VIDEO: Take a tour of this luxury $200k treehouse

London designer Guy Mallinson has fulfilled a childhood dream by building the ultimate treehouse, complete with hot tub, sauna and woodburner.

  • Marion Cotillard puts Brad Pitt rumours to rest by confirming pregnancy

    Marion Cotillard has set the record straight regarding rumours of a romance with her co-star from the spy thriller Allied, Brad Pitt. The actress has addressed the reports in addition to confirming that she is pregnant.

  • Canada Border Services Agency officer found dead at Pearson Airport

    A Canada Border Services Agency officer was found dead in Terminal 3 of Toronto's Pearson International Airport on Friday night, the agency confirmed on Saturday. Peel Regional Police said they received a call for medical assistance at about 8:20 p.m. Mark Fischer, spokesperson for Peel Regional Police, said Friday night that a man shot himself inside the airport but not in a public area.

  • Report: Zookeeper screamed for help before tiger attack

    A zookeeper screamed for help into her radio before she was fatally attacked by a Malayan tiger, but the 350-pound animal crushed her neck before her co-workers could reach her, an autopsy report released Friday showed. The Palm Beach County medical examiner determined that Stacey Konwiser, 38, died of a fractured spine, a lacerated jugular and other neck injuries suffered when she was attacked on April 15 by the tiger named Hati.

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  • Canada’s first Afghan-born MP shocked to learn she wasn’t born in Afghanistan

    Maryam Monsef, the Liberal cabinet minister feted as this country’s first Afghan-born MP, says she was shocked and angry when she found out — from a reporter — that she was not, in fact, born in the South Asian nation. It was actually the Ottawa bureau chief of the Globe and Mail newspaper that told Monsef last week that she was born in neighbouring Iran and not the country of her parents, as she was led to believe her entire life. “In recent days, my mother told me for the first time that my sisters and I were in fact born in Mashhad, Iran, approximately 200 kilometers from the Afghan border,” Monsef says in a statement.

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  • Trump's tough weekend

    In the first weekend of the general election campaign, Republican Donald Trump got off to a rough start. CNBC's Phil Han reports.

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  • Brangelina Update

    US Weekly reports that Brad Pitt's alleged abusive incident on a plane that sparked Angelina Jolie's divorce filing is caught on tape. ET Canada has the latest.

    ET Canada
  • Phoenix chief: 3 officers resign after man forced to eat pot

    Three Phoenix police officers have resigned after a man alleged they forced him to eat marijuana found in his vehicle to avoid going to jail, Chief Joseph Yahner said Thursday. A fourth officer, Jeff Farrior, was demoted from lieutenant to sergeant for being aware of last week's incident and not taking appropriate action, Yahner told reporters. This conduct is against everything that we stand for," Yahner said.

    The Canadian Press
  • Fisherman receives death threats from fellow anglers after 'record-breaking' catch

    A fisherman’s delight at catching a record-breaking 70lb 4oz carp has turned to disillusionment after fellow anglers slated him on social media. Tom Doherty was pictured holding aloft his huge catch, a carp known as Big Rig, following a successful trip to RH Fisheries in Shifnal, Shropshire, on Monday. Die-hard fishing fans said Tom’s carp wasn’t a true Brit, and therefore not deserving of taking the accolade from current record holder Tom Hales, whose catch weighed 68.01lb.

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  • Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo are the proud parents of a baby girl

    Congratulations to Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo! The adorable couple are the proud new parents of a baby girl. According to People, little Dusty Rose Levine arrived on Wednesday (Sept. 21) in California. TAP FOR GALLERY Adam and Behati welcomed daughter Dusty Rose on Sept. 21.

  • Teacher steps on American flag to teach students a lesson

    (CNN)The students in teacher Lee Francis' history class will probably never forget the lesson he taught on free speech. Just not in the way he probably expected. Francis, a teacher at Massey Hill Classical High School in Fayetteville, North Carolina, was giving a lesson Monday on the First Amendment. His method? First, he tried to burn the American flag. Then he tried to cut it. Then he placed it on the floor and stepped on it. "I put the flag on the ground, and I took two steps with my right foot and I said, 'This is an example of free speech,'" Francis told CNN affiliate WRAL. "Two students got up and left immediately with no word, no disruption at all ... I assumed something had happened.

