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President-elect Joe Biden speaks to the nation

In a speech from Wilmington, Del., the president-elect said he hoped to unify the nation.
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  • The New York Times

    Already Distorting Events of Jan. 6, GOP Concocts Entire Counternarrative

    In the hours and days after the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, rattled Republican lawmakers knew exactly who was to blame: Donald Trump. Loyal allies began turning on him. Top Republicans vowed to make a full break from his divisive tactics and dishonesties. Some even discussed removing him from office. By spring, however, after nearly 200 congressional Republicans had voted to clear Trump during a second impeachment proceeding, the conservative fringes of the party had already begun to rewrite h

  • The New York Times

    Biden Promised to Restore the Iran Nuclear Deal. Now It Risks Derailment.

    WASHINGTON — Days before a new hard-line president is set to be inaugurated in Iran, Biden administration officials have turned sharply pessimistic about their chances of quickly restoring the nuclear deal that President Donald Trump dismantled, fearing that the new government in Tehran is speeding ahead on nuclear research and production and preparing new demands for the United States. The concerns are a reversal from just a month ago, when U.S. negotiators, based in part on assurances from the

  • The New York Times

    Who Are the Unvaccinated in America? There's No One Answer.

    As coronavirus cases rise across the United States, the fight against the pandemic is focused on an estimated 93 million people who are eligible for shots but have chosen not to get them. These are the Americans who are most vulnerable to serious illness from the highly contagious delta variant and most likely to carry the virus, spreading it further. It turns out, though, that this is not a single set of Americans, but in many ways two. In one group are those who say they are adamant in their r

  • The New York Times

    How Disabled Americans Are Pushing to Overhaul a Key Benefits Program

    When Congress created Supplemental Security Income in 1972, it left no question about its intentions. The program, lawmakers wrote, was “designed to provide a positive assurance that the nation’s aged, blind and disabled people would no longer have to subsist on below-poverty-level incomes.” Today, it helps ensure the opposite. The maximum annual benefit is $9,528, three-quarters of the federal poverty level. Payments decrease if recipients have more than $85 a month in outside income and are re

  • CBC

    5 books by Black authors to read on Emancipation Day

    In March. the House of Commons voted to nationally recognize Aug. 1 as Emancipation Day, the day in 1834 when the Slavery Abolition Act abolished slavery across the British Empire. While the day commemorates the abolishment of slavery, it is also meant as a day of reflection. Yes, Canada participated in the transatlantic slave trade, mired in systems of white supremacy, racism and oppression. Those Canadians who are aware that slavery occurred here sometimes believe it was "not as cruel" as in t

  • The New York Times

    How Biden Got the Infrastructure Deal Trump Couldn't

    WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden’s success at propelling an infrastructure deal past its first major hurdle this week was a vindication of his faith in bipartisanship and a repudiation of the slash-and-burn politics of his immediate predecessor, President Donald Trump, who tried and failed to block it. Having campaigned as the anti-Trump — an insider who regarded compromise as a virtue, rather than a missed opportunity to crush a rival — Biden has held up the promise of a broad infrastructure ac

  • Reuters

    Republican lawmaker says public transit dispute holding up U.S. infrastructure bill

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) -The lead U.S. Republican negotiator on an infrastructure plan said on Sunday he hoped for a detailed agreement sometime this week despite a dispute over spending on mass transit, but a Democratic source said several other issues were also unresolved. Lawmakers are hoping to hold a procedural vote in the Senate as soon as Monday on whether to start debate on the bipartisan plan, and negotiators are trying to nail down final details. A bipartisan framework brokered with Pre

  • Yahoo News Video

    Trump urged Justice Department officials to declare election 'corrupt'

    President Trump urged senior Justice Department officials to declare the 2020 election results “corrupt” in a December phone call, according to handwritten notes from one of the participants in the conversation.

  • The New York Times

    Trump Pressed Justice Dept. to Declare Election Results Corrupt, Notes Show

    WASHINGTON — Former President Donald Trump pressed top Justice Department officials late last year to declare that the election was corrupt, even though they had found no instances of widespread fraud, so that he and his allies in Congress could use the assertion to try to overturn the results, according to new documents provided to lawmakers and obtained by The New York Times. The demands were an extraordinary instance of a president interfering with an agency that is typically more independent

  • Reuters

    Philadelphia election officials reject 'forensic' audit request

    (Reuters) -Philadelphia election officials on Friday voted to reject a Republican lawmaker's request for access to the city's voting machines as part of a "forensic investigation" into the 2020 election, setting the stage for a possible legal battle. The board of commissioners, composed of two Democrats and one Republican, voted unanimously not to comply with the request from state Senator Doug Mastriano, an ally of former President Donald Trump who has promoted his false stolen-election claims

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