. Mel found his career dramatically affected when the video of his 2006 arrest went public. However, he said he was determined not to feel

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  • Winter Forecast: What Can Canadians Expect?

    A snowy season is a head for some parts of Canada, according to AccuWeather. Frequent snowstorms are expected for eastern Canada, B.C. and the Rockies. The forecast is good news for the country’s skiers. Resorts suffered last year because of the mild weather and below-normal snowfall.

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  • How 6 brutal rape charges against Colby Messer unravelled in a Denver courtroom

    The Vancouver Island man accused of gang raping a woman in a Denver hotel room last year is returning home a free man. On Monday, Messer  learned the district attorney's office had dismissed the remaining two charges and was closing the case. The four other charges had already been dismissed by the judge at a preliminary hearing in August.

  • Michelle Obama stuns at final state dinner in custom Versace gown

    Michelle Obama was a golden goddess on Tuesday night (Oct. 18) as she stepped out for her final state dinner as First Lady of the United States. The sleeveless design draped off-the-shoulder and featured a cinched waist detail that flattered Michelle's figure.

  • Video shows Laval Petro-Canada pump skimming pennies from clients

    An online video showing a Petro-Canada pumping station in Laval charging clients even when they weren't fuelling their car has gone viral, with more than one million views since it was posted Oct. 6. Saint-Eustache resident Dylan Fisher took two videos of the same pump driving up his tab when he wasn't getting gas from it — one on Oct. 5 and another on Oct. 6. The Petro-Canada station where the video was taken is on the service road of Highway 440 and 100th Avenue in Laval.

  • Owner of SD card with photos discovered on P.E.I. found

    The owner of an SD card discovered on the ground by a P.E.I. woman has been found. Jenna Foren, 18, found the card Sunday afternoon in a park in Trout River and contacted CBC P.E.I. to try to return it to the owners. Foren had wanted to connect with the people in the photos after she found the SD card because, "I think that pictures mean a lot to people and that it should be important to get it back to them," she said.

  • Migraines linked to bacteria in mouth

    People who suffer from migraines have long complained that certain foods trigger the severe headaches. New research suggests the culprit might be the amount of bacteria in the mouth. While this process is helpful for cardiovascular health, the findings suggest an abundance of these bacteria may break down nitrates more quickly, causing blood vessels in the brain and scalp to dilate, triggering migraines.

  • Watch this man endure the second most painful insect sting in the world

    If you’ve ever wondered what being stung by a giant wasp capable of sending a grown adult into fits of shrieking agony looks like, well this is the video for you. Meet the Tarantula Hawk, a wasp that earns its name for the unusual and highly morbid way it reproduces. Once the egg hatches the larva of the Tarantula Hawk proceeds to slowly devour the tarantula, saving its vital organs for last to keep the spider alive as long as possible.

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  • Daughter of missing Surrey, B.C., woman pleads for mother's return

    There was also a homicide in Burnaby on Oct. 5. Hee Sook Youn was found dead in a strip mall washroom and her ex-husband, Youngku Youn, is a suspect. Police believe Kim may be with Youn and are concerned for her safety.

  • Genghis Khan’s Tomb: The mysterious and gruesome story behind infamous leader’s ‘missing’ grave

    The brutal and genocidal ruler of the Mongol Empire, Genghis Khan, died in 1227 in mysterious circumstances. Some say he was killed in action, others suggest Khan - the head of the one of the biggest empires in history - simply died after a short illness. The mystery is all down to Khan himself - he specifically asked to be buried without any markings or sign that it was his grave, and asked for six cats to be buried ALIVE with him so that their purring would help guide him to the afterlife.

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  • Yummy mummy, 54, looks so young her 22-year-old son gets mistaken for her boyfriend

    Pamela Jay may have 30 years on her son Marley but her luscious locks and bright clear skin make it seem she like she is a woman in her 20s. Pamela, who works as a civil servant, said: “People often think I’m lying when they find out my age - sometimes people are so stunned I almost have to get out my ID to prove it to them. Pamela has a strict beauty routine and a host of lotions, potions and vitamins that help maintain her youthful glow - but claims her secret is as simple as a jar of coconut oil.

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  • 9 Things You Need to Know About The Donald's First Wife, Ivana Trump (7 photos)

    Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Jr. are regularly cited as proof that candidate Trump is capable of greatness. But shouldn't their mother get some of the credit? From Town & Country

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  • Boy, 6, is ‘a health and safety risk to his school’ because of his feet

    A young boy is apparently being forced to miss school because a rare condition on his feet means he poses a health and safety risk. Spencer Kristianson, six, suffers from Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome, a condition that causes his feet to grow at different speeds. As a result, he need expensive orthotic shoes that cost £300 a pair - something his mother Amber, from Castleford, West Yorkshire, would have to replace every three months.

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  • Developer made to pay for cutting down 40 mature trees

    The city says after the first phase of an investigation, Format Group has paid $155,064 to remediate the impact of cutting down the trees at 103 and 108 Bayview Ridge. "Some of the trees were over 100 years old, one of which was apparently 150-years-old, the same age as our nation, a linden tree" said Robinson. An order to comply was issued by the city for the replanting of 200 trees on the sites to replace the mature trees that were lost.