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  • Rent-free: Well-dressed 'professional tenant' won't leave Toronto apartment

    "It's been a living hell for the past two months," Robin Ennis said in an interview with CBC News. The tenant, James Regan, 62, lost a similar dispute at the board earlier this year over another property he was occupying.

  • California’s legal marijuana market is on the verge of exploding

    California is the world's sixth largest economy, only outpaced by the US as a whole, China, Japan, Germany, and the UK. The Golden State's economic output for 2015 came in at $2.46 trillion.  Let's be clear: We're talking about a single US state economy compared with those of entire countries. California, on that scale, is number six.  And that's why it's such a tremendously big deal that California is on the edge of fully legalizing marijuana, just like Colorado, Washington, and Oregon before it. We're not talking about de-criminalization, or police de-prioritization. We're talking about alcohol-style regulation and sale of marijuana to adults, age 21 and up. We're talking about legally allowed

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  • Lawyer sues airline after nine-hour flight next to overweight man

    An Italian lawyer is suing Emirates airline after being squashed next to a plus-sized fellow passenger for a nine-hour flight. Giorgio Destro, from Padua, northern Italy, found the uncomfortable flight from Cape Town to Dubai so frustrating that he’s demanding a refund for the price of his ticket, plus damages.

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  • Dad jailed for 100 years for drowning three-year-old stepdaughter in hotel pool

    A father who repeatedly threw his three-year-old stepdaughter into a hotel swimming pool will face the rest of his life behind bars. The killer, known only as Jose David N., has been jailed for 100 years after shocking footage showed him leaving the toddler to drown in the pool while other bathers hastily left. The video, shot in the city of Morelia, Mexico, in August 2015, shows the man throwing his stepdaughter into the swimming pool knowing that she could not swim.

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  • Rare and Ridiculous eBay Finds You Have to See (117 photos)

    While eBay might be full of useless crap, there are also some gems, like rare exotic cars that you just don't see everyday. Here's a selection of great ones that you should take a look at. From Road & Track

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  • Neighbours form human chain to block bailiffs from evicting mum-of-five after 12 YEARS

    When bailiffs threatened to evict a mum-of-five from her rented house, neighbours pulled out all the stops to help her stay put. Around 30 people linked arms on the street around Nimo Abdullahi’s house in Eaton, Bristol, to stop her from being kicked out. All morning, more neighbours joined the blockade - with a newlywed couple living opposite the family cutting up their wedding cake to keep the protesters sustained.

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  • Phil Kessel delivers death blow Tweet after USA loss

    Just minutes after Team USA let out a big old, wet fart against Team Canada, an American hero took to social media to express his thoughts.

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  • Eyes WAY too big for its belly: Giant python dies after gorging on a whole ANTELOPE

    WHOLE. The 20ft python thought the antelope would make an almighty meal but the animal proved to be its last ever supper. Villagers in Baliavad, India, spotted the serene rolling around with an abnormally large belly having strangled and devoured the antelope just minutes earlier.

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  • Leprosy found in California elementary school student

    A case of leprosy, extremely rare in the United States, has been diagnosed in a Southern California elementary school student, sending health officials scrambling to reassure parents and the public that the disease is hard to transmit and easy to treat. Two children from Indian Hills Elementary School in Jurupa Valley had initially been diagnosed by a local doctor with the condition known medically as Hansen's disease, Riverside County health officials said Thursday. Emails were sent to parents at the elementary school, where classrooms had been sanitized since the initial diagnosis, emphasizing how hard it is to contract leprosy and that there is no danger to the child's classmates.

    The Canadian Press
  • Samuel L. Jackson's surprising comments about Brad and Angelina's split: 'It's life'

    Samuel L. Jackson had a lot to say when asked about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's split this week. He then added: "There's a huge segment of America that still think what he did to Jennifer Aniston was just wrong and are overjoyed that the wicked witch lost her husband. It was announced on Tuesday that Brad and Angelina were ending their marriage, with the actress citing irreconcilable differences in her divorce papers and seeking physical custody of their six children.