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    Audi tested its RS Q E-Tron hybrid in the deserts of Morocco

    With a little more than two months before the start of the Dakar Rally in January, Audi took its RS Q E-Tron to the deserts of Morocco to test the custom-built hybrid ahead of the grueling competition.

  • Autoblog

    2022 Jeep Wrangler Willys Xtreme Recon is a budget way to get 35" tires

    Earlier this year, Jeep announced the Wrangler would get 35-inch tire options. On Thursday, the iconic 4x4 brand revealed that it would be offering factory 35s for less money with the the 2022 Wrangler Willys Xtreme Recon package. A cheaper Xtreme Recon offering helps Jeep fend off the 2021 Ford Bronco and its Sasquatch package, which offers similar goodies but is currently limited to automatic models and, like every Bronco variant, is virtually impossible to find in showrooms.

  • PA Media: Motoring

    Government insists there is ‘no shortage of fuel’ as BP closes some forecourts

    BP said a ‘handful’ of its filling stations are closed due to delivery issues.

  • Autoblog

    Is this the fire-breathing Camaro Z/28 that Chevrolet reportedly canned?

    General Motors Design's social media pages are brimming with fascinating what-ifs. Posted on Instagram, the sketch depicts a sixth-generation Camaro whose design looks far more aggressive than anything in Chevrolet's regular-production range.

  • Engadget

    Google's Android Automotive OS is coming to Honda cars in 2022

    On Thursday, Google announced that it will be rolling out even more features and capabilities to drivers, whether they run Android Auto on their phones or directly through their cars.

  • Associated Press

    GM invests $300M in China's self-driving car company Momenta

    General Motors is investing $300 million in China's self-driving car company Momenta. GM said Thursday that the investment will speed up the development of next-generation self-driving technologies in China. The move is also part of a plan GM announced three months ago to invest $35 billion in engineering and capital in electric vehicle and autonomous vehicle technology from 2020 to 2025.

  • Autoblog

    Function by Black Bridge Motors looks like a Defender, has a Wrangler twist

    Black Bridge Motors is a classic vehicle shop in Norwalk, Conn., that restores and restomods just about anything and can upgrade individual components in just about any way a customer is ready to pay for. With deep experience in modifying Land Rover Defenders, and with moneyed clients not yet tired of having old Landies made new, the outfit is now in the business of creating its own modified Defender-mimicking off-roaders under the brand name Function by Black Bridge Motors. Black Bridge lead

  • PA Media: Motoring

    The new MG Maze concept has wild styling and gamifies urban adventuring

    Compact two-seater has been built for driving in busy cities.

  • Road & Track

    Netflix's 'Schumacher' Is Powerful but Uneven

    Netflix's take on the Michael Schumacher legacy has some touching highlights, but it struggles to tell a memorable story with the weight it deserves.

  • Car and Driver

    2022 Ram 1500 TRX Now Comes in Exclusive Bright Orange

    The TRX's new Ignition Edition is limited to 875 trucks and gives the 702-hp off-road pickup unique orange details.

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