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President-elect Joe Biden speaks to the nation

In a speech from Wilmington, Del., the president-elect said he hoped to unify the nation.
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  • US PoliticsYahoo News 360

    Will Biden’s support for Israel cost him the 2024 election?

    Passionate young voters say they won't back the president unless he changes course, but it's still unclear if there are enough of them to threaten his reelection chances.

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  • US PoliticsThe New York Times

    How Did Haley’s South Carolina Become Trump Country? Ask the Tea Party.

    AIKEN, S.C. — When Nikki Haley ran for governor of South Carolina in 2010, one of her early campaign stops was the Aiken, South Carolina, living room of Claude and Sunny O’Donovan. Claude O’Donovan, the co-founder of a local Tea Party group, had invited Haley and other candidates to make their case to the conservative activists of Aiken County, a heavily Republican enclave of golf courses and retirement communities. The crowd that gathered around the O’Donovans’ coffee table numbered only a coup

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  • US PoliticsCBC

    Americans are angry about the border. Here's how it looks on the campaign trail

    An eye-popping survey this week helps explain the competing appearances Thursday at the Mexico-U.S. border by the past and present presidents of the United States. For the first time in its years of polling on the topic, Monmouth University found a majority of Americans supporting Donald Trump's signature policy: A border wall with Mexico. It's not just Republicans complaining about migration anymore. A clear majority of voters, including swing voters, told the pollster they consider illegal imm

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  • US PoliticsThe New York Times

    Trump Says Little on Gaza and Nothing About What He’d Do Differently

    In the nearly five months since Hamas terrorists invaded Israel on Oct. 7, igniting the most divisive foreign policy crisis of the Biden presidency, Donald Trump has said noticeably little about the subject. He criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, before quickly retreating to more standard expressions of support for the country. And he has made blustery claims that the invasion never would have happened had he been president. But his overall approach has been laissez-faire. “S

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