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    Tom Holland Calls Nadia Parkes 'Stunning' as She Shares Photo of Him During Their Golf Date

    Tom Holland first posted about actress Nadia Parkes on July 27

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    Touched A Nerve? Trump Flips Out After Anthony Scaramucci Delivers Warning On Fox News

    The former White House communications director said the GOP could become "a minority party for a generation" because of Trump.

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    Mask-maker's home business hits a snag after visit from Victoria bylaw officer

    Victoria resident Fatima Lichty started selling her own homemade masks from a table in the driveway at her daughter's Victoria home and business was good, until there was a visit from Victoria Bylaw Services along with a potential fine of $275. "I would never intentionally break the law but I just can't understand it," said Lichty to host Kathryn Marlow on CBC's All Points West. Lichty had dusted off her sewing machine and made some masks for her family members, including her son-in-law who is immunocompromised. She started 'Mama's Masks' after her designs caught on with his coworkers. "They said they're so well-made, the colours are wild, and then he came and said, 'Would you make masks for my co-workers? They're willing to pay,'" she said. "I said, 'Oh boy. Go get material and we'll make masks!'"Lichty had her stall set up on the driveway for two Saturdays. Her daughter's house is across from the Moss Street Farmers' Market, in the city's Fairfield neighbourhood, and she said by the second week, she had sold out of her masks within a few hours. "I was so happy. Everyone was giving me compliments," she said.Unfortunately by the second week, Lichty said someone complained and a bylaw officer arrived, saying if the business continued, she would be issued a fine.A spokesperson for the City of Victoria told CBC in a statement that it encourages small scale entrepreneurship — with a licence."There are several licensing options for people who are looking to sell homemade products from their home or throughout the city, including applying for a home-based or market retail licence or the City's new mobile vending licence," it read. "It's an easy process: both of these licences can be applied for online or by contacting the City's Business Licensing staff."Lichty said she'll be looking into that process, even though it is disappointing to have her momentum slowed down."I love making people happy," said Lichty. Listen to the interview with Fatima Lichty on CBC's All Points West:

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    'Oh My God!': Woman Startled as Lightning Strike Obliterates Tree

    A Louisiana woman got the fright of her life when a tree near her Morgan City home exploded after it was struck by lightning on August 7.In this home security footage, Sarah Ribardi unsuspectingly steps out onto her doorstep just moments before the blast. A bright flash and a thunderous crack cause Ribardi to duck and quickly retreat inside as the tree explodes, sending splinters flying in every direction.“God was definitely with us!” she wrote on Facebook. “One step closer and [I] would have been seriously injured!”Local media reported several homes and vehicles were damaged in the incident, but no one was injured. Credit: Sarah Ribardi via Storyful

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    Some coronavirus patients say they're losing their hair in clumps. Doctors think it's a response to trauma.

    Coronavirus patients may suffer from telogen effluvium, a condition that causes hair to stop growing after a stressful event.

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    Man raising money to pay mom's rent left speechless by stranger outside Target: 'Excuse me?'

    The young man, named Kevin, was standing outside a Nashville Target store playing violin with a sign reading “Need to help my mom with rent, God bless,” on Aug. 9.

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    New York Giants' Co-Owner Steve Tisch's Daughter Hilary Dies at 36: 'It Leaves a Hole in Our Hearts'

    The gemologist was "a kind, caring and beautiful person," her father said in a statement Monday