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President-elect Joe Biden speaks to the nation

In a speech from Wilmington, Del., the president-elect said he hoped to unify the nation.
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  • Yahoo News 360

    Why Congress can’t quit playing chicken with the debt ceiling

    Breaching the debt limit would create a self-imposed economic catastrophe, but lawmakers from both parties have passed up chances to eliminate the threat.

  • The New York Times

    'Stop the Steal' Movement Races Forward, Ignoring Arizona Humiliation

    After all the scurrying, searching, sifting, speculating, hand-counting and bamboo-hunting had ended, Republicans’ postmortem review of election results in Arizona’s largest county wound up only adding to President Joe Biden’s margin of victory there. But for those who have tried to undermine confidence in U.S. elections and restrict voting, the actual findings of the Maricopa County review that were released Friday did not appear to matter in the slightest. Former President Donald Trump and his

  • Reuters

    U.S. House passes abortion rights bill, outlook poor in Senate

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) -The U.S. House of Representatives approved legislation on Friday to protect abortion services against growing Republican-backed state restrictions, including a Texas law that imposes a near-total ban on abortion, but the bill is unlikely to pass the Senate. The bill would protect abortion services and pre-empt many restrictions Republicans have passed at the state level, such as those requiring ultrasounds or other tests. The Senate will vote on the legislation "in the ve

  • Reuters

    'Truth is truth': Trump dealt blow as Republican-led Arizona audit reaffirms Biden win

    Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden in Arizona's most populous county, a review of results by his allies in the Republican Party has reaffirmed, capping a widely panned effort spurred by Trump's false claims of voter fraud. Arizona Senate President Karen Fann, the Republican who paved the way for the so-called "full forensic audit" of 2.1 million ballots in Maricopa County, said the review's overall vote tally matched the initial results in November.

  • ABC News Videos

    Arizona 'audit' results reaffirm Biden’s victory over Trump

    After post-election reviews and two private 'audits,' the Maricopa County results showed no anomalies or election integrity issues and confirmed President Joe Biden’s win.

  • ABC News Videos

    Arizona secretary of state blasts 'fake' election audit

    Secretary of State Katie Hobbs says she didn’t need the report to tell her what most people already know: President Joe Biden won the election.

  • The New York Times

    Ferries in Alaska. Rail in Oregon. States Dream Big on Infrastructure Funds.

    WASHINGTON — In the Pacific Northwest, the aging Interstate 5 bridge, a main artery between Oregon and Washington, is at risk of collapsing in a major earthquake. Across Appalachia, abandoned coal mines leaking toxic pollutants are a threat to public health. And along the Gulf Coast, states like Louisiana are forced to consider novel evacuation routes to ease traffic on inland highways that often become clogged before powerful hurricanes. Proposed solutions to these challenges, and others across

  • The New York Times

    A Dangerous Scramble to Evacuate Afghan Nonprofit Workers

    Roya was the face of the modern young Afghan woman. As leader of a girls’ club funded by the U.S. government, she gave her troops a script for their lives that their mothers could not pursue: They were just as powerful as boys in their ability to change their communities, she taught them. Working for another small nonprofit, she helped build connections between American and Afghan girls. “I taught them that no one could silence us or tell us something wasn’t possible just because we were girls,”

  • The New York Times

    In Biden's Foreign Policy, Friends and Foes Claim Echoes of Trump

    NEW YORK — At the United Nations’ annual gathering of world leaders this week, President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke ambitiously about international cooperation and a new diplomatic approach for a post-Trump America. But nearly all their diplomatic efforts at a pared-down U.N. General Assembly were shadowed — and complicated — by the legacy of President Donald J. Trump. Sign up for The Morning newsletter from the New York Times Biden soothed strained relations with Fran

  • Reuters

    U.S. congressional Democrats report deal to pay for Biden spending plans

    The top two Democrats in the U.S. Congress on Thursday said they had reached a deal to pay for President Joe Biden's sweeping social agenda, as the White House warned federal agencies to begin preparing for the possibility of a government shutdown. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi provided no details on how they would pay for Biden's proposed $3.5 trillion social spending plan.

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